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  1. I wonder how GasGas dealers will be treated? Guy
  2. guy53

    Twin shock mods

    I use Gold Valves on my TY TS ! Guy
  3. guy53

    New Fajardo replica

    If I'd find one in the shed, I would not be ashamed to ride it. Guy
  4. I used a set of IRC on a TY TS and Mono. Apart from ajusting the pressure ( soft sidewall ), I did not find anything bad to say about them. Guy
  5. The tank is not in the wrong place, your looking at the bike from the wrong side. Guy
  6. Sadly I started my TY for the first time since last fall yesterday, it was shaking and coughting badly. It was spitting little drops, I immediately shut it down and put it in quarantine for the next 14 days. Fortunatly, there is still about a foot off snow where I ride. Guy
  7. I have a wired cheap Tusk one from USA and it does the job for me. Guy
  8. guy53

    Ty250r mono 1985

    I'm more of a fan of a thicker head gasket, adding a base gasket will change the '' port timing '' but it's a simple way to find if high comp is your problem.
  9. guy53

    Exhaust pipe

    That's not a standard frame Guy
  10. Having both type ( modern and twinshock bike ) I can tell you that the oil change is much less frequent on the TS than the modern. Guy
  11. Michelin, Dunlop GP803, IRC are good but as al_orange wrote, a little more money will make your ride fun. Guy
  12. I don't think you will weld it today. Guy
  13. Most Scorpa and Sherco owners know better. It' a trick question, they all know all make are different and you have to ride every bike if you want to make a wise choice. Guy
  14. Dan, have you heard anything about the Bolton Valley event? Guy
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