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  1. An interesting discussion on risk, I spent most of today playing with the chainsaw (as many of my neighbours have been doing on their properties during the lockdown), I think in comparison pottering around some easy stuff on a trials bike in the garden is less risky provided the person doing it isn't a complete numpty
  2. RevShed, I like the sound of that I might play with the TY in the garden tomorrow ...
  3. You are both right and wrong, since it's not a man cave (but I can't think of a way to say a female equivalent without it sounding like a double entendre), but the wiring is indeed in need of more attention that you know, lol - when we moved in last year I took out a lot of cabling that had been on fire and some parts that had been under water from repeated flooding (this is what happens when you buy an abandoned house in Spain) so I just jerry rigged the essentials in a way that wouldn't kill anyone ... but in the cellar (through the door on the right of the photo) is a whole mess which isn't even fused. I have everything needed to sort it properly, I'm just waiting for the last of the Spring cold snap to pass first In other news, I'm also still working, though on reduced hours and we might have work stoppages later depending on supplies as this whole thing goes on ... yesterday there was some news of contingency planning for if this goes on through till September, I think pretty soon the UK and US will be in the same boat
  4. What are you doing with your extra time at home? I got most of the other more pressing matters around the house sorted, so today I could take a look at the Cota front brake It's not perfect but much better, and works well enough to be safe for puttering around. Just need to clean the main jet (again), tighten up some spokes, and it'll be ready for the end of the lockdown ... which has just been extended to mid-April.
  5. Given the number of older riders at clubman trials it doesn't seem unreasonable to cancel at this time, mortality rates go up for anyone over 40. Starting tomorrow the country is on lockdown here, so no travel and no trials for at least a couple of weeks!
  6. I have a super cheap unbranded steel rear sprocket on mine and it works just fine. It's not unreasonable to keep spending within your budget - not everyone can afford to splurge unlimited funds on their bikes! Of course, money has to be spent wisely, since a cheap part that doesn't work is false economy, but many people manage with second hand bits or making stuff themselves.
  7. It's like TY pokemon! (this is not a criticism, it's nice to be reassured that I'm not *that* weird for having many bikes, lol)
  8. My little 175 has the same feature if I don't ride it at least once a week, riding with the clutch lever in for a minute always works like a charm
  9. turbofurball

    Fantic 301?

    Trials bikes are not geared like street bikes, the first four gears take you to about where 1st gear on a street bike would be. If geared up it'll get up to something like 40mph within 30 meters, and then not go much faster. If you wanted a bike to compete in a drag race a trials bike is about as far from ideal as you could get, they're literally made for going slow; a stock CB125 would get a better time.
  10. Get the V5 and SORN it, doesn't cost anything and you're all sorted
  11. If you were teaching a complete newbie how to ride MX would you start them on a 500cc 2 stroke? Trials is so very different from MX that it's a bit like starting from scratch ... if you can find a scrappy old 200/250 just to ride for a bit before getting something more permanent it would be a good move IMO
  12. I'm glad the manual link was useful. If you've bought the bike then the seller has to post off the main / front page of the V5, and you should just have the little green slip. If you got the whole V5 then just fill out the "inside cover" yourself and post it in without telling anyone Is it just a little bit of the vin rubbed off? Because if it's more than a little bit that could cause you problems - when riding green lanes it's not *that* unusual for police to check a bike is properly legal, and a fully / mostly scrubbed VIN number could be a problem.
  13. All Gasgas manuals are available on their website, though I think the older ones are only in Spanish.
  14. turbofurball

    Fantic 301?

    I just looked on ebay since I had it open anyway, lol ... try checking InMotion though, they're more likely to have a comprehensive stock of stuff like that!
  15. turbofurball

    Fantic 301?

    Looks like you can get a 13t front sprocket easily
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