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  1. heffergm

    Busto & Gas Gas Part Company

    Busto's social media has seemed to indicate he might be taking a year out. He also appears to have been injured (ankle) quite recently.
  2. heffergm

    Busto & Gas Gas Part Company

    The reason better be either (a) Busto has a ride elsewhere, or (b) GG has run out of money and can't pay him. Anything else is nuts. I hope he announces a new deal shortly.
  3. heffergm

    Rim tape removal

    adhesive != glue
  4. heffergm

    Rim tape removal

    Heat gun and your finger. WD40 and some elbow grease works as well.
  5. heffergm

    Started engine with no oil

    I've seen 2t's go without oil for hours, then go for another 200 and counting afterwards. I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. heffergm

    Lower frame protection (the bit that gets hammered)

  7. heffergm

    Greeting from Italy

    I'm Italian American (I was born in the US but have two passports/citizenships). My family emigrated from Chiusano, Avellino. As you may guess I never got to practice Trial in Italy, although I go back to visit Italy whenever I can. One day though...
  8. heffergm

    2019 Vertigo 300 fuel consumption

    I guess they were a mixed bag. The one guy around here that had one rebuilt the transmission several times...
  9. heffergm

    Greeting from Italy

    Benvenuto Sergio... mi manca l'italia, anche il nord
  10. heffergm

    2019 Vertigo 300 fuel consumption

    I haven't had mine in a while ('17 Ice Hell) but the wet map on mine was ridiculously rich. Try the normal map and see how it goes. As I recall mine didn't use a ton of fuel, but I also thankfully never had an Ossa to compare it to.
  11. heffergm

    Have I missed something ?

    Yeah, I'm sure it's just a byproduct of the continent taking revenge for Brexit...
  12. heffergm

    Front brake mystery

    Rebuild the master cylinder.
  13. heffergm

    2019 NETA schedule

    Don shows up now and again. I heard anecdotally he may turn up more this year.
  14. heffergm

    Have I missed something ?

    My point was that all the best indoor riders are GP level riders without exception. Mateo Grattarola is a now T2 rider, former GP rider, who's ridden indoors before. By most accounts he would be a good bit more advanced than Pat, and he's never made much of an impact indoors. Several ridiculously talented T2 riders have recently ridden indoor (Peace, Aniol Gelabert, Haga) and gotten smoked. Again, all respect to Pat, but I don't see it happening.