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  1. djr

    Yamaha DT 250 fork tube seal problems !

    It does sound like you have the wrong seals . I have replaced several over the years and have never needed to use much force
  2. djr

    Fibreglass Paint Prep

    although not strictly necessary , a couple of thin coats of etch primer before you put on the filler/primer can help with adhesion
  3. djr

    How to repair piston?

    perhaps making a plug that fits tightly - then drill and pin ? or drill and screw ? or glue if you can find something that will withstand high temperatures ?
  4. djr

    Clutch on my OSSA MAR gets stuck every winter

    Only every winter ? you are very lucky , mine gets stuck every time I ride it ! If I ride it today , it will definitely be stuck tomorrow . in fact sometimes just letting it cool down for an hour is enough for it to stick. as for releasing it, as has been said - bump start it and ride it while pulling in the clutch is one method that usually works for me in a few minutes. or pull in clutch and keep kicking over till it releases ( ignition off ) perhaps you could hold the clutch lever in with a cable tie ? when not using the bike
  5. as others have said, if you really cant get the hang of riding the 300 maybe look at a 200 or 125. But maybe avoid a 125 if you are a bit tall or heavy
  6. djr

    Beamish Coil

    Thanks, probably wouldn't have looked under ATV / Quad
  7. djr

    Beamish Coil

  8. djr

    Beamish Coil

    would you have the Electrex part no. for that please ? my own Beamish has its original ignition components, but they are all looking a bit frail , and I expect its only a matter of time before the ignition plays up
  9. djr

    smokey mar

    My own MAR starting smoking suddenly one day, but had been fine when ridden the previous week. turned out to be crank oil seal on clutch side had somehow got stuck to the crankshaft and was rotating with it ! { no idea how this could happen, but it did } fitted new seal with some adhesive and its been fine since, worst part of the job was removing the cush-drive off the Crankshaft to access the seal
  10. djr

    Petrol tanks

    I think its the Petrol that does this . I don't know the proper scientific term for it { but I am sure someone does, and will be along shortly} its as if the plastic is porous and the petrol soaks into it. Perhaps different types of Petrol and the different Premix oil cause different effects / colour changes ? and of course could be explained by different types of plastic being used to manufacture two tanks that look the same ? as for prevention, I guess you could get a new tank and fill it and drain it on the days you ride without leaving petrol in overnight may work ?
  11. djr

    Want to save time and money

    Sorry you haven't had any replies , I cant help as I have never owned a pre65 bike maybe you have had no replies because you are thinking of using actual real old 1964 parts ? most people these days would be fitting - New Billet "pre65" yokes into a New "Replica Pre65" Frame Have you contacted any of the classic specialists ? like Sammy miller products , Terry Weedy
  12. Would bikes like Beamish Suzuki count ? ( British built frame & tank , assembled in Brighton ? ) or Yamaha HL500 ? ( assembled by NVT in the UK , with British built Frame )
  13. djr

    Is it just me?

    Okay , so if Brexit was cancelled we could have a 2019 UK World Trial GP with free entry ? Because everything in the EU is wonderful { and free } ? maybe Greece could have a world trial ? with all the bail-out money they have got it could be sponsored so free entrance ?
  14. djr

    Is it just me?

    nothing to do with Brexit, more likely these events have some financial support from local council / tourist board / local business's etc. which probably doesn't happen in the UK an element of money-grabbing is possible depending on who the organiser is ? but I wouldn't think must club type organisers would do this ? £30 entrance would probably put off any casual fans or newcomers , but maybe there isn't room at a UK venue for a large crowd, so this would be one way of keeping the audience at a manageable size ?
  15. djr

    ORRe , what happened ?

    sorry if this is the wrong place to ask , but just gone to look at ORRe on here but its gone, replaced with a message. can anyone explain ?