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  1. I would like to know as well. I've been looking for ages to find somewhere to buy some yokes like them 😞 as I need to get my bars forward.
  2. Hello b40rt I'm in Hampshire in the the UK. Many thanks
  3. Hello All wonder if you can help me. I have sherpa 325 and wonder if you can get a modified top yoke where the handle bars brackets are more forward instead of the standard ones where the bar brackets lean back? I hope this make sense. Many thanks
  4. I totally agree with your upgrade but they have done nothing not even tried to stop the airbox always filling up with everything. All the other manufacturers have up'd there game and specs to leave the Evo behind which is a shame. You ride a 2018 or 2021 you can't tell the difference.
  5. Very disappointed was hoping for something new like teck Forks reiger rear shock nope nothing other than a colour scheme that reminds me of my old 2013 Factory.
  6. Having fun is what it's all about. Go and enjoy yourself we all had to start somewhere 👍
  7. I think your right tshock250. I'll leave it alone I think
  8. Thanks for the reply tshock250. So apart from a slightly lighter clutch there not really any benefits? I like my clutch so I'm thinking why play with it as I could make it worse. Many thanks
  9. Hello all I've been offer a new bigger 30mm clutch cylinder for my factory Evo has anyone fitted one and there thoughts over the standard one. Many thanks
  10. Morning Lineaway would you have a link on where to get the bigger OKO oring? Thanks
  11. I wonder why they came up with that idea, was nice to have a switch
  12. Oh OK thanks that's why I can't find a button. My old 2015 factory had one that's why I asked. So they are meant to be on permanently?
  13. Evening all. I've just picked up a 2019 evo factory and the front light seems to be on all the time. I must be very blind because I can't seem to find any switch. The only one I can see is the mapping one on the head light. Thanks
  14. I wouldn't mind ordering that kit very handy to have.
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