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  1. turbofurball

    Hi from France

    Bonjour, and good luck in finding the right bike for you
  2. turbofurball

    Hired a van

    I got my van for £900, spent about £600 on maintenance, and it's paid for itself easily - mostly because it's increadibly useful for other things besides carting trials bikes around. Things I've used it for: Dropping motorbikes off for MOT and not needing to wait. Emergency recovery of road bikes. Emergency recovery of friends' cars (it's a really good tow vehicle). Moving house. Moving my sister in law's sofa. Camping in the back in inclement weather. Temporary storage of motorbikes when I couldn't leave them at work. Doing the boring parts of long road trips, then leaving it and continuing through the interesting places by road bike (or taking the trail bikes to the start of a green lane so as to avoid pointless wear on the knobblies). Driving to work when it's too icy to ride. The only downside is I have to register in order to take it to the local tip, which is a pain in the posterior.
  3. turbofurball

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    Nobody would put a young person on a 250+, you can't ride anything over a 125 in competitions until 16 ... but regardless of age a 125 is plenty for all but the largest adult beginners
  4. turbofurball

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    Anyone who is new to the sport is going to be falling off and getting stuck lots, every extra kilo you have to drag out of a muddy pit that you misjudged makes it harder - especially when you're pulling the bike up for the 20th time. Now multiply that effect for a youngster who isn't as strong as you! (also, I was neither complaining nor bragging, I was making an observation that the bike I learned on was harder work with than a modern trials machine) Absolutely, they're fantastic
  5. turbofurball

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    I would not - the KE100 was a darn sight quicker than a modern 80 or even 125 trials bike. Also, with the likelihood of some whiskey throttle having better brakes can only be a help. And to a child 65Kg is still plenty heavy enough to stay planted, just easier to get out of problems when you're stuck. If you want to encourage new people into an activity why would you want to make it harder for them?
  6. turbofurball

    Fitting out a van

    Very nice!
  7. turbofurball

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    Point 1 - That may be why Gasgas have been chasing electrification, can't fail emissions if there aren't any! Point 2 - true, but that just means that for new riders starting now learning is easier. When I was 11 my first bike was a '78 KE100 which I could barely lift after dropping (my Dad literally told me what the controls were and then left me to get on with it), a modern trials bike would have been much easier!
  8. turbofurball

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    The EU obviously prevented Britain from making trials bikes. That's why there are no trials bikes made in the EU ...
  9. turbofurball

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    The lower one's skills the more you notice extra weight, IMO
  10. turbofurball

    Cota 349 weird clutch (gearbox?) issue

    PM sent
  11. turbofurball

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    That's the logic applied to road going 125s, but there's heaps of Lexmotos on the road because teenagers would rather have a short lived new bike than an everlasting used one. So the odds of this one being rubbish are less, Chinese manufacturers are good at learning from mistakes
  12. turbofurball

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    In the UK there's enough used bikes around for people getting started, I'm guessing that's not the case elsewhere
  13. turbofurball

    Scorpa ditching WTC?

    Hard enduro is much more en vogue than trials these days, I have to admit I find it more entertaining to watch than WTC ... maybe that's just where the money is drifting to?
  14. turbofurball

    Hello - I'm a newbie

    Good bike choice, doing trials competitions is a lot of fun and very challenging! I started out on a Gasgas 125 too, and moved into twinshocks after about a year as the competitions better suit me (plus my partner's blood runs cold at the sight of modern trials bikes for some reason, whereas she loves the old stuff!)
  15. turbofurball

    knee/shin pads with side protection?

    I used to get loads of bruises on my calves before I got my Forma boots (when I first started I was using some Lidl £5 motorbike boots). I still get the odd bruise above the boot, but only when I fall off!