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  1. turbofurball

    Why don't they JUST grip?

    Trials bike engines are tuned in radically different ways compared to enduros, and it has a huge effect. Like old fire engines with two stroke diesel engines, the type doesn't denote performance as much as the engine's construction
  2. turbofurball

    TY 175

    Yamaha sticky clutch syndrome - this is normal. With the engine running and a bit of space, roll the bike forwards and pop it in second at the same time. Ride it around for a minute or two with the clutch lever pulled in all the time, play with the throttle and it'll free up without any drama. EDIT: forgot to mention, mine would stick if I left it for as little as week. I switched to Dexron 3 auto fluid, and after a month drained and re-filled it, and it doesn't get sticky any more.
  3. turbofurball

    Alternative to observed trials?

    Yup, same around here - more than one person has referred to trials bikes as motos for the mountains, and there's no shortage of aircooled mono era machines that still have their lights, comfy-ish seat, and a rack on the back. Right now all our trials and dirt bikes are still in the UK, but I'm very much looking forward to getting them shipped over! Stock-ish twinshocks generally make good green laners, I'm sure modern ones are useable too. And also, yes not all clubs are created equal - some groups have a lot of patience for people like me who are not great riders but are enjoying themselves
  4. turbofurball

    montesa honda 349 fork yoke

    Correct, my '82 349 came with narrow yokes and was swapped to the later wide ones by a previous owner - perhaps OP has had the opposite happen?! (the old ones are super narrow)
  5. turbofurball

    Spares and accessories at a trial

    Clean dry clothes, bin bags to put muddy clothes in, small stiff brush to get the worst mud off the bike and boots, low pressure tyre gauge, plenty to drink, small snacks, spare fuel hose.
  6. turbofurball

    Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Looks fantastic, I hope Toby performs well for you!
  7. turbofurball

    Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Well done!
  8. Depends on what you mean by off-road use, there's plenty of unpaved roads in the mountains and I'd be surprised if the legalities are any different there from being on paved roads ... I guess this will be a case of just trying it and seeing what the tester says (much like with getting an MOT on a classic trials bike in the UK)
  9. turbofurball

    Newark on Trent - Electric bike

    That does sound like fun
  10. turbofurball

    Newark on Trent - Electric bike

    Welcome, I don't know of any adult competitions open to non-adult sized bikes but they do look like fun - how tall are you and how much do you weigh? I used to have a 24" jump bike years ago and enjoyed it being super nimble (never particularly wanted to actually jump it, lol), and the idea of having a full electric full suspension one does appeal
  11. turbofurball

    What is hands down the most beautiful trials bike ?

    As in Tony Bou?
  12. turbofurball

    Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    I know what you mean, I decided to stick with silver rims just because I wanted my bike to be bright and happy looking
  13. turbofurball

    Fuel efficient minimal bike hauler options

    Ooh, yeah a nice Dodge Caravan with a 2.5 cold air turbo setup is my kinda van They only recently got the Fiesta in the US, the Festiva looks like an old Mazda 121
  14. turbofurball

    Fuel efficient minimal bike hauler options

    OP said they wanted a cheap solution, I was just thinking of the cheapest possible
  15. turbofurball

    Fuel efficient minimal bike hauler options

    Ford Festiva and a folding trailer