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  1. guy53


    Any crank rebuilding shop should be able do the job quickly on a single cylinder motor but, if someone '' played '' around and bent the end of the crank trying to take the flywheel off, that's another story. Guy
  2. guy53


    I have never seen a TY TS piston like that. Guy
  3. guy53

    Ty 250 R mono cylinder bore

    I looked for a long time for an oversize TY mono piston in Canada and the US, I found a 3rd os with ring that if i remember cost me $215.00 US I still have it on the shelve even if I sold the bike. I think it's a relic. Guy
  4. guy53

    Ty 250 R mono cylinder bore

    Where do you live ? Guy
  5. guy53

    Having problems after replacing woodruff key

    How about the taper of the flywheel ? Guy
  6. guy53

    Evo 250 Clutch

    That's what I did with my levers, the reason I did it was to help me with control. It worked for me. Guy
  7. Now that you feel confortable and relax on the bike, practice is fun, so improvement come easy. Guy
  8. Hang on there, bread slowly look at the bike and make the adjustment that feel right for you and find a place to practice where you can ride until you are confortable. If the bike still scared you after say 4 or 5 hours of practice, than rethink your options. Guy
  9. guy53

    Yamaha Ty80 Carb Settings

    I don't think carb cleaner is that effective anymore, maybe an ultrasound cleaning would help. Guy
  10. guy53

    Twin shock project

    To add to David's post, the effect of the modified flywheel is not only felt in acceleration, you also feel a difference when you shut the throttle down. I tested my bike with a B model flywheel ( extra heavy ) and one with no ring back to back on the same sections, riding in the parking lot was not convincing, but when you get in a tight section, than you feel the difference. I have to say that I use the clutch more with the '' no weight '' flywheel. Guy
  11. guy53

    Beta 250 radiator cap

    First I had to take it off my 03, I used a set of '' water pump '' plier to free it off Guy
  12. guy53

    Twin shock project

    I've also been riding my TY ( s ) without flywheel like Tony 27 for the last 10 years. I remember marking the first one I took off just in case I would not like the feeling, never bothered after that. Not all riders like the feeling, the Bultaco guys in particular. Guy
  13. guy53

    Twin shock project

    I replace the original head gasket with a thin aluminium one that I made from the original model, it does change the compression. I ran that for a while with no issue. Guy
  14. guy53

    2019 NETA schedule

    I saw that on the NETA web site Sunday morning, I was looking forward to that event as I have relative in the area and we where planning to go, but after 20 years of putting up the event I understand the organiser. Guy
  15. guy53

    Twin shock project

    I had to shim the lower end of the shock on mine, ao I think you will also have to. Guy