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  1. Fox News successfully argued in court that they are only entertainment and not news, so they don't have to abide by any factual standards. Yay Murdoch?
  2. That's some serious weight loss! For light weight cheap shocks would a used modern trials shock do the trick?
  3. It's a pity downhill MTB shocks aren't rated for the weight of a motorbike. If it was me, I'd be thinking of remaking the linkage (namely, drawing up a pattern and getting a local machinist to knock it up), or going to twinshock. A system without a linkage might put some interesting strain on the mounting points. Please post photos - these projects are always interesting to see!
  4. Interesting how it's called "Obamacare" when it was created by Mitt Romney. Obama wanted single payer but that wouldn't get through congress, hence having to use the Republican scheme as a compromise ... which the Republicans still weren't happy with. Trump has had 4 years to replace it with the better system he promised, hows that going? Still I hope you get better soon, surgery recovery is no fun at all!
  5. Still, not something you generally see on a petrol tank! My other half has a Garmin Montana with a handlebar mount on her Pampera, I think we would have killed several phones so far with that setup
  6. I love the phone holder!
  7. This is very useful info for me too, thanks
  8. Cool, please get some videos once you've got it - I'm curious to see how it rides! (though there's no way I could afford one any time soon ...)
  9. It's great that people are enjoying them like that ... such a versatile machine!
  10. Given the farce where Kavanagh got emotionally unbalanced during what amounts to a job interview that might be warranted ... I wonder if Scaramuchi is available, that would be entertaining and about par for the course.
  11. There's another saying that comes to mind: if everywhere you go smells like ****, check the bottom of your own shoes.
  12. I'm afraid I don't know about that, I got mine a couple of years ago now! So are Inmotion not stocking them? I thought they had Magicals for other bikes listed (though I admit I've not been shopping there for ages)
  13. I can't speak for Falcons, but Magicals springs totally transformed the front of my TY - the original springs were in good condition, but with the Magicals it's much more like modern performance. I specifically noticed it on a ~18" drop off in the middle of a steep downhill I used to find scary, on the originals the front would hit hard and the bike felt like it wanted to get out of shape if I wasn't careful ... on the Magicals it was almost like the drop wasn't even there
  14. Well, this thread has taken an interesting turn! All I can say is that my other half has picked up a new trail bike that's Euro 4 compliant, can get well over 100mpg (UK gallons), and it's really nice to follow off road because I don't get gassed, unlike any of our 2 strokes ... the plan is to get another one for me later this year because we live on a nature reserve and we want to avoid gassing the squirrels. The main emissions savings in electric vehicles comes from two factors - that the batteries are recyclable, and that we're on the tipping point where most electricity comes from renewables. It's no silver bullet, but moving to lower emissions where possible seems like a good idea to me, and the ever tightening EU regulations are helping push the world in the right direction As for my last comment, I'd mention that a few people have ridden across the US on bikes that can cruise at about 50 - 55 mph, without problems (eg. Lois Price on a Serow, Ed March on a C90, that Japanese guy who went around the world on an XT250, etc).
  15. A couple of coworkers repeatedly told me that classic trials was more fun, and my other half doesn't like modern bikes because they "don't look like proper motorbikes" ... I have a soft spot for the second bike I owned as a kid, which was a DT100, so I figured the TY was a good choice when it felt time to move on from my 125 TXT Pro. Much effort and huge wads of cash later and I have a bike that handles nearly as good as a modern bike for my riding abilities, doesn't look like a "proper motorbike" anyway, and is nothing like a DT100 either. Still, I love it. The Cota, meanwhile, was literally the cheapest road registered classic trials bike on ebay at the time. I don't plan on keeping it since it's neither terribly good for competitions nor trail riding around here.
  16. Yeah, none of this surprises me, it seems many Americans spend their lives being terrified of other people. One was telling me the other day that going on an interstate on a 250cc motorbike was a death sentence because you would be intentionally rammed off the road for being too slow. Meanwhile, I'm sure the major whose house was marched on was duly given the no-knock treatment by protesters, thus affirming how terribly scary they were.
  17. The gated community that they have apparently repeatedly sued? Where they have tried to annex land outside of their property lines? They are personal injury lawyers, exactly the type of parasite I would expect to be popular with the American right wing.
  18. Sounds like that's the way to go! Now I just need to get motivated to go to the shoe repair place ... which is all the way down in town ... and it's hot ... ¡que terrible!
  19. Sweat wicking is a huge help, a loose fitting cotton t-shirt will ensure you're hot and wrapped in a layer of hot wet material too, you can't sweat more because it sticks to you I think my neighbours would kill me if I fired up the TY at 7 in the morning, lol As for the shorts, they're just above the knee, my boots are the same level as my exhaust so I don't get burned there I just steer clear of the undergrowth ...
  20. That's a good point, although the sweat is generally evenly distributed after 30 mins or so (ie. 100% coverage) I'm pretty sure the cause of my hot feet is it being very hot outside. I'm riding in shorts and a sweat wicking t-shirt, and not before about 7pm because before that it's a recipe for heatstroke.
  21. Thanks, it seems weird there's nothing on the market for those of us in arid areas
  22. What are the coldest and least waterproof boots? I love my Forma Boulders enough to have two pairs, but holy hell they get hot! Is there anything on the market that's reasonably priced and has big holes in it? I might ask a shoe repair place to add some holes to my rough pair or something
  23. Same here, as far as I know ... now would not be a sensible time to visit Catalunya and I can't see it improving in the next month TBH Anything that is going on would normally be listed on https://todotrial.com
  24. Yeah, that's really not happening around here.
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