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  1. Looks very capable, sounds very quiet! 👍 Thanks for posting up the video
  2. I've been super busy, stacked up with work, sorting the house, taking care of a new puppy. So the old trials bikes are on the back burner for this winter ... instead I've been getting out on my other half's Rieju Tango. It's fab, basically it feels like riding my old DT100 back in the day, just with fuel injection, electric start, etc. They're just basic farm bikes, but agile enough for the tricky trails (though I need to add a skid plate, hand guards, and more aggressive tyres). What I like about it is that there's no faffing around with mixing the fuel, or messing about with the idle because of the weather, etc, just hop on and go. I might get one for myself when finances allow. My other half loves it too, she's even said I can have her Pampera if I like!
  3. So, point by point ... Even Fox News have declared Biden the winner, gotta be a stretch when someone with over 4 million more votes and the electoral college in the bag doesn't count as winning in your book. Are you saying that Trump doesn't have a personality? Why is being a lifetime politician a bad thing? People who are politicians professionally know how to get things done, how to get people on their side, how to negotiate, how to be diplomatic. Instead of having a tantrum when someone anyone says something mean to them or not understanding how tariffs work. If Trump's supporters didn't have a love affair with him, why did they buy flags, banners, hats, and even sink boats in his name (even between elections)? And if democrats are such crooks why is Hillary not in jail? I thought that was going to be a slam dunk when Republicans controlled all of the government, did 7 investigations into Benghazi, questioned Clinton for 11 hours, etc etc. Trump said it was going to be easy, and the first thing he did when becoming president. And if they're all crooks, they must be super smart criminal masterminds to keep getting away with it. Meanwhile the GOP has how many convictions from the current administration?
  4. Funnily enough my Spidi trials helmet weighs more than my LS2 enduro helmet, but I get what you mean about the weight - I have an ADV helmet too, and with the flip-down sunshade etc it's heavy ... similarly, trials boots (like the Forma Boulders) are more flexible than ADV boots, but they still protect your shins Still, it sounds like you've got just the right bike for your needs! Is there a local off roading club? If you can find other people who ride trials it's a quick way to improve your skills, even if you're only heading out on trails and having a bit of fun
  5. Welcome! I had a Tenere 660 too, really didn't like it (too top heavy and vibey ... the dash was really nice though), the 4Ride is a bit out of my price range but I have two of it's competitors, a Pampera 250 and a Tango 125. Neither are trials bikes, but more like extreme trail bikes - trials bikes are more light and nimble than a 4Ride (though with less range and harder to handle at speed) I also live in mountains, and off road ADV bikes just wouldn't make it off road here, so a lightish small trailie really hits the spot! I'd really recommend an enduro helmet and full height boots if you plan on riding anything more technical than unpaved roads though, especially if you're going to more remote areas. I have a fibreglass LS2 helmet and Forma Boulder boots, both have been good and the latter saved my shins from many injuries and exhaust burns. I hope you enjoy your new bike, post up photos if you go on any adventures
  6. https://otechworld.com/most-popular-news-websites/ Apparently when it comes to news the UK has #4, 6, and 7 of the top 15. For such a small country that appears to be punching above it's weight, even if #7 is the Daily Fail. Does Elk taste nice? The hunters here are all about the wild boars, but nobody seems to eat the meat so it it seems that the point is to inflict pain on wild animals ... I can't say I see the appeal, much like the idea of chopping people's hands off instead of giving them the opportunity to escape a life of violence.
  7. Fox News successfully argued in court that they are only entertainment and not news, so they don't have to abide by any factual standards. Yay Murdoch?
  8. That's some serious weight loss! For light weight cheap shocks would a used modern trials shock do the trick?
  9. It's a pity downhill MTB shocks aren't rated for the weight of a motorbike. If it was me, I'd be thinking of remaking the linkage (namely, drawing up a pattern and getting a local machinist to knock it up), or going to twinshock. A system without a linkage might put some interesting strain on the mounting points. Please post photos - these projects are always interesting to see!
  10. Interesting how it's called "Obamacare" when it was created by Mitt Romney. Obama wanted single payer but that wouldn't get through congress, hence having to use the Republican scheme as a compromise ... which the Republicans still weren't happy with. Trump has had 4 years to replace it with the better system he promised, hows that going? Still I hope you get better soon, surgery recovery is no fun at all!
  11. Still, not something you generally see on a petrol tank! My other half has a Garmin Montana with a handlebar mount on her Pampera, I think we would have killed several phones so far with that setup
  12. I love the phone holder!
  13. This is very useful info for me too, thanks
  14. Cool, please get some videos once you've got it - I'm curious to see how it rides! (though there's no way I could afford one any time soon ...)
  15. It's great that people are enjoying them like that ... such a versatile machine!
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