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  1. Definitely try gear lever direct onto shaft and remove the linkage, only want it on for a road bike. Then you will know if the issues is internal or if it was that linkage
  2. Was it running ok previously or has this just started. These bikes have a poor petrol tap. They can become very stiff to fully open, always a possibility that the tap isn’t functioning. Had to replace one on my sons for exactly this reason
  3. Similarities to cheetah but headstock different.
  4. The name or badge on them doesn’t bother me at all, I just want the shocks that suit the bike best. Current ones are ok but my njb definitely had better damping, hugged the ground better
  5. Thinking of replacing rear shocks on my TLR 200, currently has aluminium betors 395mm. Length seems fine but I’ve had Falcons and NJB ultimates on Fantic and really liked the NJBs Just wondering if anyone has the Falcon long bodied ones they make for the TLR or rockshocks fitted to give opinion on those thanks
  6. timdog

    Brake fade

    Air in system, leak etc usually causes a spongy brake, one thing to check first, if brake is normal for a while before it fades is that the brake isn’t binding while riding. Even a little bit would cause heat, brake fade is when brake works fine then fades as brake fluid boils due to excessive heat. Normally on very heavy prolonged braking but I had a calliper seize causing one side to press on disc and heat it up. Brake then started to fade on use before it seized. Just worth checking wheel spins freely and brake works/releases
  7. timdog

    Ty stalling

    As mentioned above, check for crud in the tank, had a bike once that did the same as flow was restricted due to an in tank fuel filter being partially blocked with debris
  8. timdog

    No spark.

    Almost certainly the stator, Beta seems infamous for them, although in fairness they don’t last forever worth trying a coil from another bike to check spark or get yours tested but if no spark best bet is to send stator away for rewind. Not that expensive , check out westcountry windings, Bradford ignitions or trialssport beta stator rewinding
  9. 2004 bikes still more than capable, if you get one in good overall condition it should serve you well. Can’t comment re spares for gasgas personally. At that age I would suggest beta if you can find good one
  10. Assuming you want a modern bike, at that price condition is more important than make. Avoid anything that’s cheap because it’s in need of tlc, you could spend too much money and time on it. Obviously they will all have marks on them but check engine noises, brakes wheel bearings etc. I’d suggest a bike you can view rather than something off eBay that could turn out to be a pig. As first bike don’t go above a 250, more than enough for trials, certainly initially. Older bike but a good montesa 315 could be a good bike, very reliable and hold their value now
  11. Also been reading up on a device called tenease, maybe worth looking at
  12. I’ve had similar for two years, tennis elbow, pain down top of forearm when gripping. Rest from riding during lockdown hasn’t cured it. I might of had a dodgy physio but the exercises he suggested did nothing so I’m waiting for a different one.. I’ve recently tried using kinesiology tape (rock tape) and if applied as per the videos it does help symptoms. Injections may just mask the symptoms but not help to heal it, worth speaking to sports physio.
  13. Interesting link here might be of some help http://www.tomdonneymotors.com/2019/06/11/2-stroke-detonation/
  14. Haven’t used this part but I can vouch for the quality of their stuff and service. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them
  15. Always found Oset customer services helpful if you don’t get an answer
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