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  1. I've use fiberglass and plastic gard on a dirt track bike without any problem
  2. I'm surprise that no one ask: Have you tried any of them? Is there one that you feel better ridding? Guy
  3. I forgot, the chain of a trials bike doesn't very hot when riding, I think that it's the reason why the ATF work for me. Guy
  4. For half of a century, I've used ATF to lube the chain. After a ride I wash the bike than I generously lube with ATF, I wipe of the chain before leaving for the next ride. I found the lightness of the oil penetrate the rollers and push the mud out. Only thing, don't forget to put something under the bike. Guy
  5. I do agree with you Jon v8 that the Mikuni that come '' stock '' on TY are the best and I would never swap one for another make unless the original was worn out and I would not be able to find another original TY Mikuni, but the Mikuni VM are not the ideal replacement for a TY 250 in my opinion. Guy
  6. A few years back, I replace a TK carb on a model 434 by a VM32, I never could make it running well. I'm not saying that I'm a Mikuni engeneer but I know my way around them, if you don't find a rebuld kit, you should consider OKO. The comment are very good. Guy
  7. Are they still avalable ?
  8. 1st : FIT !!!!! the rest is up to you Guy
  9. guy53

    TY175 Clutch

    When I use ATF to try to improve a clutch, I change the oil after acouple of hour of riding 2 or 3 times before deciding if I need to change the plates, sometime it work sometime....... Guy
  10. guy53


    I would check the air filter and exhaust first. Guy
  11. Where are you located ? Guy
  12. guy53

    TY250 Flywheel

    I think that it throttle response is a personnal thing, for me no weight at all on the flywheel of my TY with an A model cylinder is the way I like, yes quick response but also the motor '' rev down '' faster when you shut the throttle. I have to say that I ride more in the mountain than I run trials event. Guy
  13. I have one question, is the sole of your boots flat on the peg when you ride? Guy
  14. I remember Mick Andrews telling me he also set up is bike without idle speed Guy
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