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  1. Montesa 300RR - "new" models for sale

    2018 have an ally side stand
  2. How to build a trials bike with low overheads

    Or ones that dont fall apart. looks better to to me than a load of bits on a bench . jealously is a great form of flattery
  3. How good to do ssdt?

    As it’s getting to that time of year then be able to do 2/3rds the Scott
  4. How to transport on Range Rover Sport

    Can fit 2 bikes in this Maclaren
  5. ‘18 popping out of gear

    Shows all the factory bosses and top tech guys are fans of Trials Central and read of all the developments going on in sheds and garages and then stick them on the following years bikes
  6. Beta 2019 models? When release?

    New stickers then
  7. OOF!!!

    No front teeth will also be a weight saving
  8. Any way of reducing the spring of the clutch?

    The Mont clutch is not I believe known for being heavy - but it does take a little bit of getting used to action wise -I think as much the torque of the engine etc. I find setting very steady revs and keeping it constant and then use the clutch -not possibly the 2 stroke blipping throttle and using clutch together - if that makes sense. As you say the bike is new to you then would be worth having a few more hours on it before whipping out the spanners but if still not to your liking then tweaking the spring would be an option - either take a couple out as you suggest or possible grind shorter or look to put a spacer in to make free length longer but check clearances etc. On the early 2005 bikes the master cyl swap for a 315 was the way to go - different diameters of piston I believe - this has not been necessary since the 2006 bikes and even the switch to the Braktec ones has not been detrimental but you may gain by a different ratio that would ease the pressure. As with all mods there are drawbacks - less spring pressure can induce slip - if riding easy /sensible stuff not an issue but if doing big stuiff /big climbs/ road or moor work then maybe an issue in 5th gear . Likewise altering ration of master cyl bore to salve cyl bore ratio may give excess travel. Bit of a suck it and see unfortunately.
  9. Is it just me?

    Turkeys and Christmas spring to mind🤣🤣
  10. Scott trial- What to expect/how to prepare

    The white rose national is coming up - worth a ride around there to get a feel for a big lap national
  11. Scott trial- What to expect/how to prepare

    Bike prep - read some of the SSDT bike prep articles written by John Lampkin and John Shirt - especially keeping mud out of rads and air box etc. The monts are sturdy beasts so a good general fettle - check fluids, new brake pads, spokes, linkages etc - a larger bash plate f not already fitted or the SSDT type protectors etc. I found last time that the enduro / motorcross type donuts on the grips helped reduce blisters . Would suggest getting the bike sorted a week or 2 in advance then ride it to make sure everything bedded in and tight -then just a good once over the week before. If you can find a bit of land with stream sections and a biggish lap with moor work or similar then just practice ridding it for several hours without stopping - when you can do that for a few hours and still feel ok youl'll be ok to the first petrol stop ..
  12. Must not miss 2/3 trials in 2018/19

    Not strictly a 2 day trial but if the 2 S3 rounds in wales run together a gain then a cracking weekend - Powys and Lomax If your over 40 a couple of double header Normadales worth doing Longmynd run by South Shropshire is also a good event
  13. stupidity prize?

    I do know for a certain rider that cleaned the inside of the airbox and left the paper towel in - bike ran fine on tick over but stopped abruptly when the throttle was opened sufficient to suck the said towel into the inlet tract - I've heard of cleaning your carb but thats
  14. Trial tyres

    Priobably changed wheel bearings too - he did that in Allan jefferies trial many years ago !! The old ssdt 15 mins in a morning fettling time made you focus when av tyre change was due - non of this 30 mins and a spare wheel nonsense 🤣🤣👍
  15. Trial tyres

    Lay the wheel flat and dig your heal into the bead - if stubborn jump up and down. best thing is you can find your heal on top of a mountain or on any moor - unless you’ve had a really big crash that caused the puncture . akso front tube will work in the back save carrying 2