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  1. Before you go crazy buying stuff you may not need, check whats going on there. I've owned 2012/14/17/19 Gassers. All the clutches were easy to make light. My mates 14 model is as light as my 19 if not lighter. You could operate it with your little finger all day long. I suspect you have another problem.
  2. hanks

    Gasgas 70 rookie

    Totally agree with d2w, I had 2 of these. Still have the 1. Its very under powered and runs out of steam up hills or comes alive higher up the revs and ends up with front wheel up in the air. Not ideal for beginners. Its just the way they are. Perfect for aggresive, fearless, youngsters. I think this is why the Beta 80 is a better bike and more expensive.
  3. At the Amca Midlands Area championship, summer and winter championships. The winner of each class (4 classes) would normally receive a trophy and a new rear tyre or similar to the value of approx 100 quid. 2nd place something around 50 and 3rd 25, generally. Usually each championship around 9 or ten rounds.
  4. Looks like Suzuki AP50 to me.
  5. See you there. We'll have plenty of fuel on if you happen to see our driver about. Your way off our numbers though.. Do you have an extra tank on the front or a big tank? We have an extra tank on the forks. Extra 1 litre. Tom
  6. Hi yes I'm doing it. Wouldn't miss it for the world. The best trial of the year. Pointers...main thing, get your fuel organised. What number are you? Are you alone or with a mate? Take couple qiud in your rucksack for the lunch stop or refreshments. Agreed with b40rt, they only allow a 5 litre on the boat. Usual basics with carry some things you normally would, tools etc.. Sort your fuel now. see who's near you on the list. Camping at the rugby club or elsewhere? Tom
  7. hanks

    Trs gold

    Sounds just like my Gasser (which is the best looking bike out there) but the 2019 Gas Gas GP is coming soon which I reckon will float like a butterfly. I've seen a few of them TRS machines about. They seem to stall a lot. The Gold looks good though chap
  8. I dont buy into either of them reasons for that bar between the bash plate. Lead.!? Why would you put it there. To miss the dog bones? why would you want to lower the ground clearance? Could it be to stop the bike from sliding backwards when on top of an obstacle if you get it hooked over a ridge giving you the freedom to lean right back without the brake? Just my thought. Anything official on this or does anyone know as a fact?
  9. Deffo do the Reeth 3day. I have been told by Six day riders its a good measure minus the road work and obviously six days of it. I fancied the six days but this certainly woke me up to how fitness is so important, especially if your getting stuck a lot and are having to keep dragging, pulling and lifting your bike. Good luck, hope you make it.
  10. With regards rear wheel out. It is rear wheel spindle. At a recent Amca meeting, I proposed changing the rule to front wheel out but most the clubs wanted it left as it is. This is a problem as most riders especially in self observing situations, mark front wheel out. Quite a major decision sometimes when you manage to get your front wheel out then slide back in. Its a five for some and a clean for others.
  11. Yes deffo agree with crashmonkey, Worth coming to Earl Shilton. Enter on the day. Dont think you need to join to ride but I would recommend this club. They have a trial every month all year round.
  12. Walsall Mcc are hosting next round of the Amca winter championship at Hobs Hole Lane. Aldridge, Walsall Sign posted off A452 Chester Road, Near postcode WS9 0LR There will be something for every level from Expert to Beginner. Sections will be set in and around the moto cross track with some interesting, technical sections. Its open to all. Its a round of the winter series so if you want to score points towards the Championship you will need an Amca licence. If not then you can ride as a guest, no licence required. 11.00am start, plenty of parking Hope you can make it
  13. NEW YEARS EVE. 11.00am startShropshire TC are holding the 4th round of this years Winter Championship on New Years eve which falls on a Sunday this year.The venue is Morgans Coppice Farm which is adjacent to the famous hills of Hawkstone Park in Hodnet, Shropshire, postcode (TF9 3LH).With 4 routes on offer including a beginners route, there really is something for everyone. A 11am start is scheduled with licence and non licence holders welcome. What better way to finish the year off than riding your bike and then heading home for your new Years Eve celebrations. Its a cracking venue with plenty of parking. All sections in walking distance if you bring someone along. Possibility of burger van or roast, to be confirmed nearer the day. Come and have a fun day out. Also worth bearing in mind that this is a very clean venue and you probably wont need to clean your bike after, so you can get straight on with your New Year celebrations Entry form attached should you want to enter in advance. NOTE: There will be a catering van in attendance, free feed for all riders and observers, you will receive ticket when signing on. Shropshire TC Trial 31st Dec 2017[18955].pdf
  14. Hello frenchy3. Where are you based.? we're in the midlands. One of our club members has a very nice scorpa for sale. Around the £1000 mark. Wouldn't normally recommend a bike but I recently heard he had it for sale. He's an older generation rider and its been used for exactly what it was meant for, cleaned and maintained properly. Tom
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