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  1. guy53

    Exhaust pipe

    That's not a standard frame Guy
  2. Having both type ( modern and twinshock bike ) I can tell you that the oil change is much less frequent on the TS than the modern. Guy
  3. Michelin, Dunlop GP803, IRC are good but as al_orange wrote, a little more money will make your ride fun. Guy
  4. I don't think you will weld it today. Guy
  5. Most Scorpa and Sherco owners know better. It' a trick question, they all know all make are different and you have to ride every bike if you want to make a wise choice. Guy
  6. Dan, have you heard anything about the Bolton Valley event? Guy
  7. Thank you for the info. Guy
  8. The part number for the brake is the same, but what about the shifter? Guy
  9. Does anyone know if the shifter and brake levers from a 2015 ST fit on a 2019 St model? Guy
  10. guy53


    Finger ???? The clutch stifness was one complaint I had on the one I tested this summer. I did not ride it for long but the bike is quite fun. Guy
  11. I bought a Jitsie Domino that fitted perfectly when I got it, after a while it became a little '' loose '' on my head. I emailled my friend at Splat Shop that confirmed me that the shell is the same for many size. So from a large size lining I went to a medium , it was on the tight side, so I use one side mediun and the other side large. The fit is perfect. Guy
  12. guy53

    2017 280 questions

    Back in the 70's I was riding a Bultaco Alpina 350. I could crank the bike while sitting. A friend had the same bike and would sware everytime he had to start his, he often ask me to crank his bike arguing his was harder to crank. He never got to be comfortable doing it. My point is: think about a situation where you are not in a ideal position and stall the bike, are you sure you will get confortable with it. As for the side of the crank, I don't think it make a difference. Guy
  13. The best way to '' seat '' the shoe in the hub is with chalk. The subject as been discussed many times here. Guy
  14. Have you '' seated '' the shoe properly ? What you describe is the same as I felt on my TY. The shoe where touching the drum only one spot. Guy
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