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  1. I find Clice trials pants very generous in size and all day comfy
  2. Just finished Graham Jarvis’s book. I really enjoyed it and there was a good bit on trials in there and how much Malcom Rathmell helped him. Very positive on the sport of trials. Well worth a read
  3. Well done. Great work. Croatia is a beautiful country so you should have some very nice places to ride.
  4. What boot would fit a larger calf muscle. Asking for a friend. ? size 45
  5. madmostin

    Beta Evo Decals

    Spiral Grafix have the templates for them. They don’t advertise them online but fire them an email and tell em what you want. Quick turn around and great value.
  6. Is it still available to buy new?
  7. Valves within spec. No discernible signs of wear despite 100+ hours. Hoping this spring stops the tapping.
  8. Just going through this now. Trying to find the problem. Dropped the motor but not had it on the bench yet. Will report back my findings
  9. In my experience and I’ve done a couple of training days. Stuart Day of https://www.trials-school.co.uk/ would get my vote. His teaching manner and enthusiasm is both encouraging and effective plus I’ve personally witnessed fellow club riders ability improved through his teachings. Also for an introduction to the sport the professionalism of his setup and availability of machines to hire and learn on make for an unrivalled facility
  10. Is the disk bent at all?
  11. The rubber inlet manifold is not great. Inspect for any cracks or poor fitting.
  12. 5th gear and turn the gas. They have a cv carb. Works very well. The hot start lever if not home properly will make the bike run unevenly. Likewise if the choke is not fully down will make it run awful. Run the machine in then look to getting the bosi tailpipe. Improves the power.
  13. It does with valve springs but that's more to do with the added inertia of the denser coils I guess. Not that a Fantic has valve springs. So I don't know. See above, not a bad idea.
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