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  1. You do know the genuine one is made in China?
  2. It is a combination of things I'm sure. Covid cases are increasing daily, yesterday was 35,000 new cases and 149 deaths. I dont know what the quarrantine restrictions are for riders returning to Spain for example. If ticket sales dont cover the FIM costs..... well would you dip into your own pocket? As much as anything the British lads that compete need a British round never mind anything else. very disappointing
  3. thats why 36 hole flanged rims are so valuable................
  4. I didnt say but obviously the two are soldered together.
  5. Pick up the phone and speak to Dave Renham, if he doesnt have them at in motion im sure he can either source or point you to a genuine ring.
  6. bit like mirrors in spain...............but that wasnt the question.
  7. please join the 242 facebook page.
  8. for these cicumstances i would probably do the same. But that wasnt the question.
  9. So what proportion of the entry at your last road trial had speedos, cos im thinking 99% at mine didnt (spain excluded)? Is there anyone on here who rides road trials who has a speedo?
  10. That was my point, as much as anything we have all done the kick kick kick, but if experience has shown me anything when breaking down is to deal with one issue at a time. Most of us would know that a flooded trials bike hasnt got a damaged cdi etc etc, at least not until everything obvious has been eliminated. Ive drowned my bikes maybe 5 or 6 times and each time I have got the bike upside down and plug out quicker than before. Lastly whilst I always listen respectfully and carefully I wont always agree, and everyone has to live by there decisions. Pound to a pinch had the OP taken a few tools and sorted the initial issue im guessing he would have got his bike running sweet enough.
  11. Im not sure any of that answers my question.
  12. nigel dabster

    Kick start

    Exactamente mi amigo.
  13. @Dannydangles My advice is what it is take it or leave it I really couldnt care less either way, but as you clearly havent a clue to critisise my trials experience based on riding events etc for 50 years as fatherlym, seems somewhat churlish. Certainly when I was starting out right up to last weekend I'm more than happy to accept any opinion/view/advice/experience from anyone in our community.
  14. nigel dabster

    Kick start

    hard and fast
  15. nigel dabster

    Kick start

    Google translate, brexit doesnt preclude you from the help offered by our european friends like @Dede80
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