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  1. IF the process of - having a referendum - then negotiating a leaving UK deal - then negotiating a joining EU deal , is as slow and long winded as Brexit was , then don't worry , we can all ride the SSDT for many more years
  2. They look like they are just too short, and forcing them to fit wont be a good idea - could break when fitting, or worse still could break later when running I would try and get some different ones personally
  3. If you think ethanol could be a problem , there are options you can take to reduce the chance of problems Fill your tank on the day that you are using the bike, then drain tank & carb after you finish riding { ethanol damage is usually a slow process, not instant } As already mentioned - Use ethanol free fuel - not always easy to find + sometimes expensive Remove the ethanol from your fuel - I have never done this , but there were a couple of places selling kits to do this - Ethanil.co.uk, I think was one company that sold a kit for this purpose . { i have no idea how successful this is , but the kit wasnt that expensive }
  4. Does that not already happen every summer when the French ports go on strike ? ? I have never ridden a trial in Kent , will have to see if I can get to one in 2021
  5. Some DT100 twinshock , clutch cover may fit ? Flywheel side , if you are using standard flywheel then only TY will fit over it believe ? if running smaller flywheel then maybe a DT cover ? and the TY125 of course , but I think this is a euro only model { Disclaimer - its years since I had one and played around with different covers , I could be wrong on some or all of this }
  6. No, I don't think prices of bikes & spares will increase anymore than they would in previous years every year prices increase due to - inflation , raw material costs , wage rises , currency exchange rates etc. etc. cancelling Brexit would not change any of these things Covid may have an impact on prices
  7. I cant see Brexit having any effect on any Trials anywhere in the UK I can see Covid effecting trials during 2021 , but that will depend on if it gets worse or better As for a massive financial crisis , its possible , but you wouldn't think so if you saw all my Neighbours - most seem to being having a house extension built or new kitchen / bathroom { never seen so many skips in the road }
  8. Yes, I think your right, at least for the early part of the year but even that depends on things getting better not worse
  9. djr

    Ossa MAR engine hole ???

    Yes, got the same hole on my MAR
  10. The middle part looks the same as my own MAR, the silencer - I cant remember ever seeing one like that on an Ossa the front pipe could be TR77 { they are that shape - MAR is much shorter }
  11. 2K would be better than a can, but you may get good results with a can on something as small as a caliper High temp paint may be needed on a road bike, but would a trials brake get hot enough to need it ? as for brake fluid , I think some of the modern fluids are glycol based , which is not so harmful to paintwork as the older fluids were
  12. Mikuni, Dellorto, OKO , in fact probably anything would last longer than an Amal If possible buy from someone who can advise regarding size & jetting etc.
  13. I have used 4mm mild steel to lower the foot pegs on my Ossa with no twisting so far after a few years as for welding or Bolt on - if the Chrome on the frame is good , it would be a shame to burn it off where you weld on your plates , so maybe try bolts first ?
  14. have you tried putting them in a dishwasher at the highest setting ? { not recommended if married } like everything else sometimes you can get good results this way, sometimes not
  15. djr

    OKO Carburetors

    Yes, isn't the OKO a good copy of a Keihin ? and some of the other copies are not so good
  16. I could be wrong, but I don't think you can compare jet numbers, from one carb manufacturer to another . I know that Mikuni Hexagon head jets & slotted head jet numbers are not equivalent - one is flow rate I think ? , the other type some measurement of the physical size ? also with some jets the flow is measured in the direction fuel would flow in use, while other jets the measurement is done in the opposite direction you would be best to call a carb specialist
  17. Mikuni is another good option, and if low-cost is important, you can buy many used Mikuni's that are still serviceable - unlike Amal , where 99% of used ones will be completely worn-out due to the rubbish metal they are made from Had the same problem as you with my OSSA 250 MAR about 5 years ago, got a good used Mikuni & a selection of jets , after some experimenting found jetting that suited the bike , and have had no carb problems for 5 years
  18. Don't get Lycra . Lycra only looks good when worn by a fit woman
  19. you would bother if you want the best engine performance, I didn't think it was important until I set the clearance correctly on a 175 Yamaha , and found a noticeable improvement in power , plus it stopped pinging ( which had been a problem previously }
  20. As has been said , the tread on todays speedway tyres is very shallow { even when new } and although the tread pattern may look like a trials type there are probably differences in sidewall & plies etc.
  21. Has anybody tried removing the ethanol from the petrol before use, as an alternative to sealants etc ? there was at least one company selling a kit { Ethanil.co.uk , I think was one ? } I remember reading an article where you added a certain amount of water to your petrol, the ethanol would then be absorbed by the water. this ethanol + water mixture would then separate from the petrol and sink to the bottom of your container and then you syphoned off the now ethanol-free petrol . sounded a good idea , but never met anyone who tried it. if it works the only problem I can see is that you are still left with all the other modern additives still in your petrol and these may also attack glass fibre
  22. If you are worried about - potential bike thieves , then any type of advertising lets people know you have a bike . But it wont sell if no-one knows its for sale ? you are possibly safer advertising it on trials forums / club websites etc , but your ad wont be seen by many people if you don't trust ebay , then definitely don't advertise it on facebook whatever you do TMX is weekly so worth a try, or if you are in no hurry maybe try some monthly magazines ? if you want top retail money for it then you will have to advertise & sell it yourself , otherwise maybe ask some bike shops if they are interested in selling on your behalf { they will obviously want a reasonable cut of the selling price } good luck
  23. If you only want to kill the bacteria that causes the smell , you could try putting the helmet in a bag , then put the helmet in a freezer for a few hours . I haven't tried this myself , but I have a friend who has flameproof overalls & helmet for car racing - he tries to avoid washing as he reckons this reduces the flame retardant properties. when his kit gets a bit smelly { but not dirty } he puts it all in a sealed bag and leaves overnight in freezer
  24. It does sound like you have the wrong seals . I have replaced several over the years and have never needed to use much force
  25. although not strictly necessary , a couple of thin coats of etch primer before you put on the filler/primer can help with adhesion
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