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  1. Test ride

    Why not contact TRS uk the importers and ask them if they either have a bike or can point you in the right direction?
  2. TRS 125 RR 2018

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    2018 TRS 125 RR Just 6 months old (feb18) Brilliant clean bike, new rear tyre Maintained regardless of cost Fully serviced and ready to ride Few scratches commensurate with the sport Big saving on new £4750 ono

    4,750.00 GBP

  3. Beta 2019 models? When release?

    I believe the standard models are end of October and the Factory replica's around Feb/March time
  4. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    If you've got brake pressure but no bite get the brakes really hot by riding them them dragging then quench rapidly with water -- repeat 2 to 3 times if nessessary. Will sort it - doing it for years - no warped disks or anything else. Loads do it.
  5. 2016 evo 250 swing arm torque setting

  6. TRS 125 riding impressions?

    My son now rides a TRS 125RR. We've had the bike for a couple of months now and we are quite delighted with it. It was quite a decision having only had betas since we started trials. Yes the power valve will be an addition for next year, but the motor is still very good without it. The methodology with TRS is that components / changes / design needs to be 100% before they release and I think this is the correct way. He rides at expert level so the bike is more than capable, and comes very well spec'd which was a big appeal for us. The machine is very well designed and well thought out prior to release, this makes the bike very easy to work on for routine maintainence. So far so good
  7. Starting competition

    There's a club trial at Earl Shilton Trials club on Sunday 1st April. Why not come and have a look and get a feel for whats what. Or you could join on the day and just have a go. Very friendly club, that also runs monthly training days at a very reasonable cost which are a great help. Club membership for practice is also available at the ground www.estc.co.uk
  8. Scott type events for clubman / youths

    Mintex T&O run by Richmond MCC - normally around June time on the same ground as the Scott - 2 laps of 30 sections - about 45 miles total - A and B class riders. Scott trial but on a smaller scale for the youth riders.
  9. Where are all the entries????

    That's like saying you can't buy a football because you only want a kick about and aren't interested in joining the local team. Lots of people enjoy their bikes and riding for what it is (supposed to be) ...fun and relaxation! You sound like your going to start press ganging people as your next step. It may be worth listening to what the people that don't come to trials have to say rather than telling them their just wrong.
  10. Where are all the entries????

    And that's where your entry's are
  11. Where are all the entries????

    So if apparently the system works so well and there's no issue why is there a thread asking where all the entry's are? No wonder only about 5 internet warriors ever post on here. Says it all
  12. Where are all the entries????

    Yes and it works great bar a couple of little glitches, but not many organisers use it unfortunately
  13. Best ride in the Scottish: Tom Minta

    Pretty sure Toms not yet old enough to ride anything over a 125 on the road. Think you gotta be 19 to get a full licence.
  14. Rev 3 Rear Mudguard Alternative

    Yeah I had thought of that, strange feeling this is going to cost me a new mudguard though lol
  15. Rev 3 Rear Mudguard Alternative

    Hi everyone, Is there any alternatives to the standard rear mudguards for a late model Rev 3. Maybe fitting one from another bike etc? Its a late model 2008 and I really really don't want to pay £100+ for a rear mudguard. 'Ive spent a lot of time giving the old girl a tidy up and an engine rebuild and was hoping to fit new plastics. Any help appreciated. Thanks all :-)