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  1. I would think that news would make Biden more of your kind of guy seeing that Trump has him beat by 18 or more of the same accusations. I could go tit for tat all day long every day with you,but I,m not going to anymore, especially not here. I have better things to contemplate...like finishing my Ossa Pioneer or building my Alpina- Pursang hybrid.
  2. Steveo never answers a simple fact based question but instead spews more conspiracy theories and fake news than a trump campaign rally. Her are a few facts :
  3. scot taco

    VE Day

    I have been building these during the pandemic shut down. I,m not very good at it yet seeing that it,s been 40-45 years since I last built models other than a couple a few years ago. Just want to acknowledge the few remaining WWII vets and the great sacrifices made by all during the war. God bless them all and the ones who did not survive. I think it is important to remember how important our allies are no matter what enemy we are facing.
  4. Welcome Jon ! As Mark said, a lot of knowledgeable folks on here. B & J Racing in TN and Speed and Sport in California have what you should need.
  5. In the US B & J Racing has them listed on their website. They are in TN. I,m not sure is something from a different model from the same year,like a DT, with the same diameter would work or not. If so you might get them cheaper on ebay.
  6. I use an old gas grill and heat the whole lower end up to about 250 - 300 degrees to split the cases.
  7. Welcome to TC. My condolences about your father, went through the same thing about 27 years ago. Very cool that you are going to bring his Sherpa T back to life and I,m sure you will find all the help and advice that you need here in the Bultaco gate. As you might already know, Inmotion is the place to go for parts and probably also advice/help. Cheers and good luck !
  8. Nice TY and it looks like a beautiful place,house. Are you anywhere close to El Pumas shop ?
  9. There is no "awakening" there is no coming "storm" and Mr. Trump is not the "savior". If you believe that then you need to come in off the ledge and go ride your dirt bike to clear your head. If you like his politics thats fine and thats your opinion,but the man is no savior. You want to see how a man speaks to his people as a true leader should in a time of crisis ? Watch Governor Cuomo. You might not like his politics but in this moment he is a leader. He uses science based statistics to explain whats going on and what to expect in a well spoken manor with compassion. He listens to the experts instead of his "hunch" or "gut" and has a vocabulary above a fifth grade level. He even takes questions without attacking reporters like a ****ing unhinged bully. Best wishes to all to stay save and make it through this pandemic so we can all come out the other side and ride our dirt bikes when the smoke clears.
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