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  1. I bought one from eBay “Ryde small motorcycle cover.” Only £8, covered trials bike well and survived motorway journey from Kent to Northumberland in the rain. Not completely waterproof but kept all the road muck off
  2. Also Villiers services are handy site for engine spares if needed
  3. Shows up, barely, on this one
  4. I got a set of tank stickers from vmccshop.net
  5. Jitsie omnia pants, still stretchy and comfy but not skin tight spray on, I bought a size up from usual and they are loose enough
  6. Everything Jonboy said is true, very friendly sport, lots of people take it up around this age. Details of local clubs are on acu.org in members area. You can join a club and get your licence online. One way to get a bit of practice would be to go to a trial and learn how to observe, then you can observe a few trials with your bike, have a bit of a ride round and practice off road while there. When ready find out which are the easier venues near you and enter, you can always skip anything to really don’t like until confidence builds. Best practice will be taking part, beauty of trials is we all fall off. People will just give you help and advice.
  7. timdog

    Beta 300 4rt

    Agree re front sprocket as above, Bosi exhaust and it will sound superb
  8. timdog

    Beta 300 4rt

    I’ve had 2 beta 4ts and never had any problems over and above the normal servicing. Only niggle I find is they don’t like stalling, so if it does when hot and won’t start after 2 kicks, pull the red hot start lever out to start it. Personal preference but I find the fast standard throttle too quick(maybe perfect for you) Amal 80/200 throttle makes big difference just put the nipple in the “spare” hole on carb end, it’s obvious when you look and it fits perfect. Other than that I love them, very different to 2 stroke
  9. Changed my c15 to historic vehicle. No need for insurance as vehicle is SORN
  10. If you can get/borrow a volt meter check the voltage of each of the batteries after charging. A charged 12v battery should read about 12.7v if it shows 12v it’s actually classed as discharged and that means dodgy battery. However sounds like your Oset charger itself may be dodgy, we went through two when had Osets over 4 years. As above charge each battery separately and check they are ok then replace charger.

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    BSA C15 1962 road registered and recorded as historic vehicle. Faber frame, engine rebuilt, 280cc with triumph piston. No oil leaks! Engine sounds beautiful and pulls very strongly, lots of torque. New Amal carburettor. Very good starter with electronic ignition. Although the Faber frame was originally an oil in frame type, this bike has a very well made alloy unit combining oil tank (separate oil filter with replaceable internal filter) and air box with modern beta air filter, high up under seat. Brand new REH forks just fitted, with alloy yokes, renthal bars, falcon rear shocks, mitani alloy sidestand, custom alloy brake lever. Tiger cub rear hub, bultaco front hub both in akront rims. Spare outer engine covers, bought these to polish up but haven’t got round to it. This is probably my favourite bike to own, look at and listen to but is unlikely to be ridden in a trial by me again due to using my TLR. Not desperate to sell, happy to keep it but would be a very nice bike for someone who wants to ride it. I can recommend/book a courier who charges you up to around £120 for delivery in England.Exact price to be confirmed. Send message if want any information.

    4,600.00 GBP

  12. Jet is too except in certain area such as teeside Yorkshire the Humber and Scotland
  13. Meant to say I put it in fuel for 2T and 4T bikes too. No issues if a bike stands unused either.
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