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  1. Fantic's aren't really known for jumping out of gear, sounds like you have a selector issue.
  2. Any part of the wiring harness not been tested ?
  3. Have you tried letting any pressure out ?
  4. It's the heat as you suspected, crack the top and let the pressure out.
  5. Are you getting a good spark ? New plug would be first on the list for me.
  6. I've been waiting on tender hooks for 9 years waiting for the outcome 😃😃
  7. b40rt

    Cota 247 losing power

    Losing power, or gaining weight ?
  8. b40rt

    Cota 247 losing power

    Change plug, cap and ht (if possible) Have you checked timing ?
  9. So tiller effect is bad when its behind the forks, but ok when its in front ........
  10. Certainly sounds like an air leak, have you sprayed it while running ? If its the ignition side crank seal, there will more than likely be some 2 stroke residue in the casing.
  11. Mountain bike with pit bike engine, sorted.
  12. Any mountain bike I've been on has a stem 40 +mm, yet nobody complains if the "tiller effect " 😃
  13. If fox shocks were better, the originals must have been truly dire !
  14. Other than cylinder head bolts, I've never torqued anything up in my life ........
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