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  1. You have to mod the pump bracket for any flat tank mod - just gut and bend the bracket and tack back together
  2. Montesa/Honda historically don't change model name just for sticker change so maybe something new internally? Maybe closer to the RG bikes like Toby Martin and Billy Green have used and other GP2 riders. Rear disc looks FIM style if nothing else. There was a video on the internet a few months back (before Japan WTC maybe) of Bou riding a non repsol model in Japan so maybe testing the 301 engine
  3. That's all Honda make - no dirty 2 stokes or cows 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Above is all very true and some bits are 315R bits so even longer then 15 yrs (First 315 was 97!!) Maybe it would be nice to see something radical but would that be at the possible expense of the legendary durability. I guess Hondas ethos is that they treat every bike they make the same with a full road legal kit, workshop manuals etc etc. With Bou winning on a very special "std" bike and the rest of the range selling in reasonable volumes plus the 4ride as you say the economics in reality say they are doing the correct thing.(head ruling heart unlike maybe some of the other manufactures that are struggling) Maybe HRC could do what the car giants do with the likes of AMG/Brabus/BMW M models. Arbarth etc and produce a limited Full factory (nearly) bike but would probably be £15K. In realty the 300RR performance wise is very good - only drawback against the 2ts is the weight but to reduce that either adds bucks or reduces reliability - Maybe a 4 speed, single plate clutch, reverse cylinder, carbon exhaust and new decals
  5. ACU handbook has technical info if that’s what you’re after
  6. I confirm that the machine(s) as described below which I shall participate on shall be suitable and proper for the purpose. I confirm that I am eligible to compete on the machines for which I have entered. From entry form declaration that we all read🤣 and sign at each trial. Basically onus is on you for the machine to be safe - the club may check that it complies with the trials regs -ie not on knobblies etc but from a safety point of view its a self certification. If there is something glaringly obviously dangerous then the C of C can exclude you/ask you to stop riding etc
  7. All my 4rt’s haven given a whiff of black smoke when reved hard - especially when in the garage and messing with them . Think it’s just fuel as said above. Get into habit of fresh air filter every ride ( cleaned and oiled)
  8. When it comes to claims and litigation it seem very that the defendant is guilty unless they can prove 110% that they have crossed the "I"s a dotted the "T"s in triplicate etc. Presuming common sense is no deference. Hence all the work the ACU do behind the scene with licensing of coaches, clerk of the course, risk assessment etc etc.. If you do run an ACU practice event though -presume that you follow the guidelines required then the land owner/officials etc are well protected.
  9. The latest 300rr are an alloy stand but £100 plus 4rt and 315 are the same and come up second hand frequently
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  11. jimmyl


    Hi there is no full position stop screw. i had this on an old ptb and fixed by glueing a thin bit of steel shim to the casting to stop the actuators going as far
  12. jimmyl


    Throttle body stop worn maybe. Does it happen on gently bring up the Revs or snapping throttle open to max?
  13. jimmyl


    Can you explain better what the problem is. Does the bike start ok when hot but then does not rev properly - does it ride ok on low revs when hot just not full throttle. Have you checked the spark plug and cleaned the fuel filter in the tank?
  14. jimmyl

    Montesa 4rt

    I think it is a much the extra torque of a 4 stroke motor as pure power but efi and a 4t motor means it will be the same response every time you go out and no revving and bogging down ala 2t. ride more on the throttle old school and don’t rev and slip the clutch like on a 2t. best of luck
  15. jimmyl

    Montesa 4rt

    Quiet the opposite surprisingly
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