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  1. Morning all wonder if you can help. Would anyone know the colour code of the red frame on the 2013 evo factory 300 as I would like to get a touch up? Many thanks
  2. I'll check them thanks for your help.
  3. Just another quick question The front brake seems to be a bit stiff you pull the lever and its like the master cylinder piston is very slow to come back out and the don't have a full lever second time and the brake binds. Does that sound like a master cylinder repair kit needed? Many thanks
  4. Thanks for everyone's help I've put a set of pads in even thos nothing wrong with you old ones and bled the brake seems OK.
  5. I'm going to try bleeding it first thank you for your help.
  6. Thanks for the reply, the pads look good I'll try bleeding it today and see how I get on but I think it could be master cylinder.
  7. Hello all my friends just purchased a 2013 300 evo and the rear brake doesn't seem to be working properly. The foot brake just seems to go all the way down to the sump plate with very little effect. Has anyone had the same problem and a fix? Many thanks
  8. I'll us my wifes toothbrush ?
  9. I see on Facebook a new bike coming does anyone know anymore?
  10. I can't wait to get back to trials but I can't see it happening in the UK anytime soon ? but I hope I'm wrong
  11. I have a 250 and its a great bike but was thinking of a 280 this time and wanted to know if anyone has one and there views.
  12. Thinking of a new Vertigo has anyone tried the new 280?
  13. evo boy

    Vertigo Chain

    Hi all I'm after a new chain for my 250 ice hell the only place I seem to find one is Vertigo uk as mine is a 103 link. Does anyone know where else I could get one or any other Ideas Thanks
  14. Hi b40rt sorry if I offended you it wasn't meant to. Thanks for the advice its much appreciated.
  15. Also I've fitted the clutch basket clutch ect back together but the outer part of the basket seems to have in and out movement is this normal? Many thanks
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