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  1. guy53

    Ty175 won't run

    Exhaust blocked ? Does it stall if you let it idle for a while ? How does it sound when it run? Guy
  2. guy53


    I have one to give away, so it's free. I can assure you it's not the best one. Guy
  3. guy53


    the best one are the new one. Guy
  4. I think all the above are true but I'd like to ad stress. It happend to me when I switch bike the 2 last time. Guy
  5. In my case, I loosend the allen before I take it apart Guy
  6. I have the same problem with my Boulder. I tried socks made of thin cotton, thicker cotton, 2 different kind of wool with the same result. It would be quicker to cut the socks than take them off. Last Thursday I went for a ride, it was quite hot, but this time I whore Jitsie trials socks, I won't say there cool but I felt better in them. I will try to find what they are made of and try to find a short version of them. Guy
  7. guy53


    This morning, there's a brand new Dunlop GP 803 on my ST 250, it's not the first one I ride. I like the overall performance of the Dunlop. I ride in the mountain a lot more than competing. Guy
  8. I just checked and I tiped "ScoreMonster" in the search bar in Play Store and it came out second in the result. Guy
  9. I just download the app ??? Guy
  10. Unfortumately, unhavalable in Canada Guy
  11. Hi MarkFromOttawa, I will check in my shed today, I might be able to help you. I will pm you later today. Guy
  12. A nice 250 modern. Guy
  13. Piston are rare, I've looked around for one a few years back and found a 3rd os. By the time I received it I had sold the bike. It was expensive ( $200.00 us ). Guy
  14. What kind of ''resistance '' do you have when you pull the perche. Guy
  15. Are all the flywheel the same ? Guy
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