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  1. bondy

    Honda TLR 200

    Time Left: 12 days and 6 hours

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    Welcome this is a Honda TLR 200 untouched totally original road Registered Has 2 keys and log book V5 and owners manual with 12000 KMS on the clock nice clean tidy bike runs very well starts easy with no knocks smooth as silk all gears engage so to some up a genuine bike that's not been messed about with contact me or phil holt for details thank you.

    2,750.00 GBP

  2. bondy

    ty80 rear tyre

    Hi yes I did blow the tube up slightly ive had the tube out twice now it is a very old tube I have ordered a new 1 not that makes a difference I will have to be Exra carful when I put the new tube in I will soap the tyre up this time to make it to go on a little easer its one off those jobs am not fund off doing but has to be done I do have a spare wheel off a donner bike with a good tyre already on it I can put that on until I sort the other wheel cheers chris.
  3. bondy

    ty80 rear tyre

    Hello has any 1 got any tips on how to put the ty 80 rear tyre on daft question am use to putting the big full size ones on but this 1 is very hard to get on I have it on the rim problem is I keep nipping the inner tube any help would be good thanks chris.
  4. bondy

    ty 80 forks

    Good video thank you luckily I have a spare set off forks so I took 1 apart to see how it Went together the new forks are on the bike now looking good thank you.
  5. bondy

    TY 80

    ok tank you.🤪
  6. bondy

    ty 80 forks

    Hello can any 1 tell me how the ty 80 forks get put together I have a rough idea but I want to know dose the tube get held in with the bushes? the rod is just held in with the screw hat the bottom dose the rod in any way get fastened to the tube? cheers,
  7. bondy

    TY 80

    Hi would there be any chance off getting 1 off the manifolds you have made for the Vm 18
  8. bondy

    TY 80

    yes they are out there I know where to buy if I wanted 1 its wired there is not a demand for a After market carb for the TY 80
  9. bondy

    TY 80

    There's is another mikuni carb vm20 comes with a Adaptor kit to fit the TY 80
  10. bondy

    TY 80

    hello brewtus will the mikuni Vm 18 fit on the original manifold? or do you need the After market 1 you had made?
  11. bondy

    TY 80 forks

    Hi I spoke to a main dealer and he told me they was so don't know there off to have new chrome will post photo before and After.
  12. bondy

    TY 80 forks

    😀I found out its just casting marks
  13. bondy

    TY 80 forks

    Hello All this may be a daft question but on the top off the fork tubes just under the top yoke there is only what I can describe as a small groove looks like a Letter C or like a small thumb nail any 1 any idea why these are there? 1 each tube. 🤥
  14. bondy

    Ty 80 engine paint

    Any body used HYTOCA VHT silver grey spray paint for the TY 80 Engine? 😀
  15. bondy

    Ty 80 engine paint

    thank you I have tried a silver XHT E Tex but don't like it to light