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  1. jimmyl

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    The 4rt comes with a street legal kit and a full power kit - not sure what homologaton is need for what though
  2. jimmyl

    Details on ACU entries

    online entry - no need to worry about cash, change, wet entry forms, riders with no licence etc etc etc. Enter before the day and the club knows who is coming before hand. Trouble is would need riders to be organised and not decide on the day or the weather 😅
  3. jimmyl

    Details on ACU entries

    I like your assumption that everyone who say they have an acu licence actual does. Sure lots of phone numbers and lotto numbers are used 🤣🤣
  4. jimmyl

    No GB round 2019

    If the terrain and the facilities are both there then it has to be a win win- looking at the pictures of the Angelsey circuit the potential looked quite good - I think a Silverstone and Thruxton though would require a bit more man made intervention. Maybe a Brands or Donnington with more undulations or even Mallory or Oulton but a lot of these tracks are probably expensive and very busy with things like track days, race schools etc
  5. jimmyl

    No GB round 2019

    Bad eyes and fat fingers - typo corrected .🤣🤣🤣
  6. jimmyl

    No GB round 2019

    Maybe we should ask the circuit owners to put tarmac around some of the best trials venues we have so they can run races around them and then we can have a wtc there .
  7. jimmyl

    4rt ~ 250 v 260 Differences?

    Yep that’s the point - nearly ended up throuh a fence on a early go on my 15 260 after years on the 250s . Rolled of the throttle on top of a bank and she didn’t slow down as expected 🤣🤣🤣
  8. jimmyl

    4rt ~ 250 v 260 Differences?

    I found the engine braking a lot less from the 250 to the 260. Engine feels a bit nicer but nothing major. I found the std 260 ligter on the front than a 250 Showa suspend model. The RR is just better again.
  9. jimmyl

    Hired a van

    What do you use every day though - the math only makes sense if you have the van sat on the drive all week but if its your daily runaround its no more expensive other than maybe less mpg
  10. jimmyl

    Fitting out a van

    I just strap mine to the side -foam protector on the end of the handle bar -run strap though in between top of fork tubes / just under yoke - not much tension needed and solid as a rock - as the song goes
  11. jimmyl

    Montesa 315r gearbox oil change!!

    Glad your sorted ATF works well in the gearbox also 😋 Lots of PDF versions of the manual on the web if you google/search TC past forums
  12. jimmyl

    Montesa 315r gearbox oil change!!

    12mm headed bolt going into the side of casing not underneath
  13. jimmyl

    hybrid trials bike???

    Have looked back at the 4rt pres releases from2005 and they claim the firsts self powered battery less efi
  14. jimmyl

    Montesa 315r what year is this bike???

    1997 was the white and yellow model think this is a 98 as design and colour scheme matches other 98s on intyweb
  15. jimmyl

    hybrid trials bike???

    was the 4rt not the first battery less efi though