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  1. For me, having an MOT tester with whom I'm on friendly terms would be worth a lot more than a couple of quid.
  2. Yeah, it's worth it - one of the most knowledgeable engine guys I knew heard my TY at a trial and told me what was wrong, lol
  3. I've used Uhu contact adhesive before with success.
  4. 2100 feet shouldn't be enough to affect the jetting that much, I'd suspect engine variability (ie. compression, exhaust being a bit oiled up, etc) would explain differences more than that
  5. Agreed. Also here most banter happens on Whatsapp which is also horrible for group communication because everything gets burried ... I realise I'm on the old side too, but I haven't seen a social media replacement for messageboards like this, so I'll keep coming back!
  6. Just a spare split link and pliers, as I said before - unless you're skipping chain maintenance altogether odds are against other parts of the chain failing ... in fact, I don't think I've ever had one fail like that (just on ones that have been well used and then sat in one position for a long time, or where I've bought bikes that have been neglected, or where the chain was obviously worn out but I was persevering anyway to save money). You can, but why would you? I haven't yet worked out the point of why my o-ring chain came with a split link instead of a regular master link, because it's going to last the same amount of time as the rest of the chain - it's not like you can soak an o-ring chain without causing problems. I do keep spare bits of chain just in case I need to 'patch' one, but so far it's just been a case that they fail in more than one place in rapid succession ... at some point I could string them all together for a freebie though 😅
  7. FWIW I usually run about 13psi for fast trail riding and about 8 for gentle with a bit of trialsy play. 4psi is in the range of what you want when you're doing trials competition on slippery surfaces and not great for trails.
  8. Yup, that's a split link. Trials bikes usually have them as standard whereas many trail / enduro bikes (and road bikes) use o-ring chains with a master link. If you're only riding trails and it won't rub on the frame then an o-ring chain is better, but not serviceable on the roadside. Because I'm special my commuter road bike has an o-ring chain with a split link 😅 As for chain tools, I use a grinder, link breaker, and a link splitter / master link tool for the road bikes. They all have their uses, but if you think a link splitter alone is a good way to take apart a serious road chain it might behoove you to know it's much easier with a grinder and breaker combo!
  9. I like to have a chain with a split link, and just keep pliers and a spare split link if I'm going a long distance.
  10. Trials bikes ride ok on flat tyres if you're just limping it home gently. Having a mini pump is handy though. For a trials bike I'd go for a mini tail pack over a front mudguard bag personally, or maybe strap it to where the headlamp should be. You don't really need body armor of you're going at trials pace (ie. slowly, lol). If you're going to the proper middle of nowhere I'd suggest looking at an emergency satellite phone or beacon thing if you can't find others to go with. When I'm on my own I avoid going out of mobile phone range, though I'm often cut off in valleys 😕 I always take plenty of water though so I can hike home if it's the bike broken and not me ...
  11. This is fantastic, thank you for displaying exactly the sort of witty banter I've been expecting 👍
  12. Certainly not a role model, anyway. The whooshing noise is the sound of jokes going over your head by the way ... or you need to turn your head into the wind, maybe.
  13. Are there any cracks or leaks on the inlet manifold? I've had that before, it only looked small but caused big problems with starting and over-revving.
  14. I never knew Pence had been a model. Still, whatever turns you on buddy
  15. I went back and checked my old notes, my TY was 84Kg before mods and is now 80Kg so I remembered wrong 🙃 In terms of riding style, many of the changes I made were to make the bike handle closer to a modern bike which did help a bunch since I can switch bikes and not adjust how I ride (I don't use the clutch or stop or hop around)
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