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  1. Found a good spot to store my engine stand. Rafters in my storage area.
  2. The only thing I would have done different on the engine stand would have been to make the legs removable so the stand could be stored easier.
  3. Just used what I had around my shop.
  4. dozerash

    2x2 SWM TL320

    That would be awesome! Keep us posted!
  5. I just have to finish a few things and paint. Works good!
  6. Did a little more progress today on the engine stand.
  7. We had some warmer weather and I got a little free time to do a little more progress on my engine stand.
  8. dozerash

    SWM Modifications

    I might try the Betors off my spare bike, I will need to install a new fender and fork seals. I guess my SWM could turn a little sharper. Might help my results. I just wish I could find a spare set and not take them off the other bike.
  9. dozerash

    2x2 SWM TL320

    I remember the Yamaha hydraulic drive AWD, I think KTM had a version too, didn’t Ohlins build that system? The Rokon moto tractor has a driveshaft through the frame with a slip clutch to a jackshaft to a chain driving the front wheel. Christini AWD also has a driveshaft and slip clutch with gears and chains to telescoping shafts that drive the front wheel. Looks like the SWM had a flex shaft that transferred power to the front wheel.
  10. dozerash

    2x2 SWM TL320

    Pschrauber, sorry for not asking permission on posting the AWD SWM photos. If I knew they were yours I would have asked. Thanks for all the info on the bike, I find it very interesting that they built something like that back then. Would like to know how well it worked.
  11. dozerash

    2x2 SWM TL320

    Here are a couple more pictures I found:
  12. dozerash

    2x2 SWM TL320

    This all wheel drive SWM was built in 1981! It was a Prototype, they competed with it once and the FIM banned all wheel drive bikes. If anyone else knows anymore about this Prototype or have more pictures, please post them!
  13. dozerash

    SWM Modifications

    Here is the front brake set up on my 1980 TL320 project bike with Betor forks.
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