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  1. Hi Guy, I think its most likely a D model, but its built up out of junk basically. The bike was a non runner from a breakers yard and I built the engine from boxes of bits that contained about 3 incomplete engines... What I was thinking of doing is to turn up a new band on the lathe as heavy as I could fit in,and gradually trim it down until I like it.I think maybe I'm expecting too much from it really,but it will be interesting to see what happens.
  2. Funny you say that,I'm thinking of adding more weight to my Ty250 flywheel, I rarely use it and find it too easy to stall - I ride without the clutch if at all possible. It just doesn't have AJS flywheels !
  3. Eee, it were ard back then...
  4. Absolutely, its usually easy on a bike. Strimmers and chainsaws aren't easy to do that on, the Aspen fuel has a 5 year shelf life. The fumes from Aspen are much less harmful too,Network rail are allowed to use it for pertol engined whacker plates in railway tunnels,which the HSE had previously stopped them from doing. Shame the Aspen isn't a bit cheaper...
  5. Inbox was full, I've emptied it out a bit,should work now.
  6. Twas me, have a look here; I can convert a frame and swinging arm to exactly how they were - unlike some other conversions I have seen,including some at Telford.
  7. Fanny, have a look here; http://www.twinshockchampionship.org.uk/
  8. Section Swept, as with Metisse I agree with most of what you said apart from some of the Yamaha comments. The main thing being the way they steer, they are very good - one thing that the Majesty frames did not alter was the steering angle,even today many riders try to improve them by using leading axle forks from the mono's - most go back to the originals. Mick did know what he was doing,and Yamaha were sensible enough to listen. Also its only the outer clutch and magneto covers that are magnesium, the main crankcases are aluminium alloy that welds beautifully. The outer cases can usually be repaired nicely with JB weld or similar. I can't understand why you think they are difficult to work on... You want to try an AJS.Matchless motor if you think Yams are bad.
  9. Couldn't resist commenting on this David. I've had and been riding TY Yams since 1987. Had loads of different bikes,but only ridden one Ossa - It was Mick's own highly modded bike. It felt right and very familiar straight away,apart from running without a tickover which took a bit of getting used to. For the average owner I think the Yam has it , simply because they are so right to start with and are so easy to look after and repair.(Very rare to need repairs unless a farmer has had hold of it for years rounding cattle up with it.)
  10. Not true, its a small market and they are more enthusiasts than business people.
  11. As Faussy says, just get them done at Philpotts. They straightened and rechromed my AJS forks nearly 10 years ago,its done a lot of work since then and isn't very well looked after,they are still perfect.
  12. Hi Can any one help I have a Montesa Cota 171cc from the 70's well that's what I have been told?

    I would like to identify the the cc and age of the bike as I am looking to organise spare parts too 



  13. Many thanks to those who came along and rode or helped out, we raised £457 for the Friends of Huck. Our next charity trial is on the 22nd of September at Ayford farm near Marshfield.
  14. As per the title, we are running our next charity trial this Sunday July 14th at Star farm near Marshfield on the A420 Bristol to Chippenham road. All proceeds from the trial will go to the Friends of Huck Charity. We will be running a 4 lap, 10 section format, for all Pre65 and twinshock classes. Three routes to suit all abilities,but nothing too tight or scary. No mono's. There will be a burger van in the car park ,plenty of level,hard standing.Postcode for the event is SN14 8LH. Please come and join us. 11am start. https://joncvsv8.wixsite.com/ashwicke
  15. Either a blocked exhaust or its worn out.Don't expect it to be like a modern Gas Gas, but if they are in good shape they are fine,plenty of power for twinshock trials.
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