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  1. Good news you can grin even more now 👍👍
  2. Ears - had them since birth 🤣🤣 i run mine as fast as I can cope with .- probably a bit higher than 1800 but reckon better to slip the clutch than stall better too fast than too slow 👍👍 If you accept the faster tick over and then stop blipping throttle when Riding at slow speed and use clutch more progressive the whole thing works better
  3. turn tick over up -its free to try👍 Its a “an as new bike” but has bigger rad = Hi, I’ve just been getting a 2018 repsol which is practically new. - maybe fan is hitting rad when it gets warm - The fan motor is then trying to turn but drawing more current than it should - voltage maybe dropping -especially with low tick over meaning the remaining electrical system are struggling for power. Check fan can spin free when warm also
  4. jimmyl

    Tyre Pressures

    No Got one of those new fangled things called a pocket
  5. jimmyl

    Tyre Pressures

    No but if I knew I was riding cold streams all day I wound probably set slightly higher at the start of a trial. likewise wouldn’t park the bike in a stream then adjust pressures - Same if I had just done a bit of roadwork
  6. jimmyl

    Tyre Pressures

    its surprising how the pressure can change from day to day or even getting the bike out of a cold van then leaving it an hour on a spring day while you sign on etc. I am a bit OCD with pressure but run 4 psi back and 5.5 front - running X lights. - mainly rocks and stream round here I will check a few time before the start of a trial to get a "normalised " reading - don park your bike in the sun as black tyres soon warm up. I will normally check again after the first lap of a multi lap trial to confirm no change.
  7. Special tool and a big oversize lump hammer 🤣🤣 made similar but have a collar that slides on for install . makes job dead easy
  8. Stood my mower up in the shed to save space - some oil must of ran into the exhaust. took me half the lawn before I could see the neighbours again due to plumes of blue smoke - revenge for their barbecues anyway. if this can happen to a small 4 stroke engine then imagine too much 2t oil maybe clean exhaust front pipe out, fresh petrol - a good 2t oil - think I used to use the Castro’s fully synthetic stuff from Halfords etc and give it a good run - so long as nothing is knocking. maybe clean carb out to make sure mixture is good - the early ones where prone to getting much in - think they work differently on pilot jet - air bled not fuel or vice a versa best of luck
  9. Might be stamped on the barrel - above the gearbox sprocket - seem to ring a bell. Does the bore look worn - damaged - might just need rings . If its just smoking and blowing out oil are you just putting too much into the fuel - is it sounding rough or down on power. If oil mix is ok check crank seals to make sure its not drawing oil in from there
  10. As an ACU coach we all need to be first aid trained. we have cover at our british champ round. we have first aid kit at our trials lit is probably true that not many events need an ambulance etc and when they do it can often be as described above needing a full turn out - but how many riders call into casualty on there way home or the next day - would suggest that number is significantly bigger
  11. I think the current ACU stance was based upon 1 hr local exercise. No unnecessary travel, no groups if more than 2 or 3 etc. The discussion in this post are about what happens next to which the ACU I believe have not yet commented
  12. Never tried dimpled plates but never had an issue with the std clutch set up. every newer model seems better than previous so you may find 2018 is ok but not sure if any parts are changed. 300rr has a different combination of plates to the 260s
  13. Or decide if it’s stop allowed, no stop, eligible pre 65, how many classes are needed etc 🤣🤣🤣
  14. On line entry, make your own number plate at home, start at intervals , observers boards not punch cards. Cards are put in plastics bags and Results not collated for 3 days. Observer stays at least 2 m from section . Anybody watching keeps 2m distance, queuing is spaced out , we all walk sections 2m apart all work until we get back to the car park and stand round talking or trying each other’s bikes or someone gets hurt and we need first aid/ ambulance etc
  15. Saaf Wales , or mid or north 👍👍
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