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  1. jimmyl

    Hired a van

    What do you use every day though - the math only makes sense if you have the van sat on the drive all week but if its your daily runaround its no more expensive other than maybe less mpg
  2. jimmyl

    Fitting out a van

    I just strap mine to the side -foam protector on the end of the handle bar -run strap though in between top of fork tubes / just under yoke - not much tension needed and solid as a rock - as the song goes
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    For sale my Vito 115 cdi – 150 bhp 2005 Manual 6 speed Seats 4 Loads of extras: Front swivel seats with arm rest, Stow able table, folding rear seats which converts into single bed New Leisure battery just fitted with new split charger 12v leisure system powers LED interior lights with remote on off and dimming and several extra 12 v sockets and usb sockets through out Electric hook up Nokia hands free kit Fully lined and insulated with plenty of storage. Rear partitioned off and kitted out for trials bike/MTB etc All lined and chequer plate floor. Shelving and storage. I have owned the van since 2009 and serviced and replaced any item as and when needed including all brake disc/pads, all springs, front suspension drop arms/wishbones , new turbo and head gasket approx 2 yrs ago Van has mud flaps, tow bar, HD head light bulbs, led reversing lights Van starts, runs and drives really well but has done nearly 218,000 ,

    3,250.00 GBP

  4. jimmyl

    Montesa 315r gearbox oil change!!

    Glad your sorted ATF works well in the gearbox also 😋 Lots of PDF versions of the manual on the web if you google/search TC past forums
  5. jimmyl

    Montesa 315r gearbox oil change!!

    12mm headed bolt going into the side of casing not underneath
  6. jimmyl

    hybrid trials bike???

    Have looked back at the 4rt pres releases from2005 and they claim the firsts self powered battery less efi
  7. jimmyl

    Montesa 315r what year is this bike???

    1997 was the white and yellow model think this is a 98 as design and colour scheme matches other 98s on intyweb
  8. jimmyl

    hybrid trials bike???

    was the 4rt not the first battery less efi though
  9. jimmyl

    Changing pads in braktec caliper

    Unbolt calliper push piston back most of the way This will alllow 1 pad to fall forward and out then the 2 nd one is easy to put back put the one pad in and push into place with a small screw driver and second one will then go back in. not sure what the benefit over the old design with a pin but they where much easier and I’m sure the friction material was thicker as not restricted by the install method
  10. jimmyl

    Montesa v Beta

    I stuck with the 4rt and just enjoy the good times - I deliberately don't try 2ts just in case I'm drawn back from the dark side🤣 As said many times you pay your money and make your choices.. I think the longer you stick with the 4rt and are able to learn its quirks then they can be as competitive as anything on the clubman route - expert wise then they may be less competitive or more limiting??
  11. jimmyl

    limp :(

    I seem to recall in a previous fault finding post that the temp sensor is just that and not a thermo switch . Ecu maybe looking for a resistance and not an on/ off signal. if going into limp would when no obvious fault would imagine its a bad input going into ecu rather than an ecu fault as such . dodgy sensors / corroded joint / broken wire etc hope Santa brings you a simple fix
  12. jimmyl

    Rake and trail

    It’s an easy measurement so don’t think that’s the reason - think more the marketing is now done by “branding experts “ as they say on the apprentice rather than engineers so graphics are more important than mm ( inches for the pre 65 brigade) and degrees 🤣🤣
  13. jimmyl

    Hi from Bristol

    Now the bridge is free lots of good events down South Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 👍🚗
  14. jimmyl

    limp :(

    I don’t know for certain but would think the limp mode is in the ecu software which I don’t think you can readily get into to change . Ive had a fuel pump play up and a ptb fault in the past and not had the limp mode kick in so maybe a temp issue . I wonder if you linked the sensor out and put fan in manual you could maybe fault find further or kid the ecu that all was ok and hence come out of limp mode.
  15. jimmyl

    Montesa v Beta

    I could do that on a 2t 🤣🤣🤣 Think that's just called trials riding. I think the variation can be greater on 4rt though especially if the condition are 4rt un friendly - slippery - hop and stop type going that the 2 t riders can hop - balance then burn at