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  1. I would also suggest using two in the rear wheel and one in the front. It can be difficult to stop tyres moving on the rim on some bikes,my AJS rigid uses Dunlop chromed rimes and IRC rear tyres are very keen to move on them. I cut a section of a worn out tyre to use on the rim to see how well the rimlock could clamp the tyre. Some rimlocks are a waste of space,the ones I have now seem much better,but for the life of me I can't remember what make they are...
  2. I was hoping have my DT250 over there to leave at my brothers place by now.Cov19 has put a damper on that for now... He used to live in Fuseta, but he has now bought a place just outside Moncarpacho - Monkers as they call it... I'll get it sorted out there once the travelling is easier.
  3. Electrex World ignition can be difficult to set or check with a strobe, some strobe lamps get confused with them,my Snap On one did when I was sorting out my sons D14/4 Bantam. The boss of EW told me that strobing could be difficult with his system. It was a couple of years back now,but I seem to remember there are two firing events per rotation,so there is a spark as well near BDC. The strobe would jump between the two events,making it difficult to see what was happening. I'd be inclined to set it as per the EW instructions and see how it runs.
  4. Does your gearbox contain the C15T gear cluster, this will make quite a difference to what gearbox and rear sprocket you need. The 18 tooth crank sprock it is a good start if you are not doing any road work.
  5. jon v8

    Stuck Float?

    You have effected a temporary repair,the kind to enable you to finish a trial. There is no way I would leave it like that - Something caused the float to stick,most likely will do it again. Nothing worse than a badly maintained bike playing up during a trial.
  6. jon v8

    Stuck Float?

    Under current circumstances most people should be able to find time for a carb strip and clean. It couldn't hurt.
  7. Buy them both ! Then you can work out which you like best. Keep them both or sell one if you don't like it,as said they are both well made and reliable bikes. I had an early RL and loved the way the engine would pull right down to nothing,as my TY250 does now.I always find the 175 a bit revvy,but people do very well on them. I was sort of joking when I said buy them both,but actually it would be a nice way to work out whats best for you.
  8. Well I ride most weekends and wear them on the road too. I also play / practice during the week too. I just noticed a wet foot one day whilst walking a Dartmoor river section... It didn't bother me and I've bought another pair exactly the same since,I like them.The new ones and the knee length Sealskinz keep me dry and comfy.
  9. Which are waterproof for about a year,but they are good boots anyway.
  10. I'll carry on enjoying warm dry feet,even if my bloody Goretex jacket leaks...
  11. Yes, they do work. I hate having cold, wet feet. sealskinz stop that happening.
  12. jon v8


    You have answered your own question - "It obviously works" So there is no problem,the valve gear only needs to be wet, too much oil in the head area will encourage leaks and blue smoke. Have you got a copy of the Rupert Ratio Unit Singles engine book,if not I'd suggest its a good idea. Loads of info in there. http://www.ratiopublishing.co.uk/
  13. Cub barrels aren't exactly scarce,if machining is not an option in SA why not contact a supplier here in the UK to send you a replacement with matched piston ready to go ? If the crack does open up and bits make a break for freedom you are going to trash alot more of the engine.Bottom end rebuilds are not cheap.
  14. Funny you should mention the hunting tooth - Reminds me of the bevel drive in the MHR Ducati I had. In that situation it was worthwhile. I last thought about it when I saw the wear on my WW2 Matchless cam gears,it was very obvious which teeth did all the work. But on a final drive chain,exposed to even road crud,I can't see any point in worrying.
  15. Should be a bit more empty now...
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