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  1. guy53

    TRS e-start

    Humm not sure about that Guy
  2. The best advise I can give is try one BEFORE you buy. Guy Sorry for the shouting
  3. I would take the carb appart and check if nothing was knocked off when you flipped. Guy
  4. Plastic for older Rev are hard to find. Guy
  5. the market is very different un the USA than in Europe, you should check the water with the guys in area club Guy
  6. The modern bike have different steering angle, my Sherco ST is different compare with a GasGas. Guy
  7. guy53

    Ty175 won't run

    Exhaust blocked ? Does it stall if you let it idle for a while ? How does it sound when it run? Guy
  8. guy53


    I have one to give away, so it's free. I can assure you it's not the best one. Guy
  9. guy53


    the best one are the new one. Guy
  10. I think all the above are true but I'd like to ad stress. It happend to me when I switch bike the 2 last time. Guy
  11. In my case, I loosend the allen before I take it apart Guy
  12. I have the same problem with my Boulder. I tried socks made of thin cotton, thicker cotton, 2 different kind of wool with the same result. It would be quicker to cut the socks than take them off. Last Thursday I went for a ride, it was quite hot, but this time I whore Jitsie trials socks, I won't say there cool but I felt better in them. I will try to find what they are made of and try to find a short version of them. Guy
  13. guy53


    This morning, there's a brand new Dunlop GP 803 on my ST 250, it's not the first one I ride. I like the overall performance of the Dunlop. I ride in the mountain a lot more than competing. Guy
  14. I just checked and I tiped "ScoreMonster" in the search bar in Play Store and it came out second in the result. Guy
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