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  1. guy53

    TY250 Flywheel

    I think that it throttle response is a personnal thing, for me no weight at all on the flywheel of my TY with an A model cylinder is the way I like, yes quick response but also the motor '' rev down '' faster when you shut the throttle. I have to say that I ride more in the mountain than I run trials event. Guy
  2. I have one question, is the sole of your boots flat on the peg when you ride? Guy
  3. I remember Mick Andrews telling me he also set up is bike without idle speed Guy
  4. Is the cable install correctly, well seated on top of the carb and at the handle bar Guy
  5. How much travel do you need from the pedal to get the brake working
  6. Here in Canada The A model had the sidestand on the left and the bracket was welded to the frame, on all the other TS it was on the right side of the bike and attatch to the swingharm. Guy
  7. I had NJB on my TY for 5 or 6 years, no complaints
  8. I think that is body and skill are often the best guide for that choise, I mean even if he is tall and muscular but not very ''at ease'' yet on a bike go 125, he might be small and skinny but confortable on a bike than the 250 might be a good option. Don't look at him with a father's eye to choose and if you have a chance, have him ride a 125, he also have a say on the bike he want to ride. Guy
  9. I was riding yesterday, and as usual I used the first finger. Just for fun, I tried the midle finger for a while. It realy does not work for me, funny thing, I only use the middle finger for front and rear brake when riding my bicycle witch I ride a lot . Guy
  10. What I would do in order : Take the pads out check them for exess dirt or oil, sand them on a flat surface, clean the disk, and do the cold water treatment: ride and drag the brake untill the disk is hot then drop cold water on the disk. Guy
  11. I could give you my setup but I don't think that your the same height and have the same arm lenght ..... All that plus the handle bars position, the type of levers and so on. I srarted with a neutral setup and reposition all the control including brake and shifter so I am confortable. One other thing, you could copy Tony Bou setup, but I don't think you ride exactly like him, ( that's what I told myself when I setup my bike ) Guy
  12. I use Motul Transoil Expert 10w40 in my ST 250, I have very little grab when I ride the bike regularly. I also had until last year a TY 250 and 10w30 motor oil was doing the job ok, after rebulding each motor ( I had a few ) I would drain the crankcase, fill ( 1 liter ) of ATF ride for an hour or so replace the ATF with 10w30. Guy
  13. I always use Ethanol free petrol/gas, here in Canada, it's only avalable in high octane. Guy
  14. Now you can throw rock at me: I ended up replacing the 42t by a 44t witch made the bike fun to ride.
  15. I had the same problem when I first ride my ST, I was looking at the same solution ( timing and gasket ) but I end up gettind a 2t smaller rear sprocket since then, I never had any problem. Don't throw rock at me, I know it sound like I aggravated the problem but it worked for me. Guy
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