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  1. How much has brexit added to the cost ?
  2. Are these the same as mine Patrik ? 😀
  3. b40rt

    Spark plug

    Good that your getting there. You should always have to use the choke from cold. If it will start without it you have a carb problem, float level or jetting, leaking needle valve. Always switch petrol off when storing or transporting, and completely drain carb and tank for longer periods.
  4. b40rt

    Spark plug

    If it's an NGK plug, a 6 will run colder than a 5 so will tend to foul sooner in typical trials going.
  5. b40rt

    Ignition woes

    Is the coil body onto bare metal ? I'd disconnect and isolate all non essential wires.
  6. Have you tried riding around dragging the brake getting it really hot, then spraying clean cold water onto the disc and pads ?
  7. ( not beta but fairly similar) Sticking clutches are pretty common, my preferred method is start and warm engine. Push bike and slip it into gear, ride with clutch lever pulled in and slight application of rear brake.
  8. Coming to a Tesla near you....
  9. Usually a bolt, welded to the frame, rough!y vertically. The length and position determined by the tank. A rubber bung is sandwiched between two largeish washers, and when compressed holds the tank. Usually some pipe insulation under the tank keeps everything snug.
  10. We prefer to hurt ourselves before wearing protection ? I have plastic guards that cover knees and shins down to boots, probably wouldn't ride if I forgot them.
  11. b40rt

    I need help

    Normally an air leak causes a very fast idle.
  12. Unless your man is dirt cheep, or free, I'd stick with recognised experts. Have you considered the suitability of the material being supplied as a replacement liner ?
  13. Richard Allan is worth contacting.
  14. Try a different lube. I take it the valve core is out ? I've heard of people using quite a bit more psi. (check max psi on tyre) I'm assuming your using a decent sized compressor ?
  15. How many psi are you using ?
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