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  1. Give richard allen a message on fb. Allens used trials spares. He's great for used parts
  2. timdog

    Clutch ??

    Its a very common beta problem. Either try putting in gear and rocking back and forward with clutch in before start it to free sticky plates. Or be ready for it to move off when put it in gear but ride for a bit with clutch in until it releases. If its stood a while hopefully it will ease as its used more
  3. Top dealer near you, offroad moto in blyth if you need anything
  4. timdog


    Try richard allen, allens used trials spares on fb.
  5. One of the ways to centre the brakes is to leave everything finger tight then pull brake lever. Hold it on then tighten up spindle etc. I always have break shoes relined by villiers services using a much softer compound. Makes a big difference, order online its not expensive.
  6. timdog


    Gaernes seem to be the shortest, very comfy and subtle.
  7. Get bikes asap. Instruction is great but there is no substitute for bike time. You could pick the easier local trials, enter and just get practice riding round the course all day then pick any of the sections you feel confident enough to try and build up that way. You get a full day on the bikes together and learn as you go. Trials riders are a friendly bunch and you will get plenty of help and advice. Which area are you in, local members will be able to help re the easier events and whether local clubs run any practice days. Best thing is to join facebook trials group for your area
  8. 125 is same as the rest of the range in terms of spec, just smaller engine. Passing on the 125 to your son could be an option but not for several years yet and he would probably jump up to big wheel 80 first. For my 2 p worth i agree a 125 is very capable and most youngstrrs can do things with them i never could, but i dont like the power delivery. We have a 125 in the family and i couldnt ride it in a trial as well as a 250. I like the bottom end torque on the 250 not the buzzy 125. My brother in law just bought a fantastic example of a 2019 beta 200 for 3k from fb marketplace so there are good bikes out there. With a 250, particularly beta, you will find them very smooth especially with a slow throttle if needed
  9. I used njb ultimates. Really liked them
  10. timdog


    Good chice for plenty of fun.. What area are you in. Twinshocks are great if you find venues thst suit
  11. Second the above. Ring John on 01670 361080. Just up the road has great selection of gear and will talk you through everything you need to know while you browse(and spend) good trials scene in NE, plenty of venues suitable for new starters and quite often a practice day just turn up and ride where you will get lots of help and advice. Very friendly sport
  12. Banyeres trials parts did a mitani titanium stand. Expensive but very nice. Not sure if still available for the 4t
  13. No i don't need a 300 its about the diff characteristics of the 300, low down torque v the nippy feeling of 250. I wont use the full top end of either
  14. I've had a few i wish id just stuck with (first 250 beta and first 3004t) but i get bored with modern bikes and keep wanting something different.. This time though its staying (for at least 6 months). Actually fancy trying one of the chinese 2004t tenaci wong things. The 250 beta makes more sense to me
  15. In recent years I've only been riding occasionally and only using my TLR. I'm going to get a modern bike again, mainly because some venues are a bit much (for me) for the tlr. I'd like to keep it for the suitable ones. Previously had Beta 4t and loved it, I get on well with 4 strokes, like the low end torque etc.. But i fancy trying 2 stroke again mainly for the weight and a change as the big 60 approaches! Had beta 250 and TRS before, almost certainly going to stick with beta, got 2 v nice to choose from, 250 factory and 300 ss standard both 2017. My question is can any one give their opinion on 250 beta v 300ss I know all uk spec 300s are now the ss and i dont need a 300, sure dont actually NEED a 250 but i havent been able to get a go on the 300ss read that they're v smooth but pull like tractors
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