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  1. Thanks for your answer lorenzo, I thought it had to be a 9 digit serial because I saw the 66’ lobito series were 8 digit starting with 19
  2. Hi all! I've searched for hours and didn´t get to a point, that's why I'm bothering you asking for help. I have s Sherpa T 250 model 190 (1977 I supose). It is matching numbers but my "problem" is that these numbers are 8 digits instead of 9 digits (RM-190***90 / RB-190***90). I've checked a serial at the left crankcase that is 112-10Y019, what I think confirms that is a 250cc Sherpa/Alpina engine. Does anyone know why it has these 8 digits if it is supposed to have 9??? Thanks in advance for any response.
  3. Here I am, Crockett from Spain and a red sherpa 250. Already asking questions!!
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