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  1. Brucey, I am also having problems with the oil pump on my Cub, I had an LF Harriss plunger type fitted and after a short time it started to fill up with oil whilst running, the oil tank was draining and not returning so took it apart to clean the pump hoping to find a problem but none could be found. Put it back together and using the kickstart to see if oil was returning and it was ,so put it back in the garage. After about 4 days I noticed oil on the floor so stripped it down again and inspected the pump... nothing found. I left the cover off and the pump connected to a full tank of oil and found it was dripping from the supply plunger on a new pump with only a short time in use!! I am still trying to determine if the pump is at fault or something else I could be missing. So check the pump with it in place and see if your problem is the same as mine. Old Bones
  2. nh014, Thank you very much for the ring gap info,
  3. Hi, Would someone be able to tell me the acceptable piston ring end gaps for my Montesa cota 200 (1981). I dont know at the moment if the piston is standard or if it has had a re-bore( if that makes a difference). Thanks in advance.
  4. Section Swept, sorry for late reply I've had a few computer problems. I hope you are right, it seems such a simple task but getting it right it is not so simple......but hey I love a challenge!! Cheers
  5. OK, I've taken the wheel out again and looked to see if there is a spacer inside between the brake plate and wheel bearing......there isn't one but the brake plate has a steel boss pressed into the alloy brake plate so effectively the plate has a built in spacer that contacts with the bearing face and the fork ..so I think no spacer required?? Team ferret??? As yet I have not done as Section Swept has advised but will get round to it . 4stroke...Did you get to measure the spacers on yours. would appreciate any info you can give . Cheers
  6. WoW! Thanks everyone for your input I have spent the day fitting as per Teamferret's suggestion ,no spacer on the brake side and I made up a spacer on my lathe for the speedo side it worked out that this spacer was 25mm and all seems to be well.even the anchor rod is straight But now that 4stroke and section swept have given me some more food for thought I will now go back to square one and at least check to see if its right. I did not check that there was a spacer between the brake plate and the bearing. Tayld, thanks for the PM . I dont think anyone has changed brake/hub of forks. Cheers
  7. Teamferret, Thanks I will have a go at fitting as you say and get back to you, the brake plate does have a cast in boss as you say. Cheers
  8. The previous owner of my 81 cota 200 removed the speedo drive from the front wheel and replaced it with an alloy spacer, I think he also replaced the other side as well with the effect that the wheel is not central in the forks. Would anyone know the length of the original spacer on the other side of the brake or the thickness of the speedo drive gearbox. Its very difficult to measure the spacers needed as it is quite awkward to be accurate also the brake arm from the brake drum to the forks is slightly bent is this correct or should it be straight? I hope someone can help, cheers.
  9. Naichuff, Thanks for your reply. The PVL is on a plate that uses the crankcase bolts as its fixing and not the same as electrex which as I understand it uses the old stator fixings. The two crankcase bolts above and below the clutch are used to hold the plate on alloy hollow legs the third fixing is via a small block and the oil level bolt is reversed to fix this block to the case, the bottom part of the plate stops the case going on by about 4-5mm. I was considering beveling off the alloy to try and make it fit but I'm a bit reluctant to do this without asking for advice, Cheers
  10. Naichuff, The timing is exactly the same procedure with the PVL mounted on a plate or when using the 3 post mod to the crankcase, The timing issue you suggest is not my problem only the fitting of the case. cheers
  11. Could someone advise a solution to a small problem please, I fitted a PVL ignition to a cub I'm building, it has the plate that mounts on the crankcase bolts rather than the modification of the 3 posts. when I try to fit the primary chaincase the bottom plate mounting stops the case going on. So before I grind off anything and completely B***s it up does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks
  12. RichardH, Your cub expert is right they are 1/4BSF (26TPI)
  13. Hi, Could I beg some advice regarding the Mikuni carb for an 81 Montesa cota 200. I have managed to pick up at an auto jumble here in France a new old stock Mikuni VM26 (other markings are 8074) Firstly the carb is bare and only has a slide (#2 I think) My questions are; 1. Is this the right carb body? 2. What jets would I need to suit the Mont? 3. Will it fit the existing rubber or will it need an adapter of some sort? I have sent a few emails outlining the problem to Allens Performance and they just dont respond which baffles me a bit as their website seems to suggest they are the experts, anyway I hope that someone can help as the old amal Mk2 thats on it at the moment is well worn and makes it hard to start ( and more expensive to replace) Thanks for any advice.
  14. As above, I worked from the front wheel being central in the forks and aligned the rear from it. my offset if it helps is 66mm approx from centre of rim to face of brake drum with no brake plate fitted.
  15. Detective 21 I'm not sure if I'm reading your problem right but have you moved the engine over with spacers on the engine mounts? also I use a spacer behind the rear sprocket (an old sprocket with the teeth machined off) it seems to work for me. Thats assuming you have the right "offset in the rear wheel when it was laced to the new rim. Hope this helps, perhaps someone with specific knowledge will advise you better.
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