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  1. I've been told that the KTM 50 stator can be used.
  2. Back again. The batteries seem to hold a charge for a hour or so around the back yard. I'll get new ones for the spring and some extended riding time. I do have another question. What air pressure can I run with the Kenda tires and not spin them on the rim? Since these are not of the same quality as full size bikes I doubt I can get away with 3-4 PSI. I still would like to source a owners manual to cover the 16R if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks
  3. Can someone point me to a online manual for the 2015 16R if one exists? I really would like to know the sequence of lights on the charger, steady or flashing. Currently, I'm getting steady red when plugged in, steady yellow when charging, but the green does not light. It has flashed at times since getting the bike but not now. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies. After a few tries the charger stopped blinking and held a steady red or yellow, if that means anything as I believe it should. The bar switch indicated three lights and kept that for a few tries of twisting the throttle which it had not. Checked it the following morning and still had three but after one try it dropped to two. I'll try to get full charge (green light?) into it when I'm in the garage for an extended time, don't want to leave it unattended at this point. Maybe I'm a little to cautious? When I borrowed a multimeter it showed each battery as 11+ to 12+ and the series in the high 30s up to about 39, but the readings are very erratic, jumping around a lot on the display. The charger showed an output in the high 30s also.
  5. Hope some experienced help can be had. New to Oset and little electric knowledge, bought a 2015 16R (I think) yesterday and was told the original batteries are in it. The serial number on the frame is 16R4I114 but have been unable to confirm what this is. The charger appears to be original supplied 36W and has three parallel batteries. I'll list the issues I have. 1. When plugged in the wall outlet, charger blinks red sometimes, but not always. 2. When connected to bike, blinks orange/green, orange/green sometimes, but not always. 3. IF, the throttle gets to three lights and it doesn't always and I try it the motor spins right up for a few seconds and then slows. 4. If I back off and try the throttle again there is only one light and will not spin. So what did I get myself into? I have no dealers in New Jersey according to website and closest maybe upstate New York.
  6. njtrials

    Ty350 Mono

    Picked up a $5 cap at a swap meet yesterday. It came off an old yellow PW, maybe a YZinger. The important thing is a cap off a mini will fit the TY350 and save a bunch of money.
  7. njtrials

    Ty350 Mono

    In the US the cost is over $100. That's why I wanted to know which Yamaha PW 50/80 cap fits the TY Mono since they are only $25.
  8. njtrials

    Ty350 Mono

    I've been told that a Yamaha PW50 or PW80 gas cap will fit a 1985 Yamaha TY350 and be about $75 cheaper. Does anyone know this for a fact and what year PW it was? Thanks, NJTrials
  9. njtrials

    Fuel ?

    I have a new (to me) 2002 Cota and don't have a reliable source of race gas near me. I can get Av gas nearby. I think it is called Low lead 100. Pump gas here is about 92 octane. Any opinions or solutions anyone can offer? I hope to ride new years day and need fuel. Thanks.
  10. Loonal Do you say it is not for hopping because it is that much heavier then the two strokes?
  11. Good comments so far, keep them coming. I do intend to use it for trials competition and my goal is to get much better. My expenditure for a modern bike has to last me a long time. The lack of linkgage appeals to me because of a reduced amount of maintenance. That is one reason for my interest in Scorpa, but also Beta. I understand there might be a few Montesas for sale in my area as well so I need to keep an open mind.
  12. Slightly different question, the small Scorpas have caught my eye and would like some input from those of you in the know. I'm thinking of moving into the modern ranks with a used bike a few years old, all the new ones are too expensive. Already have a '85 TY, I am also on the small side only about 140-145 pounds, currently riding the three line of four hoping to go to the two. What are the pros and cons (good/bad) of the small aircooled Scorpas (125,175,200)? How would you contrast them with the SY250? Same questions as above, what can you tell me about the SY250? The lack of suspension linkage appeals to me, should it? How does everyone feel about Scorpa suspension? There are none near where I live, so I can't try one. I need all the info I can get to make a wise choice. I'm going to check out Beta and Montesa also, think I will skip GG and Sherco. Keep the comments coming, I'm interested in what everyone has to say.
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