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  1. Yeah, that's really not happening around here.
  2. Ah right, here people just go to a place to ride (unless they want specifically cultivated hoppy about bits) and it doesn't cost anything ... maybe that's why there aren't many formal clubs
  3. You can enter Spanish competitions, but without a Spanish competition license there is insurance to pay - that varies depending on the event, just before lockdown there was one here with the insurance being ~€70 if I remember right.
  4. Hi, good bike choice - how are things in Germany at the moment?
  5. Yeah, the license is a lot of money (it covers insurance for all events too), some clubs have practice areas though compared to the UK there's less clubs spaced further apart. However, around here, people generally just have a road legal bike and head for the mountains to practice
  6. Hombre, no tienes sentido
  7. If you can find someone who does ally gas welding they'll be able to do it right, check places that do classic car bodywork. It's worth sorting, ally tanks are brill
  8. In the hands of someone who knows what they're doing (should be able to find someone in Sheffield if not nearer) it should be able to mostly be pulled out ... it'll still need a bit of filler, but only a skim rather than a whole tub's worth. If the leak is from the dented area it'll need welding, too.
  9. I guess you'll need to find someone breaking one then! It's worth searching in Europe, there's loads of them around here
  10. Those quotes are as well sourced as Trump's policies, nice one!
  11. Looks like a great place, a pity the camera was at such an odd angle
  12. Indeed, unemployment in the US is at a historic low, with rising wages to boot! I'm glad there's an Australian on here who knows so much about American politics, maybe Trump could hire steveo as an adviser
  13. Well, he's riding it like a modern bike, using the clutch a lot
  14. Depends on the bike and if you have a sympathetic MOT station. You need a signed bill of sale, and proof that VAT was paid on the bike when it was sold new (a NOVA certificate I think) ... the latter is reasonably easy on a common model of classic bike if you get in contact with the relevant owner's register, I guess with a new-ish bike you'd have to talk to the official UK importer and you might need an EU certificate of conformity too. Also, I think copies of clear photos of the bike are required. Then you fill out the relevant form, get a V5, and buy a number plate. I'd suggest looking up how this is done on google though, just to be on the safe side. As for the bike itself, you can get a daytime MOT on a classic as long as you have a legal number plate (mildly undersize or flexible might be ok with some MOT stations) and an electric horn fitted - I used a battery powered one for kid's bicycles when I was in the UK. Modern bikes might need other things, but that's outside of my knowledge!
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