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  1. Dear All, Just successfully registered my Frontera 370. I used Dave Renham at In Motion / Bultaco UK Ltd for a dating certificate, the DVLA were fine about it so he is OK to use. The alternative, the VMCC wanted £120 for their certificate. Regards Paul C
  2. cunpr

    Frontera electrics

    Dear All, Thanks for your input. The ULO box has a set of rechargeable batteries in it. LEDs are voltage sensetive and 6v LEDs have different circuitry with them compared to 12v ones, which can actyually operate from 9v to 32v. LEDs can also work with ac but are best specified to do so. I have an Elextrex twin plug ignition system which i am pretty sure has a 12v ac output, if not i can add a coil to it and then i'll hide their regulator/rectifier in an empty ULO box and then i'm off. interestingly the wiring diagram i have in my drivers handbook doesn#t seem to show the ULO box. Perhaps it was a late addition. Regards Paul C
  3. Dear All, Just getting to the end of my Frontera 370 restoration, after 9 years! i'm about to start on the electrics. does anyone know anything about the box of tricks they used to have under the tank. mine had a ULO EBL 801 which was obviously knackered but it seems they were 6 volt. As i'd actually like to see where i am going i'm planning on going to 12 volts and LEDs front and back. Has anyone done any 12 v conversions on theirs? Paul Cundy sherpa 199b 340, Frontera 370, Range Rover P38, E-type S3 V12 OTS and Noble M12 race car.
  4. cunpr


    Dear Bondy, do a search of the forum and you'll find loads of info. My Frontera had this unit as an upgrade; EBL ULO 801, it is 6V, has a dry cell battery so it dims less at tickover, a regulator to so you don't blow bulbs at high revs and a built in indicator function. buy it here http://www.kreidlerparts.com/scripts/part_detail.asp?id=346 and also google it, you'll find wiring diagrams out there as well. Regards Paul C
  5. cunpr


    There's a wealth of data on these older systems if you search for Femsa or Motoplat; http://www.motelek.net/motoplat/licht/alu_6v19_20_5w.png unfortunately you'll have to translate from the german. On my other PC I have some already searched stuff but here's a starter. Regards Paul C
  6. cunpr

    fitting lights

    Dear Poster, This may help but you will need to run through the pages and translate from the german. To get around the blowing bulbs (too much electricity at high revs) and dimming lights when idling fit one of these ULO EBL boxes. They are contemporary and my Frontera had one. It has a small battery to keep the lights bright and a regulator to protect the bulbs, also has a blinker built in. I've seen them advertised on e-bay as well. Should be all you needs in one box. hope it helps. Regards Paul C http://www.herculesig.de/ULO_d.html http://www.kreidlertreff-giessen.de/Ulo%20Box%20801%2000%20Montageanleitung.pdf http://www.kreidlerparts.com/scripts/part_detail.asp?id=346
  7. cunpr

    two stroke oil

    Yep, I've seen this asserted before but Why? Regards Paul C
  8. cunpr

    two stroke oil

    Well if it helps - and it probably doesn't, I have a variety of two strokes, chainsaws x 2, earth auger x 1, hedge trimmer x 1, and two Bultaco's. I run them all on the Stihl two stroke oil because its easiest to get for me. The bikes run on 50:1 with little smoke and no obvgious signs of problems. Regards paul C
  9. Dear Both, Thank you very much, very helpfull. I've had replacement stainless steel bushes made up to fit eh new brass bushes but it seems the originals I used as models for the replacements were a bit worn. I'll have to space out the gap with stainless washers. At the moment I have at least 5-10mm of play despite the spindle bveing done up really tight. Regards Paul C
  10. Dear Anyone, I am rebuilding my Frontera 370cc model 215 MK11. Am at the stage of putting the swing arm back in. The swing arm spindle has on it not only the swing arm but also the rear engine mount. I notice that when the rear engine mount is in place on the swing arm spindle there is a space on either side of it; i.e. the rear engine mount can move to the left or the right on the swing arm spindle. Is that right? It seems to me that the back end of the engine ought ot be fixed and not prone to lateral movement no matter how small so have I missed out something when I am putting it all back together? I've noted all the stuff I took of but can't find any spacers or washers. So have I missed out on some spacers so there is no lateral movement of the engine mount? Regards Paukl C
  11. Nice tip! thanks, allways thought about that but never been clever enough to work out how to compensate. Just shows how usefull this forum is. Paul C
  12. As I understand it you watch the strobe move round the flywheel, as the revs rise it will move round until it reaches a maximum advance and then as the revs rise furtehr to flat out it will move back again. you need to adjust the revs so that it is at the peak maximum advance (which will not be flat out) and then set the stator so that the strobe is on the 22' BTDC mark. Then when idling the strobe should be around teh 10' mark. It sounds as if you are pretty close anyway. Regards Paul C
  13. Dear All, OK just spoken to them again and with the wisdom from the replies above and clarity having googled the theory of ignition advance timing here is the answer. The electrex system advances the timing by 12-13' up to approx 3,000 rpm BUT beyond approx 4,000 rpm it then retards it slightly. So the advance curve has a peak. The system is supposed to be set with the strobe indicating spark at 22-23' BTDC at the peak of the advance curve, i.e. about 3,500 rpm. When its set like that the timing will be retarded at idle to about 10' BTDC which makes it easier to start and less likely to break your ankle. So the way to do it is to get it running, watch the advance reach maximum on the strobe as the engine speed increases and then set it to the 22' BTDC with the advance at the peak of the curve. Hope that helps clear it all up. Regards Paul Cundy
  14. Depends, my Sherpa it was only the stator and ignition only. The Frontera kit has a new flywheel as well as the stator and I asked them to put a lighting coil on it as well which they did. Speak to Peter, basically they can build one to your spec. the kits are beautifully machined, finished and packed and mine both arived in days and everything fitted straight out of the box, its just the instructiosn I can't sort out!
  15. Dear Copemec, Thanks, so the electrex unit is set to simulate the static timing when at idle but advances when reved. That's what I will do. I have a TDC dial gauge so yes I can measure that and yes I know where to screw it....... Dear Triple X thanks also, thats exactly what I did when I set the Electrex unit up on my 340 Sherpa, bloody laboriuos and again the instructions didn't really help. Its a steep learning curve, after I'd first done it it ran like a bloody pig and the strobe was all over teh place like saturday night fever, eventually worked out it was due to my having a 6 pole magnet flywheel when the Electrex unit is designed to be triggered by a 4 pole flywheel, try imagining how to work that one out "logically"! Eventually got it set but after I've done the Frontera I'm going to go back and apply the same logic to the Sherpa, set at idle to Electrex degrees BTDC and then allow it to advance beyond when running. It does seem that Electrex would benefit from having someone go through their instructions with a "plain english" hat on. Regards Paul C
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