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  1. ralph1

    AMCA Licence

    Yes, I got the licence form from shatterford trial
  2. I’ve just received my AMCA licence but it seems I’m not a member of any club, will this cause me any problems entering trials? The application form I used had N/A in the club section
  3. ralph1

    Hot Gasgas

    It was the fan that caused the problem, I came off and broke the connector plug! the heat and pressure caused the seal to fail, its also broke the impeller Don't know what hurts the most, the money to repair it or my foot from the fall!
  4. ralph1

    Hot Gasgas

    My bike overheated today, the fan motor failed and it dumped all the coolant into the gearbox. It didn’t seize but it got very hot!!! Would this have done any damage to the piston/bore?
  5. Excellent, thank you for the info
  6. I presume it starts at 11am, as it also has 8am on the TC calendar?
  7. Isn’t that the idea of a forum, to ask questions? Plus I don’t have to hassle someone who is probably working very hard arranging the trial!
  8. It doesn't say if there's an easy route?
  9. Does anyone know if the Market Drayton trial is running an easy route or a route suitable for beginners this sunday?
  10. I've got a bag of marking pegs that I use when practicing, I mark out a couple of sections and keep practicing I seem to do everything wrong when I’m in a trial, I make the simplest mistakes! My biggest problem is I keep going the wrong way though sections, even though I walk it and watch other riders!
  11. I’ve done 3 dead easy trials and 8 'C' route trials, and many hours of practice My problem is I’m still finishing last or last but one, is this normal or am I just crap at trials? I’m now losing confidence!
  12. Thank you Do you know if it has a beginners route?
  13. Does anyone have any details about the upcoming (09/10/16) trial at Evesham? It’s on the ACU fixture list but I cannot find any info?
  14. I have read in old posts that a Mich or IRC are the best, but would a new mitas be ok for a novice?
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