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  1. On trials bikes they usually go between the coil and earth, because the TW has a battery you probably do indeed want to use the engine kill switch from the handlebar controls instead ... for that you probably want to look up a wiring diagram (or use a multimeter) and then splice the lanyard wires between the relevant wires near where the switch cluster plugs into the wiring harness, usually in the back of the headlight
  2. I use dexron 3 ATF fluid instead of oil in my TY175, it works a lot better than regular gear oil (takes a couple of changes to get all the oil out of the system). Edited to add: this was what fixed my sticky unfriendly clutch.
  3. I would not touch that with a bargepole. Good 2002-2008 TXTPros exist, parts are still available for them, but that does not look like a good one.
  4. If they're anything like Rieju they forgot to update the paperwork, lol
  5. turbofurball

    Cable gas.

    Vous pouvez commander un kit auprès de Venhill pour fabriquer le vôtre, mais cela nécessite un fer à souder et de la patience. 30EUR pour un câble d'accélérateur semble cher, vous voudrez peut-être en acheter un qui n'est pas d'origine
  6. Je vérifierais les mauvaises connexions comme un court-circuit au châssis ou au moteur (ou connecteur corrodé). Pouvez-vous emprunter un CDI en bon état pour essayer ?
  7. The Magicals have a progressive spring rate, like a modern bike, so the further it compresses the harder it gets. They feel very plush and you have to be really beating on the bike to bottom them out Before the Rock Shocks I had a pair of old original ones that still worked ok, and before that the bike came with a pair of generic chinese road shocks that were too short, lol. On my Cota 349 I have Betors, and the Rock Shocks are much nicer (and have progressive rate springs too, rather than the old dual-rate ones). I also have aftermarket triple clamps that steepen the steering angle and allow for raised fatbar handlebars, the frame is Majesty-ised, lengthened swingarm, footpegs moved down and rearwards, and various weight savings - that's what it took to get it to handle like a modern bike for me, some people like to swap the forks too, but I like the originals just fine.
  8. This is where having magicals springs up front and custom Rock Shocks out back has transformed my TY175, with the other changes I've made it feels almost like a modern bike (hopping around notwithstanding, but that's not my thing anyway). In regards to the original poster, start on a modern type bike for sure - after 30 years of road and trail riding I started trials on a Gasgas TXTPro 125 for a year and it really helped me get the hang of things and know what I wanted from a bike a bit better.
  9. Wow, yeah that's a bit crap ... I guess most clubs just depend on the "motorsport is dangerous" disclaimers that get signed, though those wouldn't protect the club in the case of a litigious accident victim. This is definitely something that's worth checking yourself, it would be worth having a chat with other clubs directly, too.
  10. Does it work the other way around, that if you are hit by someone you can make a claim? If not, what's the point of the insurance?
  11. Welcome to the board Looks like you've got a very good base for a greasy-rag restoration! I have a 349 because it was cheap and road registered 😅
  12. turbofurball


    For anyone who doesn't speak french: Le moteur est-il encore en un seul morceau ou as-tu démonté le cylindre ? Si c'était moi, je retirerais simplement la tête et vérifierais les roulements de bielle, ils ne seront pas bons si c'est tordu ! (Is the engine still in once piece, or have you taken the cylinder off? If it were me I'd just remove the head and check the conrod bearings, they won't be good if it's bent!)
  13. The only benefit would be for an international body to promote the sport and help it grow, however because trials is a niche sport there wouldn't be a lot of point in investment there (this has been thoroughly hashed out in other grumpy threads). Long story short, it's just not popular enough to get the sort of widespread coverage that's capable of paying for itself or turning a profit.
  14. Yeah, it's good for going out on a trail, doing a bit of trials-y riding, and going home. Bigger tank than a 4-Ride too. Me and my other half now have a pair of Rieju Tangos, which are a little less trials but have a lot more range, but we still have the Pampera in case we want to take a visitor out in the mountains.
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