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  1. b40rt

    Fuel use 280i

    A hotter plug will only disguise the problem, not cure it.
  2. b40rt

    TY250 A points setting

    Does the lighting coil and the primary coil have the same part number ? If not, its unlikely to work properly over the full rev range.
  3. b40rt

    2019 RR Vs One

    @lineaway. There you go, someone moving footrests forward to suit their size, just like Danilo Galeazzi !
  4. b40rt

    2019 RR Vs One

    And yet moving footrests on a twin shock is just lazy !!!! Which is it ?????
  5. b40rt

    240Pro. No spark. Flywheel removal?

    It's to stop the flywheel turning while your removing flywheel nut etc. If you have a compressor, an air gun will generally work without a holder.
  6. FWIW, I wouldn't even consider stripping shocks until they had a minimum of three trials under their belt.
  7. b40rt

    2018 gp hidria ignition

    2018 bike, think I'd be speaking to the dealer / importer.
  8. b40rt

    240 head mod

    If anything needs a head mod its you 😃
  9. b40rt

    Trial Front wheel

    Get the brake shoes back out the bin, various companies can re-line them with oversize brake lining. Useful if the drum is worn.
  10. b40rt

    Crank seals

    Check if this is the correct one https://www.splatshop.co.uk/sherco-flywheel-puller.html
  11. b40rt

    Footpeg Location

    The bikes pictured on Martin's site are as originally supplied, the blue one he rides has bars further forward.
  12. b40rt

    Footpeg Location

    2" forward approx. Have a look at this to illustrate footrest position changes over a relatively short period. http://www.motoswm.co.uk/models/models-2/ The svm at the end has the "wrong" position in 1984 ! ( I think Mike Andrews is less than 6' tall btw)
  13. b40rt

    Footpeg Location

    This generalized makes no sense, twinshocks when new, did not all have identical bar / footrest positions. SWM's came from the factory in 1980 with either Marzocci or Betor yokes, a difference of about 2". The Marzocci yoke was considered a better position (further forward) and was fitted by the likes of Martin Lampkin, but retaining the betor forks. In the 5/6 year period swm's were dominant the footrests moved dramatically down and back. This can easily be verified.
  14. b40rt

    Footpeg Location

    I've just checked footrest mounting position in relation to line between axles, even although footrests have been moved down and back, they are are still about 40 mm above. Lineaway hates bar risers, and if riding modern trials at higher level I'm sure he is right, for more classic events they are fantastic. I do occasionally hit the cross bar, but not enough to consider change. Regarding one size fits all frames, Danilo Galeazzi, swm works rider and multi Italian champion, moved his footrests forward to suit his size and style.
  15. b40rt

    Swing Arm Extensions For '74 Ty250?

    @feetupfun @pmkk parallel topic 're footrest position. The 87 Aprilia has had the footrest moved down and back since above, the percentage has dropped to 25% . Bike feels more "planted" The top yoke has been changed to txr with risers, now much more comfortable with no downsides.