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  1. Not in any FIM sanctioned events, you need an open face helmet at least for those. DOT approval is not a good guide to protection but if you're in the US check with the club running the event, because there's a chance you live in a state where you're free to have a traumatic brain injury and then go bankrupt. Personally, I ride where there's a lot of jagged rocks and so only ever use a full face enduro ECE approved helmet because I fall off a lot and I like my teeth.
  2. turbofurball

    Clutch ??

    Sticky clutches on trials bikes are a thing - I usually get the bike running, hold the clutch in, roll it forward and drop it into 1st and then keep running with the clutch in until it frees off (can take a minute for some bikes if they've been sat a while). As always, switching to Dexron 3 ATF gearbox oil either cures or eases the problem. As for the bike setting off, yes any modern 250 or up is going to do that - that's part of the reason people who are new to trials can learn easier and faster on a 125 or 200.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums (and to the buying-the-biggest-trials-bike-available club, which always has a lot of people in it, lol)
  4. Unfortunately since Brexit importing anything from the UK is a massive headache, the last two things I tried to get just didn't turn up and I've given up on getting anything from Britain for the forseeable.
  5. Thanks to the EU the prices are the same regardless of where you live, the only difference is the cost of shipping. Ironically, some parts for Spanish bikes used to be a bit cheaper in the UK but now Brexit has broken that. I love your optimism! If you find any, please let us know
  6. I live in Catalunya, less than 2 hours from the factories of Gasgas, Sherco trials, Montesa, and the old Bultaco place. That being said, when I lived in the UK I ordered all my parts online cheaply and there weren't any motorbike shops that would sell off-road stuff nearby (because the whole of England has about 50 meters of green lane open for motorbikes) and the suppliers still didn't show up to any of the trials events I went to there, lol Anyway, getting back to the point, my experience is likely to be closer to what Dede80 has available because he's in Italy
  7. Why would anyone buy things at events when we can walk into any motorbike shop and get what we want? If I want to go to an off-road bike specialist for something really specific I have a choice of 3 within 30 minutes of my house, whereas if I want to go to a trials specialist it's a long drive (45 mins).
  8. Maybe because of the distances involved it makes more sense, or maybe Canadian trials events are all-day affairs whereas the Europeans compete and then go home?
  9. Regarding gearing, after playing with my front sprocket I only use 2nd and 3rd gear for trials on my TY175 (even geared up I still found 1st too short to be useful), so the DT gearing might be better! Good luck with your bike, it looks like a fun Heinz 57
  10. I don't think I've ever seen one with grey plastics before! It looks very cool, welcome to the small TY club (I have a TY175, which is my only never-sell motorbike)
  11. Yeah, I've never seen anything like that at an event either, lol
  12. Sorry, but the small motorcycle dealers here don't have online ordering, I just go to them and ask at the counter
  13. Sound advice about 3rd gear, though that's going to be very physically taxing in tight spaces, lol. As a fellow oldie I don't use the clutch or rev the hell out of my 175, it just chugs along in 2nd gear. I agree about entering competitions though (or at least joining a club), that's the best way to learn and get help to improve skills
  14. It's more that the larger bikes are more vicious, which holds back learning technique. I have a 175 (with a whopping 12hp), a modern 250, and an old 350 ... out of those the 175 is the best for actual competition because it's easier to "finesse" in a tight stop.
  15. It depends on the part, I'm in Catalunya and a couple of hours drive from most of the factories so mostly I just go into a local motorbike shop and order anything there for the next day (except for August because nothing happens here in August). I've used motocrosscenter.com for some parts, as well as the ones you've listed, but again for motocrosscenter I can go to their shop if I have problems with something (however the petrol cost is more than postage and they don't like to mix the online and in store purchases).
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