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  1. Tubeless tire repair kit

    made in uk very similar thing by x bloc? a few years back. nice though
  2. Best Twinshock frame geometry/handling wise

    have you tried a 242?
  3. 4rt style rear mudguard for 315r

    a new 315 is available from in motion. in red and white 50 quid i think?
  4. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Oni nou the john paul sartre of tc......
  5. any Keihin carb tips? whats the air screw set at?

    3 slide
  6. Ford Connect L2 or Citroen Dispatch

    fyi both are very very easy to break into.
  7. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    The bikes have got better but an entrant into the sport is no more capable than in 1975, regardless (pretty much) how good his bike is. This is the reason we have so many routes and skill levels. I do also think back in the day we were happy to lose 125 trying to be best novice, now they want to lose one.
  8. Bing Carb problem

    check banjo too
  9. Oh sarcasm @oni nou thats helpful to the guy asking the question who is clearly new to this.
  10. Toby Martyn

    I hope they are.
  11. Size Of Ball Bearing In Clutch Actuator Sherpa T 350

    Rod with grease on end or magnetic thin thing?
  12. Piuma 350

    no mains sorry, either thrown out or wern't where i thought.......age thing.
  13. Piuma 350

    might have an old set in a box somewhere. its a cagiva bottom end i believe will look later.
  14. new to gasgas bikes

    very possible the plates have swollen if pump has gone simply check pack height which is straightforward to do and will give a definitive answer, as stated above. symptoms are typical following failure of pump.
  15. It is possible to replace rim tape and do a proper job but the modern integrated tapes are very tricky to seal.