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  1. TY 80

    Hello I have a TY 80 dose any 1 know if there' s a After Market Carb? TA
  2. Size Of Ball Bearing In Clutch Actuator Sherpa T 350

    yes its a while ago I need to find out how to get the old flat bearing out and replace it with new
  3. Size Of Ball Bearing In Clutch Actuator Sherpa T 350

    Hello paul how did you get the old ball bearing out the clutch Arm? also how do you replace it as I have 1 that needs replacing
  4. Bultaco parts

  5. Sy cylinder head removel

    How much coolant gose in the rad?
  6. Sy cylinder head removel

    Hi I have 2 scorpa sy can you tell me what the standard piston was on the sy 250 and what they whent up to?
  7. Sy cylinder head removel

    Hello guys thanks for your help I have managed to remove the studs with 2 nuts screwed on the stud then undo the bottom nut witch undose the stud head came off easy I want to take the piston off anyway to de coke the top the barrel looks very clean thanks guys once again.
  8. Sy cylinder head removel

    Can any body tell me how to take the cylinder head off the sy? I've striped bike down rad off ECT the head steady is stoping the head coming off I was hoping to get away from taking the motor out is there a nack am I missing something? I want to replace the small end bearing am not new to striping and rebuilding bikes just never done a scorpa before I have the New parts to hand to do the work so frustrating. Cheers
  9. Silencer repack

    Hello peter B thanks for the Reply I was just inquiring but now you said it the bike is Quiet so ill leave it ive cleaned the exhaust out and I have a brand new front pipe so am putting that on cheers Bondy.
  10. Sy 250 broken crank case

    You could get that welded not ideal but will save it
  11. Silencer repack

    Hello All can some 1 tell me witch packing do you use to repack the sy silencer? Pad tho or the loose stuff? Also is it worth doing the bike is running ok I've just striped it down to clean the carb and I've flushed the exhaust I've put a brand New front pipe on it also.
  12. Exhaust removel

    cheers buddy i cut a Allen Key Down with my trusty Dremel did the job ok any tips for putting the New o rings back in the exhaust?
  13. Exhaust removel

    hello ive done it as you say cut a Allen key job
  14. Exhaust removel

    can anybody tell me how to get the front L/H slotted bolt out? i cant get a Allen key to in to undo it is there a knack to do it cheers.
  15. 2 stroke oil mix

    thanks for the Reply M I also use the TT trial pro good stuff