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  1. bondy

    Ty 80 con rod

    Ok I have sorted it now I've took it out and refitted it and all is good god knows what was the problem but looks like I've sorted it I have also done a good few off the TY 80s never had this before so thanks for replies cheers
  2. bondy

    Ty 80 con rod

    Hello am restoring a Ty 80 I've had a new con rod pressed in and balanced it came without thrush washers now I've put it together when I put the 2 crank cases together and nip up the crack is stiff and will harden move without force i have built many off same engine without fault the only difference being all had thrush washers in as any 1 any idea what else it could be as I've done everything correct main bearing fully home so in my mind it can't be anything else or am i missing something apart from the thrush washers TA
  3. bondy

    Mikuni 28mm

    Hello dose any 1 know the jet sizes for the mikuni carb 28mm for the bultaco 350
  4. Hello are the fantic 80 engines easy to rebuild?
  5. bondy

    Ty 80 spokes

    Hello has any 1 had the TY 80 spokes from central wheels?if so do they fit?
  6. bondy

    ossa TR77 silancer

    Hello can any 1 tell me the silencer on the TR77 250 dose it need the packing? I cant get into it dose it need to be cut open? I just want to make sure because its not my bike as am doing some work on it cheers.
  7. bondy

    TY 175

    Just 1 more thing guys could you tell me what the clutch Arm Grub screw is fare is it just to hold the Arm?
  8. bondy

    TY 175

    Cheers guys I'll give that a go and let you thanks again ?
  9. bondy

    TY 175

    Hello can any 1 Help I have a Ty 175 that ive just restored the Engine as had new piston the rest was ok ive started it up runs fine but when I put it into gear it jumped forward and stalled so am assuming its the clutch. it was fine before but its been stood for a long time could it be the clutch plates stuck together may need a clean? the only thing I did was to take the clutch Arm out to clean and put it back the grub screw that screws into the clutch Arm could this have anything to do with the clutch nor working? any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Nice 1 I wasn't sure I normally do bultaco and there the same the seal just pops out I normally use a blunt rounded leaver to tap 1 side and the other pops out I then flick it out with a small flat driver cheers for the replay
  11. Hello can any 1 tell me if the TY80 final End drive oil seal behind the front sprocket can be changed without splitting the engine? cheers
  12. bondy

    ty80 rear tyre

    Hi yes I did blow the tube up slightly ive had the tube out twice now it is a very old tube I have ordered a new 1 not that makes a difference I will have to be Exra carful when I put the new tube in I will soap the tyre up this time to make it to go on a little easer its one off those jobs am not fund off doing but has to be done I do have a spare wheel off a donner bike with a good tyre already on it I can put that on until I sort the other wheel cheers chris.
  13. bondy

    ty80 rear tyre

    Hello has any 1 got any tips on how to put the ty 80 rear tyre on daft question am use to putting the big full size ones on but this 1 is very hard to get on I have it on the rim problem is I keep nipping the inner tube any help would be good thanks chris.
  14. bondy

    ty 80 forks

    Good video thank you luckily I have a spare set off forks so I took 1 apart to see how it Went together the new forks are on the bike now looking good thank you.
  15. bondy

    TY 80

    ok tank you.?
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