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  1. Hello all again I'm after some advice. My B40 is running 13t gearbox sprocket and 60t rear but I feel I need a but more speed on the hills. What combination are people running for trials? Many thanks
  2. Great I'll try and find him to ask then many thanks
  3. Morning b40rt Happy new year to you. Thanks for that I was hoping someone would mate a trick front pipe as well. Like you can get for Fantic and SWM's
  4. Good Evening All, is there anyone that makes Alloy exhaust systems for 199 325 sherpa?
  5. Hello all could anybody advise me on what's the best gearbox oil to use in my 199 350 sherpa? Many thanks
  6. OK thank you just not sure what oil to put in the gearbox on my sherpa
  7. evo boy

    BSA B40

    Evening NIN87 did you manage to get your V5? How hard was it and what did you need? I wouldn't mind trying to get one for mine. Many thanks
  8. Do you mean this castrol transmax axle?? Many thanks
  9. OK Jon v8 I'm going to get it working thanks for the Advice.
  10. Thanks for the reply jon v8. I was only going to remove it as it didn't work and it's start lovely.
  11. Yes I was going to get a rocker cover without a decompressor in it as I don't use it and there seems alot alot of people saying a c15 and b40 are the same.
  12. Good evening all. Would anyone know if a C15 rocker covers the same as a B40? Also does anyone know where I have get new rocker cover nuts from. Many thanks
  13. Many thanks I Carl would you know what the standard plug is? Many thanks
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