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  1. evo boy

    Fuel filter

    I replaced mine on my 2017 250 ice hell after 2 years it was black. You can't get the filter separately from vertigo but its the same as a KTM.
  2. Also would anyone know which is the best way to wire a kill switch in? Many thanks
  3. That's great thank you Dorking is only 30min away so I'll send my mate with the original there tomorrow to see if they can make one. Many thanks
  4. Hello all so I've rebuilt the rear caliper and when checking the rest of the system found the rear brake hose has rubbed though on the swinging arm. I found the hose on the splat shop so ordered it after a few day of it not arriving i called them and they said its not in stock and on back order with no arrival date . Does anyone know where I could get one? Many thanks
  5. OK I've just looked it must be the one covered by the rear brake lever as that's not a Alan key. Many thanks
  6. Thank you I'm going to ordered one for some Christmas reading
  7. Sorry b40rt its been a long day. Yes that would be great thank you ?
  8. Do you have any pictures of the 2021 model?
  9. Good evening wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I have inherited a b40 off my father he took the clutch apart a few years back now. Could anyone please tell me the way the clutch plates go back in ie friction plate, steel plate, friction plate ect? And what oil and capacity should I use in the clutch/primary chain. Many thanks
  10. I know what you mean it either goes right or can be a pain in the a***. I've always had good results with the cheap air bleeder I got off ebay seems to work well.
  11. Thanks Jimmy I'll check when I rebuild the rear.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Thats what I thought it should as both my bikes disc's sit central. I'll try swoping them round and see what it does. Many thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply. I have ordered a new piston/seal kit as they look pretty dirty so I'll strip clean rebuild and bleed the brake and see if I get it to work
  14. Hello all wonder if you can help. A friend has just picked up a 2016 300rr but the rear brake doesn't work It just bottoms out with no resistance, there is plenty of fluid in there. Can't see any leaks either but the only thing I noticed is the rear caliper seems to be binding but when I undo the rear wheel nut it frees off. The brake disc doesn't seem to run in the middle of the caliper it's more to the inside. I checked the rear caliper and the inner piston seem to be pressed all the way back in and other side out quite a way. Any help would be grateful.
  15. I had a 2017 250 ice hell bought it new for Vertigo UK. I had the spark plugs problem at the start but Vertigo came and sorted it super fast. I then rode it for more than 3 years without any issues and what a great bike it was. All manufacturers sell a bad bike once in a while but from my experience my Vertigo was a top class bike and if you maintain it well it'll be a great bike.
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