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  1. I am curious as to how you know these people tossing trash on the ground are tourist or immigrants ? Do you go up and ask them where they are from or do they just look non American.
  2. I do agree totty about outside and probably inside interest bombing social media to back how you think and help divide us.The thing is, Trump is part of that problem with his out and out constant lying, divisive remarks and peddling of bull**** conspiracy theories. He started with the birther theory about president Obama and has continued with backing such crackpots as Alex Jones. The man has told 20,000 documented lies and IMO you cannot lead a nation to a good place doing that.You cannot lead a democracy by telling your supporters that this or that group of people is the cause of their problems because they are bad people.
  3. I agree Chris, we need a good common sense approach to the problem based on science only. The problem here is that we have a president who tries to debunk all science for many greedy reasons and because of just plain stupidity and then the far left approach with no common sense. It really does seem like a no win situation. I agree pmk on usually voting on who I think is the best qualified at the time. I never thought Trump was and REALLY think it now but thats my opinion. I voted for Bush the first time because I was so ticked off at what Clinton let the radical environmentalist get away with.
  4. 😜 Sorry, but sometimes its hard to resist stirring the pot lol !
  5. scot taco


    Looking good ! That is a really cool and I would think rare bike. I use to race AHRMA events against some Yamaha mx250s and they were fast. I can only imagine how a 360 will be and now its in a good handling chassis. Please post a pic when you have it finished.
  6. scot taco


    I would do this first to rule out any other problems.
  7. I would think that news would make Biden more of your kind of guy seeing that Trump has him beat by 18 or more of the same accusations. I could go tit for tat all day long every day with you,but I,m not going to anymore, especially not here. I have better things to contemplate...like finishing my Ossa Pioneer or building my Alpina- Pursang hybrid.
  8. Steveo never answers a simple fact based question but instead spews more conspiracy theories and fake news than a trump campaign rally. Her are a few facts :
  9. scot taco

    VE Day

    I have been building these during the pandemic shut down. I,m not very good at it yet seeing that it,s been 40-45 years since I last built models other than a couple a few years ago. Just want to acknowledge the few remaining WWII vets and the great sacrifices made by all during the war. God bless them all and the ones who did not survive. I think it is important to remember how important our allies are no matter what enemy we are facing.
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