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  1. nigel dabster

    Future of Gasgas

    let me take a wild guess you like trump?
  2. nigel dabster

    Future of Gasgas

    nailed it.
  3. nigel dabster

    2011 txt pro 300 to 250 cylinder

    Ditch the slow throttle if you can, asap.
  4. nigel dabster

    2011 txt pro 300 to 250 cylinder

    im pretty sure its head piston and cylinder, thats it. You may need to look at taking weight off it has one.
  5. nigel dabster

    2019 trial des nations(Ibiza)

    nothing anywhere, maybe e mail fim.
  6. nigel dabster

    When will it end ??

    The entries in the wtc this coming weekend for france are appalling. Usually one of the most popular rounds there are only 2 enties from france and 3 from the uk in the 125 class which historically was the best supported. The total is 13 entries in this class which usually loses approx 90% by the time it gets to gp class. Trial 2 women is better supported. its time for a rethink Thierry Michaud?
  7. nigel dabster

    Gasgas txt 2018 125

    I rode a 225cc kit when it was first done. Excellent bike like a very soft 250 with a little bit of zip, i think ill go back to that soon....
  8. nigel dabster

    When will it end ??

    Apologies i checked his palmares and it didnt mention the one win. There are lots of reasons why young lads are not challenging now, im not sure Tarres would or wouldnt have lasted longer now but again its hypothetical, different times different riders. regardless i accept you agreeing he wasnt/is the most professional which was your point?
  9. nigel dabster

    Fan in the way when changing plug. Info

    Somethings not right plug comes out ok
  10. nigel dabster

    300 pro power issues

    Avoid slow throttle.
  11. nigel dabster

    A break through moment, reliably starting a 125 GasGas

    2.5 or 3.5 is probably down to fuel in the usa and individual set up neither is right or wrong.
  12. nigel dabster

    Can Reeds Really Improve Response?

    does it have a weight on? Boysen reeds are the best, so changing wont make it better. Is compression good?
  13. nigel dabster

    no stop

    It used to be 90 secs that worked most of the time, and avoided some judgement calls.
  14. nigel dabster

    When will it end ??

    I would not describe tarres as an animal much more an artist with a type of symbiotic relationship with his bike. Certainly no more professional than dougie, colomer,raga or even going back Don smith sammy or vesty. tarres never won the ssdt, dougie and bou won more titles, and didnt ride competitively into his 40's as doug has, dont think hes done the scott either so im sure youre wrong there. But as illustrated above times change and unless you have a machine to transport jordi here or bou back then Sammy to 2019, Graham Jarvis to not injure his knee the year he couldve done well in the wtc its guess work and hypothesis on your favourite??