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  1. Like the idea of this! I've got one of these ratchet straps, I'll give it a try tomorrow and report back.
  2. Cheers for the help folks, Anyone know if the bigger strap type oil filter tools are available from Halfords?
  3. Thanks for that. I've got the puller. Might try and find someone with an impact gun. Air gun ratchet might work too?
  4. I need to change the points and condensor on my MH200. Any tips/tricks on how to lock the crankshaft to stop the engine turning when removing the flywheel nut? Also can someone confirm that the nut is reverse threaded? I've heard this but I'm not 100% sure. Cheers!
  5. Montesa MH200
  6. Great info - Thanks folks! The tank has already been painted at some point, and they made a pretty good job of it. The paint's not bubbling or lifting, it's just looking a bit tired, with scratches, staining, chips etc. Any reason why I can't just give the paint a light sanding and blow it over with a new top coat?. That way I wouldn't be stripping the tank back to the original plastic Would I need to prime it first?
  7. Bingo! Found it - thanks
  8. Thanks Total shell. Just what i wanted! Zerorev3rev4 - When you say there is an idle adjuster, do you mean the pilot screw? And where is the mixture screw? Sorry my carb knowledge is pretty basic! Great forum btw.
  9. No I didn't actually.Though I had a hunch it might be jet related. Bikes been sitting for years without running, so looks like a carb overhaul is on the cards. I know the amalcarb.co.uk site do a great stripdown/rebuild article for the MK1 concentric, but nothing like it for the MK2 that I can see. They also do an overhaul kit, which I'll probably get next. Anyone got any links to parts diagram, rebuild info, jet specs etc?
  10. Newly restored MH200. Still to do the decals which are on the order. Been in storage for the last nine years, but started pretty easily after a top end rebuild with new rebore/pison, small end, kickstart spring,cables, plug, oil etc. Still a bit of tweaking to do, number one being it refuses to idle (see my thread!) Can't wait to get out on it!
  11. Just finished restoring my Montesa MH200 (new 2nd oversize piston, rebore, plug, oil, cables, kick start spring etc) Bike will start fairly easy on the choke, but doesn't want to idle. It has the MK2 Amal concentric carb. Does anyone know how to set up idle adjustment on this carb, as it doesn't appear to have an adjusting screw. Also, the revs don't drop off as quickly as they should when throttle is closed. Could this be connected? Any help much appreciated!
  12. Anyone know a good paint product for respraying MH/Cota 200 plastic tank? Any prep tips also very welcome!
  13. Thanks for the feedback folks. And cheers Westyfield7 for the contact in Derby. MH200 looks great by the way. Gives me inspiration! Any more advice/rebuild photos etc greatly appreciated. Kinda working blind here...
  14. Cheers! I'll have a look. How far on are you with the resto? I managed to get an owners handbook on ebay, let me know if you want a pdf copy of the exploded parts list.
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