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  1. You mean theres no unicorns sunny uplands and a brexit bonus?
  2. Gratterola in trial GP? He didnt make it when he was younger now hes over 30 hows that gonna work. cant see beta having him as a top class rider now.
  3. nigel dabster

    2021 GP models?

    usually in the new year, but last years were 9 months late. The ragas the gp predecessor, was usually may, ish? as above covid could change this im sure.
  4. The change in rules from stop allowed to "no stop" meant riders like cabestany got a few more years. Certainly helped fuji carry on too.
  5. The supreme court is not looking at pensylvania. You lost get over it. Biden persecuted or prosecuted? https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-donald-trump-elections-voting-fraud-and-irregularities-us-supreme-court-14eb73bc80dfd2aa637d097a3f41fca5
  6. Every other time the media declares the winner, it happens here and I guess everywhere, but youve again been sucked into repeating trumps propaganda, you lost get over it.
  7. there is one or two, none legal during "lockdown" I guess
  8. Its funny that you quote 30 years as that was the time when Charles Ware was extolling the vitues of "re-cycling/re-manufacturing" the classic morris minor. There was some significant merit to his argument and with development of the idea with more recent models or possible additions of catalytic converters there is a wider debate and accounting of whole life emmisions including production that should be done. agreed too little too late and Trump just hasnt helped with his ostrich views.
  9. There is always another car or van out there, if you can be patient. If any of the above cause worry, walk away. If you dont think anythings not genuine ditto.
  10. there are but not that close to london. Wait a month and everything could change?
  11. Scrapping vehicles is not the complete picture though is it? Over production and use of energy and materials in that, regardless of the enviromentally soundness of the vehicle produced has to be taken into consideration as well surely? I saw somewhere that the installation and production of a wind turbine takes 25 years to recoup the damage in production. Dont get me wrong im all for saving the plant but there is a con with every pro.
  12. When you are sucked in to regurgitating phrases like "fake news" and then that news actually turns out to be true, tell us how that feels?
  13. That is the most racist thing I have ever read here on trials central, you should be ashamed of yourself.
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