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  1. dozerash

    280 Piston

    I was told the double ring piston last longer. Performance wise I would think you would get quicker revs from a single ring piston. From what I’ve seen trials and enduro engines Usually have double ring pistons, motocross bikes have the single ring.
  2. dozerash

    280 Piston

    Anyone have a good source for the 280 pistons? I’m going to rebuild my 1982 TL320 and will probably need a oversized piston. Heard you can use 583 Ski Doo or Sea Doo pistons. I definitely want a two ring piston.
  3. Nope! Too cold here!
  4. I’m just building my stand from what I have laying around the shop. It’s all cut out and drilled, I’m just waiting for a little warmer weather to weld it up in my unheated shop (my welding is done in the unheated part, my small but warm workshop is where I work on my bikes).
  5. Yeah I got into vintage trials and have a few bikes to rebuild. Plus I bought a new Mig welder over the summer and wanted a good project to do with it. I started cutting the pieces for the stand.
  6. Anyone build there own engine stand? I’ve used the wooden box stand for years. Decided to look into building a metal stand that rotates. Here are a few ideas I’ve found.
  7. dozerash

    OKO Carburetors

    I wish my SWM was set up as nice as yours! I’ve had no luck finding the Aprilia clutch cover. I will have to look at the cost of the smart carb, would be nice not to worry about jetting.
  8. dozerash

    OKO Carburetors

    Did you have to cut the stock air box boot down?
  9. dozerash

    OKO Carburetors

    Has anyone tried a OKO carb on there SWM 320? If so how did it work?
  10. dozerash


    How is the single shock mounted to frame and swingarm on the SVM? Does it have a linkage?
  11. dozerash

    SWM Modifications

    I have been reading them. A lot of info! Thanks! I have a newer style clutch cover from a Can Am that has the bigger actuator balls. I’m going to try it this winter. I noticed the other day my bike is leaking oil from the Kickstarter/shifter area. It leaked a couple of years ago and I replaced the seal and o ring. I will replace them again when I install new cover.
  12. dozerash

    SWM Modifications

    I put new shoes and cable, cleaned and lubed everything and they work much better than the Ossa I had but still not great. Any suggestions?
  13. dozerash

    SWM Modifications

    When I bought the bike it had a couple of clutch springs removed. It slipped way too much for my weight. I reinstalled all the springs. It’s not super hard to pull in just not a one finger pull. Thought a hydraulic setup would make it one finger.
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