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  1. A TY175 is only good for taller riders with the full smorgasbord of mods. At 5'10 I have the footpegs down and back, longer swingarm, handlebars raised (both at the yoke and the bars themselves) and it's about the same ergonomically as my Sherco. If I had a do-over I'd go for a bike that doesn't need anything much changing, or I'd skip to an aircooled mono
  2. It's probably all on a Facebook group or something, that seems to be the way with news about trials in my area!
  3. I run my '99 Sherco at 50:1 (with premium, dude!), as per the user manual ... I don't think the engines changed much between then and 2005.
  4. Just to add, if the air filter is over-oiled you can fix it by putting it between paper towels and running it over with a rolling pin a lot ... I always feel the urge to use too much oil! (same as with shampoo, washing-up liquid, etc, lol)
  5. It's a major component of off-road tyres, less so street tyres because need the flexibility and grip provided by putting more silicone into the mix
  6. On my ST250 I just point the bike downhill, push the bike forward, get my feet up, drop it into gear, and ride it at low revs with the clutch pulled in until it frees ... I've been meaning to try some Dexron 3 in the gearbox to see if that helps, since it worked well on my TY
  7. An Australian drinking Fosters? After that she may have had her citizenship revoked.
  8. You need a full-size trials bike for the skills to transfer really, the Osets great for what it is, but doesn't sound like what you're after. An Electric Motion has variable power modes so you can push a button corresponding to how brave you're feeling ... I'm not sure if there's any others that are properly available yet TBH. Check out the review of the EM on Trials Tube, he goes over all the pros and cons. Also, you can try one out at Inch Perfect Trials if you're in the UK I'm sure people will chip in, but as I said elsewhere recently, if I could afford one I'd be all over an EM, lol
  9. So ... one developmentally challenged youtuber does it therefore that's the default?
  10. A Rieju Tango 2.0. Footpegs from a Gasgas EC250 fit, but are slightly higher. Maybe I should try the ones off my Sherco ... As for ergonomics, even with the footpegs changed they'll still be far higher and further forward than a trials bike, lol. It's a physically small bike for a trailie but rides exceptionally well, so I want to move the pegs as well as raising the bars.
  11. I dunno about where you are, but here there's loads of wind and solar power - plus I can pop a couple of solar panels on my roof to get free power. Sounds better than dragging myself all the way to a petrol station for the privilege of paying 2.50 a liter for high octane E5. I really can't wait to be able to afford an electric bike!
  12. Does anyone have a recommendation for footpegs that are a bit back and down from stock? I've not been able to find anything that looked good without costing the earth, and I don't want to re-weld the mounts
  13. Regarding the valves, manual adjustment is normal in motorbike engines - because weight and size is important on any bike that little bit of maintenance is really unimportant. One additional thing to consider would be a new Electric Motion, you can try one out at Inch Perfect Trials and there's a few people here who have converted ... TBH I would too if I had the money!
  14. Another vote for "modern" At the moment I'm mostly riding a '99 Sherco and it's far easier to handle than even my TY175 (which has been refined a lot over standard). Modern bikes might not look pretty, but they ride far better ... as long as previous owners haven't completely destroyed them through neglect.
  15. Well, this isn't the ideal place to ask, the EC is completely different from the Txt/Pro trials bikes. You should be able to find a manual online to download which covers the jetting for different altitudes along with regular maintenance stuff (like here), for things like the top-end rebuild it's very much like any other 2-stroke enduro with a power valve so look for any good general guides to doing that on youtube. I've no idea on North American parts sources, sorry - obviously here it's much easier!
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