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  1. jon v8

    9e clutch on 6e

    Paul at Cotton Villiers supplied this conversion for my little J9 James, easy and obvious how it all fits and works a treat.
  2. jon v8

    Footpeg Location

    I don't think Mick is 5'10, more like 5'8 from my memory and this pic, I'm next to him and 5'7. Last time I saw him he joked about the footrests on TY Yams. He said they were so high because Japanese riders are so short.😰
  3. jon v8

    What Is A Twinshock ?

    Does it really matter ? Me and my mates ride old British cr$p of varying condition/spec/quality. We have a bloody good laugh, plenty of mickey taking and go home. Makes the weekend worth looking forward to, yes we are competitive,but none of it is a world championship. At least we ride the bikes,trick or not.
  4. jon v8

    TLR200 running right?

    You need a British four stroke if you want smooth bottom end power. See if you can bag a ride on a decent BSA C15, lovely smooth power.The Honda four strokes always lack flywheel effect to my way of thinking,but can be made VERY nice,a mate has an RS250t which is super smooth.
  5. jon v8

    Wet weather gear?

    Thank you for that,can't remember who told me not to machine wash it... I'll give it a go and see if I can refresh its waterproofing ability.
  6. jon v8

    Wet weather gear?

    Having recently ridden the West of England Moor to sea trial, I can only say that my feet in Sealskinz socks were the only dry part of me. The Hebo Gortex jacket now leaks like a sieve, its never been in a washing machine... I'm going to try a Hi viz waterproof jacket,thinking it will help being seen on winter road trials.
  7. jon v8

    Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    No sign of Classic trials drying up in the South West,we have plenty of excellent events, my biggest problem in running my club is avoiding date clashes.
  8. jon v8

    Villiers Clutch

    Ah, OK - I was thinking maybe 6/7/8E, in which case the 9E conversion from Paul Powell at Cotton Villiers Spares is the answer. Can't help with the 31A motor, sorry !
  9. jon v8

    Villiers Clutch

    Which Villiers engine/gearbox is it you want to change the clutch on ?
  10. jon v8

    Drayton Bantam

    Absolutely, I'm busy prepping my little 1953 J9 James for the "Moor to Sea" on Exmoor this Sunday. Riding amongst the KTM's and Gasser's etc. I fully expect to laughed at all day,don't care cos I'll be laughing too - even if its peeing down.
  11. jon v8

    Drayton Bantam

    David, he is bound to be mocked really - Here in the UK riders of Drayton Bantams and similar machines get teased at trials. We joke that they are cheating,the bikes are so light they are more bicycle than motorbike. I'm sure someone mentioned that a rigid framed one was down to about 160 lb. But the £10,000 comment can also be seen as a joke, you don't need to spend that much.(Unless you pay someone an hourly rate to build it for you)
  12. jon v8

    BSA B40 No Spark

    Well that's easy - Here you go; http://www.boyerbransden.com/faultfinding.html
  13. jon v8

    Next item to modify (for me) Rear Brake Lever

    I'd like to see you make that statement in front of Mick Andrews...
  14. jon v8

    BSA B40 No Spark

    No B40's were fitted with electronic ignition from new,so if it has it fitted it will be an aftermarket setup.Take some pics of it and post them up so we can id it.
  15. jon v8

    To Nikasil or Not to Nikasil - That is the question.

    Too much thinking going on here,those old Yams are simple, but well made. Just get it bored by a decent place.(From recommendation,not adverts) Put it together and ride. The old banger I have is built up out of junk from the remains of 3 engines,the piston was secondhand,not even run from the same barrel. I just bought new rings,circlips and a base gasket. Rattles like a bag of spanners,but everyone comments on how well it goes. It must have done 20 years of chasing cows before I got hold of it...