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  1. In my opinion the best looking Bultaco ever made
  2. I always set out with the intention of winning, usually goes out the window after a couple of sections, because if i didnt then whats the point i might as well save the money and go "practicing". I enjoy the element of competition and "practicing" bores me to tears after 10 mins because it doesnt matter if you cock it up so i find i learn or develop very little a bit like if i enter an event with no personal incentive of winning. To progress i need to "dig deep" sometimes to "pull it back" or "send it". Just me i suppose but thats the way it is with me. I suppose its about whatever makes you happy and gives you enjoyment. If it was just about being out riding your bike we would all be on worn out uncompetitive bikes with bald tyres and bits held on with bailing wire and tie wraps lol.
  3. I'd just fit a new case. Fit and forget.
  4. Try Stuart Brown.. on 0033 640399019  he is a trialing brit in France with a barn full of old trials bikes . There is a yamaha twinshock that is being canabalised for bits and sure its still got a kickstart on. He is also on face book under Paul Stuart,

    Hope this helps

  5. Thanks for that feet up fun. I've got two of those in my collection. I don't know if it was a local thing because I remember when Pete Oakley rode his TY 250 A at a Sutton Falcons trial at Teversal he let me have a go on it and I couldn't believe what a game changer it was. I remember the sticker was on it then. Just wish I could remember the names of the other two riders in the team ? Someone else must remember it's only 45 years ago ?
  6. Does anyone remember in the early 70's when the TY 250 A model came out Mick Andrews organised a TY 250 for Pete Oakley and a couple of other riders. They sported some stickers with the riders names, the Yamaha tuning fork logo and Mick Andrews trials team. Ideally I'd like an image as I want one to complete a period restoration. Can anyone help please?
  7. Hi has anyone successfully fitted a kickstart off of any other model to a TY 250 twinshock ? Seem like hens teeth or ridiculously overpriced. Just wondering.
  8. Currently have a Bantam which i built from scratch, Beta rev 3 which i have nearly finished restoring, TY 250 twinshock work in progress and TY 250 mono also work in progress. Basically i have these because i've accumulated them over 15 years bit by bit and they are all i can afford. Since moving to Wales and discovering trials are much less popular and few and far between i keep myself amused by restoring the "projects" i've got. Couldnt afford much else and i would'nt be able to ride it anyway.
  9. Lots are available on e bay
  10. Great bike, great rider, great ride but nothing like any Bultaco i've seen or ridden before.
  11. 90 deg wont work in practice for the reason Trapezeartist mentioned. Two threaded bosses are the way to go. In the real world you very rarely use full lock as you run the risk of the front end tucking under. I would not exceed 80 deg but would also fit threaded bosses. M6 is fine angled so that the head of the bolt, I use allen bolts but choice is free, contacts the yoke at 90 deg.
  12. The theory goes that with both even number sprockets then the outer links and inner links always run on the same teeth wearing the sites of the sprockets accordingly. With an odd and an even number combination this doesnt happen resulting in more even wear to the sides of the sprockets. As previously mentioned though because in trials applications the chain and sprockets wear out so quickly it may be irrelevant. Perhaps more important on road bikes. Just asking.
  13. I've got a question about sprockets. Now i've always believed that ideally you should have an odd number and an even number i.e. 11 tooth gearbox and 42 back wheel to ensure wear was more even on both sprockets. However the std combination is 11 gearbox 41 rear wheel. Wouldn't this wear the sprocket unevenly. Alternatively have i had it wrong all these years or doesn't it matter any more ?
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