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  1. Looking good! Keep your head up and try more slow, right turns! Practice makes perfect.
  2. An o-ring will work, as finding the original rubber butterfly is nearly impossible.
  3. Short term fix that's easy - After every ride, I park the bike and put a piece of velcro strip on the bars, holding the clutch lever engaged. Come back, take off the strip, and life is good!
  4. I went a different direction with my 199a. Yours looks AMAZING! Nice work!
  5. You have inspired me to bring my 199a back to life as well!!! More photos to come, as it gets pretty!
  6. Trying not to dab, but will grind it down - just in case! Thanks!
  7. I just finshed off this little beauty and LOVE IT!!! Light, nimble and after some hours of practice, we will be a good pair together!
  8. I like the Dunlop 803GP. Good grip and if you hunt a bit, great pricing too!
  9. Awesome looking TY! Find a nice YZ clutch over for it to really make it trick!!! And then go out in the woods and play.
  10. robbiesty175

    What did I buy?

    Nice find! Go take it out for a few easy rides and get used to how she feels. Then figure out what updates are needed. I think you will love it!
  11. Finished and perhaps the easiest starting bike I've ever owned! One half kick and it purrs!
  12. Spent the day polishing and slowly putting my Alpina 212 back together again. Baby steps...
  13. If I'm aboard, it's going S-L-O-W... Thanks for the encouragement and looking forward to a fun ride.
  14. When I saw Brewtus found one, I had to grab this 305! Rode it around the yard today and it's going to be an awesome bike!!! She needs some love, as a former owner thrashed it around pretty hard. I have some grand plans for her...
  15. robbiesty175

    Pile of Yamahas

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