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  1. That your best shot ?
  2. "wars of any significance " suggests you have not worked anything out for yourself ......
  3. Relax, you'll figure out who won the war..eventually. 😃
  4. b40rt

    What does one think....

    We must be very spoilt / lucky here, I wouldn't drive 5 miles for that.
  5. b40rt

    Small frame welding job??.

  6. b40rt

    framed mounted chain tensioner

    Take the springs off the shocks, refit, then see what happens throughout the movement.
  7. b40rt

    Oil changes

    Not a good idea on vw's, change it if its done 100k.
  8. b40rt

    REFLEX 200 motor swaps ad infinitum

    Kamikazibumboy, one hit rant, never to be seen again.
  9. b40rt

    Pre 65 scottish

  10. b40rt

    Hi, looking for advise on buying an Alpina project

    Correct 😃
  11. b40rt

    Hi, looking for advise on buying an Alpina project

    The link to his Facebook profile was messaged to you.
  12. b40rt

    280 txt pro not idling

    Check float level, no air leaks, air filter clean and oiled, condition of reeds.
  13. b40rt

    Wheel bearings.

  14. b40rt

    Wheel bearings.

    Why not fit the bearings without packing them and see how they last .....
  15. Check woodruff key is present and correct. Look for tell tail marks on the back plate indicating its been move, or original position.