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  1. That's a very succinct and good way of putting it
  2. The reason for recommending the Fantic is because it's one of the best performing twinshocks when bone stock, the 200 is a good beginner machine and the 240 has lots of grunt for it's size. Being a Yamaha fan is why I got my TY (my favourite bike as a teenager was my DT100), and a fully upped TY175 is a very competitive machine ... don't get me wrong, I *love* my TY but it's cost me about 3 times what I thought it would so far and there's about another grand and a half it needs to be 100% fettled (though that includes all the work to get it road registered here, which is substantial for an old 2-stroke).
  3. Thats a great idea on the Youtube, decent helpful videos can be a godsend! Good luck with the rebuild
  4. I got a TY175 that was stock and hated it. Then I just threw money at it until it felt a little bit like a modern trials bike. And it still wants more money spending on it, and it's still about 15kg heavier than a modern bike, lol. My advice if you want a twinshock would be to just get a Fantic 200 or 240 and keep it stock. However technology has really improved trials bikes and newish ones can be got for cheap and will give a nicer riding experience even if they're not as nice to look at ... depends what you want from the experience TBH.
  5. Morocco is very popular for practising round-the-world adventure riding, apparently there's enough variety in the desert that it's entertaining but you're out into the proper off-the-grid world too ... so it wasn't folly to want to do the trip! Meanwhile ...
  6. Funnily enough me and my other half were talking about biking down to Morocco earlier today - we'd take Rieju Tangos, they have a 300km range if you're taking it easy But then we haven't even ridden the Pyrinees properly yet, so might be getting ahead of ourselves ... long distance trail riding opportunities are the norm all over the Iberian Peninsular!
  7. Yeah, at about 1000€ they're a bit rich for me ... I was more thinking under 200€, lol But I really need to try them on before buying, I bought a basic neoprene support a while back on the internet and it's too damn small to be any use.
  8. I should get a proper knee brace for my bad knee ... Linky link ?
  9. Guay Aquí hay una zona official, pero es muy cara. Muchos de los caminos son como un circuito de trial, así que lo uso
  10. I dunno, at my current count of 12 I feel like keeping on top of maintaining them all nicely is far beyond my grasp ... ideally I'd like to just have 3, lol (road, trail, and trial) Are you finding the Bultaco a bit of a blast from the past after all that (comparatively) modern machinery?
  11. Your Land Roving friend was either lucky or chose his route well, then - carnet problems have hit lots of round-the-world bikers in all kinds of places.
  12. Interesting, my Rieju Tango has a Zongshen copy-ish if a CG125 engine in it, it's a bit porky for trials purposes! The ZS190 looks long / big ... that said, the 140 looks big compared to my other half's 110cc MiniGP engine, which is all I have for reference Any issues with the oil pickup in the 140 engine?
  13. Welcome, fellow owner of too many (or maybe not enough) motorbikes - what did you cross the Sahara on? (I'm interested in proper adventurous riding, though I can't do any proper long distance stuff due to health problems)
  14. How heavy are the 212cc ones? I've not heard of those before ... it looks like a great fun project, lol Got any more photos of how you mounted the engine?
  15. Mmm, I bought my TY from a guy in Wales who had lots of rideable land near his house (just up the mountain was a World Trials Championship course from the '80s, he said), it's a pity that everything in England got crushed by the enclosures act, rambler's association, and all 'round nimbyism. It took me a while here to get used to the fact that as long as you're not on the actual fields themselves you can go pretty much anywhere here
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