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  1. evo boy

    2019 Jotagas

    I've just seen a picture of the 2019 Jotagas but there no Ohlins :-(.
  2. evo boy


    I've been thinking of changing my ice hell but from what you boys have been saying they seem to be down specing and putting the price up. I like my ice hell so will hold on and wait and see..
  3. evo boy

    Bing Carb problem

    Thanks for the replies. I'll do a full strip down and clean and see how I get on then thanks again for the help
  4. evo boy

    Bing Carb problem

    Hello All, I rode my 350 sherpa last weekend and if started to p*** fuel out of the overflow on the carb. It didn't matter if it was running or not. I took the float bowl off and everything seem ok. It's never done this before and I would like to keep my Bing.
  5. evo boy

    BSA B40 No Spark

    Thanks for that I spoke to my Dad and he said it's has boyer bransden electronic ignition on it so I don't know if anyone can help?
  6. evo boy

    BSA B40 No Spark

    Hello all wonder if you can help. I have just got round to getting my Dad's old B40 out after been sat for 15 years. It doesn't seem to have any spark and I've been told they have electronic ignition is that true? So I'm a bit stumped.
  7. evo boy


    Thanks Greg I'll try 180cc of ATF in each leg and give that a go.
  8. evo boy


    So when you say 15w that's proper fork oil as I've Hurd people putting atf and even engine oil in them.
  9. evo boy


    Hello all, I'm just about to change the oil in my sherpa forks as I'm not sure if they have ever been done. My weight is around 14 stone what oil would you recommend? I was going to try 180cc in each leg.
  10. evo boy

    Advice on buying a Vertigo

    The bikes with the magnesium crankcases were 2017 bikes and are well out of warranty now then..
  11. evo boy

    Advice on buying a Vertigo

    Have Vertigo Recalled the bikes with Magnesium Crankcases then? If that's true that's Very poor on there part as the People that paid the extra for there bikes over the standard ones have to be told they need a standard crankcase..
  12. evo boy

    2018 Jotagas R

    Nice looking bike.
  13. evo boy

    Sherpa Brake Springs

    That's Great Thanks all fitted.
  14. evo boy

    Sherpa Brake Springs

    Hello Feetupfun. There the springs that go on the outside to help the cam arms to return. These are the springs. I'm not sure which hub is a 1978 325 if that helps Many thanks
  15. evo boy

    Sherpa Brake Springs

    I've just bought a pair of brake springs for my sherpa that help the arms return but cant seem to see how they go? There's a longer one is that for the front or the back? Many thanks