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  1. scot taco

    Monday music on Weds!

  2. scot taco

    Twin shock project

    Really nice build on your TY Jeff. I think they are one of the better twin shock bikes with two things the Spanish bikes of the same year don,t have box stock,good brakes and clutch. I,m sure the finished bike will look and ride superb.
  3. scot taco

    New riding area nearby

    Looks like a beautiful place to ride Cascao,thanks for the videos. Guy,I feel you pain. Here,s a pic looking out my window today.
  4. scot taco

    Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    You did a superb job on the Fantic,very nice looking bike!
  5. scot taco

    Petrol tanks

    My brother had his 199a tank painted. I warned against spending the money,but you know how little brothers can be. Anyway,that was about three years ago and it,s still holding up no bubbling.The decals were put on this past summer and so far have not lifted or bubbled.The painter used an apoxy primer used for plastic car bumpers and I,m thinking that is why it,s holding up. My 199a was rattle can painted and it and the decals are bubbling pretty bad.They both get drained with the caps left off for a day or so after every ride.
  6. scot taco

    350 MAR

    Thank you Woody!
  7. scot taco

    350 MAR

    Is there anything inherently bad with the 350 engine compared to a 250? I thought that I remembered reading that they were prone to running hot and if so is it a real problem?
  8. scot taco

    Custom modernized Bultaco

    I found this on the net. Any ideas what bike was used or is it a custom frame?
  9. scot taco

    125 250 or 300cc ??

    If it,s an option,you could maybe put a spacer in the head to lower compression on a 280/300 and tame it down a bit. A friend of mine did that on his older Gasser and said it made it easier to start and ride. He was a machinist and made what he needed.I don,t know if something like that is available after market but it might be worth looking into.
  10. scot taco

    TY250 A points setting

    Sorry motosolex,I meant to say that I bought the condenser at the parts store and mounted it under the tank not the points. And yes, swapping the the coils did work and she runs fine.I,m not sure if they are the same part number or not.
  11. scot taco

    TY250 A points setting

    I bought the points at my local NAPA auto parts store. I just asked for some from an early 70,s Ford 302 or inline six cylinder and I believe the ones I put in were from a six cylinder in a Ranger truck. I mounted them under the tank on the HT coil bracket.
  12. scot taco

    training with engine not running

    My best friends buddy and ex-brother-in-law was the top or one of the top trials riders here in IL for a long time. He said that when he first started in the early seventies that he would practice static balancing for hours in the driveway on his converted Hodaka. Being an enduro/mx guy it is something I never practiced until now. I think it,s an essential skill that helps for riding any kind of dirt bike.When compared to him it really shows because I still suck and he is still really good and even when woods riding he will just check out on his Sherco and leave my buddy and I for dead.If my kids would have wanted to ride I would have definitely had them start out riding trials.
  13. scot taco

    Throttle cable replacement

    Speed and Sport in California will have a throttle cable for your TY. I,m pretty sure you will have to buy a new Domino throttle assembly to go with it,but they are not expensive.