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  1. did you find the solution to your problem?
  2. Dede80

    Kick start

    no problem I am not offended, if I have misunderstood I apologize.
  3. Dede80

    Service manual?

    thank you for the 174 page manual that was sent to me, it is very useful thank you 👍👍
  4. Dede80

    Kick start

    I did not find it offensive, I did not understand what to do with where you come from, I find the forums interesting and helpful based on experiences
  5. if you use the BPMR6A it is right and if you use the mixture with the right percentage with the correct oil. If it gives you problems, try a BPMR4A, if you don't solve it unfortunately you have to let it do a diagnostic
  6. Dede80

    Kick start

    Excuse me, but what does the fact of being Europeans have to do with a motorcycle talk? I have always thought about two-wheeled passion but you can see that this is not the case for everyone 👋👋
  7. Yes, I have something more in the box that was given to me with the trial, as soon as I go to the garage I will take the photos and place them, more than anything else it can be useful for those who buy a second-hand trial (whether from a private individual or from a seller) should know what is supplied. I also have disc locks and license plate kit taillight arrows and I don't remember anything else .. I know that some dealers changed the carburetors of the gas gas kit with carburetors that weren't good .... I know that most people don't care what is supplied but someone to know what is due in the price is nice ..
  8. Certainly for the bank account 😁😁
  9. someone can tell me what comes standard with the trial (keys, road kit, etc ...). I ask for my Fajardo but also other later or previous ones. thank you
  10. Hello! I started with a climber too! of a friend .. I used it about 10 times and in the end I bought myself a vertigo to follow my son with a minitrial
  11. Great! even if you do enduro and switch to another discipline, the important thing is to have fun
  12. well I definitely have fun, every 2-wheel bike is a pleasure for me to ride them, I'm new to trials but I've been riding street bikes for 20 years .. in the garage I still have an rsv4, before I had an r1 and a cbr 600rr
  13. Dede80

    Kick start

    it's the easiest way if you don't have the strength to set it in motion 😄😄
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