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  1. I just checked and I tiped "ScoreMonster" in the search bar in Play Store and it came out second in the result. Guy
  2. I just download the app 👍👍👍 Guy
  3. Unfortumately, unhavalable in Canada Guy
  4. Hi MarkFromOttawa, I will check in my shed today, I might be able to help you. I will pm you later today. Guy
  5. A nice 250 modern. Guy
  6. Piston are rare, I've looked around for one a few years back and found a 3rd os. By the time I received it I had sold the bike. It was expensive ( $200.00 us ). Guy
  7. What kind of ''resistance '' do you have when you pull the perche. Guy
  8. Are all the flywheel the same ? Guy
  9. I realy like 2015 Guy
  10. I wonder how GasGas dealers will be treated? Guy
  11. guy53

    Twin shock mods

    I use Gold Valves on my TY TS ! Guy
  12. guy53

    New Fajardo replica

    If I'd find one in the shed, I would not be ashamed to ride it. Guy
  13. I used a set of IRC on a TY TS and Mono. Apart from ajusting the pressure ( soft sidewall ), I did not find anything bad to say about them. Guy
  14. The tank is not in the wrong place, your looking at the bike from the wrong side. Guy
  15. Sadly I started my TY for the first time since last fall yesterday, it was shaking and coughting badly. It was spitting little drops, I immediately shut it down and put it in quarantine for the next 14 days. Fortunatly, there is still about a foot off snow where I ride. Guy
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