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  1. Wanted SWM Jumbo Kickstarter.

  2. Vintage Trials And Harescramble

    Sorry, 30 seconds of the "music" on the trials vid was too much.
  3. Tubeliss System Revisited

    Never heard of a tube moving with the tyre stationary ! Every bike I've owned has tyre / tube creep with a spectrum of combinations.
  4. What Is A Twinshock ?

    Rule of thumb :- any modifications I make are ok, anything that goes one step further is cheating. 😃😃😃
  5. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Strange, I see you more as ....
  6. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Good post, its not really an issue here either, think the O/P is a tragic has been.
  7. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Ultimate irony, you completely ignore posts that deviate from "your" vision.
  8. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    To play devils advocate, many organizers actually think they are right, and there is no one answer. Best way to affect change is to join the club and get out there, lay out appropriate sections and enjoy. Regarding modified bikes, none are as they left the factory, just vary from minor modifications to Draton level which bare little or no resemblance. So what level of modification is acceptable ?
  9. Carole Nash Off Road Insurance

    I imagine it will depend on your age, claims history and post code.
  10. SWM Modifications

    😃😃😃 Great advice for the (severely) vertically challenged ! Probably not a problem for most riders, unless the footrest are actually dragging on the ground !!
  11. Bing Carb problem

    Could just be a bit of dirt between float needle and seat, or damaged float.
  12. Tubeless valve and rim corrosion

    If you put an air gun over the valve hole you can siphon a surprising amount of water out. (not siphon, but you get the picture)
  13. SWM Modifications

    Something thing like these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIALS-UNIVERSAL-FOOT-PEGS-RESTS-TWINSHOCK-PRE-65-FANTIC-BULTACO-MONTESA-WELD-ON/183462194054?hash=item2ab732eb86:g:VswAAMXQTghRTKm4 I would move footrests 50mm down and back at your height, any more and you run into issues with side stand etc. Repacking mid box, cut a hole in the back, make a plate to fit over it, use rivenuts or similar and silicon. Repack with exhaust packing. It will be quiter and run much better. I have never done anything to the back box other than rivet any baffles that come loose.
  14. Drayton Bantam

    Some are using machined Fantic heads !