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  1. OK Jon v8 I'm going to get it working thanks for the Advice.
  2. Thanks for the reply jon v8. I was only going to remove it as it didn't work and it's start lovely.
  3. Yes I was going to get a rocker cover without a decompressor in it as I don't use it and there seems alot alot of people saying a c15 and b40 are the same.
  4. Good evening all. Would anyone know if a C15 rocker covers the same as a B40? Also does anyone know where I have get new rocker cover nuts from. Many thanks
  5. Many thanks I Carl would you know what the standard plug is? Many thanks
  6. Hello all what spark plug does everyone recommend in my bsa b40 running electrex works ignition? Many thanks
  7. Good evening I know this is an old post but I'm trying get get a set up for my b40 what is meant my a 624 choke? Many thanks
  8. Good afternoon all. Could anyone give me some advice on carb jetting as I seem to have a real flat spot when cold I'm run 106 120 140 main Many thanks
  9. Thanks Husty125 for all your help.
  10. Thank You so much Husky125 I'll give that a go as i can't find any information anywhere. How can you tell if its a genuine Foster Otter? Many thanks
  11. Good evening all. I'm going to change the engine oil on my otter framed B40. Could anyone please give me some advice? Where is the drain plug and how do you get the right oil level ect? Many thank
  12. I have Managed to find a kit with the longer studs. Could anyone give me some advice on the best place to find some metal mudguard? My front is 4 inches and rears 5 and a half. Look everywhere on feked British bike bits...
  13. Good afternoon b40rt i call Surrey Cycles and said about a new carb he said you want the Amal Premier Alloy Mk1 so would hope I have at that price. Also would anyone know what the thread of the carb studs are? as they seem too short and was going to replace then with slightly longer ones. Many thanks
  14. Thank you all for your help. I had to bite the bullet and buy a new carb that Surrey Cycles kindly help me out with. Would anyone know rough setting to start will? Many thanks
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