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  1. You will need the olive or gold ,black and titanium are steel which wont fit you bike ,your forks have the alloy tube ,2 replacement tube are almost as much as a set of forks as you will need to change the seals and bushes
  2. Ultra marine blue ral code 5002 its hard to match the frame colour as sherco use only a thin top coat and the white primer shows though so the paint is lighter or darker in places.
  3. badger360

    2018 OSSA?

    I was told last year that they would have a bike ready by september for the milan bike show they were a good bike but feel like time may have run out and sherco and trs have taken there place ,parts are still around for the bikes but how long will that last.
  4. Found it on western trials but thought it might be on trials central,tmx or acu trials events .
  5. Does anyone know if cheltenham home guard still have there trial on Monday can t find anything in the events ,thanks
  6. badger360

    Spring Weight?

    Think it goes by the number printed on the spring I had the yellow spring on my ossa and replaced it with a harder spring which was also yellow splat shop web site will tell what spring you have on your bike.
  7. Does anyone know the size of the 2 o rings which seal the exhaust to the silencer split mine and the exhaust is leaking
  8. Does anyone know if the stourbridge trial is on the saturday
  9. Anyone know If the dudley trial is on this Sunday ,thanks
  10. badger360

    Ossa Misfire

    Needed a new throttle body and tps re setting ,Trials and Tribs will fix it Ian knows his stuff
  11. badger360

    Ossa Misfire

    Have you fixed the bike yet
  12. Who is running the trial at clifton can t find any details
  13. badger360

    Ossa Misfire

    Yes trials and tribs are very good they know there stuff ,sound like the tps needs re setting or clean the tps connection to the throttle body or could be a loose connection to the fuel injector check all your plugs what year is the bike
  14. Put an extra base gasket on my 300 did not lose to much power made it a lot better to start
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