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  1. I had NJB on my TY for 5 or 6 years, no complaints
  2. I think that is body and skill are often the best guide for that choise, I mean even if he is tall and muscular but not very ''at ease'' yet on a bike go 125, he might be small and skinny but confortable on a bike than the 250 might be a good option. Don't look at him with a father's eye to choose and if you have a chance, have him ride a 125, he also have a say on the bike he want to ride. Guy
  3. I was riding yesterday, and as usual I used the first finger. Just for fun, I tried the midle finger for a while. It realy does not work for me, funny thing, I only use the middle finger for front and rear brake when riding my bicycle witch I ride a lot . Guy
  4. What I would do in order : Take the pads out check them for exess dirt or oil, sand them on a flat surface, clean the disk, and do the cold water treatment: ride and drag the brake untill the disk is hot then drop cold water on the disk. Guy
  5. I could give you my setup but I don't think that your the same height and have the same arm lenght ..... All that plus the handle bars position, the type of levers and so on. I srarted with a neutral setup and reposition all the control including brake and shifter so I am confortable. One other thing, you could copy Tony Bou setup, but I don't think you ride exactly like him, ( that's what I told myself when I setup my bike ) Guy
  6. I use Motul Transoil Expert 10w40 in my ST 250, I have very little grab when I ride the bike regularly. I also had until last year a TY 250 and 10w30 motor oil was doing the job ok, after rebulding each motor ( I had a few ) I would drain the crankcase, fill ( 1 liter ) of ATF ride for an hour or so replace the ATF with 10w30. Guy
  7. I always use Ethanol free petrol/gas, here in Canada, it's only avalable in high octane. Guy
  8. Now you can throw rock at me: I ended up replacing the 42t by a 44t witch made the bike fun to ride.
  9. I had the same problem when I first ride my ST, I was looking at the same solution ( timing and gasket ) but I end up gettind a 2t smaller rear sprocket since then, I never had any problem. Don't throw rock at me, I know it sound like I aggravated the problem but it worked for me. Guy
  10. I would have tought that a picture of the header that was installed on the bike posted on this site would ring a bell at the distributor office if not at Sherco head office and someone would have picked up the phone and made sure that the replacement would have been top quality. I guess it will be because of the....... Guy
  11. I would take a look at the market in Ontario, I remember having seen a few of them for sale at different price. Guy
  12. Everytime I see pictures like that I can only think ok the time spent gto prepare those beautiful bikes Guy
  13. I think it depend on the conditions they where stored. Guy
  14. I don't know why, but I could never ajust a Mikuni VM for a trial bike. I had no problem for MX or dirt track bike. Mabe Carl Eklom solution ( OKO ) is the best. Guy
  15. I also have riden vehicule with twist and tumb throttle. I always found it more difficult to control the throttle when standing on the footrest of my quad or my snowmobile ( i'm not a farmer ) , as for the control after a splatter or zap, I had the same problem that I corrected by holding '' less '' throttle before the splat. I mean i use to grab the throttle at a 45 degree angle over the bar before I it the obstacle, now I grab it at 10 or 15 degree. I have to tell you that i'm no Tony Bou so it might not be THE solution. Guy
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