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  1. I had an 06 for my kids. The stocker cracked. Replaced it with a guard off an 11 or 12 if I remember correctly. All you had to do was drill two holes to match the Rev 80 front guard bracket.
  2. Had a rev 3 200. Now have an Evo 200. Beta have not changed the engine characteristics much at all. The older Rev felt like it had a heavier flywheel but I never bothered checking. The 200 is the ideal entry level/beginner. If your screwing up on one of these then you probably shouldn't be riding trials
  3. That's a two minute job for any competent Tig welder. Get em to put a spot on it and polish it smooth yourself if you want to be a tightarse.
  4. Have you contacted Splat about this discrepancy?
  5. Not much torque on a Beta 200???? You've got to be kidding me. I have 2 of them. Couldn't be happier. Ideal sized bike for trials for anyone less than A grade.
  6. We put Forma soles on our Sidi boots. Almost 12 months in and have been super impressed with the longevity. The Sidi soles are very very grippy though. It's always a tradeoff though- grip vs longevity
  7. Just build up the worn area underneath the peg mounts and grind back flat. That will be perfectly fine. That is some serious scarps tho. I would suggest riding lighter on the bike
  8. I had one of these. A regular job with this model was to pull the clutch plates out and run the steels some emery paper on a flat plate so as to allow oil in between the plates. The stockers were almost mirror smooth and this fixes the problem. And considering it's a 20 year old bike, would pay to do all the other stuff too
  9. The crack you heard was most likely the kickstart engagment gear crapping itself. A regular occurance with gassers. Every one of mine has either eaten its ks gear or the shaft or both.
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