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  1. Try Bultaco Classics/Hughs Bultaco in NY. It's been a long time but that's where I bought mine shop repair manual and parts break down book. The work shop manual will walk you through all repairs.
  2. If there are any local AMA district trials near you just ride those in the novice or intermediate class. I have to do that on my Sherpa T because of no twinshock events anywhere near me and it's still a lot of fun.
  3. Just to add to the pot, my 199A is a possible factory built bista bike. It has the old style tapered top yoke and the motor and frame numbers don't match but are only off by 4 digits. I realize the top yoke could have been changed over the years, but I find it odd that the motor is some sort of dealer replacement being that close to the frame numbers and was more likely done at the factory. Maybe it was built on a Friday after lunch lol.
  4. The 247 at the top of the page is a beauty ! I would love to find one but they are really rare where I'm at.
  5. scot taco


    I wear off brand Mechanix like gloves but I like the idea of mountain bike gloves. I also read somewhere that water ski gloves work good in wet conditions but I've never checked them out.
  6. Really really nice work you are doing, can't wait to see the finished bike. I had a DS 185 when I was a kid and it was a great trail b a bullet proof motor.
  7. scot taco

    Gas tank

    I ran a 78/79 Maico tank on my 74 Pursang for a few years with no troubles. I used JB weld to secure a tab at the back of the tank and then a heavy zip tie to hold it to the frame. In the front I drilled the gusset in the frame for a through bolt.
  8. Here is an A model with the mod courtesy of Tony Down.
  9. Really nice build on the Hodaka Todd !! I built an Ace 100 trials bike last year, but not as dedicated to trials as yours. I'm actually thinking about putting it back to trail bike mode for the ahrma ISDT reunion ride this year. If you have not done so you should post pics of it on the Hodaka club forum, I think they would enjoy seeing it.
  10. This is my brothers 199A with the original plastic tank. He had an auto body painter friend of his paint it about 5 years ago and so far it is holding up. It lives at my house and after every ride I drain the fuel and leave the cap off for a few days. Im not sure what prep work was done before painting but I do know that the primer used was what he uses on plastic car bumpers.
  11. The Gripper looks superb, nice work !
  12. The model 120 and 121 are the same according to my parts book. Inmotion might be able to tell you if an MK6 would work. I would bet that its the same.
  13. Looking good ! That is a really cool and I would think rare bike. I use to race AHRMA events against some Yamaha mx250s and they were fast. I can only imagine how a 360 will be and now its in a good handling chassis. Please post a pic when you have it finished.
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