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  1. @faussy one for you 😃 (more resistant to movement in high gears)
  2. Fuel starvation ? What carb is it, air screw Dellorto ? When your cleaning the carb are you removing the air/petrol screw and forcing carb cleaner through from every direction ?
  3. "If my pilot is a 33.....And I say if....then 50 does sound high, but if it works for you.👍" Depends what elevation they are at.
  4. b40rt

    Rev 3 won't start

    Hopefully it was just flooded, was the petrol left on ? If it happens again I'd get it rewound.
  5. b40rt

    Rev 3 won't start

    Always try another plug. Is the plug wet or dry ?
  6. b40rt

    Rear shocks rates

    Beauty of rockshocks is spare parts if you damage them, easily serviceable, variety of spring rates if swapping to another bike and you can change the length if required.
  7. I'd guess the spindle was damaged along with the nut, and was shortened.
  8. Try another plug first.
  9. b40rt

    Condensers And Electrics

    12 years ago the Bosch system was still working as intended (generally) quite a few seemed to have deteriorated over the last few years. What's on yours Glen ?
  10. I'd check tyre clearance and go from there.
  11. b40rt

    Condensers And Electrics

    These posts are 12 years old so the site may not exist anymore. There is a lot of information in the swm section on here, anything specific your looking for ?
  12. You might be able to buy a length of chain of the correct dimensions and make one. Chains like Regina can be made endless as the pins press in/ out.
  13. In my experience (240 & 280 Rotax) there is always condensation in the ignition case. Well worth keeping the breather and routing it up under the tank, but with a low point to stop any condensate flowing back.
  14. b40rt

    BETA Evo 80 Front Forks

    Have you tried a silicon spray on the sliders ?
  15. b40rt

    Tyre Pressures

    Do you adjust your pressures when you come out a cold stream 😃
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