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  1. ATF works well in primary case, can't remember the quantity but its not much. @timdog I found putting a bit of slack in the clutch cable before first starting when its been sitting makes a huge difference.
  2. On swm's it is a pretty standard mod, gives a better cable run and stops the outer sawing through the yokes.
  3. Rupert Ratio book would be worth buying, all the info you will ever need.
  4. How much is a competition licence in Spain ?
  5. b40rt

    1978 frame colour

    @Woolfie if you want photos, pm me your email and I'll forward them. The mazzochi's measure from centre of wheel spindle to top of stancion, 800mm.
  6. Something to consider, if it's still on its original ignition, although it may run, it's probably past it's best.
  7. b40rt

    1978 frame colour

    @Woolfie I have a pair of 35mm mazzochi's from a 1980 swm I can measure of you want ? (apparently some of the early bikes had 34mm forks, might be worth checking) @pschrauber any info Patrik ?
  8. b40rt

    1978 frame colour

    From memory, the red and white tank model had frame differences around the footrest area and tubes under the engine. A friend had one new at the time and it had a black frame I'm sure. I could ask him. I'm sure you have looked through Martin's history ? http://www.motoswm.co.uk/models/models-2/
  9. " can't buy success " = a deficit of vankers 😀
  10. I'd have thought that was a good thing ?
  11. b40rt

    Fork lowers oring

    You just pump the forks, the oil comes out plenty fast enough 😀
  12. Good to see a mature conversation on here. Re electric vehicles, what's the current thinking on the environment impact of creating/disposing of batteries ?
  13. https://www.tytrials.com/trailandtrialsuk/cat_26558-1-Yamaha-TY-Trials-Parts.html
  14. White spirit can leave slightly oily residue, probably better with methylated spirit, or brake cleaner.
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