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  1. Sammy's not right here. Practically it's a non starter, to limit tyres would be impossible now, and I'm not sure there would ever be a consensus to do it. Stopping is not related to tyre design either.
  2. Having ridden in the Costa Brava 2 day trial again this year, a great event, I was very impressed with the results system. Each bike had a "transponder" and score was entered at the end of the section, much the same as punch cards. This was then sent to central score system. Instant results!
  3. The lightness will be directly related to the choice made on variable plate on a 2019 as much as anything?
  4. youve definately set the pack height?
  5. stop allowed is very often better for beginners
  6. It will be less judgement calls whether better or not remains to be seen.
  7. corrected, i was answering one question then edited it so it answered in sequence etc etc but deffo a 1, apologies, always has been one for a foot down regardless of rules.
  8. corrected, i was messing with my answer, stop foot down deffo a 1
  9. Much better than present system for observers
  10. footing and going back is the easiest judgement call toes are dabs, always have been except indoors stopped with foot down 1
  11. Exactly, until the rules were changed to suit the Spanish rider a certain pol tarres.....
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