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  1. jon v8

    Bantam novice.

    If you seal it up you need to fit a breather tube from another drilling,otherwise the whole area in there will suffer condensation then corrosion. Totally agree about the 4spd bantam box,they are crap to build and use. A well built C15 gearbox is in a different universe !
  2. jon v8

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    I'm very cruel to mine, they are sat in front of me right now having been steam cleaned last night,dried in the sun and wind today. A good coating of Duckwax will go on them and they can sit in front of the woodburner for a couple of days. Considering how badly I treat them they have lasted well,I'll buy another pair the same and abuse them too.😉
  3. jon v8

    New Series.

    Cheers Dave,thought you would be on the case. I seem to remember there was another round somewhere in Wales,can't remember which club it was or when. I'll give Tim another call next week.
  4. jon v8

    Best affordable foot pegs

    Terry Weedy Stainless ones work best for me.
  5. jon v8


  6. jon v8

    Numberplate options

    There is an easy answer to this, you wear the number plate on your back.
  7. jon v8

    2 stroke oil facts & myths

    Aspen fuel is sold in plastic cans, has a 5 year shelf life. As for the oil question,my standard response is - "Oil is better than no oil"
  8. jon v8

    C15frame with tiger cub engine

    I'd just flog the Cub engine and get a C15 motor instead,much better.
  9. jon v8

    New Series.

    Not sure that it has a name ! There is no website as far as I know,also nothing on the ACU website. It is definitely happening though as I had a quick chat to Tim Fairbrother yesterday from the South Birmingham club. They run the Greensmith's trial which will be one of the events in the series. Maybe Woody has more info ?
  10. jon v8

    New Series.

    Anyone planning on riding the new series starting with the Golden Valley Cotswold Cups this year ? A worthy replacement for the Miller rounds, I'm really looking forward to it,a decent set of classes and some excellent, well established trials such as the Sam Cooper and the Greensmiths. A set of road based trials where old bikes can have a day out.
  11. jon v8

    9e clutch on 6e

    Paul at Cotton Villiers supplied this conversion for my little J9 James, easy and obvious how it all fits and works a treat.
  12. jon v8

    Footpeg Location

    I don't think Mick is 5'10, more like 5'8 from my memory and this pic, I'm next to him and 5'7. Last time I saw him he joked about the footrests on TY Yams. He said they were so high because Japanese riders are so short.😰
  13. jon v8

    What Is A Twinshock ?

    Does it really matter ? Me and my mates ride old British cr$p of varying condition/spec/quality. We have a bloody good laugh, plenty of mickey taking and go home. Makes the weekend worth looking forward to, yes we are competitive,but none of it is a world championship. At least we ride the bikes,trick or not.
  14. jon v8

    TLR200 running right?

    You need a British four stroke if you want smooth bottom end power. See if you can bag a ride on a decent BSA C15, lovely smooth power.The Honda four strokes always lack flywheel effect to my way of thinking,but can be made VERY nice,a mate has an RS250t which is super smooth.
  15. jon v8

    Wet weather gear?

    Thank you for that,can't remember who told me not to machine wash it... I'll give it a go and see if I can refresh its waterproofing ability.