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    Looking for a cita348 front exhaust

    123.00 GBP

  2. I'd say cota242 125cc around 85/6
  3. 900ml atf 60 to 1 mix synthetic 50 to 1 mineral
  4. zerorev3rev4

    Cota 200

    Upper pic is of a later 200 with engine frame guards , lower pic ( actually a friends bike ) is early 200 these tend to have an alloy tank under the shelter and shock mounts are much wider on the frame
  5. Weld a bolt head in it then put a socket over thread and extract it
  6. Fitted one from a 250 beta techno which worked well stock jetting
  7. Seem to think this water gallery across front of Crank case has been blocked off could this cause the problem. Case getting too hot?
  8. Will a sherco 2013 "rear wheel fit a, 2014 evo
  9. Is it pinking on shutting throttle is there a vibration when rpm coming back down
  10. Fan works as it should coolant level OK no loss or pressure build up fresh fuel tank n tap cleaned carbon on piston top is prob only after 3 to 4 gallon use so soon recarboned up fuel is standard not high octane but not from super market did try hi octane but wasn't much better if any
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