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  1. Unless silencer is wrecked you could clean it out and re pack it, not sure if the end comes off the Rev 3 to get old material out, roll of silencer repacking material is very cheap. 2 stroke silencers can get very clogged with unburnt oil.
  2. Don’t know how postage would work out for you, but look up Richard Allen trials parts or trials bike breakers uk. Both good source of used parts if there isn’t anywhere similar near you. Definitely want 70:1 for oil, putoline tt trial pro or similar. Brake/clutch levers are pretty standard, available in usual range of colours, prices. Google search for rev 3 will show you plenty of choice to suit grimeca master cylinder
  3. 18 primary, 14 front and 60 rear is as good a place to start as I found. Can adjust rear by couple of teeth if not quite what you want.
  4. timdog

    Stuck Float?

    Should be like the scene in Forrest Gump where he strips rifle and reassembles it blindfolded in seconds. Carbs on the table and go.
  5. I wouldn’t be over concerned about the lights, just a guide having had a few Main thing is how long does it last before power tails off, depending on type of riding, hills and flat out riding take their toll
  6. Is it a new or used bike, when fully charged check the voltage of each battery separately, a good battery will show about 12.8v and a dead one 12v, sounds strange, but if one is dodgy that would be my first thing to check.
  7. timdog

    C15T Query

    If you want to stick with Amal then a 622 concentric is the one I have always used and is the one specified/supplied by Amal for a C15 I have a spare perfectly good used one but I’m guessing you’re in Australia. I’ve seen trials type pattern on 20 inch C15 wheel maybe ok for green lanes but not a trials competition tyre,
  8. Thumbs up for “boost bikes” if you don’t want to build your own pack then boost bikes in Ireland make a very well put together pack in a waterproof sealed unit. Not cheap but worth it for the upgrade. I rode round on my sons oset 24 few times. I’m 6’2 and would need something bigger, depends how much you intend doing with it.

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Was working fine when removed from BSA C15. Complete with choke and choke lever(can be blanked if not wanted). Not sure of jet sizes but comes with new no4 cutaway slide. Needs needle clip. Boxed and can be posted, expected 2/3 day insured with Hermes for £6

    40.00 GBP

  10. We had oset 20 and bought lipo pack from your man in Kilkeel, Boost batteries. Made amazing difference, expensive and some clever people make their own but to me it was worth every penny for the extra fun it gave. Made bike much lighter and lasted way longer than the lead acid ones
  11. A fully charged 12v battery should read about 12.6v. A reading of 12.2v is only about half charged. 12v is apparently classed as flat.I remember this from testing a dodgy car battery. It’s surprising how little the resting charge without load has to drop to show a faulty battery. That would explain the lack of power and short life(I assume)
  12. To pass some time try bpvideolibrary.com and type trials in search bar. Classic BP videos from 60’s. Trial and error, champions on two wheels and six days in Scotland. https://www.bpvideolibrary.com/record/639 https://www.bpvideolibrary.com/record/659 https://www.bpvideolibrary.com/record/722
  13. Seem to recall taking about 1 1/2 litre but that’s not 100% as I haven’t measured it, just fill it up. The oil never gets too hot, Definitely want the return in top of tank above the oil level so you can check it’s flowing fine. It took slightly more than a Terry Weedy tank if anyone can help with the volume for those. Perfectly happy with Terrys tank but I like the high air filter on this unit for the very wet North East!!
  14. I can’t claim any credit for the fabrication as it came with a Faber frame I bought, but this combined air filter/oil tank was made and works well. Uses a modern air filter element from a Sherco or Beta and an in-line oil filter from D&C classic motorcycles. Oil return is into top of tank, you can see this at front of first pic, with breather visible next to air filter. May help with ideas of what can be built.
  15. My lad had a new beta 80, used to start from cold and after few mins the revs would just build and had to pull lanyard off. Eventually found the breather pipes had been cable tied together in factory so tight they couldn’t breath. Easy to overlook
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