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  1. https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/chain-link-extractor/
  2. Not sure any of that is true, what are you basing your "guess" on ?
  3. Think your being a bit unfair, the way I'm reading this and the original post from 2017, is ttspud will be scrutininneering the bikes ?
  4. Why wouldn't you have similar ones ? Sprung 2t. Rigid 2t. Up to 200cc. Over 200cc. Gentleman 2t.
  5. 7 sub categories for 4 strokes, 1 for 2 strokes ........
  6. Nothing wrong with a good example of either the ty or honda, however if you can track down an SWM (I'm biased) I'd say it out performs either by a long way.
  7. Set up a series , write the rules / restrictions. If there is sufficient interest it will be a success.
  8. Not 100% accurate, unless you buy something really obscure, parts are easily found. Many of the twin shocks are as reliable, possibility moreso, than some modern bikes. Look through the current topics, virtually all modern "reliable " bikes 😎
  9. Ossy Byres has a machine shop and manufacturers parts for pre65/twin shocks. Might be worth contacting Audit CNC.
  10. I "might" to to an outdoor/traditional round, definitely not a stadium. Maybe an age thing .....
  11. b40rt

    Leaking fork seals

    You on commission ?
  12. https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/regina-520-gold-link-trials-chain/ https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/regina-520-trials-chain-12-link/ https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/chain-link-extractor/ Assuming it's 520 chain ? Regina chain links can be reused , when you split the chain the half link can be attached meaning you only have one link. Chain is out of stock, give them a phone.
  13. You would think Beta would inform customers to only use solid sprockets ?
  14. b40rt


    If the current clamps are bolted to the top yoke, an option would be to ditch them and replace with conventional bolt on clamps. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motorcycle-HandleBar-Bar-Riser-Mount-Clamp-Adaptor-22-28mm-Dirt-Pit-Bike-ATV/352639832434?hash=item521af8d172:g:QW8AAOSwWw9coci6&pageci=eb8ea2b3-582b-4a03-8099-3c409f7ec25e&redirect=mobile
  15. Half the tyre was missing by fort bill 😁
  16. 348's and 349's were some of the fastest trials bikes, riders running late in the SSDT were clocked well over 60mph.
  17. Is it worth rebuilding ? The body may be worn making this pointless exercise.
  18. b40rt

    Front brake stay length

    207mm centres.
  19. b40rt

    TL 320 manual?

    https://www.motoswm.co.uk Look under "tech"
  20. Just link it up, the outer opens the valve. Don't over think it 😊
  21. b40rt

    07 txt pro

    It's poor attitudes / manners like the op that is slowly killing trials central. Why bother to give them hard earned advice when they haven't the sense to accept it gracefully.
  22. People do, just maybe not you ?
  23. No, it conventional to say 16 thou, as in 16 thousands of an inch.
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