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  1. timdog

    Brake Drums

    I can recommend soft brake linings used by Villiers services. Simple to book relining on the website just send old shoes in
  2. most normal bike racks seem to have similar total weight limits of 60 kg, but would need to check if there is a limit per single bike, the individual frames aren’t the strongest. Could you get Dave cooper rack delivered to someone here or in N Ireland then forwarded to you by courier? Or possibly a courier who delivers to you from England would collect directly from Dave cooper instead of their postage
  3. Cheers Brian I love my look of shock/relief/ amazement on cleaning the gulley, great photos on a great day
  4. Francetrial classic seem to have magicals springs.
  5. In motion aren’t stocking them. I recently spoke to them and also left message with Steve from Yamaha majesty to see if he will still be supplying them.
  6. Have you actually tried riding a 125, not much difference on paper but my dad, at 87, has a 125 gasgas and it feels lighter to ride than a 250. I know not why but definitely feels lighter and easier to manoeuvre and much easier to start. kids on big wheel 80s can certainly do plenty, about 3/4 size of full size bike I think
  7. Check out kellycarbon. They are actual carbon fibre so cost more than the plastic carbon look.
  8. I always found oset themselves very helpful on technical queries. Phone number/contact form on oset/gb
  9. I assume you mean the likes of a Dave Cooper rack, If I only need to transport 1 bike I use a bike rack on back of freelander. Fantic is perfectly safe/secure and well under the nose weight. You can check the speck for Navarro but pretty much guarantee to be fine.
  10. timdog

    Beta 4t carb

    I’ll agree with all the above. I’ve had 2 evo 4t’s and never Needed carb off once.
  11. Have you seen the worx cordless jet wash. I have one and works great. Plenty of power and if you don’t have water you can use it from a river
  12. I’ve got NJB ultimate on BSA C15 and Fantic 240. Personally I find they work very well and I’m 90kg, Now I’m trying to remember if they were soft or super soft, I just rang and gave them the bike and my weight so they could build them. Reasonable price too plus adjustable length. Had a pair of Falcon shocks and likewise rang the company and gave them bike and my weight. They were super soft and were fine on C15
  13. Was it a home made lipo conversion or pack from boost bikes. If homemade then possibly issue with the battery monitoring system? sure someone with electrical know how will explain. Only similar issue we had with an oset it was the controller/throttle unit kept intermittently cutting out. Had to replace it
  14. Agree with the above. Start at forks, is the front wheel true with handlebars straight, check clamps in case forks have twisted slightly. The back wheel has pretty rubbish adjustment as it doesn’t have snail cams. Best way is to put bike on stand and adjust each side with the chain tensioner bolts at rear of swinging arm until the chain is correctly tensioned and wheel is running true. That is fiddly to get spot on as it can change as you tighten bolts. Just takes bit of time but if it’s out it makes back wheel run slightly out of true which puts extra pressure on the already feeble front sprocket. While your on check that tiny front sprocket, cheap enough to replace, we had one which, when it got worn just disintegrated
  15. Unless silencer is wrecked you could clean it out and re pack it, not sure if the end comes off the Rev 3 to get old material out, roll of silencer repacking material is very cheap. 2 stroke silencers can get very clogged with unburnt oil.
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