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  1. nigel dabster

    Tech forks

    no. the spindle is kept in place by the pinch bolt thats all.
  2. nigel dabster

    2021 GP models?

    I think the us ones are 2020 GP
  3. There has always been satellite teams, to a greater or lesser extent going back to the "yellow submarine" british effort in the naughties. They come and go I guess. Billy green has got a scorpa deal, not sure about dunlop tyres. I think Moret was part of the deal RG had with the Mont/honda thing.
  4. nigel dabster

    2021 GP models?

    yes 6 months ago..............
  5. So done with this idiot.
  6. no one now actually thinks you mean what you post and have just been poking us with a stick, go on admit it trump is gone now youve nothing to fear.................
  7. i would modify central section if you want an improvement.
  8. Didnt marvin get the holeshot in the main?
  9. nigel dabster


    depends on head shape and size more than anything else. Airoh fits me ok but not everyone.
  10. This is why he contiues to believe somehow trump was/is good for the USA. the way he keeps citing social media quotes and biased views must be where he gets his indoctrination from?
  11. I would argue that you are very wrong about legitiment concerns, ie brexit. Before the referendum 2016 in the uk no one (very few) were concerned about europe, and only when the biased media and the leave campaign lied about so many things did any significant number think it an issue. They were shown posters of immigrants messages on buses and told we would get a deal as good as we have now. Add in a few racists and some that thought jonny foriegner was a problem and hey youve got 52%. Agree with everything else.
  12. check part 10 in diagram above isnt damaged as it wont work if it is.
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