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  1. jj46

    2016 Sherco St

    Anyone know? - i could do with some touch up paint
  2. jj46

    Beta 80 Clutch Woes

    Thanks Copemech, never known them to stick like this before but fresh oil seems to have sorted it.
  3. jj46

    Beta 80 Clutch Woes

    So I got my daughters 80 out of the van today, started it up and discovered she had no clutch. It was fine the last time it was ridden but today the lever had no effect. It didn't feel any different but I bled it through however this didn't make any difference. She wanted to try it with no clutch and within 5 minutes the clutch was operating perfectly and continued to do so all afternoon. I've just unloaded everything and thought I would check it and once again there is no clutch... Any ideas?
  4. I bought a set for my daughters old 20r. She found the reduction in weight made a difference to her riding and ride times increased to 3 - 3.5 hours. The bike has now sold as she's now on a Beta 80 but I would recommend them, we had them fitted for over a year and the bike was ridden twice a week with no problems.
  5. Cheers Iggy, how are you finding the ice hell ? - is it as good as it looks? I spoke to Nick at Vertigo today and as you say he is more than helpful and seemed genuinely interested. Anyway after our chat a new plug was purchased and fitted and normal service has resumed.
  6. Thank for the replies - the ecu was energized and the led was illuminated. I think it may well be the plug so i'll replace it today and see what happens? Compared to the Sherco: Negatives first - the clutch seems heavier and the Sherco does start when I kick it over! Also the rear tyre has deflated a coupe of times. Positives - suspension, throttle response, build quality, feeling of solidness, grip - very impressed so far!
  7. Pretty hard on a bank holiday Monday - just thought id ask on here in case someone had suffered similar problems.
  8. Took my Combat out today - it ran faultlessly for 2 hours and then intermittently coughed and popped and generally ran poorly before clearing itself. This happened about 5 times and It remained a bit hit and miss for the rest of the day. Having got it home and washed it off it ran for a minute before dying and now wont start. Is there a way to reset them and has anyone else had any teething problems?
  9. New throttle fitted and it seems to be cured, thanks for the advice...
  10. Thanks for the replies, i'll order a throttle tomorrow and see if it cures it.
  11. My daughters 20r seems to have developed an annoying intermittent fault, she has complained that it has seemed to very occasionally lose power for an instant and we put this down to a dodgy on/off switch (now renewed). After a very wet and muddy practise last weekend I washed the bike off and dried it but found that the bike's throttle was sticking (it snapped back but the motor kept going?) After checking all the connections and cleaning them and putting dielectric grease on them the bike had no power, it ran as if the battery was flat before coming back to life. This has happened a few times now - Any ideas?
  12. It seems that a few dealers are selling them, as i'm sure you know Trials UK sell their supercharged bikes that come with Lipos as standard, When i contacted Oset regarding availability of Lipos i was steered towards Trials UK who sell there "boost" kits for £550..
  13. I ordered a set from Boost bikes about 4 weeks ago and they arrived today. Apparently they supply a few Oset dealers now and are finding that demand for the packs is growing quickly. Keith the guy who runs Boost was really helpful and kept me up to date with the progress of my order. Hopefully my daughter will try the bike out tomorrow and i'll post up our thoughts on them.
  14. Bit strange that, i also contacted him. List it at a £2400 start price but accept £2000? Also found it strange that the hole on the rear caliper has been sliced off flush with a grinder - looking at pics of others it seems to be wear a lock can be fitted.
  15. Dave have you been looking at the one on Ebay thats listed as a 2013?
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