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  1. b40rt

    2010 EVO 290 revved itself to death!

    Throttle cable pulled out twist grip or carb ?
  2. b40rt

    BSA B40 No Spark

    Assuming its an amal ? Screw nearest engine is the mixture screw, in for richer. This screw is very sensitive, so make very small adjustments at a time, and only once engine is warm. Screw behind it is tickover, in faster.
  3. b40rt

    BSA B40 No Spark

  4. b40rt

    BSA B40 No Spark

    Normal unleaded is fine. Have you tried a new plug ? When you tickling it, don't go crazy, slightly flood it only. If the plugs wet, dry it, heat it and try again. To start it ease it over compression on the firing stroke, then give it a long push, rather than a kick.
  5. b40rt

    BSA B40 No Spark

    If your seriously interested in these bikes the following book is probably the best http://www.ratiopublishing.co.uk
  6. b40rt

    BSA B40 No Spark

  7. b40rt

    BSA B40 No Spark

    You said you had boyer ignition ? Sounds like a standard set up to me. Black things a rectifier, blue a condenser.
  8. b40rt

    BSA B40 No Spark

    For the purposes of getting it started any petrol will do, for longer term running and piece of mind castrol do an octane boost / lead replacement . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CASTROL-VALVEMASTER-LEAD-REPLACEMENT-PETROL-ADDITIVE-OCTANE-BOOST-DA6267/323238330293?ul_ref=http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?ff3=2andpub=5575376664andtoolid=10001andcampid=5338268676andcustomid=9b232b89-2caa-430a-b189-660203316fd0andlgeo=1anditem=323238330293andsrcrot=710-53481-19255-0andrvr_id=1852669596561andrvr_ts=d672addd1680aad98dc1ebdcfff315a8andul_noapp=trueandpageci=cae57e3d-7ab6-4a3f-a927-e9aa0c38acb2andredirect=mobile
  9. b40rt

    BSA B40 No Spark

  10. b40rt


    @tshock250 Good things come to those that wait 😃
  11. b40rt

    Climber Flywheel puller

    Unless there is more than one fly wheel. M35 x 1.5 right is correct. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FLYWHEEL-PULLER-M35-x-1-5-RH-HUSQVARNA-610-ROTAX-250-350-500/263017909599?hash=item3d3d16cd5f:g:LLcAAOSwQz1bGUQyandredirect=mobile
  12. b40rt

    Evo factory front brake issues

    Steam clean.
  13. b40rt

    Smokey Fantic 240

    You sure you need seals ? Does it run very weak / erratic, dry side seal. Burns gear oil which generally looks different to 2stroke smoke ? Other side. Not just the exhaust needing a good clean out ?
  14. b40rt

    Rear sometimes deflates

  15. b40rt

    1982 SWM 320TL NEW

    TXR engine is good, its the climber primary that's higher.