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  1. John, if I can get to the part, I'll measure the thickness and the with of the band this weekend. Guy
  2. Here is a picture of a B model ( here in Canada ) Guy
  3. What model ( A B C.. ) of TY is your flywheel from John, the B model flywheel is heavier than he rest of the model. Guy
  4. guy53

    2014 Sherco 250st

    Motul 710 2t ay 80/1 in my case. Guy
  5. What we have here in Canada ( Aspen like ) is either 50:1 premix or 4 stroke fuel. I've been using the premix in all the equipment ( 4 str and 2 str ) for many years. I empty the fuel tank run the motor until it starve, put enough in the tank to run the motor for a few minutes and shut it down. When it's time to restart the equipment, I just add fresh fuel and go. Never had any problem since I go that way. Guy PS. : It's sadly nearly time to do it in my bikes, the weatherman is calling for snow in the next 2 week.
  6. If you buy the 250 and master it, there will be many '' customer '' for your bike. I'm not sure about the other way around. Guy
  7. If you buy the 300 : Luc you'll have to use the FORCE ! Guy
  8. I always wear MX pants with underneath hard knee protection . My old bones don't do well against hard surfaces Guy
  9. Intotrials,I ride trials for the challenge of man and machine over terrain. Guy
  10. guy53

    2014 Sherco 250st

    I bought a 2015 ST250 last September, I just change the quick to slow throttle and change the rear sprocket for a 44t. Enjoyed it since Guy
  11. This morning, I'm going to our local club for the next to last event. Great bunch of guys, nice sections, and I'll mark 5 on each section before I begin the competition because I've seen too many 5 marked as 2 or 3. That way I can enjoy it all and anybody can mark themselves all 0. I will simply enjoy the ride. Guy
  12. GasGas USA was selling all sorts off S/ stuff, I think Stuart at Jack's have bought a lot off it. Guy
  13. I have to do the timing with the head off my B model, I have a magnetic base for the dial that make the job easy. Guy
  14. Remember, you sometime get confuse by the play on the front brake. Make sure that what you feel come from the bearing. Guy
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