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  1. Hi All, Question, it's impossible to find any information on brand geometry online. How does the Head Angle compare between the Evo and the Vertigo? Currently riding a Gasgas Racing and fancy switching to a bike with steeper geometry - general view is that the Evo is a bit steeper, but can't find any info on the Vertigo? Has anybody on here ridden both? Thanks all,
  2. Evening all, Have a question on tyre sealing! Any hints or tips! The rear on my Gasgas was fine, until I rotated it! Now it looses pressure, within hours! I've filled with tyre sealant, but it doesn't seem to make any difference? Any pointers appreciated! Thanks,
  3. ticket2ride

    2020 - EICMA

    Fuel injected TRS bikes there!
  4. Gents, I've got a 2013 Racing, hasn't done much really - but the rear linkage has now got some serious play in it! Do you tend to change the bearings only? Or the bushes and shock DU bushings aswell? Thanks, Scott
  5. I thought the stock was 62.5? How much do you (did you!!) weigh? Yep, that's my feeling. £100 per spring, struggling to see a 2.5Nm change!
  6. Evening all, Looking for a bit of advice on spring rates. I've got a 2013 250 Racing with the Reiger rear shock - standard spring. I'm about 12st and with lots of preload, still feels a bit too soft, sat in travel. But, looks like there are loads of spring options, in 2.5Nm increments...which doesn't seem much? Anyone have any experience of swapping out the standard spring? Thanks,
  7. Thanks for the info Tom - appreciated! I'm rider no. 200 and don't have fuel sorted yet! I'm coming across with the family/in the camper - and my better half refuses to drive the camper, so looks like I quickly need a plan!! I've booked the Glenlough campsite and it now looks like there are some sections there on day 1, which is useful! Maybe I'll need to place some bottles of fuel around the island in strategic places! Cheers, Scott.
  8. Evening all, Anybody on here riding the Manx this weekend? I'm riding it for the 1st time (below-average clubman rider!) - and don't really know what to expect! The event coincided with a family campervan trip...and a rush of blood to the head later, I had an entry! Any pointers or ideas on how to refuel, greatly appreciated! Cheers,
  9. Hi All, Looking for some simple help and guidance on a Lipo Conversion. My son is very small, so I'm looking to save weight and increase range! Does anybody have a list of exactly what bits I'll need to oder from Hobbyking, to do the conversion? Understand that I'll need a balance charger and monitor/alarm system on the battery pack itself. But, what will we need in terms of connectors and the batteries themselves? Many thanks in advance! Scott
  10. Hello all, My 5yr old has turned a corner and has not started to ride his 12.5r! But, the battery life is terrible! Does anyone have a basic guide to a lipo conversion? - What to buy - how to wire I've had a quick look at some posts, but my mind is a little fried!!! Thanks, Scott
  11. Planning my first visit up the SSDT this year. Will be taking my 5yr lad - so, looking for advice on spectating areas that we can get to - without too much of a hike away from where I can park a car? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  12. Hello all, I've just managed to find myself a never used 2013.....first day out on it today, in the sleet! Does anybody have the details on what the standard spring weights are? I'm about 80kg with riding kit, even with the preload wound on a bit, the balance wasn't quite right today. Reckon I could probably go up a bit on the rear spring, but could do with some tables/rating info? Thanks, Scott
  13. Chaps, I haven't been on the bike since about 2010.....but, having just moved back to N.Wales I've decided to get something for the winter! How are the current 125s? 2010 - 2013? My last bike was a new Evo 125 and it was a great little thing. Plenty of bottom-end for my 11st frame, easy to ride, plenty of grip.... I fancy another - but, think I read from 2010 they played about a bit with the flywheel/map to make them more peaky, less bottom. I've also noticed a few of these 125 Ossa's about.....they look well finished/light enough - any poke? Keen to hear any thoughts/experiences... Thanks,
  14. Not a problem, a position! As it's so clean probably worth hanging on to it and trying to get a ride out on it!!
  15. Yes, I'm with you on the 'see it' aspect. Taking down to BVM is an option - time permitting. Quite a trek though for us. For £2k, I'll probably leave it in the garage as that will work out at something like £300 per ride!!!
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