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  1. gleiwitz

    CDI failures

    I own TRS 300 2016. Last year in January my CDI died. I bought a new one and since then the motorcycle has been working normally. I never came to what caused the CDI module to be damaged. You can find the history of damaged CDIs in this thread "Trs 300 rr backfire then loss of power?"
  2. This week in my TRS 300 2016 I had exactly the same problem I checked the carburetor and the entire electrics. After reading this topic I decided to check the CDI unit. I switched CDI from my friend's motorcycle. Unfortunately, I will also have to order a new CDI module. Thank you for your topic !
  3. gleiwitz

    2019 RR Vs One

    I have TRS one 2016 and I drive to this day without any problems. I changed from Sherco ST 300 2013 so TRS is still a great motorcycle for me. The only thing I could criticize is hard-working clutch rest works perfectly. I have no objections to the durability and quality of construction.
  4. gleiwitz

    Trs Clutch Effort

    I checked in parts manual 2018 and there are actually three types of clutch spring support soft, hard and med. The only question is whether it will fit my 2016 clutch.
  5. gleiwitz

    Trs Clutch Effort

    Unfortunately I have a problem with hard working clutch. I am a hobby rider and I compete in the hobby class. My TRS is from the first hundred that was produced. I absolutely love my TRS it is a great bike but my finger suffers a lot during competitions or longer training. I wanted to ask if anyone has already found a specific solution that will solve my problem? I would like to get an answer which part I have had to exchange to make it work easier and where to get it?
  6. Heheh It will be funny when I will instal new pump and it turns out that it still does not work hehehe
  7. Today I was practice and unfortunately the pump stopped working again I got upset and ordered a new pompe. I hope this will resolve the problem definitively.
  8. Problem solved The cause of the problem was vacuum pipe. It was not visible but when I disassembled the vacuum pipe I noticed that hose/pipe clip was badly mounted at the very end which caused the hose to deform and consequently leak / catch the air. I mounted a new vacuum pipe on the lef side of carburetor where I my opinion is more space and pipe will not bends Thanks a lot for your help.
  9. Thanks a lot guys for all tips. I will check the vacuum pipe carefully today. Just to be sure I will put on a new pipe and we will see
  10. Thank you very much for your help. I will check it and if vacuum pipe will be ok then I will order a new pump because I am slowly losing patience
  11. Thank you very much for the reply! I checked the hose only visually. I did not dismantle it. I checked its position so nowhere is trapped / pinched. I will check tomorrow whether there are any holes or cracks. Apart from the vacuum pipe, something may be the reason for not creating a pump-induced depression?
  12. Hello, I would like to ask for your help before I order a new petrol pump. Maybe I missed something during my investigation. The problem with my Sherco St 300 from end of 2013 is that the carburetor does not get fuel or gets too little. I first checked the vent of the fuel tank - one-sided valve ok, fuel hose - ok, fuel tap - ok. Just to be sure I started the engine with the unscrewed fuel tank to be sure the reason was not to vent the fuel tank I disassembled the fuel pump - cleaned - I have not seen any signs of wear or damage. I started the engine. After a while the fuel stopped flowin. I disconnected the fuel lines and fed the fuel directly to the carburetor using a syring. From disconnected fuel supply line from the pump to carburetor fuel does not flow. During engine operation in a normal situation petrol pump should pump fuel ? Do you have any ideas what else should I check?
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