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  1. I’m needing some new trials pants. I tried on some mots, although the waist was fine, they assume my legs are like chop sticks. It felt like they were sprayed on my legs, like skinny jeans. can anyone recommend some makes of trials or enduro pants that are a bit baggier, more of a comfort fit for us who don’t have such an athletic figure?
  2. Hi i currently ride a 2013 beta 250, which I love and is the best bike I’ve had, very easy to ride. I’ve saved some penny’s and fancy a new ride and love the look of the TRS bikes. There is no point buying another 250 beta as I might as well just keep mine and I fancy a change. What are people’s opinions on what the easiest of the TRS bikes to ride out of the 250, 280 and 300. I’m just a novice rider so don’t need a load of power. I know people will advise to go ride one which I will, but any up front info and options will be great. Thanks
  3. Going by the colour scheme of the plastics it’s a 1998 model.
  4. I use a beta evo 250 for trials and a beta xtrainer for trail riding. 60 -70miles per tank with the Xtrainer, great bike.
  5. Hi just wondering what the best brake pads are for the evo. looking on the beta page £25 for a pair of fronts and £15 for rears. looking on other trials websites you can get non beta aftermarket pads, some cheaper, some same price. cost doesn’t bother me so much, I would rather the best. any recommendations? cheers
  6. pancho247

    Beta 2019 model

    Does anyone know, or heard any rumours if Beta will bring out a new model for 2019? The EVO has been going a long time now. It's due refresh. Saying that it is still an awesome looking machine, for me the best looking machine out there. My EVO is now 5 years old and I fancy an upgrade. Should I take the plunge or wait 6 months, hmmmmmm, decisions decisions.
  7. Its definitely all the bikes fault why i'm so rubbish.
  8. Serious question........ whats the best way to keep the inside of your helmet clean? Is there any products to keep it fresh.
  9. pancho247

    250 vs 300

    I am a clubman rider. I have a 2013 250 evo. Best bike I've ever had, suits my riding style. Really smooth and easy to ride. And more power than I need.
  10. I completely understand that there is no replacement for getting out on your bike and riding. but what are the best exercises, you can do in the gym through the week to help your fitness for riding at the weekend ? cardio? Strength training? Interval training? Combo?
  11. Also make sure your front brake and clutch lever aren't pointing up too much. Point them down slightly
  12. pancho247

    Stolen Betas

    what do people typically use for security for their bikes? I have a heavy duty chain and lock but don't have it secured to a solid anchor point. With all the bike thefts recently I want to upgrade my security. What do you guys use?
  13. Hi all, I'm looking to pick up some road legal goggles for trials/enduro helmets? Im sitting my bike test in a week and my instructor told me mine weren't road legal and wouldn't be allowed to use them in the test. what goggles to people use for trials/enduros that involve some road work? Like the Scottish 6 day? Thanks in advance.
  14. Anyone know the dates and venues for this years British trials championship. Might try and go and watch some this year. Cheers
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