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  1. Well I ride most weekends and wear them on the road too. I also play / practice during the week too. I just noticed a wet foot one day whilst walking a Dartmoor river section... It didn't bother me and I've bought another pair exactly the same since,I like them.The new ones and the knee length Sealskinz keep me dry and comfy.
  2. Which are waterproof for about a year,but they are good boots anyway.
  3. I'll carry on enjoying warm dry feet,even if my bloody Goretex jacket leaks...
  4. Yes, they do work. I hate having cold, wet feet. sealskinz stop that happening.
  5. No, I meant what do YOU think they should be ? I know what it costs to build one, a friend and I both bought frames from John Bartram, hubs and fork components from Alan Whitton etc,etc. So I know the costs involved. John is doing his best to retire now,very interesting and knowledgeable chap,we managed to get him to design and make oval section swinging arms for us to get rid of the heavy old Ariel design. More money, but lighter parts...
  6. So how much do you think a trick Ariel should cost ?
  7. I really can't see the point in posts like this,its bloody obvious why certain bikes are going to be advertised for "Big money". From what I can make out of it nobody really knows how many HT3's were built,but they are rare. What are you going to do with a totally original HT3 anyway ? Its not a competitive bike for Pre65 or Classic trials or whatever you want to call them,and would you want to damage an original bike anyway ? So, for most its a show bike, an investment or just an nice thing to own.And what is wrong with any of those,it is a free country. And as for slagging off trick Ariels - Why ? They are an obvious extension of what Sammy Miller did all those years ago,compare a standard bike to Sammy's, to a modern trick Ariel and you would have 3 very different bikes. It was always going to happen, human nature is to improve things to gain an edge,some of the engineering that has gone into them is amazing and often expensive to do. Because the interest rate does not help savers many people are spending money on bikes,cars,fishing,whatever. They have cash to spend to follow their dream - What is wrong with that ? Many of these people don't have the skills or kit to build or make bikes and parts so they have to pay others. I charge £50 per hour in my work for Landrover repairs, my son works in a main dealership who does the same, he is £180 per hour, it soon adds up.People with skills and kit need paying or they go elsewhere. I'll welcome any British bike at my trials,I don't care if its a trick Ariel or a knackered Bantam, it all means British bikes are being built and used.This means the supply chain of parts will keep going. If all the trick Ariels stopped getting used many parts would soon dry up. Seems to me the people who keep moaning about trick bikes either can't or don't ride,they just moan, and as a final comment, ANY Ariel Ht is still a bloody big bike to ride - As Don Smith once said.
  8. jon v8


    You have answered your own question - "It obviously works" So there is no problem,the valve gear only needs to be wet, too much oil in the head area will encourage leaks and blue smoke. Have you got a copy of the Rupert Ratio Unit Singles engine book,if not I'd suggest its a good idea. Loads of info in there. http://www.ratiopublishing.co.uk/
  9. Cub barrels aren't exactly scarce,if machining is not an option in SA why not contact a supplier here in the UK to send you a replacement with matched piston ready to go ? If the crack does open up and bits make a break for freedom you are going to trash alot more of the engine.Bottom end rebuilds are not cheap.
  10. Funny you should mention the hunting tooth - Reminds me of the bevel drive in the MHR Ducati I had. In that situation it was worthwhile. I last thought about it when I saw the wear on my WW2 Matchless cam gears,it was very obvious which teeth did all the work. But on a final drive chain,exposed to even road crud,I can't see any point in worrying.
  11. Should be a bit more empty now...
  12. jon v8

    Show Us Your Ty

    Nice bike,looks like Ethanol has buggered all the plastic pipes - It will do the same to the fuel tank too.Looks like a Sammy Miller tank / seat unit like I had on my last TY250,the Ethanol wrecked it... The footpegs have been moved back, they are now where everyone seems to have them. I don't know anything about the early 250 motors, FeetupFun is the man who really knows about them.All I would say is that the Ty250 is just about the best twinshock trials bike you will get in most respects.Mick Andrews and Yamaha got their sums right back in the day,and there is plenty of support and knowledge around to make them even better now.
  13. Maybe you need to find a different local welder. Visually most materials should be identifiable, if not a magnet will be a start,applying a grinding disc gives plenty of clues,even down to the colour of the sparks if its a ferrous material. Good job its not a structural repair I'm thinking...
  14. I buy our observers cards from Staceys. Looking at their website it appears they do water and tear proof card,so may be worth asking them. https://www.stacyandson.co.uk/our-materials.html
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