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  1. some did many didnt. Some models much more than others. The 242 and susequent models 304 307 309 310 all had a similar bottom end and were pretty reliable gearboxes. I cant comment on the 348 349 330's.
  2. I hate Montesas and my first love was Bultaco with my favourite being the 340, 199B. However i have trialed a Mont 242 for a couple of years and as a stock bike its one of the best twinshocks ever made. I dont know why the two makes are not loved equally as they certainly were back in the day.
  3. Yorkshire classic lancs classic rockshocks all cater for twinshocks, as do many clubs.
  4. vertigo and 4RT are injection the other makes are carbs and in the majority. An air filter does a few things but unlikely to do the main job it was designed for in cumbria.
  5. dont forget a tyre has two edges
  6. Id speak to a dealer they may let you try out. Failing that go to a club meeting and make friends!
  7. Can you report back when you get back, and tell the rest? Oxford are usually pretty well organised without being over officious imho. Would be good to get your views.
  8. have a look at Vazquez and puma bikes, they have clubfoot with a smallerr back box and straight through pipe. If the bultaco is old the best improvement you can do is repack the middle box.
  9. what tyre is it, and you're sure its tubeless tyre and rim?
  10. You do know the genuine one is made in China?
  11. It is a combination of things I'm sure. Covid cases are increasing daily, yesterday was 35,000 new cases and 149 deaths. I dont know what the quarrantine restrictions are for riders returning to Spain for example. If ticket sales dont cover the FIM costs..... well would you dip into your own pocket? As much as anything the British lads that compete need a British round never mind anything else. very disappointing
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