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  1. I've only been riding twinshock in last few years but I'm looking to Get a modern bike again. I've had 2 beta 300 4t and really like them but in the past I had a 2015 250 2t. Just want something for the trials my old bones find too much on the TLR. Id thought of returning to 250 2t but there is a 300ss going. Can't find much written about them other than the technical spec. Does anyone have any side by side experience of the 300ss v the 250. Cheers
  2. Don't agree trials is lagging behind at all. It's probably the most inclusive sport, girls/ladies compete in the same event and there is NO differentiation. They are welcome and capable. No need for separate events locally and I doubt they would want it as most ride with family and friends.
  3. My TLR won't do that.......well not with me on
  4. I'd just been looking at whether they would make a difference to my TLR looks like definitely worth it although mine aren't as bad as the old ones in the video as the have magical springs in.
  5. Was it running then packed up, or won't start after a rebuild
  6. If it comes down to the stator, the ref 3 was noted for stator failing, then West country windings do an exchange for reconditioned one. How strong is your spark, is petrol definitely get to the carb, i.e no blockage in tank? Strong blue spark could be timing out due to Woodford key/flywheel loose
  7. Another vote for both Falcon and NJB. Had two pairs of NJB ultimates and they were good. Length adjustable too
  8. Don't know how to actually test stator by measuring resistances etc but if no loose wires or bad earth and spark plug is good, plus you've tested the coil, or tried another that you know is working, then it will highly likely be the stator. The rev 3 is well known for stator packing up. Westcountrywindings have done a good job of a refurbed stator in the past, worth ringing them
  9. I can highly recommend brake shoe relining by Villiers services, book it via their website. They do a softer trials compound.
  10. Venhill do a front brake cable for the tlr, it’s heavier duty than the standard Honda. Works well on mine, not sure if it’s readily available in your neck of the woods.
  11. Nothing new there... sounds familiar to everyone(well except a lucky few) practice and confidence. It will come but takes longer than many people think. When you gain confidence you will be less tense, allowing bike to move under you and respond with little movements to correct things. Watch other people’s body positioning and ask someone to watch you and see if anything you need to change.
  12. Can’t comment specifically on your bike, shocks make big difference in how bike feels grips and responds over the ground. I’m assuming you need to replace as old ones aren’t up to it. Budget will play a part, if you want to spend the most then probably rockshocks, I’ve never used them but been very happy with njb ultimates on a bsa c15 and Fantic and falcons, but have betor on a bike now and again happy with them. Most companies now make them different lengths and with spring rates to suit rider.
  13. Villiers services relined my tlr brake shoes with soft, high friction material and the improvement in brake performance was noticeable. With trials tyres on I wouldn’t want to be travelling fast on the road.
  14. timdog

    Beta or Fantic!

    My experience at 53 when started was modern two stroke, as I’ve mentioned to you before I went to 4 stroke and much prefer them, but that’s personal preference. I bought aBSA C15 and spent money on improving it. Big heavy old lump but my smile was twice as big when rode that. Then a very well sorted 240 Fantic was next. Very good bike but never gelled with it, just wasn’t to my liking so sticking with 4 stroke I bought Honda tlr. Absolutely love it love riding on it working on it and just looking at it. From an enjoyment point of view it’s my favourite bike. Plus points, fun factor and smile,love the look and feel of the older bike, call it nostalgia or mid life crisis I don’t care it’s all about fun for ME and I’m happy. Down side, have to be selective which venues I would ride as some venues I would find too much on the twinshock. Better riders wouldn’t but I just want to have fun and not progress up the levels.Twin shock and classic trials are great fun and modern events where course is suitable. A lot might depend on where you are, are there many events where easy course is good for twinshock. I would maybe suggest upgrade your modern bike get plenty of trials under your belt and just enjoy it for a while, then see how twinshock appeals and try it, after all 2 bikes are better than one. You might use both at different events but give yourself a chance to see what appeals most.
  15. I don’t agree re 4T being to much for beginner, but as I mentioned earlier 4T isn’t something everyone takes to. Some try it and love it but some go back to 2T. I had a 2017 250 rr TRS and it was great. Suspension and brakes were noticeably better than Beta....BUT did I ride better, no because the differences were way better than I needed or was able to use. If I wanted a modern 2 stroke as 57 yr old who doesn’t want or need to hop round or launch up huge steps, I’d go back to 250 beta without doubt. Everything I would need and more. Slow action throttle if you need and/or drop a tooth at front. Yes 200 is fantastic but 250 is perfectly manageable, you just learn good throttle/clutch control. Look at what youngsters can do on a 125! So a 125 would be enough. But I prefer feel of 250, like the bottom end and don’t need to rev it. As for sticking with rev 3, again it’s a bloke thing...I don’t NEED the toys on my car but does it feel good, yes and nothing wrong with feeling good by having a newer bike. I feel better on my favourite bike so even if I don’t ride better I enjoy the day more and that’s big part of it for me. The enjoyment Its a very hard thing buying a bike based on advice as we all like different things for different reasons, once you have the bug to change it’s almost impossible to resist
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