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  1. heffergm

    kevlar clutch

    It's certainly possible they got a batch of fiber plates that are swelling, it's happened before. Going to Kevlar presumably eliminated that possibility, which is as good a reason as any to do it.
  2. heffergm

    kevlar clutch

    I have an '18 (and I've had a '17 and a '14). It (the stock clutch) is perfectly fine. There was and is no problem with them... they've been the same design for eternity, if they were broken no one would buy them. I've also put Xiu (kevlar) clutches in a few of my GG's, and they work exactly the same... There's little difference in feel, provided the clutch pack is the same thickness as the one being compared to. The adjustable preload ring on all bellville spring bikes that have one works by the same principle: it's a stepped ring, so you pull out all the retaining bolts, spin the ring to line it up with the setting you want, and bolt it back on. And yes, this works exactly as it should on the '18. This is a Xiu adjustable ring, but the one in the '18 is the same thing but a different color.
  3. heffergm

    Opinion for a nice start

    A slow throttle tube is a cheap fix if you find it a problem at first.
  4. heffergm

    Opinion for a nice start

    This isn't a hard decision. If you've ridden before, and you want something to have fun on that is suitable at almost all skill levels, get a 250.
  5. heffergm

    ARC levers not fitting

    Published 2011: In his book, “Exploring Global Landscapes of Litigation,” Christian Wollschlager notes that the litigation rates per 1,000 people shows that European nations top the list of the world’s most litigious countries. Here is a list of the top 5 most litigious countries by capita: Germany: 123.2/1,000 Sweden: 111.2/1,000 Israel: 96.8/1,000 Austria: 95.9/1,000 U.S.: 74.5/1,000 The Top 10 also includes the UK (64.4); Denmark (62.5); Hungary (52.4); Portugal (40.7); and France (40.3).
  6. heffergm

    Xiu Kevlar clutch machining?

    I've used the Xiu fingers as well. No modifications to anything.
  7. heffergm

    Xiu Kevlar clutch machining?

    I've put Xiu plates on my last two bikes. First time I've seen that.
  8. heffergm

    Xiu Kevlar clutch machining?

    I still don't understand the problem. The only difference between the Xiu fingers and the stock fingers is that they're cut out more for oil flow. The way they rest between the pack and the pressure plate is the same. There's no reason the Xiu fingers and stock wouldn't be interchangeable between packs.
  9. heffergm

    Xiu Kevlar clutch machining?

    Ok bro. Good luck.
  10. heffergm

    Xiu Kevlar clutch machining?

    The Xiu fingers are a drop in replacement. You don't need to do anything to them.
  11. heffergm

    2018 cold seize?

    Giving your trials bike to random people is a little like handing someone with zero firearms experience a loaded weapon and telling them to have at it. I'm amazed she stayed on it.
  12. heffergm

    2019 gearing?

    How many links is the 2019 chain? EDIT: nevermind, found it... 100 links. I think I've more or less come to terms with the pre-2019 gearing, so going from 3.8 to 3.9 should be a little better.
  13. heffergm

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    I think there's been a general degree of unhappiness with and friction between sport 7 and local organizations. I'm not all that surprised they're done.
  14. heffergm

    Making a 250 Behave Like a 200

    Slow throttle. Call it good.
  15. heffergm

    2014 footpeg hanger snapped Gas Gas Factory

    They beefed them up for 2018 with an added piece metal welded to the bottom of the bottom bracket.