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  1. He didn't act soon enough. He didn't get PPE or ventilators ordered early enough. They lied this last weekend about numbers of tests. I know a nurse in Manchester who is self isolating for a second week cos she's not had a test. Too many mistakes and inaction.
  2. As both are put together by humans its impossible to say, maybe the bike that is built first after a siesta? I would think its more likely to be what time of day as much as anything. Most dealers have a pdi which covers most of the items that need attention, if you get a good dealer that might be the greasiest?
  3. What seems obvious, not my suggestion, entries are accepted on an age basis with all over 65's given a ride any spaces given to over 55's and so on.....
  4. you cant see people coming from lots of different communities isnt a problem?
  5. Its not to halt the spread, you cant actually do that its to slow the spread down so health services can cope. UK hasnt, more old people will die as a direct result.
  6. Try the sealskinz wash out by hand last for years.
  7. yes very good have used them for years, never get cold feet.
  8. is this the one with tank in the wrong place?
  9. 2019 clutch has a series of holes, 1 2 or 3,once cover is off easy to see what to do.
  10. I just wonder how many times @steveo has been to America since trump was elected, and where he might get his information from on what the current situation is like on the ground? If his policies and particularily his claims of success are true perhaps you can list the 3 top things achieved by trump? He is a racist a misogynist and has no understanding of whats going on in ordinary peoples lives from what i can tell, am told by ordinary citizens. The fact trump and johnson are our leaders says more about the caliber of politicians than much else.
  11. tickover and needle positions need to be se to suit where you are fuel youre using etc. Competent person needs to do this.
  12. Tickover, you start with no throttle. just a thought where did the spark plug come from?
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