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  1. Silly season approaches

    Hmm, matteo has some good sponsors, sembennini, red motor etc, maybe should have stayed gp? It’s just the trial scene is so compact, that to drop down and scoop a title, that Toby I really think deserves, after changing from 2t to 4t is a bit disingenuous. Also, bit suspect, how he managed to finish so low score? No favouritism from the ITALIAN observers I guess... its the British thing, saw TM five for a millisecond stop at addingham, but continent seems to go with the flow.... flack invited!
  2. Silly season approaches

    I don’t always agree with Andy, but I’m of the same thought, matteo had his day, didn’t make it, so this drop into trial 2 for some riders is a bit dodgy, taking limelight away from some up and come’rs! its hard enough for young riders to get sponsors and go around around Europe etc, but if riders from the gp scene keep dropping down, where do they go? Maybe cabby could drop next? Its a shame that some top riders would have to go, but it’s survival of the fittest, and youngest! thoughts?
  3. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Use galfer red pads, and drag rear brake to get hot then pour cold water on them, it’s not twaddle, I and many others have done it for years! But what would I know from a new member that obviously knows everything! the new fren are a terrible pad.
  4. Karlson to sherco

    Guess make more dollar doing enduro, shame all the top (ish) riders have to go that direction! this stranglehold bou and the rest of top 3 are doing is not really healthy for the sport. Dont know how you sort though?
  5. Karlson to sherco

    Thought he had knocked wtc on head?
  6. Engine install (modern OSSA)

    Yo, you need to lift from front, but, will need to remove reed block to get the space. It’s a bloody tight fit in between the frame at front as well.. when dropping back in I had whole bike upside down so using the own engines weight to help. Its not very easy as you know! ian
  7. clear your messages! cant send any

  8. Toby Martin to a Montesa?

    Not so sure, if he can step up to the mark next year? Who knows? Don’t forget Fuji must be getting to the last year or so of his career! what a team to drop into if you are in the right place at right time.
  9. Beta vacancy?

    Well the yam mono did ok, with only one wtc round win.? Didn’t seem to make much difference to there sales, shedloads sold, until the tyz then went a bit wonky....
  10. BVM broken into overnight,

    I would suggest calling bvm dudes directly, not plod, as they will not give a toss, try to not make the seller suspicious, as if plod involved they will send someone round in a week, maybe, by that time the bike, bikes will be long gone!
  11. 18 GG?

    I see TRS and Sherco launched new 18 bikes last week, I'm a bit confused about GAS GAS? what model are they doing now? E4? GP? Is there a new model? Confused.com😆
  12. Jitsie rear linkage suspension protector

    Chopping board is no good, it snaps, I done it!! need a more flexible item, I used an old Stanley toolbox lid!!
  13. Rear brake reservoir on dabill bike

    Keep up Andy...ive got one!!
  14. Rear brake reservoir on dabill bike

    Hmm, maybe, cannot see any difference to a stock bike though? What advantages are they?? i know factory Gg are a well set up blueprint bike, but still mainly std, so just wondered why they do this?
  15. Rear brake reservoir on dabill bike

    I would have thought if the rear brake was damaged, (if pos, as inboard) the GG team would have a fully bled up complete system to bolt on?