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  1. Carole Nash Off Road Insurance

    I have to admit, getting cheap insurance was a large driving force for having both my bikes road registered ... it was far cheaper than unregistered cover
  2. Build up to the Scott

    Also, this is a fab photo ... looks like it was guelling!
  3. Build up to the Scott

    This one?
  4. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Love easy trials, just to get out and ride a bit, push myself to try some stuff I'm not sure about, and not worry about getting in the way of serious competitors when I'm having trouble extracting myself and my bike from a muddy situation. But I'm well aware I'm not the average trials rider, lol
  5. Just joined the EM & Trials Community

    Cool, keep us posted on how you get on with it! And yes, Cota 349s aren't a lot of fun for trials ... but amazing technical trail bikes
  6. What's in a name?

    That might bring more people in ... trials spectators everywhere sporting CAMRA t-shirts
  7. What's in a name?

    But the word Soccer came from England ...
  8. Bashed up but better

    Yeah, I don't really notice a difference in classic vs. novice modern sections, but the difference in riding a stockish twinshock is quite large. I love my TY due to a mix of nostalgia and the ability to enter any trial on it As someone with a half metal leg, novice level trials has been fine - none of that jumping off big objects etc, and nothing more than bruises from coming off. If I were you I'd start out on something like a Gasgas Pro 250 - lighter than a 4 stroke (not a factor for riding, as much as a factor in pulling it out of funny places), pretty gentle power delivery, but with enough grunt to move you around - I started at 12 stone on a 125 and that was ok, 16 stone might make one struggle on a climb. Good luck, I hope you enjoy trials as much as I do!
  9. Debbie Evans "Trailblazers 2018 Inductee"

    Ah ok, to a Brit he has a really funny intonation!
  10. Debbie Evans "Trailblazers 2018 Inductee"

  11. Linky link - despite a goofy sounding voiceover, this is a nice video summary of Debbie Evans' career. I wish I'd known about her when I was little!
  12. Carole Nash Off Road Insurance

    Public liability insurance should cover spectators, shouldn't it?
  13. montesa cota 247

    Looks like an optical illusion, I recon the inlets are maybe 1/4" from the mudguard but the camera flash means you see no shadow
  14. Carole Nash Off Road Insurance

    MSM gave me an eyewatering quote on my TY, which is road registered. I'm with Devitt for the princely sum of £75, who only do road reg'd bikes. I couldn't really find a reasonable off-road-only insurer when I had a TxtPro, so just kept it in a safe place.
  15. TE

    I guess so ... someone IRL told me that it's on sale now ...? (also, I thought it was the TYE) MCN rode it the other day, but I've not seen anything else ...