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  1. I do hope so, otherwise the well intentioned changes may surmount to nothing. Instead of 5 for stopping you'll get a 5 for running out of time instead. I'm certainly intrigued how the 1 minute limit was arrived at. 1.30 would have the same effect - prevent the riders from poncing about in the sections for two long but plenty long enough to have a good attempt at the section. 1 minute will work however the sections will have to be much shorter than previous years. I think the biggest issue is that ALL of the rules can work (including stop allowed) however the crux of it is the sections need to be set accordingly. If the sections are set correctly and observed to the rules no stop works just fine. As will the new rules but not there's still no need to set the sections so that you dissappear up your own behind. I think good flowing sections that that can be ridden well within the time limit is the key to making the new rules a success. Fingers X'ed
  2. Spot on, need non stop sections which can easily be ridden within the time limit (time limit will just stop people balancing for 5 minutes in the same place) marked to the stop allowed rules to bring consistency to the observing. No doubt it won't be perfect but good on the ACU T&E for for taking these first positive steps.
  3. Tried to sell a 9 month old 250 but same as everyone else selling used bikes had absolutely no interest so decided to keep it.
  4. How do the Sidi trials boots compare size wise to other brands? Would I be correct in thinking they come up a little on the smaller side?
  5. Don't get me wrong I love trials. But its a minority sport with no money, that is boring as hell to watch and pretty inaccessible to most. I find trials very boring unless your taking part, then its great! Its a lot easier to pop down and try your hand at snooker or darts!
  6. Yes but they need to be paid for by somebody, most clubs barely scrape by as it is after paying for land usage / insurance etc. No shop would benefit nearly enough to warrant the expense on a monthly basis (sponsorship) Also the same half a dozen riders will win the prizes all the time, whether that be cash, trophys or 'Goodies' . And I realy wouldn't want to see entry fees go up just to cover that. Costs enough with 2 of us riding weekly as it is.
  7. They shift fine providing there's nothing wrong! We had one that used to get hung up between 1st and 2nd, even with the engine off. Turned out to be the bearing on the back of the selector drum not quite pressed home and made the selector drum tight. If you strip the clutch and clutch casing off and remove the gearchange mechanism, you should be able to get a socket / nut driver on the end of the selector drum to see if it has free movement. If its tight a good thwack with a mallet should hopefully seat the bearing without splitting the cases. I split mine so I could identify the fault. Hope this helps!
  8. If you have a choice go for the newer design, 2018rr onwards I believe. Earlier models have a segment gear like the gasser. Never heard of any issues though. The newer setup has a full gear and works great, just takes a 'normal' kick to start, unlike a Gasser where you have to kick like your trying have the footrest off! If in doubt the UK importer will no doubt be able to advise you which models introduced the latest setup.
  9. Is the outer race a tight fit in the headstock tube? should be a press fit.
  10. We have a 250 and it its great, nice and mellow low down with plenty on tap if you need it. I think as a novice rider a 250 would be ample.
  11. I ~think~ the flywheels were lightened mid way through the 2018 production run in order to quicken the engine response, could be worth trying to find out via importer or factory and see what was different?
  12. Fuel tank breather / one way valve blocked / partially blocked and causing a vaccum? Or maybe an issue with the fuel pump / breathers if the bike has the tank at the rear? cant remember which year it changed.
  13. these work a treat, made for the job http://www.modelshopleeds.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=18300andgclid=CjwKCAjw1KLkBRBZEiwARzyE7_wJa-122MvNqQONcIBwt1OmuW5iv-xnoCoEQRrpxXF9ODwTMq8AXhoC5igQAvD_BwE
  14. I have done one a while ago, not hard all all, older engine is more simple!
  15. crashmonkey

    19 GP.

    Same as TRS RR but not the TRS Gold, think they are billet titanium or something.
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