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  1. I heard nail varnish but never tried it
  2. Found IRC gripped well when you got them spinning but find the xlite very consistent on all conditions on the 4rt on steady sections and a good degree of throttle control. x lite my choice of tyre having ridden. Itc an std mich
  3. FYI- Brian Higgins is the series coordinator and visited all the rounds this year prior to the events and was very much hands on and helped on the weekend of the event. As I believe he will be doing the same in 2020 and working with clubs and C of C to get consistency of severity and length of section correct. I'm thinking the idea is to keep the more flowing no stop style sections but take away the debate of did they pause for a micro second or not. It will be more are you out in time and did you put a foot down of fall off. Riders will have to re learn the skill of balancing and maybe saving a one and then rushing the section or maybe gamble a dab and makes sure of the rest of the sections. Maybe the 90 seconds allows too much static time and the trial becomes a bit to much stop start. I guess time will tell but but at least it will be different.
  4. jimmyl

    2018 4RT Base model

    If you switch to the 4rt see if mr Sumter will give you some tips being in his neck of the woods - nobody better to learn off 👍👍
  5. jimmyl

    2018 4RT Base model

    There are some very good deals on std 260 4rts . The bike is basically the same from 16 on. You get Honda build quality and the option to upgrade some parts later on if you feel the need - rear shock and an s3 front pipe are good additions - the pipe more than shocker for the more clubman rider . all 4rts ride similar - the 300rr better and 301 better again but you pay for the improvement if you ride a more traditional style then 4rt suits - if you are a rev and dump the clutch then maybe not so. either way the smile factor of a 4rt on a bit of a blast is unique😀👍
  6. Isn’t 1/8 less than 7/8??
  7. jimmyl

    Riding a 4RT

    Gearing down I think spoils the 4rt best points in that it’s gear are long- first gear is amazing on std gearing- you can clean things in first that beta fixers are doing in 3rd. i think the trick on a 4rt is to use the higher tick over to your advantage. Maybe on a t2 you blip throttle and slip clutch against each other - modulatting both On the mont you set the throttle steady and modulate the clutch against it . This seems to help smooth out the torque spikes and minimise engine braking . if you blip the throttle you get a kind of learner driver kangaroo juice effect in miniature
  8. jimmyl

    Riding a 4RT

    I think the Montesa has 2 quirks - they like to ridden quiet forcefully - also they do not respond to the 2 stroke rev/dump the clutch and burn technique. If you ride maybe a lower gear quite forcefully with weight maybe slight rearwards compared to a 2t the bike will reward you , Once hooked up and in a straight line or before a step/bank you need to get the revs on the ride on the over run - ala Toni Bou. The bike also has lots of low down torque which will allow you to get grip on tick over in low gears - but you have to believe and hang on with good throttle control - I think beginners/lesser riders maybe less fit riders can struggle with this concept and hence why people think they don' grip. Also they grip in higher gears in deep mud but the revs need to be built up steadily with a constant slip of the clutch and then once gripping the throttle can be buried and get ready for orbit
  9. Thought that’s what I said so thanks reconfirming 👍👍
  10. jimmyl

    Fork oil level

    Assuming they are tech forks then the tech fork website is very good with full strip down instructions and oil quantity and settings etc
  11. As I read the press release the rules are for BTC only. As ACU handbook is not out yet I guess we can only ponder if these rules will be allowed in any other event but time will confirm one way or another. As organisers have already agreed to to run the other championships presume they will be running as they did in 2019.
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    300RR - late 2017 - just 2 yrs old. Road Reg. Brand new chain, sprocket, just fully serviced, new pads a couple of trials ago. Bank angle senor and oil catch tank removed, breather system simplified fan relay relocated etc, Red and white rear mudguard options, carbon silencer cover, fitted red mudguard has side extension fitted, Comes complete with Manual and spares comprising additional spare red rear mudguard, white mudguard as shown in pictures, brand new front pads and several sets of used but serviceable pads, brand new 9t front sprocket. spare silencer covers and the bank angle sensor and catch tank etc that have been removed

    4,595.00 GBP

  13. Hi No never tried again -had a look on line at the CRF programming stuff but nothing was cheap and didn't want to spend the money for just a play. Maybe need to ask my dealer if they have software available as they have both the Montesa and Honda off road franchises as well as their road bike offerings. Also Are you saying the 301 has 301RR parts list and manual are now out. And nothing in either about the stock 4ED 16400-NN1-P71 The 300 RR being 16400-NN4-M71 Other throttle bodies have a noticeably different parts number not just a letter change!!
  14. Hi Sports lawyer Did you get anywhere after your post on the 300RR PTB thread we had going a while back Thanks for the update. I've continued searching for information on an Optional Tuning Kit for the 2016/2017 300RR (or RTL300R) and 4RT260 bikes. But haven't found anything yet that's specific to the 300RR. Have seen some suggestions that the 2016 / 2017 4RT260 3ED/4ED TB/ECU (16400-NN4-L31) is also programmable, but no "I've done it and used this" reports. Have found that Honda has unified the cable set (38880-N1C-770 UNIT ASSY, SERIAL-USB I/F), and it's used for every other programmable FI bike since MY 2012 that I've found information on -- CBR250R, NSF250R, MSX125, CBR1000RR, CRF450R, CRF250R, and probably more. I suspect this supersedes the 38880-NN4-H00 cable set (first came out for the 2010 Japanese RTL260F), which superseded the 38880-NN4-306 cable set. I have the 38880-NN4-H00 set (use it with the 2010 RTL260F software 38771-NN4-H00) and it appears to be the same as the newer 38880-N1C-770 down to all the connectors and lettering on the switch box. I'll update with any new information I find. And hopefully Honda will get around to publishing something about the kit.
  15. As an engineering project it’s interesting but I think you could buy a 301rr for less than what you are going to spend on a base 300rr plus bits looking at the works 300’s in 2018 they had an s3 barrel on I think
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