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  1. Thanks, very helpful! Look at Motoswm website, I think there was a engine service manual on there for the Rotax engine. Also try Old Knobbies both are SWM, but uses basically the same Rotax engine.
  2. Part fits perfectly
  3. My cover after being milled out.
  4. This set up works well on my SWM. I’m looking to modify two other bikes I have. Not having any luck finding the newer style actuator parts.
  5. dozerash

    Electronic Ignition

    My bike is still running great with this ignition system! No problems! The only complaint is not having the lighting coil. Has anyone been able to install a lighting coil with this system? I would rather not bother with battery lights. We have a couple of night trials, the sections are under lights but it’s nice to have a headlight on from section to section.
  6. I’m going to be working on a friends 1985 Can Am (Armstrong) 240 (Rotax) trials bike. I have a couple of SWM 320s (280 Rotax) . So I know where to get any engine parts. The body and frame parts I’m not so sure about. We need the following: muffler... ...carb kit... ...seat... ...all cables... ...decals... ...intake tube from carb to engine...since it has the Amal carb the intake tube appears different(smaller id) SWM? ...air filter... ...rear sprocket... ...front and rear fenders ...what handlebars do you recommend?.. thanks
  7. dozerash

    TL320 Seat

    Yeah your right I should get rid of that bracket that someone made. I would like to fabricate a simple quick release for the seat.
  8. dozerash

    TL320 Seat

    This bracket was what someone had on another SWM I had. Any ideas to make this work?
  9. dozerash

    TL320 Seat

    I have a 1980 SWM TL320 that I have a new seat for. The old one was strapped on. Anyone have a good way to mount the seat and be able to take it off easy to work on filter? This one doesn’t have the quick release because at one time it had a metal tank. Thanks
  10. I’m from the States, I’ve never heard of JCM?
  11. Thanks! That’s good to know! I had a early nineties 280 Climber and remember the bottom end was similar.
  12. I wonder how much different my engine mounts compared to a Aprillia Climber?
  13. I’m thinking of building a air cooled mono. I have an extra rebuildable Rotax 280 trials engine and exhaust. Just need a mono chassis. Any recommendations?
  14. dozerash

    SWM Exhaust

    Thanks! I really liked your setup, I just didn’t have the materials to accomplish that. We are only going to the grocery store now, so there is no metal bits to buy ☹️
  15. dozerash

    SWM Exhaust

    Installed on my bike after repair.
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