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  1. similar to sherco. Vertigo or gas gas?
  2. Id be careful, 4m from a road is illegal in Spain afaik, so you need to know where you can go.
  3. if you move to the algarve i think trials clubs etc will be very difficult, even with a long journey into spain, trials in the south are sparse.
  4. why have you not mentioned any other make?
  6. pretty much every year quality has got better.
  7. If you go bigger cc's there is more demand the other way so you should be able to sell the 250 parts no trouble.
  8. It is almost as important to understand what you can do to a bike to alter it to suit YOU and your riding style. Trials and trails are very different set up. I would be spending any spare$ i had on speaking or getting someone to show me how to set the bike up. If you can ride it fast the set up will be a million miles away from sections in a creek for example.
  9. a bit rich can be adjusted, alot rich it needs jets, the needles as listed dont show a naph afaik. To be completely honest a kehien on a 330 mont is a bit of a strange one as its a very docile bottom end.
  10. nigel dabster

    Tyre Pressures

    my guess is on all but the coldest days youre riding at 4.5psi rear and 6 front which is where i like to be, maybe 5.5 front if the trial has soft mud or cambers.
  11. nigel dabster

    Tyre Pressures

    too high for front tad low on rear for average weight rider.
  12. i was told this a long time ago and as above straighten front then string line front to back will confirm if there is a problem
  13. Thats great, and what its all about, fab that skid plate!
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