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  1. I just wonder if the price difference between genuine kehein and oko is worth it?
  2. the vast majority who ride trials compete very few young starters dont want to compete.
  3. All achievable with lower cc 2t, and you always have the problem of image which is often more important to children? Without a doubt a cheap 4t has advantages but this aint that cheap?
  4. there had to be some disadvantage with living in Oz!
  5. ive had 7 airohs and none have rusted. I would reccomend that you try helmets more than any item BEFORE you buy as everybodys head is a different shape and size and whilst one make will fit just right its not always goldilocks.
  6. hes just ridden an indoor trial in France?
  7. yes id call that strong mid range and poor running up to 1/4 throttle. (not snappy and most 250s jetting will be close anyway?)
  8. My mate had exactly the same problem and he was an accomplished rider. I will ask him if it was a 2011, if so it was the ignition being kokusan or not cant remember, give me a day.
  9. especially on a 250 swapping isnt good....
  10. I think the thing to take away is that everyone commenting hasnt had 4 or 5 makes in the last two years to compare and have a very subjective view. 5 years ago i had gaernes, they were great but laterly i had wear issues, now im on styl martins, didnt get on that well with hebo or alpine stars. As above fit and size is everything, try before you buy and ask different riders on different boots, and youll get a different answer.
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