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  1. evo boy

    TRS Oil Fuel Ratio

    Perfect thank you
  2. evo boy

    TRS Oil Fuel Ratio

    Morning everyone A friend of mine has just bought a 2018 trs and wanted to know how much oil to mix with 5 litres of fuel? Many thanks
  3. Would anyone know of a second hand standard evo Ohlins/Reiger for sale? Many thanks
  4. Yes that's what I've found out OK thank you for your help.
  5. Yes I think your right. I like my 2015 factory and don't see any point of getting a newer one. I'd just be like all the other beta riders 🙂
  6. Thanks MlckyT so it's a longer linkage I was told the shock was 10mm longer and wondered if it would still fit but I guess not.
  7. Your right ChrisCH the standard rear shocks are rubbish and all the early models except the 2013 factory use the same rubbish. I was looking at a ohlins but most people have them for there newer Evo and have been told the newer ones won't fit.
  8. Hello all I'm after some knowledge. I am thinking of replacing the rear shock on my 2015 factory. I've been told I can't fit a newer factory shock as it won't fit is this right? Many thanks
  9. Good afternoon all would anyone have or anyone know where I could get a used Bosi arrow full exhaust system for sale for my 300 2T? Many thanks
  10. Thank you lineaway for you help after checking everything out and putting back together start up as normal. I rode a trial on it today and didn't miss a beat. Could anyone give me some advice on setting the Keihin carb up as I thought I may have a little pinking on the hills? Many thanks
  11. About 5 seconds before I stalled it.
  12. OK Lineaway layed bike over and fuel flowed out the bottom of the float chamber. Sounds stupid could it have anything to do with the gearbox oil level be low? Only because I put 400ml of oil it at the moment and should take a little more? Many thanks
  13. Thanks Lineaway I'll go and try that now. Yes it has fuel I would say it got to much fuel. I started it like normal and it fired up and it Reved self sky high I put it into get and stall it as fast as I could.
  14. I've checked Stu109 and can hear it bumping on the stop.
  15. Thanks stu109 I'll check that now. I just remembered I changed the gearbox oil as well but can't see how that will make it rev sky Hi. I'm a bit nervous on starting it up now as don't want to do any damage 🥺
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