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  1. b40rt

    SSDT Newbie

    The WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series is BACK at Nevis Range, Fort William in 2024 with the legendary Scottish venue set to host the opening downhill round on the calendar from 3–5 May 2024!! The general area is going to be very busy.
  2. Both of the company's mentioned are UK based , I'm guessing your not ?
  3. b40rt

    oil change

    I think the hex but is the kickstart spring locator, nothing good comes from undoing it 😂
  4. b40rt

    oil change

    Have a look on motoswm for engine manuals, can't remember if there is one for the climber, but the bottom end is the same as swm 's. On the bottom of the engine there is an alan key plug, remove to drain oil. Clean the magnet. (Do NOT undo the hex nut) Refill with 1 litre of ATF . Use some super expensive oil if you prefer.
  5. Does the knock lessen when the engine is hot ? If it remains the same I would be looking elsewhere.
  6. Out the " crate " and unmodified - the fantic is defiantly the better bike.
  7. Hopefully the increasing number of demanding / unthanking members read this. You only have to look at their profiles to see they dip in with questions, rarely acknowledge and virtually never offer assistance to others - rant over.....
  8. Most /all the bearings can be bought from a bearing supplier. The number is generally on the individual bearing. Crank bearings are normally c3 clearance.
  9. Happy New Year to you too. Maybe contact Josh 'JP' Pierson on f'book, as he makes swm ones.
  10. Maybe ? https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/bultaco-sherpa-wes-alloy-silencer/
  11. b40rt

    FANTIC 241

    Check "Cost optimised fantic restorations " on Facebook.
  12. b40rt

    Spoke angles

  13. Mike Grant is a very good rider, but after many years of practice. I'm pretty sure he used to trial in the winter when he was still racing. We have a local rider who won the TT several times who reckons it took him 4/5 years to attain a reasonable standard. This article mentions M Grant on a IT Kawasaki.
  14. Interesting, I have been riding trials for several decades, and have never seen anyone ace trials on their first attempt. I have seen riders with obvious ability , and those with cycle trials experience improve very quickly, but even so it generally takes years, not hours. Any videos of the rider you mention ?
  15. Copper slip is not recommend on aluminium, a specific aluminium anti seize should be used.
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