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  1. I have a BM , motobins and motorworks in the UK will have parts they're where I get all my bits Regards Bill
  2. No it was my own stupid fault I was holding it in my hand as I was tapping the gudgeon pin in with a small hide faced hammer and it had gone slightly skew ways it had snagged the circlip groove and next thing I looked and saw the crack ? at least I have a spare engine to get some bits from .....
  3. Ahh rats so much for the "saved" piston it cracked as I was putting the gudgeon pin in ?
  4. Plenty of things to get on with in that project , at least they're super simple bikes and all the major parts are handy to get , it's nice to bring another one back from the dead I have a lot of projects in my shed the oldest at the minute being a 1965 Bridgestone . Good luck with the work Robbie .......
  5. Back on two wheels again it's nice to be putting it together once more .....
  6. It's a few shades paler than it should be alright but I'm building it to use so not an issue for me , it was what the powder coater had at the time ..... Any day now it should hopefully fire up for the first time in 15 + years, I'm still trying to source a pair of handlebar clamps if anyone can help thanks
  7. Thanks johnjsy, I'd like to try reuse the tank as it's in good nick , for the minute I might fill and drain it as and when I need to use it .... Then sort it in the summer , I'm not too far from firing it up soon so I'll post more pics when it's progressed more Regards Bill
  8. Brilliant Lorenzo ? thanks I'll measure mine and see if that's a match , I am wondering if the grade of fibreglass resin used will survive ethanol in the petrol in this tank ..... ? Has anyone any thoughts ?
  9. bill black

    199A parts

    Hello all , A couple of questions for the gurus , I have a 199A that I am rebuilding , I was hoping for some help with parts that I need , and itit was a box of bits kind of purchase I am missing the two handlebar clamps any chance someone has a source for these ? Also my tank is a Sammy Miller aftermarket one and the cap Is missing it's an odd one its kind of like an old radiator cap it has half twist to lock action with ears catching the spout in the tank here's s pic Regards Bill
  10. Hello Pat I used a drill and wire brush to shift the worst of the paint and I have a blast cabinet with aluminum oxide which I'm using for the head and barrel etc. I'm trying to salvage a piston out of a spare engine as piston prices are eye watering ! Have you a Sherpa too ? I am hoping to do classic trials on mine ......
  11. Getting stuck into cleaning it all up ...
  12. Not so much a lump hammer but gentle persuasion alright , I was lucky I think , most of the bike came apart with not too much damage and I can salvage the swingarm bolt and bushes , it's all gone for powder coating and back next week shiny and blue all going well ......
  13. Hello Ciaran , I'm in Meath and also resurrecting a 199A , the part covering the spoke ends is a thin steel band you can lever it out , I managed to shift My swingarm spindle with a bit if heat and gentle guntering ..... ?
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