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  1. The Otter frame is one thing,made later than the engine which was originally fitted into a BSA frame. Not sure if you can date an Otter frame,has it got any numbers on it ? The engine can be dated from the factory dispatch records, the BSA owners club can help with that. You might find this interesting; http://www.bsaotter.com/2020_a_new_decade.html
  2. Which events are these then ?
  3. I use these for all my old bangers from here; https://bvm-moto.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=770&search=kil I guess similar products are easy to source in the US ?
  4. Just been chatting to my brother,he is living in Southern Portugal now, he does bikes too. He has done a couple of trips from there down into Morocco on his Honda Africa. There are plenty of ex-pats down there he knows who organise regular trips into North Africa,they know what you do and don't need etc. I'm going to send my DT250mx down to Portugal to use as my local trial bike. Just need to make a long range tank for it, 80 miles to empty isn't enough. Plenty of opportunities for trail riding on his doorstep,all legal and no hassle.
  5. It was my brother,and yes he spent a great deal of time sorting his route, I ended up helping him in trying to get a visa for Pakistan because he couldn't pass through Iran. A nightmare of paperwork compared to taking a trials bike to France. His Landrover is seen here shortly before he told a Chinese immigration officer to F--- Off in no uncertain terms. Sometimes you have to stand your ground.It paid off, he gained entry, but was glad to leave, and has no desire to return.
  6. You partly missed my point - The Landrover was an Australian registered vehicle, as I said the Carnet was only inspected on entering Pakistan,no other countries were interested. And why don't the ACU suggest machines being road registered rather than using a Carnet if it is required. Several years ago we were all advised to get off road bikes registered to help with returning stolen bikes - Surely this would be better advice than paying a tax which only lasts for a year ?
  7. So if I live in Switzerland and take my trials bike into France do I need a Carnet ? Or Norway into Sweden ? My brother recently drove an Australian registered Landrover back to the UK from Oz, the only country that inspected his Carnet was Pakistan, on entering the EU none of the countries were interested in it at all. To me it smacks of scaremongering or just pure fund raising.
  8. Looks like its been around the lawn a few times !
  9. jon v8

    Bultaco yokes

    I have a pair of yoke from a 1974 325 if that is any help. Also a complete engine and gearbox,pair of hubs and a tank / seat unit.
  10. You can order the RR books from here; http://www.ratiopublishing.co.uk/ Dave, ( RR ) and his wife Lisa are very good friends, his books are top notch as already stated - And I'm not just saying that cos they are great mates...
  11. That nurse has a point,we all have our own opinion.During lockdown #1 we had literally hundreds of "new" cyclists riding up and down our lane.Virtually naked in their lycra gear only their head generally protected by a flimsy cycle helmet.(More than 4 foot away from their brain by the way many rode) Compared to the protection we have when we ride,in no other traffic or in a small group, I think many of them were in a far more risky situation. (Bit of a dig at the council because of the huge potholes in our lane...)
  12. I don't see what the fuss is, trials can be run in a Covid safe manner,both ACU and AMCA are issuing permits outside of Lockdown - Which is all that is stopping us at the moment. During recent conversations with the AMCA it is quite clear that they want to do things properly,mainly concerning social distancing in the car park area. If the Lockdown is removed at the beginning of December we have every intention of running our next Ashwicke Classic trial on the 13th. Yes, it will be a bit different, but still a trial to ride - It could be worse,no trials is rubbish. The trials I have ridden in covid safe mode have been fine,the measures taken have been no big deal.
  13. I would also suggest using two in the rear wheel and one in the front. It can be difficult to stop tyres moving on the rim on some bikes,my AJS rigid uses Dunlop chromed rimes and IRC rear tyres are very keen to move on them. I cut a section of a worn out tyre to use on the rim to see how well the rimlock could clamp the tyre. Some rimlocks are a waste of space,the ones I have now seem much better,but for the life of me I can't remember what make they are...
  14. I was hoping have my DT250 over there to leave at my brothers place by now.Cov19 has put a damper on that for now... He used to live in Fuseta, but he has now bought a place just outside Moncarpacho - Monkers as they call it... I'll get it sorted out there once the travelling is easier.
  15. Electrex World ignition can be difficult to set or check with a strobe, some strobe lamps get confused with them,my Snap On one did when I was sorting out my sons D14/4 Bantam. The boss of EW told me that strobing could be difficult with his system. It was a couple of years back now,but I seem to remember there are two firing events per rotation,so there is a spark as well near BDC. The strobe would jump between the two events,making it difficult to see what was happening. I'd be inclined to set it as per the EW instructions and see how it runs.
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