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  2. What happens when the batteries are on the charger ?
  3. The small spring is usually a "top out" spring. This can also be controlled by thickness and quantity of oil. "My" solution would be put in a longer spacer to compensated, and see if it works ?
  4. Externals look standard, be interested to hear if internals are ?
  5. What diameter are they ? Every Swm I've seen has either betor or marzzocci forks, I'm pretty sure these arnt original.
  6. What position is the clip on the needle ?
  7. I'd try it without the sprocket to eliminate it. Any "telltale" marks on the sprocket or case ?
  8. And some knee and shin guards.
  9. It's cheaper to buy one than to purchase the parts and build it yourself 😁
  10. https://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/30515-cota-348-h… have you looked through these ?
  11. http://www.ratiopublishing.co.uk/The-Rupert-Ratio-Unit-Single-Manual-Volume-1
  12. I believe the quality of chrome was inconsistent, some flanked off within months. Keep an eye on it, it may be fine.
  13. Run the front hub as it is, but check it regularly. The rear hub would have been chrome too, and has been relined. Inmotion used to do it, not sure if they still do.
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