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  1. johnjsy

    Brake Drums

    Hi Jonny, the standard chrome lining was never all that good. There are companies who can skim out the hub and press in an iron or steel liner. I have seen mention of getting the shoes lined with the stuff used on fork lift trucks, apparently if works well. Have a close look at the actuating cam in the brake plate. If at all worn, get it reamed out and a bronze bush installed. If left worn it only tends to tilt the brake shoes sideways a bit, hence poor brakes. Stick with the standard Amal levers, they work best. Either original forged ones or much cheaper pattern ones,available from Bultaco U.K. — In Motion. They have the correct cables as well. I use either Amal T 80-200 or Domino twist grips on all my Bultacos, much neater than the older style ones. Just to mention, put the ignition condenser up under the tank, much cooler there, Clean all the coil to frame fittings, rust is a poor earth conductor ! Hope this helps......
  2. Yes, no problem. 1976 / 77. Alpina 250. Bore 72mm X stroke 60 mm = 244 cc. Great bikes, if mostly complete, get it. O.K. ?
  3. johnjsy

    Frontera electrics

    In Motion do a much more up to date ignition system with lights, 12 volt I believe. Worth a look ?
  4. johnjsy


    Hi Dickie, I use the SKF bearings you mention in all the motors I build, and to date not one has failed. It is interesting to note when a main bearing does fail, it is nearly always on the ignition flywheel side. A roller bearing such as this has far more strength than an ordinary ball bearing of a similar size. One thing that is a benefit, no need to heat up that case when you are ready for assembly, just pop it straight on. Hope this helps..........
  5. Hi, Kevin Brendon Racing is a good place to have a look. Although his Bultaco listings start at 250, there may be a close match for a different. The Montesa ones start at 61mm, well worth a look. When you get fixed up, post again on here, the info could help others.
  6. johnjsy

    198 A

    Hi there, from your picture the carb looks pretty mucky. Find a local dealer or firm who does ultrasonic cleaning. Old fuel sitting in a carb is bad news, the small drilling’s get gummed up, get it cleaned then rebuilt with new gaskets to do the job properly.
  7. If it is old fuel, drain off, mix up new. Squirt brake cleaner, or rocket 40 or similar down the carb. If the timing is right, it will fire. No choke when doing this. Hope this helps......Ps. Do this outside, burnt brake cleaned fumes are rather nasty, avoid breathing !
  8. Easy ! I had a M 89 , 1971/72. 125 Mk.5 Pursang. I used it for blasting up our local hill climb. A really good bike, good memories, enjoy yours.
  9. No, Jaime. The Sherpa S was an out and out competition model. You could fit a points plate and flywheel from say a Lobito or Alpina to get lights. Your best bet is to contact Lynn and Dorothy Mobley across in Minden Nevada. They handle a lot of secondhand Bultaco Spares, and can give you best advice on this. What is your intended use ? If for off road an Alpina would be far better I reckon.
  10. Hi Mick,lets see if this is correct.
  11. Yes Mick, it is M30 X 1.5 I have a picture, not sure how to put it on here, going to try anyway.
  12. Hi there Mick, 2 of my Bultacos have Motoplat electrics. I have a Buzzetti. M 30 P. It is 1.5 pitch threads. I think that is the one. Also a MCA P 157. of about 32 mm diameter, 1.5 threads. I cannot remember which is the one to use ! Maybe another reader on here can chime in with the info needed ? If by mid morning tomorrow there is no answer, I will take the cover off one of mine to get the size for you. No time tonight, we are eating soon !
  13. Hi there Paulmac, I have just taken the top cap off the top of a spare fork, I think it is from an Alpina. The fork tube is 35mm, used on many models, and having taken he spring out, I used a 30 X 1.5 mm tap to see if it fitted, yes, that is the size. If you need to run a tap in to correct the threads, be sure to clean out any particles of swarf that may be produced. Once done, load up an old toothbrush with a grease, water pump if you have it, then starting at the bottom of the thread, slowly unwind anti-clockwise up to the top of the thread. Being a fine thread, this may take a while ! Hopefully this should pick up most particles. Hope this helps ......
  14. Hi, quite easy to resolve, actually. The studs in the manifold are M 8 , just remove and fit the rubber manifold with Allen head bolts. The studs may be quite tight, use 2 nuts locked together to undo, also head up the alloy in a tub of boiling water for 3 or 4 minutes, or use a heat gun. You may need to turn the heads of the Allen down a bit to get clearance to fit, maybe shorten them a sixteenth or so, different makers seem to have different specs for the sizes made. Also, a smear of copper grease or Vaseline will be a good idea on the threads to prevent seizing in the alloy manifold. Essential if using stainless Allen head bolts, the 2 different metals will corrode if fitted dry. Hope this helps...........
  15. johnjsy

    El Tigre

    That looks really good, Mark. How did you acquire it ? To the best of my knowledge, all of this model were sold in the U.S. I have a friend down in Spain who is doing a survey of how many Metrallas have survived, and how many. Could you give the engine and frame number, or put a picture of them, to see if this one is already listed ? Many thanks, John.
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