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  1. guy53


    I had 2 ride on a EM lately and I could not get confortable on it. The clutch is, for me, a must. I'm not an expert and I don't want to start a war with the EM owners, but way the Yamaha rider use the clutch make me think that the transition to electric for me is definitely with one. Guy
  2. guy53

    Gas for your Beta Evo

    I run Shell Ultra, I empty the hose in my pickup and fill a 20 litre can that I mix with Motul 710 also at 80 to 1. I think the Shell is the same in Ontario as here in Quebec. Guy
  3. guy53


    No you don't get it Dan. When I stop at a section, I run around, look at trees, sniff them and, most of the time, go to the next one ! Guy
  4. guy53


    I like kickstand, now I don't feel like Fido trying to find a tree Guy
  5. guy53

    Oil change

    Thank you Cascao. Guy
  6. guy53

    Oil change

    I just made the first oil change on my ST 250 15 since I bought the bike used, the book says 450ml ( that's what I added ) but I drained out close to 600 ml. Was it over filled or am I wrong in the quantity I added? The bike ran well before the oil change, no problem with gear change and clutch operation. Guy
  7. guy53

    My girlfriend wants to ride!

    Thank you for the info. I found a fuel bottle here in Quebec but no one sell holder, there will be one waiting for me at my niece the next time I visit. Guy
  8. guy53

    ‘18 popping out of gear

    Dan I've never seen the parts you are modifying but from the drawing you just posted, would'nt it be simpler to machine the shoulder of holding pin so you could slide the spring further in and compensate with a washer outside the indexer ? I have followed your thread with a lot of interest since the beginning, I tip my hat to your patience and the fact you share your find. Guy
  9. guy53

    My girlfriend wants to ride!

    Where did you get that mount, and can you post a closeup picture, I've bought a 1 liter fuel bottle, but I have not yet figure where to install it. Guy
  10. guy53

    Bolt on footrests

    The footrest position on that 250 is exactly where I fitted mine. I like them there and the bike work well for me. The most important thing is it work well for me Guy
  11. guy53


    Any crank rebuilding shop should be able do the job quickly on a single cylinder motor but, if someone '' played '' around and bent the end of the crank trying to take the flywheel off, that's another story. Guy
  12. guy53


    I have never seen a TY TS piston like that. Guy
  13. guy53

    Ty 250 R mono cylinder bore

    I looked for a long time for an oversize TY mono piston in Canada and the US, I found a 3rd os with ring that if i remember cost me $215.00 US I still have it on the shelve even if I sold the bike. I think it's a relic. Guy
  14. guy53

    Ty 250 R mono cylinder bore

    Where do you live ? Guy
  15. guy53

    Having problems after replacing woodruff key

    How about the taper of the flywheel ? Guy