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  1. old trials fanatic

    Bsa Bantam kickstarter.

    Jim Pickering used to sell the Gas Gas blade fitted to a modified knuckle in both sizes. I'm sure the new owners will be able to supply you. Excellent product.
  2. old trials fanatic

    Beta rev 3 2008 270 rear silencer

    Mine is in a sorry state, tyre rubbing worn hole plus bracket cracked and repaired by a blind pigeon, so are after market replacements available and if so are they any good?
  3. old trials fanatic

    Rev 3 plastics

    Thanks for that Bilko but they've sold out. Cheers
  4. old trials fanatic

    Rev 3 plastics

    Actually its a 2008 but i'll check it out. Cheers.
  5. old trials fanatic

    Rev 3 plastics

    Sorry should have said. Its a 08 270
  6. old trials fanatic

    Beta Rev3 problems

    Probably doesnt matter with racing 2 strokes as the clearence is so big. When new the clearence on a race bike is when we would get it replated on a trials bike.
  7. old trials fanatic

    Rev 3 Piston and plating

    Thank you
  8. old trials fanatic

    Rev 3 Piston and plating

    Where did you get your piston from ?
  9. old trials fanatic

    Rev 3 plastics

    I'm after a Rev 3 rear mudguard and so far have drawn a blank. Does anyone know if the rear guard off an Evo will fit or if there is anyone making after market plastics for the Rev 3 Cheers
  10. old trials fanatic

    Moving from Classics to moderns ? Bike advice please

    Just had a look at their website. Thank you. Look like a good possibility. Will check them out this summer. Cheers
  11. Having recently moved i am in the sad predicament of living in an area bereft of ClassicTrials clubs and venues. Yes i know i should have thought about that earlier but in my own defense all my life i have NEVER had to travel more than 40 mins to an event every weekend and because there is so much incredible terrain around here, close to Aberystwith, i just stupidly assumed there would be loads of trials taking advantage of it. So it's about a 2 and a half hour drive each way to my nearest Classic club so i find myself having to consider riding at a "modern" club and dont fancy trashing my Classic bikes. I have wondered about buying a modern bike, very limited budget, and have narrowed it down to either a Montesa 315R or a Beta 250 / 270 Rev 3. Would these be a good choice for the "easiest" route ? Would there be a better option on a very limited budget ? I'd still like to ride but at the moment it's looking to be not very often using the Classic bikes.
  12. old trials fanatic

    tiger cub forks

    One other thing. Leading axle forks on a cub would be a no no for Scotland btw. They dont even allow 4 bolts only 2 on Triumph fork legs.
  13. old trials fanatic

    classic trials

    Because you wouldnt even be able to paddle your way through the sections on the expert route. Enter a trial and ride the Expert route then effectively there is only one route. There is such a chasm now between Expert and Clubman / Novice / Beginners that its impossible not to successfully run a trial with less than 3 routes. Add into the mix British Bikes, Twinshocks, ACM etc and everybody riding the same route is just a non starter. Every club just to survive nowadays NEED at least 30 to 40 riders so you HAVE to cater for everybody. The days when you had a three or a five on EVERY section are gone, quite correctly IMO, and people would just not bother entering if that was all they could expect. This is the reality of trials, even and possibly more so in "Classic" events, nowadays. What you need is a Tardis or possibly a Delorean with a trailer. Sorry but thats the truth.
  14. old trials fanatic

    tiger cub forks

    If you are not mega rich then most bikes have marzocchi forks with the alloy sliders turned down and fitted into Norton sliders. However when doing this the Marzocchi sliders become VERY thin so best to entrust the work to someone who is experienced at this modification. Gives a good front end when done and as you say is Scottish legal.
  15. old trials fanatic

    2 stroke oil facts & myths

    FWIW i was told by the Motul rep ages ago that full synthetic in a trials bike doesnt burn away in the silencer because the motor doesnt get hot enough like a moto crosser or race bike so they recommended semi synthetic. Actually they recommended their "scooter oil". I've used semi synthetic ever since with no problem but i am sure many will disagree. Always a horny subject this with so many different "recommendations". As long as the user is happy then thats as good a result as you can hope for.