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  1. heffergm

    Keihin Carb to Airbox Seal?

    That hose clamp isn't doing you any favors. It's bunching up the boot, which is going to kill any seal, and it's also got perforations which are going to cut into the boot. Clean the carb, inspect boot for damage, use the stock clamp, clean air filter, grease the filter sealing surface lightly with silicone grease, check for air leaks around the boot with WD-40.
  2. heffergm

    TXT Pro Front Pipe Bottom Bolt

    If you're talking about the exhaust header bolts, you don't need any special tools other than a T handle allen wrench (https://goo.gl/My8jQq). Just turn the front wheel to the left or right to get it out of the way.
  3. heffergm

    Toby Martyn

    Let me ask it a different way: how does winning a T2 championship, defending it for a year, then going to GP not progress his career? I'd argue it progresses it more than going straight to GP now, finishing 10th on good day, and mentally taking a beating for the next 4 years. I'm not cynical enough to think that Beta is treating this purely as a money grab. Obviously money factors into things, but since Beta already field Dabil and Caby, they're invested in the logistics of moving bikes/parts/people/etc around the world. All they'd really be paying is airfare and lodging for one more rider if Toby got tossed in, so again, I don't think the expense is a big consideration.
  4. heffergm

    Toby Martyn

    Because they'd rather see him win a T2 championship at the world level while he continues to progress? You guys need to stop seeing T2 as a necessary evil on the way to GP and instead as a worthwhile championship to win in its own right.
  5. heffergm

    Beta Evo Factory 300 2T 2017 Suspension SAG

    I've never bothered setting rider sag. If your spring is about right for your weight (probably 65 or 70N/mm in your case, which is typically what bikes come with) you'll be fine. Another way to say this is if your spring is stock, just set static sag to 10mm and ride it. There's no way the spring or the shock are dead on a 2017 beta.
  6. heffergm

    Beta Evo Factory 300 2T 2017 Suspension SAG

    Like I said, 10-20mm static sag, should be good. Sounds like you're about there already.
  7. heffergm

    Beta Evo Factory 300 2T 2017 Suspension SAG

    Figuring out your definition of springy is tough on the internet, but the bike shouldn't be springy by my definition. You want between 10 and 20mm static sag. At your weight, with the standard spring, I'd shoot for something closer to 10. Then go ride and adjust the damping to taste.
  8. heffergm

    Toby Martyn

    In the CET he'll get to ride against Bou, Gelabert, Raga, Noguiera, Marcelli, etc. There is no better pool of trials talent in one place other than GP. He gets to ride against all the guys he'll be going against in GP in the future, without any real pressure other than to learn. Again, good move on his part in my opinion.
  9. heffergm

    Toby Martyn

    Yeah, that's why I made note of it
  10. heffergm

    Toby Martyn

    This is rather significant: "[Toby] will contest the 2019 Spanish national championship..."
  11. heffergm

    Toby Martyn

    I think it's brilliant. He gets a factory ride, he aims to win the title this time around (presumably on a 2t), and he lets Bou, Raga, Dabill, etc get a year closer to retirement before he moves to GP. Since he looks about 14 years old to me, I'm guessing he's still not even 20. There's zero reason to rush, given that it's basically guaranteed that within the next 4 years Raga and Fuji will both have retired, and Bou will be nearing the end of his career. It'll leave a big gap, and coming off a T2 title and a couple journeymen years in GP I think he'll have timed things perfectly.
  12. heffergm

    Toby Martyn

    Why not! Jan Peters goes pretty well on it. Maybe Beta will use it as a chance to promote the 4 stroke, maybe sling a few custom parts at it. I doubt it, but it would be neat to see a 4 stroke out there other than a Montesa.
  13. heffergm

    Trs front pipe seal?

    They're all like that to some degree. The GG uses a pretty big flange so it's not so pronounced. The Vertigo uses a paper thin one so it's easy to deform (and to over torque the flange bolts).
  14. heffergm

    Have you noticed......

    Western school hours haven't changed in decades. Them getting to school at 8:30 means up at 7. They get back late afternoon, plus an hour of homework, plus whatever other activities (sports, music, etc). Trust me, it's a full day. The Japanese system is all the same stuff just under watch of the state rather than the state plus parents. Pick your poison.
  15. 80:1 is very common in trials bikes, especially in ones that lubricate the main bearings with gear oil and not premix (i.e. GG, etc). TRS specs 100:1 in the manual. Vertigo is something like 120:1 per the manual. Just about everyone around here mixes 80:1 in anything else. I've got hundreds of hours on various GG's at 80:1.