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  1. Looks good, nice work ! I bet it feels good to finally ride it.
  2. Very nice work N2Old, beautiful !
  3. 82 years ago today was deemed the hardest day in the Battle of Britain. We owe many thanks to the “few”.
  4. In the US https://www.speedandsport.com/?s=Primary+chain
  5. If you’re in the US give Hugh’s Bultaco in NY a call and they will set you up with a Mikuni that is jetted pretty close.
  6. No I don’t, but I have read some positive comments about them on here. Maybe some else that’s had them will chime in.
  7. Speed and Sport in California carries NJB trials shocks with different option in price for different skill levels. Might be worth checking out or giving him a call.
  8. For sale in the US. Tried to up load a pic of the whole bike but not smart enough to get the file to an acceptable size but it’s complete with head light.
  9. Try Bultaco Classics/Hughs Bultaco in NY. It's been a long time but that's where I bought mine shop repair manual and parts break down book. The work shop manual will walk you through all repairs.
  10. If there are any local AMA district trials near you just ride those in the novice or intermediate class. I have to do that on my Sherpa T because of no twinshock events anywhere near me and it's still a lot of fun.
  11. Just to add to the pot, my 199A is a possible factory built bista bike. It has the old style tapered top yoke and the motor and frame numbers don't match but are only off by 4 digits. I realize the top yoke could have been changed over the years, but I find it odd that the motor is some sort of dealer replacement being that close to the frame numbers and was more likely done at the factory. Maybe it was built on a Friday after lunch lol.
  12. The 247 at the top of the page is a beauty ! I would love to find one but they are really rare where I'm at.
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