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  1. One of the reasons they didn't use the clutch, back in the day, was because you couldn't 😂
  2. b40rt


    @tshock250 😁
  3. I ran a 428 chains on a 120kg bsa for many years (plus 80++kg rider) More than capable, and lighter as stated above.
  4. b40rt

    Oil leak

    I think there should be a felt seal on the sprocket side. Thinner oils and higher temps will exaggerate the problem.
  5. Can you not achieve the desired gearing with a few more teeth on the rear ? More flywheel would slow the engine response ?
  6. You sound a nice person ....
  7. Is the air filter properly oiled ?
  8. b40rt

    349 prices

    Upped the gearing, they were good for 70mph in standard form ......
  9. Not jgas specifically, but some get leavers require a wedge (plain screwdriver) tapped in to open them slightly to fit.
  10. The condensor/capacitor in the picture is damaged, if you didn't do the damage, this is probably your problem.
  11. Volkswagen 👍 12v is fine.
  12. Check the part number for points as I wouldn't be surprised if several models used the same ones. Move the condensor and mount it by the coil (I use vw ones)
  13. Change the condensor, points and plug and try again .
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