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  1. b40rt


    A broken engine mount will cause a lot of vibration ......
  2. Put some 2stroke down the plug hole and see what happens.
  3. Messaged you. Unless its a recent import, there's a very good chance it's already registered. Search on here as the subject has been covered.
  4. New brake drum liners can be fitted without stripping the wheels, about £100 plus postage for the pair.
  5. b40rt

    Green laning on a trails bike...

    *80's trials bike would be a good compromise, decent fuel tank, actual seat, good selection of gears.
  6. b40rt

    Climber disc valve timing

    I'd be very surprised if it wasn't, but stand to be corrected.
  7. b40rt

    Montesa 348 Cota, what carb is best nowadays ?

    I was pleasantly surprised riding a 348 recently, turn well and have a decent section of gears if you can find them .... Because they aren't popular j u st now, doesn't reflect on their performance.
  8. b40rt

    Evo 300 2 stroke reved up now won't turn over

    Revved a bit, or screamed its nuts off ? Take the plug out and try again.
  9. b40rt

    TY 250 A shop manual and questions????

    Change the parts and be done with it.
  10. b40rt

    O/X Ring or standard chain?

    Standard chain, no problems for me "back in the day" @nzralphy Used renolds or regina with no problems, tell us more ??
  11. b40rt

    Sherpa 198A no spark

    With flywheel on, check if points are opening. You cannot set points with flywheel off. Bultaco points/timing is notorious for wandering. Other things to consider. Check and kill button / lanyard by disconnecting. Fit new plug. Check or replace plug cap. Check wiring to coil.
  12. b40rt

    Bit the bullet

    Moving the wheel back, without doing anything else, will make the suspension slightly softer. In my experience, longer wheelbase improves grip. (Look at hill climb bikes)
  13. b40rt

    Bit the bullet

    Better grip.
  14. b40rt

    Having problems after replacing woodruff key

    Shouldn't matter what the woodruff key is made of, its only purpose is to locate the flywheel correctly. If the key is constantly sheering there is another issue. Timing as has been said, faulty ignition, or the taper/ flywheel is damaged.
  15. b40rt

    S3 cylinder head

    Auf wiedersechen pet 😃