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  1. Get the sus setup and ride it bud. In as much mud as you can find. Don't try and ride it like your Gasser need to learn its quirks.
  2. Spend more time riding it. Takes time to tune into a new bike regardless of discipline. Guess you've set the suspension up to suit and played with tyre pressure's? Did your previous gasser have a flywheel weight?
  3. Only when its brass monkeys. Wearing gloves exacerbates wrist pump for me and struggle with sensitivity. Not worried about scrapes on trees ect Builder/carpenter so hands like old boot leather and always sporting cuts and gouges. Anything major and trials type gloves will be as much use as a chocolate kettle. Boots and helmet are a must.
  4. Lol. Hunting and hanging. Previous owner did the same thing on my bike delorto though.
  5. Started in a 315 years back. Sold up after 3 years for financial reasons but alwys felt overbiked on it. 8 yrs later i get a 125 14 stone or there abouts. More capable than I was. Swapped for a 250 315 after a couple of years when a family member couldn't get on with a recent purchase. never really struggled for grip. A 125 will require better technique. Certainly improved my riding and confidence and on a near identical 315 I feel in control and a much better rider. Don't regret the 125 and often miss it. They seem to feel a lot lighter and manageable even though the differences are negligible.
  6. Out of everything on the market the one bike a really want to blag a ride on is the TRS. Don't fancy efi. Find the current breed of gg too light at the front for me and not a fan of tube frames. Narrows my options somewhat. That said. I love my 315 and loathe to sell.
  7. Buying a brand new bike will instantly make me a better rider. Reality. Fettling and setting up your current bike will probably reap far more rewards.
  8. But that's the point of the lanyard. Requires a wot situation to start dieseling then the kill switch will have no effect but the lanyard cuts the power before it even starts. I have a lanyard but unless I'm being brave (or stupid) its just tied to the bars and used as a kill switch
  9. Or he could have removed the magnet with his right hand.. My lanyard is set so can be flicked off with my left thumb. The cord is tied to the handlebars.
  10. I don't wear gloves. Don't like the reduced sensitivity and I find better grip barehanded. Also wearing gloves while riding aggravates my tendonitis and arm pump. What injury exactly is a pair of Lycra or similar gloves going to afford me. I'm a carpenter/builder my hand are like old leather. To answer the op. Section layout is key to safety. See some sections especially on the expert routes that leave little margin for error.
  11. Try both see what geometry and power delivery suits. Everybody's different. Technique trumps power.
  12. Droping your tyre pressures a bit will help. A tip I was given a few years back. Move your toes onto the pegs and push your heels down while squatting a bit. Has the effect of moving your weight down and back while keeping your upper body fairly central to control the front end.
  13. People don't seem bothered that I've spoken to. Personally I signed months back. Not sure if this is the same petition as you didn't include a link in the op. Shared around all the usual suspects again on FB.
  14. Just about to say 16 and saw the final post. Ordered my 16 this morning. My 5yr old outgrew the 12.5 in the summer. Great for teaching basics but was holding him back. Time to get my 2yr old on the 12.5 full time. He loves it.
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