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  1. timdog

    bosi off road website

    That’s it, I wanted an exhaust really
  2. timdog

    bosi off road website

    Would send it back but second one was wrong one again, still for 2 stroke. 2yr later still waiting for reply Think it’s part of brexit negotiations
  3. timdog

    bosi off road website

    Bought a beta side stand, they sent one for 2 stroke instead of 4 stroke (fits on opposite side) quick email and they sent replacement and have never asked for original back.
  4. timdog

    Jitsie Protective Gear

    Just the knee/shin guards. Don’t even notice them
  5. timdog

    C15 Inlet Manifold

    Which carb? Tufnol spacer available from amalcarb.co.uk or eBay. Possibly Villiers services. I used a 26mm one and made a difference to the pick up from idle. If by any chance that is what it’s for I droppped one size on cutaway on slide and that made big difference.
  6. timdog

    First Aid at Trials

    Just to put anyone’s mind at rest, it’s a common comment about people being sued if first aid goes wrong. There has never been a prosecution in this country for anyone giving first aid. Blame culture or not unless you chop someone’s arm off for a splinter then it ain’t going to happen.just ask any qualified first aider or first aid trainer who will confirm this More likely someone may try to complain there is no first aid provision. Seen plenty of bad cuts, broken shoulder, ankle etc but typical trials no shortage of people doing all they can to help.
  7. If you want to buy a ready made sealed pack then look up boost bikes
  8. As above, good advice. Doesn’t matter which club as most events are open so anyone can ride. Just pick club get Acu code some you can join on acu site, then licence. See members section on acu website it’s easy. check trials central and northeast motorcycle trials group on Facebook for dates as consett club have Wednesday night trials with very easy course on suitable for beginners. Next one wed 6 June great way to start . Richmond also have easy trials
  9. timdog

    Oset 12.5 - Lipo Conversion??

    If you happy to buy the components and make a pack with all the safety cut out features fir charging great, if not, like me i had to stump out and buy a ready made sealed pack from boost bikes. Not cheap but worth every penny for the extra smiles when it ladts longer
  10. timdog

    Oset 16 36v not working

    Motor shouldn’t be clunky, possibly bearings going/gone. These can be rebuilt by oset or anyone with the knowledge but it’s tricky due to the strong magnets. The non running seems like controller, we had one pack in due to water inside. You should be able to bypass everything and run motor direct from batteries, if that works it’s controller, do you know anyone who could quickly let you wire theirs in to double check Oset themselves are very helpfull if you email them
  11. timdog

    Beta Rev 4t owners manual

    betamotor.com then scroll down to your model to download
  12. timdog

    Garage alarm

    At least with the alarm you will wake up in time to wave goodbye to the bikes
  13. timdog

    Garage alarm

    I bought a yale wireless, came with usual keypad but i bought a remote for it. If you set it via the remote then there is NO delay if it is activated but obviously you can unset it via remote so sticky garage door is no issue. Garage locks that fasten to inside of door then turn a bolt into the wall together with the visible ones which bolt to floor with shielded padlock help. It may just slow someone down but hopefully they will pick a garage without any on. A rechargeable angle grinder will get past anything but you can only try to make it secure.
  14. timdog

    Is this a slow action throttle? EVO 300 4T

    If you want a slower than stock throttle on beta 4t easiest way is buy an amal 80/200 throttle body. No need to swap or adapt cable simply put the nipple on carb end into the other hole on the cam. 5 min job in total and makes noticeable difference
  15. timdog

    2011 Beta Evo 4T gearing question

    Went down a tooth to 10 on front and works great for me, but i like it to plonk slowly in first( thats why i like 4T) makes 2nd more useable for me combined with amal 80/200 throttle. Personal taste though