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  1. Hi has anyone successfully fitted a kickstart off of any other model to a TY 250 twinshock ? Seem like hens teeth or ridiculously overpriced. Just wondering.
  2. Currently have a Bantam which i built from scratch, Beta rev 3 which i have nearly finished restoring, TY 250 twinshock work in progress and TY 250 mono also work in progress. Basically i have these because i've accumulated them over 15 years bit by bit and they are all i can afford. Since moving to Wales and discovering trials are much less popular and few and far between i keep myself amused by restoring the "projects" i've got. Couldnt afford much else and i would'nt be able to ride it anyway.
  3. Lots are available on e bay
  4. Great bike, great rider, great ride but nothing like any Bultaco i've seen or ridden before.
  5. 90 deg wont work in practice for the reason Trapezeartist mentioned. Two threaded bosses are the way to go. In the real world you very rarely use full lock as you run the risk of the front end tucking under. I would not exceed 80 deg but would also fit threaded bosses. M6 is fine angled so that the head of the bolt, I use allen bolts but choice is free, contacts the yoke at 90 deg.
  6. The theory goes that with both even number sprockets then the outer links and inner links always run on the same teeth wearing the sites of the sprockets accordingly. With an odd and an even number combination this doesnt happen resulting in more even wear to the sides of the sprockets. As previously mentioned though because in trials applications the chain and sprockets wear out so quickly it may be irrelevant. Perhaps more important on road bikes. Just asking.
  7. I've got a question about sprockets. Now i've always believed that ideally you should have an odd number and an even number i.e. 11 tooth gearbox and 42 back wheel to ensure wear was more even on both sprockets. However the std combination is 11 gearbox 41 rear wheel. Wouldn't this wear the sprocket unevenly. Alternatively have i had it wrong all these years or doesn't it matter any more ?
  8. What was the std size rear sprocket please as i have two rear wheels one with a 42 sprocket and the other a 44
  9. I'm in the process of restoring a Beta Rev 3 270 2006 and need to renew the chain and sprockets. So whats the best combination. No roadwork and sportsman / clubman rider. Cheers
  10. I've been running twinshocks and Pre 65 all my life but have recently bought a 270 Rev 3 and upon investigation the rim is corroded on the inside, not as bad as a twinshock Honda or Air cooled Yamaha if you know what i mean, around all the spoke nipples and i think this is why it kept going down. I've cleaned it up as best i can but cant get into around each nipple without a wheel rebuild and is so would probably just have to fit a new rim. I've been told by a couple of people that you can run a tubeless tyre on a tubeless rim with a tube but without security bolts. Now from past experience with pre 65 and twinshocks, ok they were tubed tyres on tubed rims, this would be a recipe for disaster and a valve ripped out. Is this correct and has anyone here run a tubeless tyre on a tubeless rim without security bolts succesfully ? I will be running approx 4 p.s.i. teh same as on my other bikes btw. Cheers
  11. I've never understood this obsession with getting rid of flywheel weight.
  12. To me way way too much work involved converting what is basically a road bike into a trials bike. For example throw away the forks, wheels, tank, oil tank, side panels, foot rests, stand,seat, shocks, mudguards, bars and levers, exhaust etc. Frame to be de lugged and modified to make it competitive or even better junk the frame and buy / build a proper trials one out of T45 or CDS to modern angles and ground clearence. While youre at it might as well make it oil in frame too. A lot of work
  13. Well ive seen some daft ideas on TC but this must rank pretty near the top PMSL
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