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  1. motosinge83

    Jumbo Project/Tank badges

    Black background makes a nice change. Cheers chaps. Motosinge83
  2. motosinge83

    PECO 200 SWM Teardown

  3. motosinge83

    PECO 200 SWM Teardown

    Hey Basinbaker Nice one, here is the Original Lisa Jones 200, Danilo liked it. Tell tale sign on the "PECO" bikes was the handle of various styles on the top of the rear silencer. Most bikes went to Local Surrey Schoolboy riders back in the day, the last bike I took to the 4-jours in Limoges back in the early 80's. This bike built and developed by her father Mr Derek Jones, a mechanical wizard on the side. Per Derek, Started life as a 125cc and was converted to a 200cc by removing the cylinder sleeve, and boring out the barrel to accept a larger sleeve and piston. All parts used were Rotax. Additional changes included a 900 gramme ( 2 lb ) additional press on flywheel weight, the carb' internals changed, timing cover spaced out , custom spacer for internal electrics and 320 SWM bash plate. A whole flywheel cover had to be sacrificed by cutting the end section off to make the casing spacer..! All original SWM no pattern parts fitted. Forks changed to Betor. Other mod's that some of you will recognise including a grab handle on the rear silencer( pretty essential ) and Fantic foot rests. "PECO" is short for Performance Equipment Company in buisiness during late 70s and early 80s with an SWM and Fantic dealership. Happy Days! This bike was tested by SWM works rider Danilo Galeazzi and modifications approved by SWM bosses who were at the 1981 SSDT. No idea why the front wheel is on Bultaco style the wrong way round on the newer pics...! Another..! Crazy, 38 years ago now....! Cheers Chaps. Motosinge83. Basinbaker, you now have the scoop,fun clip to get you motivated..its not me..! https://youtu.be/bSGLjxX0WL0
  4. motosinge83

    Fantic Frame

    That Fantic's been online for a while along with the 93 Key Roo. No paperwork, chopped tubes, offer less. Then you could afford one of those newly discovered NOS frames. Shame your not in Santa Maria California. Motosinge83
  5. motosinge83

    Swm Seat Protection.

    Aragosta sulla Graticola Motosinge83
  6. motosinge83

    Tl320 '80 Front Brake Arm Needed...resolved

  7. motosinge83

    Naked In The Woods Usa...!

    Thought they were all extinct. Amazing what you find in among the trees over in Georgia..! If you go down to the woods today, todays the day the teddy bears have their picnic...! Cheers Chaps Motosinge83.
  8. Thanks Andy Regards, Motosinge83.
  9. There was a soft copy, enhanced snapshot of the elusive 1983 program...! Motosinge83.
  10. motosinge83

    Rare Elephant In The Garage California Jumbo...!

    Did the clutch come unstuck.... Ecky Thump..!
  11. motosinge83

    Rare Elephant In The Garage California Jumbo...!

    Yep, didn't go buy it....! Motosinge83
  12. Nice old Jumbo that came online here yesterday. Just thought I would share the pics and humorous wording...! Obviously not a trials rider, garage looks like it needs a tidy. Bike has nothing to do with me..! "Humorous Description" "It will start and purr great very fast! Nothing wrong besides that it sat a while so there is a stuck clutch so when you come check it out you can only start it in neutral, you can put it in gear but clutch plates are stuck so there is no slowing down until you cut off the power ha ha ha meant for trials it is lightweight and super powerful..!" Cheers Chaps Motosinge83
  13. Very Nice indeed. # JB19912728A 147 away from the end of the line - 199A went to JB19912875A Cheers Chaps Motosinge82
  14. Thanks Mike, Regards to all. Another Oldie from 1983 SSDT..! Mr Michaud Giulio Mauri, Danilo Galeazzi & Factory Works Mechanic. Photo courtesy Mr Derek Jones Motosinge83.
  15. Wow....Mr Nagata's super 1983 SSDT Flickr album - over 5,360 views on flicker since posting the link now. Just shows the nostalgia and interest is still going strong. Anyone still got a copy of the old May 1983 T&MX multi page write up to post..? Cheers Chaps Motosinge83.