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  1. Yes a brilliant book of local lad to me years ago. Although a top sports man found a niche and succeeded against the odds in later life when others had retired. It`s only when you read something like this you realise all the struggles. Touching that his personality and loyalty, a rare thing these days held him back. Seems to have no regrets. A good read.........
  2. http://www.motorcycleseatworks.co.uk/trials
  3. esuark7


    ask here https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/late-type-straight-kick-start-5-speed-models/
  4. esuark7


    think the lever is like any other Sherpa t of the period one here https://moto-classic.com/bultaco-sherpa-t-74-mdl-184/
  5. esuark7


    it`s in this list http://cemoto.tripod.com/bultaco.htm
  6. I know about the dymo tape but think this was early models. I had a 1980 black engine and the number was by the left foot rest bracket.
  7. yes vine`s always shouting, even when you turn down the volume !!??
  8. yeah just watched it myself thanks for the info, brilliant......
  9. This is the top yoke fitted to a model 10 I had up until 2009 since gone to France. Assumed by the "S & M" stamped on the clamps that it was a Sammy Miller item, different to the one shown above. Bike was also fitted with what I assumed were a Sammy Miller brake pedal and mudguard stays, and an M27 "style" alloy tank with monza cap. Oh and by the way those are what I believe to be the original handlebars with built in perches for the levers.
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