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  1. b40rt

    TL 320 manual?

    https://www.motoswm.co.uk Look under "tech"
  2. Just link it up, the outer opens the valve. Don't over think it 😊
  3. b40rt

    07 txt pro

    It's poor attitudes / manners like the op that is slowly killing trials central. Why bother to give them hard earned advice when they haven't the sense to accept it gracefully.
  4. People do, just maybe not you ?
  5. No, it conventional to say 16 thou, as in 16 thousands of an inch.
  6. Take plug out, kick over 10/20 times, new / good plug in, no choke, petrol off, kick over, should start.
  7. Assuming the clutch mechanism is working correctly, lighter weight springs is an option.
  8. Generally, the valve hope is opposite the join in the rim so don't drill there.
  9. What do those design engineers know anyway, they probably put in extra springs just for fun 🤔🤔🤔
  10. Again, buy a trail bike with electric start.
  11. Your obviously not qualified to comment, stick to polishing and leave riding to those who understand. Have a nice day.
  12. b40rt

    No stop

    If that's the case, it sounds just as much of a minefield making the call did they go backwards !
  13. Any good quality glue like mytre bond will fix if.
  14. b40rt

    No stop

    So the rider can't go backwards, but stopping is allowed ?
  15. Maybe try a hotter plug to burn some of the crap off.
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