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  1. There is a guy Bill ? that can do this with the wheel complete, someone will chime in with his contact details.
  2. Inmotion Bultaco used to do this, might be worth giving them a call.
  3. A magnet will tell you if the lining is steel.
  4. Make sure you give it the answer its hoping for, otherwise it has a hissie fit.
  5. Look up Ian Lawrie on Facebook, he may well have some.
  6. Moto x clothing is generally looser fitting.
  7. You're probably best to join a local club or two for this sort of information, unfortunately it's not wise to share details on open forums
  8. Without gloves, can you feel anything ? If yes, I'd definitely be splitting the cases.
  9. If it's a grey , fine paste on the sump plug - yes. If you can feel anything - no.
  10. I rode the pre65 a few days ago with a plastic sump guard, no issues. The bike has minimal frame under the engine . Kinlochleven has one of two rocks .....
  11. b40rt

    spark plugs

    Does to top of the plug not screw off ?
  12. As said by feetupfun, but be aware no two 520 chains are the same, so the half link needs to be of the same make. Regina chains are good quality, and half links are generally available from Inmotion.
  13. IRC tube type on a b40 which weighed North of 100kg, tyre pressure about 5psi. Excellent tyre imo.
  14. I was thinking the fibre washer would change the position of the tap when tightened ?
  15. Try again with plumbing type fibre washer ?
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