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  1. Hi Thanks for the info. I have done it before a long time ago, and I will likely try it again. I have taken all the off set measurements and will give it a go, once I get the hubs back from getting a cast iron insert fitted to improve the brakes.
  2. Hi Guys, I need to get my Sherpa 199A wheels respoked. Anybody any ideas of a wheel builder near Glasgow or central Scotland?. Thanks
  3. In reply to Richard Sawatzki about a pair of NDB776 car brake discs, what car are they from?
  4. Hi Bully, Thanks for your comment. My other 199A has a pre-drilled and tapped hole for a decompressor (now fitted), but came with a screw-in blanking plug which I think was original equipment in 1979. I think I will get a local engineering shop to drill and tap the central part where the spark plug should be and install a decompressor and a spark plug in the other two holes. I will likely have to live with the probable Pursang head and hope it runs ok. (I have not yet run the engine)
  5. Hi guys, I Have recently acquired a 199A. The cylinder head has two spark plug tapped and drilled holes, one pointing towards front and one pointing to the rear. The usual central spark plug hole has not been drilled or tapped. This is different to an earlier 199A I owned. The combustion chamber is also a completely different shape to my earlier model. Has anybody any ideas why this is the case? Perhaps the head is off a Pursang for some reason? The barrel is stamped 199A so that seems correct. Thanks.
  6. Hello Wonder Boy, I used Philpots in Bedfordshire to rechrome my Beta Rev 3 fork stanchions after reading an article in a Classic bike magazine. The magazine explained the processes and what they can do to refurbish fork legs. Very good service and a very good price. The results were excellent and I reckon the refurbished fork legs were better than the original finish. I have attached the link below for Philpots. They are meant to be the best in the business and I would tend to agree. Recommended. http://www.pittedforks.co.uk/index.php
  7. midgy

    Bultaco 199A Ingition

    Many thanks, Carl. I have a parts manual and the one marked VAR 41-52 will fit a 199A, however I have now ordered the kit from Powerdynamo in Germany which has the flywheel and rotor all within the kit. I appreciate you getting in touch
  8. midgy

    Bultaco 199A Ingition

    Thanks for the help. I have now ordered the system from Germany. Note that from the end of August the business Powerdynamo are closing and the entire business is being transferred to a new company called Vape and are based in the Cheque/Check? republic
  9. Good afternoon fellow trialists. New to site and first message posting on this forum I have just acquired a 1979 Bultaco Sherpa 199A and want to convert it to electronic ignition. However, it has Motolpat rotor and stator fitted with points etc. It looks like the system fitted to Montesa 248/349 from the same year. Is this correct? as I thought it should have Femsa rotor flywheel and stator. Perhaps somebody has change it for some reason?. The electronic conversion kits that are on the market are only for Sherpa 199A with Femsa ignitions and use the existing Femsa rotor flywheel, so I seem to have a problem. Any advice appreciated, thanks.
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