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  1. Parts, that's where the TY shine. Guy
  2. I asked that question a while back, no answer came. Guy
  3. I have 2 X 71.00mm on hand one weigh 225g the other 240g and one 70.25 mm that weigh 224 g. I don't have any DT pistons on hand anymore. It is an easy job to cut the corner on the skirt of a DT piston to fit the TY crank. Guy
  4. I will try to weigh them tomorow and post the results Guy
  5. I posted a picture of 2 piston sold as original TY piston, one is from a DT model and the other a TY original.
  6. Is the rim clean? Guy
  7. + - 10 hour with Motul Trans Oil 10 W 40 in my ST 250. I'm a very ordinary rider but I like to have a fine tune bike. I don't see any degradation in the oil when I change it, the clutch for me is just right, meaning not too grabby oy slippery. Beleave it or not, I can find the neutral easily anytime. Guy
  8. guy53

    2015 ST 250 leak

    The weather here alowed me to check for a bloked gearbox breather, after finding the right one, at first I checked the one that goes to the fuel pump, I found the small tube that you guys pointed me. It did not seem to be '' hardly '' blocked but certainly lightly bloked. I could not run the bike for a long time after the operation, I was due to bring it to the storage place for the winter, but for the time I let it run idling, it stayed dry, so I hope that the problem is solved. Thank you for the advise, I'll keep you posted this spring
  9. guy53

    2015 ST 250 leak

    Hummm... food for thought. Guy
  10. guy53

    2015 ST 250 leak

    I don't recall any nasty hit. Guy
  11. guy53

    2015 ST 250 leak

    I notice yesterday a small leak of what look like oil just under the water pump, not from the pump cover but from the clutch gasket. I will order a new gasket and change it before the spring but 1) any toucht what the cause might be beside a bad gasket ? 2) to change that gasket, do I have to just take the cover off or do I have to, for example, take the clutch out ? Guy
  12. It's time to go outside and bread slowly, keep some capital letters for the next year. Guy
  13. Well here 1 F this morning, frankly too cold for my old bones Guy
  14. The only good thing about winter is: when the temperature drop below 20 f, I take all my trial gear outside for 4 to 6 hours. I always dry, clean and desinfect all clothing, helmet etc. after every ride but noting kill bacteria like the cold treatment Guy
  15. guy53


    Can't you change the inner liner for a large, if the shell is the same, it might help Guy
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