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  1. I’m from the States, I’ve never heard of JCM?
  2. Thanks! That’s good to know! I had a early nineties 280 Climber and remember the bottom end was similar.
  3. I wonder how much different my engine mounts compared to a Aprillia Climber?
  4. I’m thinking of building a air cooled mono. I have an extra rebuildable Rotax 280 trials engine and exhaust. Just need a mono chassis. Any recommendations?
  5. dozerash

    SWM Exhaust

    Thanks! I really liked your setup, I just didn’t have the materials to accomplish that. We are only going to the grocery store now, so there is no metal bits to buy ☹️
  6. dozerash

    SWM Exhaust

    Installed on my bike after repair.
  7. dozerash

    SWM Exhaust

    I ended up cutting open my stock muffler with my plasma cutter and Dremel tool, worked good. Re tacked all the baffles and welded back up. Didn’t turn out too bad, wish I had a tank of Argon for my tig and done a little neater job. I might go back over it with the tig before I paint.
  8. dozerash

    SWM Clutch Upgrade

    I found out I can use the newer cover with the larger actuator balls with the older style clutch. But the clutch works even better with the newer style inner clutch hub and pressure plate. I had the pressure plate. I found the newer inner clutch hub at my local trials shop, picked it up yesterday.
  9. dozerash

    SWM Clutch Upgrade

    I have a newer style clutch cover with the larger actuator balls I would like to install on my 1980 SWM TL320. I would like to see if it does pull a little easier and my original cover has a small crack in it and needs repairing. I also have the newer pressure plate. Do I need anything else? The hub from the ATK (Rotax 244) parts book has a different part number than the older style SWM. Will I need to change that too? Thanks
  10. dozerash

    SWM Exhaust

    Thanks for sending me in the right direction! I’ll start looking in the States for exhaust parts.
  11. dozerash

    SWM Exhaust

    I really like your exhaust set up! The fact you can repack it without having to weld it again is nice. I do have a DC tig I recently picked up (it’s actually a 3 in 1, plasma cutter, dc tig and dc stick welder). I don’t have the Argon tank yet. Not that I couldn’t weld it with my mig, I just think it would look better with tig. I just don’t know if I’ll have time right now to build it like I want. Was hoping to find something to use until I have time to fabricate the old one. What are you guys using for a new perforated tube?
  12. dozerash

    SWM Exhaust

    Anyone have any suggestions on a aftermarket muffler for my 1980 TL320? Thanks
  13. Last week I put together a basket case SWM TL320 from boxes of parts, I’ve had it for a few years and had some time to work on it. All the seals, bearings and rod were replaced. So I was surprised when it started leaking oil. I discovered there was a small crack in the clutch cover where the Kickstarter hub was kicked too far and smashed into the clutch cover. Look there too. Yes you can take the cover off without removing the carb.
  14. dozerash

    TL320 Assembly

    I got it, wasn’t too bad after I unbolted the skid plate.
  15. dozerash

    2x2 SWM TL320

    I just seen another picture of the 2x2 SWM, it was in the snow, said 1981. Pschrauber do you have anymore pictures of the bike?
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