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  1. Your ignition is probably dying, are you getting a spark ? A company in Germany do a replacement, not cheap. Maybe get the stator and cdi checked by Bradford Ingnitions . What carb is on it ? If its an air screw Dellorto they can be temperamental, try get a loan of a petrol screw one to eliminate that. I'm assuming your getting a good spark when it stops ?
  2. b40rt


    Email the top man at trs.
  3. b40rt


    You don't have to be vat registered to deprecate vehicles against tax, most farms will be.
  4. b40rt


    and they reclaim the vat.
  5. Zone 5 is a great helmet imo, never noticed any weight issues, the eye protection it offers is the most important factor.
  6. Ossy Byres (trials rider) company Audit CNC manufacturers billet hubs, worth speaking to.
  7. b40rt

    OKO Carburetors

    I'll take that as a no....
  8. b40rt

    OKO Carburetors

    @FreeWheel, did it work out significantly cheaper, and better, than a new Dellorto ?
  9. Frame no is the important one when it comes to age related plate, dvla are not actually interested in the engine no.
  10. I bought a kickstart from Phillips at old nobblies, seems good quality, and if its not exactly the correct fit it can be reshaped if you have access to Oxy acetylene.
  11. I would go one step further and introduce a handy cap system, really level the playing field.
  12. If the drums well worn, new standard shoes won't make a huge difference. Get a pair re-lined with oversized material.
  13. No, that's the drain for the crank case. As lineaway said above, its an Allan key about 10 inches behind. 1000/1200 ml of atf works well.
  14. b40rt

    Future of Gasgas

    More radical updates in pre65 and twin shock 😃
  15. Think your on the wrong forum .......
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