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  1. I’m not even going to bother looking at it any further now! Thanks for pointing it out too!
  2. I hadn’t even noticed that to be honest!
  3. Thanks for that bud, it is all good now. Not heard of a company like that before, but will bookmark that for future reference.
  4. Here’s some pictures of the new mudguard and graphics.
  5. Nigelpugh

    Nigel Pugh - Montesa 4RT

    Pictures of Nigel’s Montesa 4RT after the fire damage with new parts replaced.
  6. Thanks for the comments bud. Looks like I forgot to update the current status. It’s pretty much complete now. Let me dig out the latest pictures.
  7. Here’s the 75th Anniversary book. Montesa Art Dont think that Link works! Seems I have run out of space for posting pictures!
  8. There’s some more here too! 75th Anniversary
  9. I’ve got the big book they made for the 2020 75th Anniversary, there’s lots of history relating to the first Cota bike there. Heres some of it. Montesa History
  10. I bought a new genuine Honda side stand kit for my 2021 4RT. These were the springs with the Honda part numbers on them. Not sure if that helps, but may at least give a steer relating to the part numbers.
  11. I also fitted the new rear secondary mud guards too. Almost threw the old one away before removing the little alloy ring inserts first!
  12. Cheers Bud! I did mostly finish all the jobs yesterday, just need to fit the new rear tyre next. Seems to be running very sweetly now to. I suspect that the throttle cable was not that good for quite some time before the fire too.
  13. I’ve made a start on it today. As you said much easier with the throttle body off the bike. Found lots of dirt in hidden areas so decided to clean the throttle body and air box fully whilst off the bike.
  14. Thanks for this guide, I’m fitting a new cable today and your instructions really helped. Had the cable throttle body off and gave it a good clean whilst it was off the bike.
  15. Thanks for that info bud, really helpful. I didn’t get time to do any work on it at the weekend, might try later today. Thanks again for the tips.
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