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  1. You just can't let anything go, can you. It must be a hard life...
  2. I'm a multi national, and most of the wars fought of any significance were fought before I was born, so I don't have a lot to work out for myself.
  3. You guys are wound up tighter than a drum. Relax, you'll figure Brexit out... eventually.
  4. People miss things. Oh well. So he finishes the day on 5 and only cleans everybody elses clock by 15 instead of 20. As for stops, Japan is always lenient: you kind of have to be when the majority of the sections are literally impossible to ride no stop (although on day one everyone got surprised in one section where the chief actually decided to call a ton of stops).
  5. The short answer is, they all seem to work this way (meaning, AJP clutch master on these Sherco's). I tried two other '19 Sherco's last week and they both act the same. We put another master cylinder on the bike (making this master #3) and while initially it seemed to not exhibit the same behavior, by the end of the day it was exactly as it had been before. I didn't notice the bite point moving around or have any other issues with the clutch, so I've decided to just ignore it.
  6. heffergm

    Future of Gasgas

    Then you should contact that former GG NA importer, because he still has a ton of spares and it's likely he'll have what you need.
  7. Without fabricating a special tool, your best bet is swingarm off and flip it upside down to get some leverage. Alternative is flip the whole bike upside down
  8. heffergm

    Future of Gasgas

    It's rather irrelevant. If the people that really wanted GP's can't get them, they're going to buy something else that probably isn't a GG. I did. So whether the importer or GG itself is to blame, they're shooting themselves in the proverbial foot. I'd mention that NA isn't quite as small a trials market as you might be thinking. As a percentage of total population, yes, it's tiny. But before GG's 2015 kerfuffle, they were selling 60+ bikes a year just in New England, which is about 2% of the entire country in terms of geographic area. I haven't a clue what their total sales were nation wide, but after 2015 in New England, it's been near nil (almost every previous GG owner is now on a TRS). And it's certainly not going to recover as things are going.
  9. heffergm

    Future of Gasgas

    There's also this not fake news: https://www.elperiodico.com/es/economia/20190402/gas-gas-anuncia-recortes-en-la-planta-de-salt-por-menos-ventas-7387160 https://www.elperiodico.com/es/economia/20190508/preacuerdo-en-el-ere-de-planta-de-torrot-gas-gas-de-salt-7444459 Which is basically saying that GG filed to do a layoff based on low sales. Oh yeah, and Busto got dumped last minute. Why I haven't a clue, but if someone asked me to guess: Fajardo is doing better and probably costs them a lot less than Busto was, and they can't or don't want to pay for two riders/teams at the moment. Even if I'm wrong, the perception is there that GG is in trouble again.
  10. heffergm

    Future of Gasgas

    Nothing has changed regarding GG's importers, etc. in the last couple years. The fact that you can get product is great for you, but a sample size of 2 isn't statistically relevant. The US got no 19 GP's: if that's GG just not bothering, that's their choice obviously. The distances involved aren't really relevant when you have established means and modes of shipping... every other trials bike manufacturer manages it, and the cost is explicitly passed on to us anyway.
  11. heffergm

    Future of Gasgas

    'News', whether it's reported by outlets, or passed by word of mouth, is a large part of what drives consumer confidence in companies and in the market. So I think that whether the specifics surrounding GG as relate to this discussion are accurate or not, it certainly points to a general feeling of uncertainty around the companies' future by those on the outside of things. And that drives buying choices. I bailed on GG for a few reasons, but one fact that played a part was that I couldn't even get a '19 GP in the States.
  12. Unless it shipped with dot4 in it, which is unlikely, it's only ever had mineral oil in it. Clutch pack would not be relevant to the symptoms.
  13. Well, wasn't the slave either, or at least not the slave piston. No signs of scoring in the slave. Baffling. Unless it's possible to get a bad master cylinder, a bad rebuild, and another bad master. The likelihood seems low...
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