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  1. I think that, as I did when I got back to trials, you have to change the positon of your wrist on the throttle. I had the same '' too much throttle '' effect when I wanted to lift the front wheel, I then started to grab less throttle before I lifting the front wheel, than I realised that holding a '' neutral '' wrist position on the throttle all the time help me in most situation. Guy
  2. I have a few original A model shifter but i'm in Québec, so shipping would probably discourage you Guy
  3. Cold water treatment ? Guy
  4. guy53

    290 Kicking Back

    I guess he did since he didn't post anything since 2009 Guy
  5. I took the weight off the flywheel, cleaned all the port and raise the exhaust port, opened the gas inlet to the cylinder as much as I could ( standard reed valve ) .005 head gasket, Wes exhaust. To help in tight spot, a longer actuator clutch arm with a well oiled cable ( one finger operation ). Guy
  6. guy53

    New carb anyone?

    I may have not been clear, I run a TY B ( and later model twinshock Yamaha ) Mikuni carb on my bike. I know that many on this and other trials site run OKO with a lot of success. Guy
  7. guy53

    New carb anyone?

    I tuned many Mikuni over the years but I never had luck with a Mikuni VM 26 on a TY twinshock, I had an old one with all the jetting I needed on the shelve to replace the TK, I couldn't make it work properly. I bought a new one with the same result. I found a Mikuni that came from a B model, it was an easy job to tune it perfectly for my bike, when you have both ( Yamaha TY Mikuni and regular VM ) there are obvius difference. I'm sure that many here will tell you to go for an OKO, there are many user that can help you on this. Guy
  8. In my case, I bought a blank sprocket. I had acces to the machine shop where I use to work. After I machined the center hole to size and drilled the bolt hole, I found that when reinstalled the bolt head where brushing the swingharm. I remounted the sprocket on the lathe and took about one third off the tickness of the sprocket on the bolt head side and voila: job done. As for the ease to go from 3rd to 4th, read David's comment. Right on. Guy
  9. When I came back to trial, I found the TY too '' fast '' in first gear in tight turn, I was only riding at our club event and in the yard. That's when I lowerd the gear ratio. After a while, I found a place ( perfect for me ) to practice and ride, nice mountain with trail and unlimited opportunity to make my own sections, after a lot of time on the bike, and the use of a very light clutch, I didn't the first gear as often and as David commented I also found the 3rd to 4th easier to manage. I have to say that my TY is not stock and tune to my liking . Guy
  10. I run 12/55, yes 55 rear sprocket on mine. Guy
  11. farmer58za You are right, he and Jill came to Ormstown Vintage Fest for a few years and it always was the highlight of our season. I hope the stars align for them to come back. Guy
  12. The last few years Mick Andrews came to our club for our Vintage Fest, he was riding a super nice Hodaka for the trials. Guy
  13. I use to ride in the 70's and early 80's and after 30 some years, twinshock YamahaTY. I bought a 250 Beta REV 3 that I traded a couple of years later for a 2015 St 250, I never felt '' safe '' on the REV but immediately felt good on the Sherco even if I was not incline at first toward the make or model. Simply said : try and choose, but the best advise is wait for a 250, if you don't like it it will be easy to resell. Guy P.S. When I bought the Sherco I realy was looking for a Montesa, that mean that I'm not '' hooked '' on any make
  14. guy53

    Frame Paint

    In Canada and I believe the USA was the same, all the paperwork to register was provided by Yamaha to the retailer. Guy
  15. guy53

    Ty stalling

    Loosen the cap and test ride. Guy
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