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  1. Indeed. So it comes down to which sources are more credible - hundreds of thousands of highly qualified healthcare professionals with years of experience in trying to save lives from around the whole world, or a group of people who think pool cleaner and horse de-wormer are great treatments for a condition they deny even exists. If covid is a hoax, that means that worldwide there's been millions more people than usual dropping dead for no reason, and every local and national part of government of every country on earth have suddenly decided to collaborate for the first time in history, all because of some plan to secretly do what many countries have openly been trying to do for a very long time ...?
  2. From what I can tell as an outsider that's a core tenet with American politics - Democrat politician lies: Democrats say "That's really bad, you shouldn't lie!" Republican politician lies: Republicans say "More, more, lie to me harder daddy!"
  3. Sometimes I used to get anything loose off with a stick and then drive to a garage with a jetwash on the way home. With a trailer it was nice and easy to do the bike in-situ ... with a van it was more of a PITA so I got a 12v water pump, 20L water bottle, and hosed the bikes wherever wouldn't cause a ruckus, which worked for all but the stickiest of muds.
  4. I went out for a short ride the other day without goggles on Sunday, took a fly to the eye and got pinkeye so I'm thinking this is good advice! (I usually wear goggles, but figured because I wasn't going fast or far it would be ok ... famous last words) I'm mostly concerned with hurting my wrists these days.
  5. Well, no Belgians stormed their state buildings and smeared **** on the walls, so feeling a little superior is only natural
  6. This was a problem when they were new IIRC. Since it's now an "old" bike if it were my I'd get a pro welder to put some fresh metal in and then keep an eye on it.
  7. turbofurball


    I use the heatproof ones that are made for working on engines, the palms are made of a sort of suede material
  8. Well dang, that's a shame the quarry was a really really lovely practice space
  9. Well, if everyone had the same taste the world would be boring And yes, Señor Bulto left Montesa when they wanted to cut out the race programme during a period of purse tightenning - he was passionate about competition more than profits!
  10. I'm 5'10 and use standard bars on my ST250 without problems. My TY175 and Cota 349 have higher bars than stock, and my other half has back problems so she has risers on all her dirt bikes too, so your mileage may vary It's better to be comfortable on the bike and slightly less competitive IMO.
  11. Trials is absolutely exhausting to begin with, because a new rider's instincts are to fight the bike ... if I've had a bit of a break I catch myself doing it again as well Glad you're enjoying yourself, stick at it and it'll get easier in no time!
  12. turbofurball


    Mechanix gloves for me, I prefer them over the MTB gloves I've tried so far (I have a big pile of crappy MTB and MX gloves, the Mechanix ones are always the ones that sit on top of the stack, lol)
  13. The reservoir to master cylinder hose shouldn't be long enough to do any of that (and should be downhill all the way, it's gravity fed!), I don't know the specific routing but on the earlier bikes it was just a simple s-shaped affair IIRC.
  14. Unfortunately it's not open very often ... lovely practice spot though, plenty of easy lines so you can work your way up. The next closest dedicated trials practice area is Zona 1, which is open any time you like (during the day, and you're not allowed to ride alone just in case of emergencies). Also look up Mortimer Fun Trials, they're a really lovely bunch and their spot is just up the A4 a bit
  15. I recon it's for the simple reason that they don't look quite as cool as Bultacos (also there's the rebel image of Bultaco, compared to Montesa which was run in a much more businesslike way). There's shedloads of them here and yet it's very rare to see more than one or two at a trial. Anyway, I wish my 349 looked as clean at that
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