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  1. finished this project a few months ago. 1970 Hodaka Ace 100 mildly converted into a trials bike. The only mod to the frame was relocating the foot pegs because I wanted to be able to put it back to stock. It has a flywheel weight added which was a pound and a half and I made a more tucked in exhaust but the motor is other wise stock with a fresh rebuild. I ended up putting the smaller tank on it due to leaky fuel taps on the original but I like it better so it will stay. It has proven to be a fun little bike.
  2. i would guess that in the way that it is bent you also need to check the rear engine mount were the swing arm bolt goes through it. the I.D. could be worn out of round and sloppy. also the width of the bushing in that engine mount could be worn making it a loose fit in between the swing arm. I believe Inmotion has new rear engine mounts. Also have a look at the holes in the frame for the swing arm bolt to see if they are sloppy.
  3. scot taco

    Show Us Your Ty

    I have posted a pic of this before but thought I would add another just because I love this old war horse. We went riding this last Saturday which was probably the last one for the year. It was sunny and 45 degrees F. Today it,s 22 with snow and 35 mph wind gust making 2 ft tall snow drifts.
  4. scot taco


    Try Bultaco Classics (Hughs Bultaco) in Crareyville NY.
  5. Really nice build on your TY Jeff. I think they are one of the better twin shock bikes with two things the Spanish bikes of the same year don,t have box stock,good brakes and clutch. I,m sure the finished bike will look and ride superb.
  6. Looks like a beautiful place to ride Cascao,thanks for the videos. Guy,I feel you pain. Here,s a pic looking out my window today.
  7. You did a superb job on the Fantic,very nice looking bike!
  8. My brother had his 199a tank painted. I warned against spending the money,but you know how little brothers can be. Anyway,that was about three years ago and it,s still holding up no bubbling.The decals were put on this past summer and so far have not lifted or bubbled.The painter used an apoxy primer used for plastic car bumpers and I,m thinking that is why it,s holding up. My 199a was rattle can painted and it and the decals are bubbling pretty bad.They both get drained with the caps left off for a day or so after every ride.
  9. scot taco

    350 MAR

    Thank you Woody!
  10. scot taco

    350 MAR

    Is there anything inherently bad with the 350 engine compared to a 250? I thought that I remembered reading that they were prone to running hot and if so is it a real problem?
  11. I found this on the net. Any ideas what bike was used or is it a custom frame?
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