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  1. My contact in Spain has located a nearly new Aprilia climber with only 300kms on it, any intrest to anyone pm me. Not silly money but guess not much demand?
  2. The best way to set up a clutch on a bultaco is to get it to just about slip in 5th on the road (or 6th on 340), in all gears it will be fine and it gives the best feel to clutch
  3. my thoughts exactly, 22 to 25 thou works well on a bultaco.
  4. I'm with logic. Washed and put away. Water ingress is possible. No 1 cause. Didn't run very well before, swap CDI with a working one. Easy check. THEN start eleswhere
  5. I've not taken mine apart so sorry can't help, specifically, but there must be something in the bottom? Any luck on getting tyres for these?
  6. Jordi Pasquet is paid to do that job, and michaud should be overseeing it?
  7. you dont take a bag on long tials?
  8. rare beast worth more in spain i think.
  9. cost of shaft is about £85 last time i think not 50 and not 114 but could be wrong.
  10. The shaft is an easy fix, if its damaged in any way with the chain link thingies then even with straightening etc it wont be 100%. I have now taken to filing the back of the lever even more than the slots there so in the event of an off or knock the lever breaks first. will try to post later
  11. He isnt an idiot hes stubborn, thought that no stop would help the likes of Gubian make it into the top few and increase participation, afaik he didnt help sport 7 as the changes werent his ideas. Hes a cheat and a freeloader.
  12. I think it has the 12 spring clutch you could probably remove 3
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