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  1. if it werent for a daylight mot which is on a trials bike with " not for highway use" written on the tyres etc etc I think im with Johnny b on this one £2 to keep him happy.
  2. It was in really bad shape the operation was about 4 hours as there were several things wrong. Its better than it has been for 15 years, and so much so once completely healed about 8 months later the left one felt suspect! It wasnt cheap but at the time i was insured. Big benefit to elect when, but in my case i had to have it done asap which was a few weeks later. My only warning would be it hurt so much after i was on morphine for 3/4 days. It was done with a nerve block bit like an epidural which lasted 18 hours, after that i was close to buying fentynyl off the street. Great now.
  3. Had mine done in northampton, if you want info?
  4. I can reccomend a dealer in Yorkshire who can let you try a few bikes BEFORE you buy?
  5. Why would any post on specific issues youve had be deleted?
  6. nigel dabster


    hard and fast
  7. try the harpic non bleach bleach in a mainly black container.
  8. Any one who gives Jotagas any money direct is a fool, imho. The british importer at the time before haven went to the factory himself to collect bikes, got the bikes loaded and then paid for them. That says alot. Even going back that far one batch had no shock absorbers on (hadnt paid suppliers) so I would be very very careful.
  9. ATF in mine. Please signup to Motesa 242 owners fb page
  10. nigel dabster

    Tech forks

    Can you explain? It will help others.
  11. nigel dabster

    Tech forks

    no. the spindle is kept in place by the pinch bolt thats all.
  12. nigel dabster

    2021 GP models?

    I think the us ones are 2020 GP
  13. There has always been satellite teams, to a greater or lesser extent going back to the "yellow submarine" british effort in the naughties. They come and go I guess. Billy green has got a scorpa deal, not sure about dunlop tyres. I think Moret was part of the deal RG had with the Mont/honda thing.
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