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  1. Was it smoke (ie from exhaust) or steam from engine / radiator ? Does the fan run ? Did you squeeze hoses to check for air locks ? Are you getting a spark ? Is the plug wet or dry ?
  2. b40rt

    No spark. HELP!

    Put the old plug in and see what happens.
  3. Try putting the petrol on several minutes before trying to start it.
  4. Message Patrik.
  5. Look for Gerry Minshall on fb.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Classic-VW-Beetle-Ignition-Condenser-Condensor-Bug-Bosch-Vacuum-Distributor-71-3/113664595068?hash=item1a76f0147c:g:1fsAAOSwS3NcdAP-&redirect=mobile
  7. "lots of big words" conversation over, tawt.
  8. My friends nickname was the "clock", because he always thought before he acted/spoke. He was professionally involved with risk management, so lecturers on behaviour patterns are not required. I don't believe anyone with a modicum of intelligence, expects the general population to behave sensibly, however transferring all responsibility to the vulnerable is rather egocentric ?
  9. Excellent advice, but can you elaborate on how my friend recovering from cancer should "moderate his behaviour " ??
  10. Probably no difference in a hot climate, life and death in extreme cold.
  11. Speak to Gerry Minshall.
  12. If your drilling the rim to fit the locks, check where the join is as you obviously don't want to drill there. Good wheel builders generally put the joint opposite the valve hole. Most people run 2 locks on the rear, but 1 is fine. Choose the position carefully to give as much space as possible for the nut/spanner.
  13. @faussy one for you ? (more resistant to movement in high gears)
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