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  1. Hello all Just a thought about marking out really with the traditional Red on you right blue on your left and green and yellow flags. I’ve always found this odd when FIM sections are so much easier to read being one colour for your route arrowed to go between them and even have a no entry ⛔️ on the back. I ride clubman and 50/50 so have to change between red/blue green/yellow if required mid route which makes it even more difficult to get it right. As for using yellow and green flags so many people find it hard to see these colours on the ground blending into it. so is it not easier to change to FIM type marking being a white square with a coloured arrow on it? also letting good younger riders progress Better getting used to FIM standards. My other query is finding out after years of assuming this is a FIVE! And found out it only a Three! ? So I always thought putting both feet down either side of the bike is a 5 but reading the rules it’s a 3 which is nuts because you not transferring any weight through the bike. but then I found out one foot on the bike (still transferring weight) and one foot/leg crossing the centre of the bike to the same side is a FIVE!! So I can sit in the bike paddle and foot though for a 3 using no skill Or still be technically balancing on the bike with weight through a least one peg still using skill it’s a 5 think it’s a bit bonkers really is this correct? What’s people thoughts? P.s not acu bashing just find it baffling ??‍♂️
  2. Hey Joe. Ive got a 2 beta 290 the same as yours. Beta relise bike models slightly early which is why it’s like that’s. So 2019 are out now. I use putoline trials strawberry 5ltrs of fuel to 70ml of oil loads of people will have there own preferences on types of oil choice Where are you based? Rich
  3. Mains have gone on my Evo 290 6206z bearing in there so I've been told it's meant to be a metal shield bearing in the past. What's your view on this?? Thanks in advance
  4. rij

    Hi There

    Hi Katana! Trials is ace and your skill will defiantly improve and cross over to your trail riding. I've done a few UK Rallys now and the odd enduro but you can tell when these skills come in! We are always learning but the main thing is we are all having fun at whatever level we're at. Rich Tubby Trial Team
  5. Hi Dave Are there any stourbridge trials coming up soon? I need to renew my acu licence and need to join your club and i need a code to entry online. Thanks Rich
  6. Anything bigger than a 250! call the ambulance! I'd have a 250 any day i ride a 290 evo 2009 and a 250 will do everything you will need. you need Smooooooth not POWER!!!! Rich
  7. hello It will be on motor tv at some point, with the brilliant commentator that tells you the result normally half way through the show! and doesn't tell you anything about riding tips or technics. can't you tell i love this guy!! Rich
  8. I just need to rant!!! I don't know who he is but he drives me to distraction to the point of not watching the show! He basically gives you the result during the trial mid show, not doing the normal thing of waiting to the end. So it's a bit like telling you the result of the Rugby at half time for the whole game because he's watched all ready Please get someone good like jack burnicle to do it!! he says it how it is, at the time it's happening with a little humour thrown in. Current guys voice just makes me want to rub a cheese grater against my face! DON'T TELL ME THE RESULT TIlL THE END!!!! F.I.M Motors T.v Rant over till I hear his loverly voice again... Rich
  9. Hi Dan We are doing the bewdley boxing day trial if you're bored! http://www.bewdleymotorcycleclub.co.uk/trials.html Rich
  10. Hi dan look at Stratford upon Avon Evesham Bewdley Stourbridge Kings norton Earl shilton (estc) clubs Not all clubs post their events on here so go direct to their own websites. Clubs vary in difficulty from easy to you might die Don't let this put you off we can't all be Toni bou Mx trousers will do Tubbys are out lot if you fancy meeting up we can teach you to fall off in style!! Local ish trial http://www.trialscentral.com/events-calendar/eventdetail/3431/-/estc-santa-claus-trial Chat to Dave on this link http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/57451-stourbridge-trial-tubby-trials-team/?fromsearch=1 He's a involved with the Stourbridge club or ask for Pete Hope this helps! Rich
  11. Hi Dan I'm from Redditch Have a look at the link for practice grounds. I'm a members of stourbridge club a great club to start with and lots of like minded people to help newbies! bikes rev3's are fab i started on a 200cc brilliant i wouldn't go bigger than a 250 as a beginner no mauler how tempting a bigger bike is. it will just discourage you. Use trials boots not mx boots maybe 2nd hand? they are massively different. trials lid gloves armour if you really need it some people do this. jeans and a t-shirt will get you going no spandex required if you need more info please ask! Rich http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/57696-practice-grounds-in-the-midlands/
  12. Try here http://www.jbanyeres.com/en/en
  13. Thats great to see it on the T.V but it would have been even better if the rest of the country got a chance to see it. We aren't all up't north you know!! Just thought the bananas were funny!! Rich
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