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  1. Cool, looks like I could do with one then, lol
  2. Cool, thanks for all the tips, guys! I'll start with the easiest / cheapest ideas first, and work my way up ... I don't think the hub is terribly worn, but will have a more thorough look when I pull the wheel
  3. So, my 349's front drum brake is a bit of an issue - never caused problems in the UK but it's a bit of a liability here when you can have long steep descents that go on and on. Basically, although it's clean and the shoes have lots of decent looking material left on them there's no bite (more of a gentle slowing suggestion), and the lever action feels super spongy despite a new cable. Before I think about getting new shoes, are there any tricks I can try to wake it up again?
  4. Back to the original point - what's the technique for using a decompressor to aid starting? I ask because since the engine rebuild my 349 takes literally all my weight to kick it in, and my other half can't manage it at all because she's just too little
  5. Have you checked ebay? I got a 2008 set and they were close enough to OEM that 99% of people wouldn't be able to tell the difference
  6. When I took up trials at 38 I got a Gasgas 125 TXTPro, and it was spot on the right thing for me. So much so I've been toying with the idea of selling the Cota and getting another one. 125s are easy to sell, too, because there's always youngsters wanting to get a start on a modest bike (plus 16 and under are restricted to 125 in competition anyways)
  7. Awesome! Welcome to a whole new world of riding
  8. How old / tall is she? Speaking as someone who was once a tall skinny 11 year old girl with a KE100, the weight is as important as the power for the first steps
  9. What bike do you have? Older ones have different ergonomics from modern ones, and different spring options too. If you're going for a large rise in handlebar height and are not a beanpole you might need to add a (padded) handlebar brace, too. While I'm shorter I can sympathise since being 5'10 on a stock 175 was incredibly uncomfortable for me ... all I can really say is that a bit of experimentation may be in order to work out what's right for you, and footpeg relocation is worth thinking about - good luck!
  10. This is a common issue on old Cotas - IIRC it's either a worn gear selector cam, or not enough pressure on the ball bearing that holds the cam in place, or a combination of the two
  11. You can do it, just stick with the physio and exercise as much as is sensible!
  12. My right tibia (lower leg) is held together by a titanium rod, to fit it my knee had to be apart. I lost a lot of sideways flexibility (can't really stick my knee out and move the bike under it) which does affect my riding a bit, but the killer is heavy kickstarting - I start the Cota off the bike with my left leg instead (the TY is super easy to kick, so no worries there). I wouldn't be able to do big jumps, but I do ok with classic trials type riding, which is what I prefer anyway It took about 2 years for things to fully settle in with it, but I was riding road bikes within 3 months and gentle off road after about 6 months. Lots of physio and cycling on a mountain bike (with fat tyres and decent front suspension) really really helped, too. Good luck!
  13. turbofurball

    MX clothing

    Well, for me doing trials riding in my O'Neals would be dangerous, the lack of flexibility would put me off the bike and I'd probably bugger up my knees in the process - I only use them for trail riding. Trials boots don't seem terribly expensive if you take your time to find useable second hand ones
  14. turbofurball

    MX clothing

    I have O'Neal Rider boots, which are an MX/Enduro crossover boot - super stiff but with a lots of grip on the sole. They're very good for the money, too
  15. They're probably fine for beginner / intermediate non-hard Enduro use - they're just a more chilled out EC really. I have an EC250, it can be little vicious in close spaces and I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner ... you might want to ask this question on a more Enduro related forum though, I'm a long way from being competitive!
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