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  1. Thanks for that I'll check that out. I think they'll be the same.
  2. Good evening IDC, I have done the same on my mar. However when I measured the swing arm spindle it was all sorts of sizes . I ended up cylindrically grinding the spindle between centres and then turning some new plastic bushes to suit on the lathe. You may want to check the size of your spindle before fitting new bushes as you may have excess clearance on the fit.
  3. Hello everybody, could someone please tell me lengths of spokes I need front and back for a 1975 250 MAR? I know I can buy them off the shelf from in motion but don't want the expense of stainless steel . Best regards, Colin.
  4. Thanks to everyone for their input. Who'd have thought refurbishing a two stroke single would be so difficult! Learning a lot from this forum, it's a great help .
  5. I think they had points originally, I've got nothing on the ignition side of the crank so refitting an electronic ignition would make more sense. Thanks for the info.
  6. Thanks Gezzer will do .
  7. The problem I have is that there's no ignition system at all with the bike!
  8. Yes I've seen the French one as well. Any idea where I'll get a non points flywheel or is it just a case of continually trawling the internet? Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I have seen the electronic ignition system from In motion, but it's says not for points system flywheels. I assume this means I need a different flywheel? Are these readily available? Thanks again for your help.
  10. Is it possible to fit an electronic ignition to a 1975 Ossa 250 MAR? If so where can I get one ? Failing that has anybody got a points ignition set in good condition that I could buy? I'm based in England . TIA
  11. While I'm on , can anyone recommend a good spares supplier in the UK please? Thanks, Colin.
  12. Cheers Woody, that's a great help, now I know year for spare parts etc. Thanks again, Best regards, Colin.
  13. Hello everybody, just bought my first trials bike to refurbish, an Ossa 250 I think with engine no. M231638. I've looked online and all I've found are engine no's. beginning with B. I couldn't find a number on the frame. Any help much appreciated.
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