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  1. pre 2015 and pre 2020 swap ok - its just the front edge of the mudguard where it sits on the back edge of the tank. I also used to run older rear mudguards on my 2015 and newer bikes during winter and practices as better in the mud. The latter models are quiet a bit different - the back of the tank is a little bit higher so the recall there is a taller rubber support needed and the mud catcher/support at the back of the air box is different. The alternative parts would be available but not sure how it would marry up with the back of an earlier tanks as the new tanks are quite a bit different on the top.
  2. One thing I Think Sammy Miller said is use the tools you are carrying at least once in the garage - no point carrying a tool around that breaks/doesn't actually fit or several tool that you are never going to use. Can you cut and shut several tools together - I weld the end of an Allen key onto my adjustable spanner for front spindle - saves carrying 6" of Allen key around. You could weld a socket etc to one if more suited. Try and standardize on bolts -ie fit allen screws rather than hex head bolts to the bike -minimal cost but 1 tool does all - I think my mono yam could be virtually stripped with just a screwdriver. couple of Allen keys and my multi tool adjustable spanner - SSDT prep👍 Again Sammy would fit as many tools to to the bike as possible and a spare clutch and throttle cable routed in place and taped to existing ones. Some money - again Sammy carried notes not coins as lighter -no good in the wilderness but may help get you a lift home. If not a tube (front one -lighter) and will do a rear if needed to get you home then at least a puncture kit and pump - if only trail riding then time is not as much an issue as in an event . Possibly fuel in case you tip it upside down -gaffer tape -cable ties 🤣🤣🤣
  3. jimmyl

    290 rear hub

    I bought a spare wheel with similar issue -had welded and been my practice wheel on my 4rt for a few years now
  4. I seem to recall that the temp sender is not just a switch but one that gives varying output as the temp rises - the ecu decides when the fan comes on. I think the Ecu uses the temp info for fuel setting and limo home modes etc could be wrong but sure I read it it somewhere Maybe need to check before just linking out
  5. Is the fan free when the radiator gets warm ? Does the fan sound to be running fast or varying with engine speed
  6. Presume air filter isn’t soak or freshly oiled
  7. I'm sure the hub is narrower as well - had to machine my spare wheel when I changed to the newer model
  8. think it was just the rear caliper that changed - think master cylinders are all the same
  9. The 4rt master cyl maybe the same as 315
  10. Is it just since you changed the pads or before. Is the calliper twisted on the spindle he so the pads are contacting at an angle and jamming the pistons
  11. 2015 part numbers for std rear mudguard -I think 87132-NN4-K10 STICKER “4RT”. 87134-NN4-K10 SEAT STICKER 87136-NN4-K10 CENTRAL STICKER REAR FENDER 87135-NN4-K10 RH STICKER REAR FENDER 87137-NN4-K10 LH STICKER REAR FENDER
  12. Honda dealer - parts numbers are available online if google for 4rt part list
  13. I ran older mudguards on my 2015 And 300 rr especially in the wet for that reason. The new 301 and 2020 shape are better the previous ones but are quiet a bit different
  14. You might be able to make an adapter plate to convert the new tank to the old pump
  15. I can fully understand why riders stop competing at the very top level as at some point cost/ personal commitment outweighs results/ enjoyment. The sad thing I see in recent times is that some walk away from the sport altogether. ( this Is not aimed at the 2 recent retirees but an observation over a the last few years) Not sure if they just get stale., only want to do it if they are winning or never really enjoyed it but found they where good at it and was a good parent //child thing when on the up? Having ridden for 40 plus years I could not imagine not having a bike and competing - I’ve had quiet years but never lost the bug and always has a bike in the garage to ride. I appreciate that if not winning they are not enjoying or fear of not being the best. In a much smaller scale I found it difficult as I got older to start getting beaten by younger riders or newcomers but learnt to accept it as enjoyment of riding was greater than that of being top of the results. My first bike was a TL 125 that was a bit of a shed that I went halves with big bro and paid for with paper-rounds and birthday / Christmas money . We spent time tweaking and getting back to a rideable Mount. just wondering in the modern world that this man(boy) and Machine bond is never made - or maybe I’m a bit sad and need a therapist ??
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