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  1. I think it depend on the conditions they where stored. Guy
  2. I don't know why, but I could never ajust a Mikuni VM for a trial bike. I had no problem for MX or dirt track bike. Mabe Carl Eklom solution ( OKO ) is the best. Guy
  3. I also have riden vehicule with twist and tumb throttle. I always found it more difficult to control the throttle when standing on the footrest of my quad or my snowmobile ( i'm not a farmer ) , as for the control after a splatter or zap, I had the same problem that I corrected by holding '' less '' throttle before the splat. I mean i use to grab the throttle at a 45 degree angle over the bar before I it the obstacle, now I grab it at 10 or 15 degree. I have to tell you that i'm no Tony Bou so it might not be THE solution. Guy
  4. If the price is higher for a use 200 because there is less offer maybe it's simply because 200 new bike sale is lower than 250. That beying said, you don't see many 200 owners complaining about them, on the other hand a 250 is also nice to ride. What you plan to do, where you plan to ride and your budget: these are the things that should guide you for your purchace. Evrebody will tell you that the condition of the bike is the first thing you should look at. Guy
  5. guy53


    I use the heatproof ones that are made for working on engines, the palms are made of a sort of suede material ( turbofurball ) That would certanly be good as the trials gloves I bought are also made with a kind of suede material Guy
  6. guy53


    Specialy when I use the front brake, I just loosen a little bit my grip the throttle to control the motor or a few times when wet the gloves where sticky enough to open the throttle when I was not carefull enough to really open my hand. The Mechanix gloves I used was the one with the plam covered with rubber with little dots, maybe other kind work better. The trials glove I bought are Jitsie. Guy
  7. guy53


    I"ve tried all sort of glove over the years including mechanix glove to finaly buy trials gloves, after 4 or 5 rides I bought a spare pair. They are light, tacky enough to have good control on the handlebar but not enough to get me in trouble like the mechanix glove did. Just my experience. Guy
  8. I've never been to a trial event where I could not ask a question, an advise or a tip on how to ride, so go ahead, don't be shy and enjoy the sections and have fun. Guy
  9. I think that, as I did when I got back to trials, you have to change the positon of your wrist on the throttle. I had the same '' too much throttle '' effect when I wanted to lift the front wheel, I then started to grab less throttle before I lifting the front wheel, than I realised that holding a '' neutral '' wrist position on the throttle all the time help me in most situation. Guy
  10. I have a few original A model shifter but i'm in Québec, so shipping would probably discourage you Guy
  11. Cold water treatment ? Guy
  12. guy53

    290 Kicking Back

    I guess he did since he didn't post anything since 2009 Guy
  13. I took the weight off the flywheel, cleaned all the port and raise the exhaust port, opened the gas inlet to the cylinder as much as I could ( standard reed valve ) .005 head gasket, Wes exhaust. To help in tight spot, a longer actuator clutch arm with a well oiled cable ( one finger operation ). Guy
  14. I may have not been clear, I run a TY B ( and later model twinshock Yamaha ) Mikuni carb on my bike. I know that many on this and other trials site run OKO with a lot of success. Guy
  15. I tuned many Mikuni over the years but I never had luck with a Mikuni VM 26 on a TY twinshock, I had an old one with all the jetting I needed on the shelve to replace the TK, I couldn't make it work properly. I bought a new one with the same result. I found a Mikuni that came from a B model, it was an easy job to tune it perfectly for my bike, when you have both ( Yamaha TY Mikuni and regular VM ) there are obvius difference. I'm sure that many here will tell you to go for an OKO, there are many user that can help you on this. Guy
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