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  1. 5 or 6 TYZ 's entered in this year's ssdt ! (Also 2 Fantic's )
  2. https://www.electrexworld.co.uk
  3. b40rt

    Trick Sherpa T

    Gerry Minshall or Ossy Byres
  4. SWMBO, the clue is transparent ! SWM bloody obviously .....
  5. I'm curious how reducing the clearance, by putting thicker plates in, can help reduce drag ?
  6. I'd consider another gori or swm, better value than many other bikes of a similar age, and still very competative. Lothian trials club have a trial this Sunday out past Gifford, worth a look of you have the time.
  7. Any bike can enter, but the classic championship is pre65, twin shocks and air cooled mono - with a and b routes. All other bikes are in separate results.
  8. I'm assuming you got that from Old Knobblies ? I heated and bent mine to suit, plus ground the frame marginally as required. I also tapped the head and fitted a decompressor to ease over tdc. This takes a huge amount of the effort out of starting.
  9. Richard Allan also worth contacting for second hand spares.
  10. b40rt


    Have you changed the condensor ?
  11. $20 + per spoke ?
  12. What county are you in ?
  13. Personally, I'd drop the footrest before raising the bars. This will improve handling as well as comfort.
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