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  1. Possibly a wheel from another make of bike - if you bought it second hand
  2. Historically the after market pipes are a bigger diameter than standard and soften off the bottom end and give more torque - and are marginally lighter 🤔 and look nice 👍 On the 250 /260 engine would say they are an improvement for clubman riders How much only you say 🤔👍
  3. All 4rt where’s fit front and back There is spacer on latest showa models you could buy or get made I even think the inners race of a wheel bearing is correct size. I have an early 315 or possibly earlier front as my practice wheel - I have 3 sets- it has bigger hub 6 bolts for disc but still fits - had to get correct disc but had wheel for peanuts. post 2000 315 wheels fit but need to get correct 315 sprocket and disc as have extra bolts to mount them . Might give you a few more options 👍👍
  4. Full parts lists with exploded diagrams and manuals can be found on Line if you google brill for checking out what’s needed and also seeing part numbers from latest models if you want to upgrade parts👍👍
  5. Go by the book but be careful not over fill the engine as some have reported on can push crank seal out on gearbox side 👍👍 always check on dip stick after 👍
  6. yep always do both Oil qty is in the manual - manual is available on line . Good quality engine oil -ATF in Gearbox 👍 (and wait 🤣🤣) Lubrication Specified engine oil Repsol 4T oil-stroke motorcycle oil SAE 10W-30 or equivalent Engine oil capacity after draining 0.41 liter (0.43 US qt, 0.36 Imp qt) after oil filter change 0.44 liter (0.46 US qt, 0.39 Imp qt) after disassembly 0.60 liter (0.63 US qt, 0.53 Imp qt) Specified transmission oil ELF HTX740 (75W) Transmission oil capacity after draining 0.54 liter (0.57 US qt, 0.48 Imp qt) after disassembly 0.57 liter (0.60 US qt, 0.50 Imp qt)
  7. I do oils ever 6 weeks approx depending what I have done or got coming up and change oil filter every other oil change. on a brand new bike probably do oil and filter after 4 to 5 weeks then again similar time after then drop to every other. I ride every weekend with an odd practice thrown in so in hrs probably 25 hrs but again depends on what sort of events done and coming up. would do earlier if I had a national coming up etc You’ll need a 500cc syringe - whatever they are used for 🤔🤔😩👍🤣
  8. If only doing an oil change then buy a oil change syringe if doing filter take off bash plate and lay bike on its side. change filter and fill oil before putting cover back on 👍👍
  9. Did you try clicking on your red icon below where it says status it takes you to another page not that there is any indication that it is there there is a second page with a tick box you need to click
  10. whatever is in the garage - Brown/clear/white -what ever was the last DIY project 🤣🤣🤣👍 The pad is pretty much trapped between bash plate and engine so its more just for assembly location I have found👍
  11. Try Logging in Then members Then competition license Do you have a green or red blob where it says "status" Click on the blob and check info correct 0-there are 2 pages so make sure you go to second one You have to tick the agree box This is where mine got hung up best of luck
  12. I run mine with no guide They rub either the hose or clamp never had an issue 👍👍
  13. You should have email with link to licence to store on phone and PDF to Print out
  14. I have a Mitanni one which is on it’s 5 bike now Thicker and longer at the back I also think wider at the front than the CSP one giving better protection to water pump and flywheel cover Will unbolt and bolt back on most times I probably give it a straighten every couple of years to ensure correct geometry - I do ride a fair few rocks 🤣🤣👍
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