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  1. It may already be registered, many of that age are. Contact ducks to check that first. spellchecker ...dvla
  2. There is a difference between rotary seals and hydraulic type. Rotary will wear very fast.
  3. b40rt

    ty250r mono shock

    Don't think this will work, doesn't change the spring rate, but will become coil bound.
  4. No money owed, met you at Robregordo, pre65 etc 😃 Ross
  5. https://picclick.co.uk/Comerford-Cub-Trials-Bike-232809481791.html#&gid=1&pid=1 This it ? Are you Bruce W ?
  6. b40rt

    Riding a 4RT

    lineaway tends to be a bit blunt, but I think his intentions and depth of experience make his contributions worth considering.
  7. I rarely watch TB, as I don't really consider what he does as trials. Have a look at this, just a group of like minded people having fun. Some extremely skilful, some not so. Don't know why the start came up , look further down for the sections.
  8. Have you spoken to in motion, they maybe have a spare one for sale. I think you would need a jig and Oxy acetylene to straighten your current one.
  9. If its only a small twist, adjust the snailcams until the sprockets align, ride and enjoy.
  10. They were hard to get out 40 years ago, have you tried heating the head rather than the studs ? If you end up cutting them off, at least you have a flat face to drill.
  11. Your probably correct, but for 50p I'd fit one in case the mot inspector doesn't know that.
  12. Many inspectors insist on a reflector as well, even for a daylight mot. Also fit a legal size number plate. Tyres should be own up to 20psi, directional arrows can be picked up on, as can cuts in sidewalls.
  13. I believe in moderation in everything, including flywheels.
  14. b40rt

    Left leg start

    Just takes practice, on or off the bike.
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