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  1. Hi just wondering if anyone knows of any 2 day trial events in north of England, suitable for a novice/clubman rider? alwinton 2 day any others?
  2. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to ride rock sections, similar to sections in the Scottish 6 day trial. or can anyone recommend any good training videos or books on techniques for riding rocks. I just can’t seem to find the rhythm and momentum, I end up clattering through them. Others seem to float over them.
  3. Hi, I'm possibly looking to buy a new TRS 250 but struggling to find the differences in the models ONE vs ONE R vs ONE RR vs ONE Gold. I am a novice clubman rider, based in the UK. I 'm looking for the model that has the highest spec suspension but with the softer engine. Can anyone point me where I can find the differences between the models. I looked on the importers website but it isn't 100% clear to me. Thanks
  4. pancho247

    Beta evo 2023

    Does anyone know what time of year the new models are released? It’s around mid year isn’t it?
  5. Thanks everyone, much appreciated
  6. It's definitely leaking from the seals. I'm assuming its running down the leg then onto the floor but not really checked. Are you thinking there might be a leak in the fork leg? Like a crack? The oil is clean, it was changed with the seals.
  7. Hi I have a 2013 Beta Evo, had it from new, very little use (5 trials a year on average, give or take) and when it has been ridden it's just the easy course. Just before Covid started the fork seals went so I had them replaced by my local Beta dealer. I did 1 trial then lockdown struck and the bike didnt see any more action until November last year. I did 1 trial and the forks seals were leaking again. I have had them replaced by my local dealer again and done 2x easy trials and now they are leaking again. BUT also, when the bike is sitting on a stand in the garage doing nothing, the oil is pooling underneath almost as if its pressurised and pushing the oil out by itself? The RH side is worse than the LH side but both sides are leaking. Any thoughts what the problem could be? I don't want to throw another set of seals in, I suspect something else is wrong? Bushes could be worn but I'd be surprised given how little use it's had?? Thanks
  8. Hi, looking for some direction. I’ve lost touch a bit with the trials scene and there’s been a few new manufacturers over the last few years, TRS and vertigo. I seem to ride better with lighter weight bikes, with smooth controllable power. I’m just a novice rider, don’t need stacks of power. I’m fancying changing my beta evo 250, I love it, especially how smooth and controllable the power is, but for no other reason than I fancy a change. Am I right in saying the trs is the lightest bike on the market? I saw some conflicting info on the internet? I hear the 300 betas and trs are generally softer power delivery than the 250? I’ve always had 250s but wonder if I should consider a 300. I hope to try a few before I buy, but trying to get and idea what to try first. Thanks
  9. Hi, I’m looking for a bit of help. Not ridden my beta in nearly 2 years. I was going to enter a competition a few weeks ago and found my rear brake was not working. I bled it and unceased the calliper pistons, but didn’t see much difference, so I didn’t compete. Went green laning instead I took it to my local shop he had a go and thought he fixed it. He bled it, did more unceasing of the calliper pistons and adjusted the rear brake pedal. I chucked the bike in the garage but didn’t try the brake. Stupid I know! Fast forward to now, I was gonna do a competition tomorrow, got the bike out and back brake is still rubbish, maybe marginally better. there looks plenty of meat on the pads. what else could the problem be? thanks
  10. I’m needing some new trials pants. I tried on some mots, although the waist was fine, they assume my legs are like chop sticks. It felt like they were sprayed on my legs, like skinny jeans. can anyone recommend some makes of trials or enduro pants that are a bit baggier, more of a comfort fit for us who don’t have such an athletic figure?
  11. Hi i currently ride a 2013 beta 250, which I love and is the best bike I’ve had, very easy to ride. I’ve saved some penny’s and fancy a new ride and love the look of the TRS bikes. There is no point buying another 250 beta as I might as well just keep mine and I fancy a change. What are people’s opinions on what the easiest of the TRS bikes to ride out of the 250, 280 and 300. I’m just a novice rider so don’t need a load of power. I know people will advise to go ride one which I will, but any up front info and options will be great. Thanks
  12. Going by the colour scheme of the plastics it’s a 1998 model.
  13. I use a beta evo 250 for trials and a beta xtrainer for trail riding. 60 -70miles per tank with the Xtrainer, great bike.
  14. Hi just wondering what the best brake pads are for the evo. looking on the beta page £25 for a pair of fronts and £15 for rears. looking on other trials websites you can get non beta aftermarket pads, some cheaper, some same price. cost doesn’t bother me so much, I would rather the best. any recommendations? cheers
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