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  1. Can’t help with anything official but someone with more knowledge on the bike might help out. Made between 67/68 by Bob Gollner and Mick Whitlock, Believe frame numbers started at 1501 so I would assume it’s a 67.They were available in kit form or fully built Mine had never been registered so I couldn’t easily find anything official to help re registering it. Should have the Greeves square barrel on and frames were nickel plated originally.
  2. Will it be appearing at a local trial soon
  3. Afraid same happened to ours and it was the motor itself. These can be rebuilt if you have the knowledge.(or replace it as I didn’t ) Try running motor direct from battery to test it
  4. Tried one a while ago, biggest difference riding it was the brushless motor, no engine braking, it was like you’d pulled clutch in, much smoother power delivery and better components.
  5. Quick idea until can ring oset with frame numbe, google each year model and check the images as pretty much the only visible change was the graphics and colour
  6. Please post if you find a supplier of the plug, I have a perfectly good charger missing it’s charger plug, Had to buy whole new unit
  7. Beware the charger on the 24 with the screw in end is very tight and as you discovered easy to separate into different parts. I’m guessing it’s a generic charger adapted to fit the oset battery pack a one piece plug would have prevented this. I used a tiny bit of grease to lubricate it and remove it after charging very carefully. If the orange charge light does not come on it’s likely either a faulty charger or the plug coming apart. Only other issue I had was occasionally if it would not start charging I had to change the on off switch position on battery pack then reconnect. Possibly something to do with all the battery monitoring built in. Can’t explain why but it happened and turning switch to on or off cured it
  8. Can you try the charger on someone else’s bike, if it works it’s ok, or borrow a charger to test if that works on your bike. Had same issue with mine and the charger was goosed, needed a new one.
  9. DAB ones do protect the bottom a bit as they wrap round a bit
  10. DAB frame protectors covered that part on mine
  11. I’ve used Michelin on back of fantic and bsa c15 without any problems with tube and rimlock bolts, but I am aware others have problems keeping tyre on rim at low pressure so maybe down to individual rims. common best practice seems to be IRC tyre on rear for tubes, got one on now and it’s great
  12. Used it with tube on fantic and bsa C15 without any issues, just swapped to IRC tyre with tube when needed replacement and so far I like it on the fantic
  13. Actually, yeah ban the youths cos they all beat me
  14. Entry cost was never increased to subsidise kids or penalise those without .It was reduced here for youths for reasons above. All it means is the club covers the insurance and make no profit on youth entries. All our clubs welcome it and welcome new adults too. The kids conducted trials are run by parents so no hassle to the organisers and any training is open to anyone. As for training courses take a look at how popular Richmond’s trial school is. All run by parents and the clubs top riders who do it for the love of it. Suppose I could leave the kids at home to go sit on street corners or take them somewhere else and they’d lose my entry fee too.
  15. The reason for cheaper entries is clubs graciously helping out families. We all know the cost of buying and mainting a bike, then triple it with two kids riding. It makes a big difference to some people if kids only pay a fiver to ride. This covers the insurance. The future of trials is in riders whether they be 10 or 50. I would say keeping a supply of new observers is equally important to the future.
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