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  1. there are 3 settings on the clutch this might affect drag
  2. It may simply be tickover or adjustments, do you have a keihin on it or dellorto? more likely float height as above.
  3. Some say the wall isnt to keep immigrants out (it doesnt) but to help trump identify where his country stops.
  4. just the same as many Americans wouldnt know Andorra from San marino or Monaco anything south of trumps wall is a blur to most.....is that finished yet?
  5. You must have been very very bad. If its a genuine kehein if you want to sell it dm me please.
  6. Good thoughts and words. (As an aside the term "lemmings" is often misused, they are a migratory species who simply follow their instincts, not each other) I agree we CAN trial outside with the usual precautions but we should be very careful when doing so, and measure the risks.
  7. Life is not about perception if you surround yourself with people and friends exactly the same as you. This is how racists are bred and people say things about others they know nothing about with little thought for those less fortunate than themselves through no fault of their own. Clearly you are wrong about covid as despite advice and guidence from the government the fact they didnt make rules and regulations early enough, just advice, restrictrictions and quarrentine, track and trace etc resulted in the general population doing things other than responsible actions you think they might or taking simple advice. in fact probably the best example is Dominic Cummings visit to barnard Castle to test his eyes for an hour with his baby in the car. 65,000 excess deaths say the opposite - people need to be told what to do and this needed to be enforced. Cheltenham and the madrid liverpool football games reinforce the stupidity of people who never think of the bigger picture or act responsibly, as you suggest they should. What one American once suing macdonalds has got to do with trials is another analaogy which is way off. we have a great sport, supported by older and sometimes underlying health conditions, which was my original point. We need to be responsible with their health and not to take unnecessary risks imho.
  8. i think that alot of the hopping by less able riders got them into more trouble.
  9. nigel dabster


    swap carbs?
  10. Dellorto? Have you cleaned the carb, and set it up correctly, is the air filter in good condition, do you change the plug very often?
  11. Im certainly not saying walk over an old woman in sainsburys, quite the opposite. The difference in your analagy is we would both be wearing masks in the supermarket wouldnt we? I do not have a tin foil hat on, ive been working every day since january, except weekends so dont need any advice on "getting out there". my concern and your lack of it is for others in trials, and in general. It is impossible to say whos asymptomatic (however small a %) who might carry the virus and relying on common sense if youre feeling slightly unwell when so many have so little could be a recipe for spreading the disease. Only yesterday there were nearly 1000 new cases, and whilst all of us want to ride again its not as easy or simple as you make out and really does it matter if we wait a few months?
  12. if you cant see a problem you dont understand trials? What happens when a rider gets stuck under a machine or foot jammed in wheel? we cant social distance and help him or her? an older observer falls over do you help them up? A rider breaks down at the bottom of a stream do you help push the bike out?
  13. id love to do a back to back test between "a sweat wicking t shirt" and a good old fashioned loose fitting cotton one....?
  14. supply and demand is always a deciding factor
  15. try changing with your heel, this might solve the grinding issue, the only way it can grind is when its not engage after being released which goes back to my "throw" comment.
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