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  1. Should be a bit more empty now...
  2. jon v8

    Show Us Your Ty

    Nice bike,looks like Ethanol has buggered all the plastic pipes - It will do the same to the fuel tank too.Looks like a Sammy Miller tank / seat unit like I had on my last TY250,the Ethanol wrecked it... The footpegs have been moved back, they are now where everyone seems to have them. I don't know anything about the early 250 motors, FeetupFun is the man who really knows about them.All I would say is that the Ty250 is just about the best twinshock trials bike you will get in most respects.Mick Andrews and Yamaha got their sums right back in the day,and there is plenty of support and knowledge around to make them even better now.
  3. Maybe you need to find a different local welder. Visually most materials should be identifiable, if not a magnet will be a start,applying a grinding disc gives plenty of clues,even down to the colour of the sparks if its a ferrous material. Good job its not a structural repair I'm thinking...
  4. I buy our observers cards from Staceys. Looking at their website it appears they do water and tear proof card,so may be worth asking them. https://www.stacyandson.co.uk/our-materials.html
  5. This rear suspension thing is just a passing phase, it won't catch on...
  6. You could just weld it solid and make it into a real trials bike...😎
  7. After riding the Bath Classic trial on Sunday I'm having second thoughts.Once I got used to how it rides again I got on really well with it and enjoyed the 2 stroke zap - Which was just what was needed for the A route of the Bath trial.I think the problem is that I so rarely ride it,even my little James is more like a 4 stroke with its huge brass flywheel, the BSA and AJS both plonk superbly which suits how I generally ride. So because there are so many other projects in the workshop I've decided to leave it how Yamaha and Mick designed it back 40 years ago. Just make sure I do some practicing on it before I use it for another trial.
  8. From memory that looks the same as the one I'm running. I'm actually going to ride a trial on it on Sunday,maybe I'll take the cover off after that and have a measure up,see what will fit.
  9. Hi Guy, I think its most likely a D model, but its built up out of junk basically. The bike was a non runner from a breakers yard and I built the engine from boxes of bits that contained about 3 incomplete engines... What I was thinking of doing is to turn up a new band on the lathe as heavy as I could fit in,and gradually trim it down until I like it.I think maybe I'm expecting too much from it really,but it will be interesting to see what happens.
  10. Funny you say that,I'm thinking of adding more weight to my Ty250 flywheel, I rarely use it and find it too easy to stall - I ride without the clutch if at all possible. It just doesn't have AJS flywheels !
  11. Eee, it were ard back then...
  12. Absolutely, its usually easy on a bike. Strimmers and chainsaws aren't easy to do that on, the Aspen fuel has a 5 year shelf life. The fumes from Aspen are much less harmful too,Network rail are allowed to use it for pertol engined whacker plates in railway tunnels,which the HSE had previously stopped them from doing. Shame the Aspen isn't a bit cheaper...
  13. Inbox was full, I've emptied it out a bit,should work now.
  14. Twas me, have a look here; I can convert a frame and swinging arm to exactly how they were - unlike some other conversions I have seen,including some at Telford.
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