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  1. I found the jitsie website keep up to date
  2. Hansen and Hippel racing do a 2 mil larger slave cylinder than will fix your problem. Two springs out works too. Did that to my last bike with zero problems
  3. It time to go recheck your work again. You have most likely screwed up your reassembly of the clutch
  4. Nah. Just run a few lines of silicone on the backside to protect paint. After a muddy event I will pull them all off to clean behind but we don't see much mud in Australia 😆
  5. Nice find. Don't forget to load it up with some protection before you head out. I put fork swingarm frame and exhaust guards on mine and it still looks like new underneath
  6. Hippel racing and Hanson racing
  7. The rev 3 and Evo clutch do have a narrower range of engagement compared to other brands. You do get used to it rather quickly and if you don't then swapping out the clutch slave cylinder for a larger diameter one will give you a more progressive engagement and lighter feel. Don't really rate any of the four strokes as quiet tho. Just bear that in mind. The Evo 4t is the quietest. If you still learning, then setup the Rev properly, keep it for a year till you gain valuable experience and then move up to a fresh bike
  8. I would put a lot of money on the exhaust being totally clagged up. A bike that old is guaranteed to have it's central exhaust box full of carbon and unburnt oil.
  9. I had an 06 for my kids. The stocker cracked. Replaced it with a guard off an 11 or 12 if I remember correctly. All you had to do was drill two holes to match the Rev 80 front guard bracket.
  10. Had a rev 3 200. Now have an Evo 200. Beta have not changed the engine characteristics much at all. The older Rev felt like it had a heavier flywheel but I never bothered checking. The 200 is the ideal entry level/beginner. If your screwing up on one of these then you probably shouldn't be riding trials
  11. That's a two minute job for any competent Tig welder. Get em to put a spot on it and polish it smooth yourself if you want to be a tightarse.
  12. Have you contacted Splat about this discrepancy?
  13. Not much torque on a Beta 200???? You've got to be kidding me. I have 2 of them. Couldn't be happier. Ideal sized bike for trials for anyone less than A grade.
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