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  1. Maybe Is it just the different riding style now needed with a 2t - more throttle input compared to the 4rt? maybe just need to ride through it until your body adjusts when I switched to the 4rt elbows used to hurt due the torque at MRD bottom end and the “hang off the back “ riding style of the mont
  2. Always worth a try first -one you start with drills and things you are kind of committed to drilling out and tapping as the bolts tends to swage out and go tight unless very gentle. As the bolts are steel and the casing are ally the drill can easily wander of center. Good to hear you will soon be back on the road /track/hill. PS - make sure you get the end plate with the spigot seated nice and square before doing up the little tag the offending bolts -it easy to be slight off set and then the spigot is a few mm out of line and the casing will not line up on the dowels. PPS - if not already -do the job with bike laying on its side on the ground and refill with oil before potting the casing back on - its sooooo much quicker
  3. jimmyl

    2021 301RR

    Might look weird but is very effective. The end flare keeps the mud off your back - something that the last design did not do -(I used to run pre 14 rear mudguards on my 15 - 260 and 300RR when wet and boggy as more effective) and the ridges help give some strength but also take the knocks first and hence protect the plastic and stickers down in the valley so maintaining appearance.
  4. Try a sharp scriber to see if you can unwind the broken part. The snapped part may not be that tight if it hasn’t bottomed
  5. I always aim for them to slope up a bit -thinking being when the bike leans over they then are still closer to level. If they slope down slightly then when the bike leans the slope is magnified. One disadvantage of TI/Ally footrest etc is they are hard to rectify quickly
  6. Last simple thing - did you check bank angle removal link? Can’t remember if you said you had ?
  7. Yep think Richard is very genuine and an enthusiast so glad He is able to run a business that supports those with older bikes. You will fund lots of help and advice for the 315 on the Montesa forum as the bike was popular and competitive and a lot of parts carry over to the 4rt or the 4rt Parts can be used as a upgrade
  8. I’m sure Richard Allen was selling a set recently
  9. Dunno - never had one - just do it by ear and then a bit more for good luck 😉 I probably run mine higher to minimise any chance of the famous four stroke cough
  10. If it seems it’s reading twice as fast as it should then set at 925 rpm
  11. You would like to think so but as you are still having issues would double check just to be 100%
  12. Just been back through your posts You said a lanyard fitted just before you bought it - is it a genuine mont one? Maybe fit a kill button for a while instead Did you check how the bank angle sensor had been linked out ? cheers
  13. Rear end in firs -if you do a nose wheelie type technique while at the side of the bike -i,e grab the front brake and swing the back up with your hand it surprising how far you can lift or get the back wheel to travel. Much easier than just a dead lift. Once back wheel seated - hand full of front brake and grab the spokes to lift in the front To Remove drag back wheel out - then front brake and hand full of spokes on the front wheel
  14. Would imagine fan noise is a function of air flow required for effective cooling. air flow is a function of diameter and speed - as diameter is going to be fixed by the space available not sure what alternative are going to be available that give same air flow ? Suppose if you live in a much cooler environment then lower throughout would be ok. i guess some fan blade designs maybe quieter but seems a lot of effort and cost for no performance gain - £2 ear plugs cheaper ???
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