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  1. Or you have a flared end, some baffle, then a bit of pipe welded with snot to the rusty parts of the baffle that's not completely disintegrated ... or maybe that's just me ...
  2. Welcome to the trials club, lol ... I hope you have lots of fun - that looks like a nice clean example you've got there, the Rev 3 is a good solid bike
  3. Good stuff, if you're new to trials it's worth checking out the Trials skill X-training You Tube channel ... it's not updated now, but the videos are still super useful and it's also Aussie so you'll get the jokes (maybe) Good luck in your new hobby, being in a club really is the biggest key to enjoying trials at the beginning!
  4. Fabulously Nascent Gastroenterologist?
  5. So, from my limited experience: I have an Acerbis bumbag which is enough to have basic tools (forget an inner tube, think pliers, screwdriver, duct tape folded over itself, plenty of zip ties, spare spark plug with wrench), phone, a small drink, and a couple of energy bars. At trials events they don't hang around between sections, I follow other competitors and signage. Because I'm not speedy and competitive I skip sections if I'm getting left behind (I just go to have fun). If you have serious bike issues there's generally a sweeper team that follows the route at the end to help out / collect stragglers. Ditto on the walker waterproof clothing, for colder weather I use army surplus goretex on my top (with just a breatheable t-shirt under) and just let my legs get wet, lol. For hot summer weather I use the mini-backpack that came with a camelbak, it can hold 2x 500ml water bottles and isn't too intrusive Long distance trials are a different beast, lol
  6. turbofurball


    Fueling too rich or timing too retarded is what google tells me, so could be either 😅 I always start any problem like this with a carb rebuild, because it seems that with old bikes it's always time for a carb rebuild ...
  7. Love my TY175, it's the one old bike I'm never going to sell Have you got any photos? Did you upgrade anything while you were fixing it up?
  8. The one everyone usually recommends is Inch Perfect Trials (I did a homebrew experience day courtesy of a friend with lots of experience and a spare bike, lol)
  9. Absolutely that, I remember going to a round of the UK women's championships and taking photos ... I didn't enter because I figured it would be way above my level, but I did learn from watching and it was less aggressive than the mixed events so I could have got stuck in without being intimidated, or worrying about holding other riders up (which is how it felt at the non-club trials I did before)
  10. It's worth doing an experience / basic training day to start off with, see if it's for you before buying stuff (it's an excellent experience even if not!) When you de decide to look for gear and a bike, go for basic stuff to begin with until you know what you want. I still ride with Mechanix work gloves, stretch jeans, ordinary t-shirt, second hand boots, and until I switched to using my old enduro helmet I was still using a cheap Spada trials helmet without issues ... technique is far more important than fancy gear, put time into learning from friendly people at your local club and just getting on the bike whenever you can. If you take to it, it's excellent fun!
  11. That same argument can be made for some other models, lol
  12. As I wrote in another thread about 2 days back:
  13. Welcome You'll find a mountain of info here, including an infinite range of opinions over what the best bike to start on is ... the one I always repeat is that the best bike to start on is a used modern shape 125, even if you're tall, even if you have lots of previous riding experience. Use it for a bit and then sell it on when you know better what you want. Modern shape 125s are easy to handle, have enough power to move you around but not so much as to get into trouble, they're good on fuel, and are easy to sell. They're all much of a muchness, the condition of the bike is far more important than the brand or age. Good luck in your search!
  14. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... MASS HYSTERIA!
  15. I've been using my nice old enduro helmet for trials stuff for quite a while now; visibility, heat, and weight aren't issues I've experienced (if anything I'm guilty of watching the front wheel too much, lol). Some people like to resist any change, though, and others will only make a change when the majority of people start doing it. As for me, my face is ugly enough already so I'm going to continue trying to protect it
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