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  1. Used on 1967 WD B40.
  2. BP5ES is good, 4's are better if you can find them.
  3. We regularly send packages to family in the Falklands, recently sending by sea is quicker than royal mail air !!!
  4. Beta-uk.com is worth contacting.👍
  5. He's probably to busy inventing a thumb throttle ......
  6. People sometimes mistakenly thing a 7 will run hotter than a 5, to reduce carbon build up.
  7. It's just fun, go out and get familiar with the bike. Standing up doesn't always come naturally. Make an effort to relax your body when riding. There is no instant gratification in trials, it takes time. Personally I wouldn't worry/practice static balance or big steps just yet.
  8. Nothing wrong with correctly installed and loctited helicoils, lots of misinformation about them.
  9. Something like 90% of injury in trials is to the lower legs, good boots plus shin and knee protection are a must IMO. If your going to Drumcarrow today, there are usually a couple of guys there who sell boots. Also look up Murdo Macphail on Facebook, he often has second hand boots, and also budget new boots.
  10. Another club to consider is east neuk wobblers, great for starting out riders. They have a trial this Sunday at Drumcarrow, worth a visit. (Its fairly exposed at Drumcarrow, so plenty of clothes if your spectating )
  11. If you have access to machining, but a blank from ebay. They are available in a range of sizes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BLANK-REAR-SPROCKET-60T-520-CHAIN-SIZE-IN-7075-T6-DURAL-55mm-MACHINING-HOLE/165796871957?epid=6007943585&hash=item269a437f15:g:SBQAAOSwc2FZ8KYd&amdata=enc:AQAHAAAAoOiyUQ7pU23hZp4ktuWpuxbAxJEYKQ7UnW++bnNyV4QYxNsKW4TTtLnJ0UZ0Fu0gQm1hjlsOtSvHFEpQg9eRbLSDsMllGitdioZI3sw8pmZTxi7yT05XTb5+xlL95QPitXS8xEDzV2P/Ujd5zMBxcOFYAHPLceGJErRxXX4+vkNtlAMMWVNBzTLiQrwrNDap2jzV5d77B0y5UyUhEtwQCIE=|tkp:Bk9SR-a8nuaVYQ&pageci=b171333b-e727-4eba-a0b0-caebb2b8dfa9&redirect=mobile
  12. Unfortunately not, bucket list 😎
  13. Costa Brava trial last weekend had hand held devices. Each riders number also had a bad code, at the end of the section it was scanned, their score entered and presumably transmitted live. Speak to some one who was there , or the organisations more info.
  14. Leave him alone, I'd be very angry if I had an electric bike too.
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