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  1. I'll us my wifes toothbrush 🤣
  2. I see on Facebook a new bike coming does anyone know anymore?
  3. I can't wait to get back to trials but I can't see it happening in the UK anytime soon 😩 but I hope I'm wrong
  4. I have a 250 and its a great bike but was thinking of a 280 this time and wanted to know if anyone has one and there views.
  5. Thinking of a new Vertigo has anyone tried the new 280?
  6. evo boy

    Vertigo Chain

    Hi all I'm after a new chain for my 250 ice hell the only place I seem to find one is Vertigo uk as mine is a 103 link. Does anyone know where else I could get one or any other Ideas Thanks
  7. Hi b40rt sorry if I offended you it wasn't meant to. Thanks for the advice its much appreciated.
  8. Also I've fitted the clutch basket clutch ect back together but the outer part of the basket seems to have in and out movement is this normal? Many thanks
  9. I'll do that thank you as I bought a Haynes manual but it's not very good. Which one would you recommend for a WD B40?
  10. Morning all could anyone please tell me how to set up the 4 clutch springs? I know on some you tighten them all the way then back them off 4 turns but not sure about the bsa. Also should they be wired once set up? Many thanks
  11. evo boy

    Oil Brand

    Is this what so many people recommend? I use Rock oil in mine but I'm nearly out and thought about changing.
  12. Thanks for that Huski I'll check Many thanks
  13. Wonder if anyone can help. My mate has a 2017 factory 300 and after 5/10 minutes of riding the fan cut in then will cut in and out every couple of minutes and the engine seems a bit fluffy and you seem to get a anti freeze smell. The day after the bikes been ridden if you undo the rad cap the pressure will blow it out of your hand if not careful. He has now changed the head gasket but still seems to be the same. Does anyone have any ideas. Many thanks
  14. Hello all I'm trying to fit a lanyard to my 2017 ice hell. Bought a genuine lanyard off Vertigo but can't see where it plugs in to. I thought you would remove the original kill button and plug it straight into the loom but the plugs are different ie both females. I don't know if I've been sent the wrong lanyard. Many thanks
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