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  1. Remember, you sometime get confuse by the play on the front brake. Make sure that what you feel come from the bearing. Guy
  2. I think the 200 is available in Canada. Guy
  3. guy53

    Shifting - 1st to 2nd

    Does it shift well from 2nd to 3rd and the other gear. Guy
  4. I tried a camelback a few years back, but came back to the bum bag with a small bottle that I refresh if needed at the end of a lap. Guy
  5. I have a 3rd os Yamaha piston , if you need info. Guy
  6. The worst advise you can take is one from someone with a close mind, the best advice I can give you is follow tshock250 advise! Guy
  7. I had a ride on a new one in the parking of yesterday event here. The bike is a little heavy but plaisant to ride, it feel nimble. Only low score is the clutch is on the stiff side. I will let the owner make the first scratch on it and ask to ride it in a few sections. Guy
  8. Dan, if you let the Lysol sprayed helmet ( and all the other stinky protective gear ) on the shelf or outside when possible, there is no residual smell. It would also drive me crasy. Guy
  9. I've been using Lysol for ages, worked for me Guy
  10. Timing and carb. , a 78 should be equipped with a Mikuni carb normally reliable, but if it's worn out it can mean trouble. I run my B model with the carb a LITTLE on the lean side, I insist little. from memory I setup the timing at 3.2mm BTD. Also I ran for a long time with a 0.005 inch tick head gasket, now back to original. And follow JohnV8 advise Guy
  11. I tried to bring someone I know to a TS competition that I attend with my modern bike ( everybody is welcome ), he does not want to come. I finally found why: He checked trials comp on Youtube and can not relate to the sport. I keep telling him that '' our sport '' is completely different from what he saw on the net, he still think he will make a fool of himself. We went for a ride together, he should have understood seeing me ride that our meeting are more 1975 related but the damage is done. Tony Bou is a wizard the other top 10 are still in Ogwart and trying to catch up, so, please make trials for ordinary people, and bring the best to show there talent maybe we will have more riders at our events and less riders that ride alone thinking they are not good enough Guy
  12. guy53

    Future of Gasgas

    Does anyone expect bold new graphic on the 2020 model? Guy
  13. When I bought my 15 Sherco, I found it nervous and I felt the first gear '' too long ''. I change the rear sprocket from 40 to 42t. I'm now more confortable in slower section and I feel more control with the throttle. You might think the opposite since the gearing in shorter, but it did the job for me. Guy
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