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  1. b40rt

    Steering angle.

    What he said ^^ Height wise, somewhere if you take a horizontal line from the bottom of the gearbox sprocket window.
  2. b40rt

    Help needed

    Life's to short 😃
  3. b40rt

    Steering angle.

    Just leave yourself enough adjustment for when you eventually discover your wrong.
  4. Withdraw your entry and let someone who actually likes pre65 get a chance to enjoy it.
  5. b40rt

    Mont 247 Cota

    There are many tank sealants ,https://www.caswelleurope.co.uk/ethanol-proof-fuel-tank-sealer/ How successful they would be on an old dirty tank is debatable. Personally, I would go for an alloy liner using the original as a cover.
  6. b40rt

    Mont 247 Cota

    Modern petrol will damage fiberglass tanks. Ignition https://www.electrexworld.co.uk/acatalog/STK-247.html
  7. b40rt

    Steering angle.

    Just set the stops so the forks don't damage the tank or whatever, you can't have too much lock.
  8. You can replace the outer seal and o ring easily, think they are all the same but best to check https://www.motoswm.co.uk/shop/swm-rotax-kickstart-clutch-cover-oil-seal-kit/ There is another o ring on the other end of the shaft, which requires casings to be split to replace.
  9. b40rt

    New chain

    As above, refit it and tension as per spec. Then looking at the rear sprocket, at the point furthest back, pull it away from the sprocket, if there is any significance movement it probably needs replacing. What condition are you sprockets in ?
  10. Current thinking is the forward edge of footrests should be lower by a few mm.
  11. b40rt

    Twin shock mods

    Most regs / definitions for eligibility state max 35mm, except jumbo swm's. It's what's inside that counts !
  12. As a non American I'm interested to have the benefit of your advice. Are you suggesting I shouldn't buy any American goods or services, or visit your country ?
  13. Have a look here https://www.motoswm.co.uk/tech/ What info do you need ?
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