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  1. I bought the Xiu-Rdi Kevlar clutch pack from SplatShop: https://www.splatshop.co.uk/xiu-rdi-steel-and-friction-clutch-plates.html Not cheap at £130 but well worth it. I also got the Xiu-Rdi clutch bearing plate as well while I was at it.
  2. Just to come back on this, I did have an issue with the clutch that I'd been trying to resolve for a while now. I was asking about the lightness and changes to the 2019 clutch for info as I was going to be changing things anyway. My issue was that when releasing the clutch quickly (like launching at a step) there would be a momentary delay (sometimes) between releasing the clutch and the clutch actually engaging. Well, long story short, discovered the top hat was quite rough, as was the recess in the clutch basket that it goes into. Sorted both and while i was at it changed to Kevlar clutch plates. Clutch is now very light and it bites much better than before. Love the Kevlar plates. Take lots of abuse and not had to adjust the bite point once. Just in case it helps others.
  3. Yes. Multiple times. The 2019 has a thinner spring so it makes sense that it would be a lighter clutch wouldn't it?
  4. Ok. I'll try and speak to GasGas UK to see what they think. I know the plates are different as they are Kevlar in the 2019 but I think it's just a material change.
  5. Could you just put the 2019 spring and adjustable preload ring into a 2014 bike or would it not work? Is there anything else different? I know the clutch cover is also different. I wonder if the slave cylinder is different as well? Changing a few clutch parts would be a lot cheaper than buying a new bike!
  6. Clutch is bang on spec. I've spent hours playing around with the clutch and tried all sorts of different things. There's no way a 2014 clutch would ever be as light as a 2019. The 2019 has different parts. Have you tried one?
  7. I have a 2014 300 Pro Racing and last week I tried the clutch action on a 2019 300. It was soooo much lighter! Seems they have a thinner spring which I guess is the reason it's so light. Also has the adjustable clutch. Anyone know if there are any other differences and if it's possible to change my 2014 clutch to be the same as the 2019? I have arm issues (compartment syndrome) and the lighter the lever action the better for me. Thanks.
  8. My money is on sheared flywheel key. I had exactly what you describe and that's what it was.
  9. Just to say thanks for all the help and guidance. New kickstart gear, idler gear, kickstart spring and clutch cover all fitted and the bike is running perfectly again. Didn't even need to bleed the clutch. Treated her to some new levers while I was at it too.
  10. It's 3.5 times the price so it ought to be.
  11. Finally found time to remove the kickstart shaft. Now, I've seen that you need to key the gear on the shaft etc so I compared my shaft to pictures I found online. Mine is well off by the look of it (picture attached) and I think it needs a new spring too. Am I right or am I looking at it wrong?
  12. Well, here's a turn up. I did a search looking for GasGas engine casings for sale and when I look at the pictures, even brand new ones, they all have that hole! Attached is a photo of a new one and if you zoom in you'll see what I mean. You learn something new every day. You can only see it when you take the clutch basket off so guess that's why you wouldn't normally see it.
  13. Well, I drained the oil out and there was part of a gear tooth attached to the metal sump plug. Looks like it's off the idler gear so that's good. Once it's all back together I'll top up the oil and drain it again to see if anything else comes out. Think I'll tip the bike upside down and see if that bit of casing appears. Might also buy a little endoscope type thing to look inside, just to be safe. No idea how something like that would happen. Must take a fair bit of force. Thanks for all your input. For all it's faults, it is a great bike to ride. I just seem to click with the GasGas. I've tried all makes and the GasGas always feels just right for me. Every time I've tried a Beta for example they just feel wrong, even before I've tried riding a section. No idea why.
  14. While I had the clutch cover off and the clutch out I noticed a hole in the engine case as per the attached photo. Now, given the bike was running fine after the clutch cover cracked i can't believe this is a result of that. In which case, the bike has been running great so I'm inclined to think it's not an issue. However, what are people's thoughts? Where would this hole even go? Maybe why the previous owner sold it? I've had it 2 1/2 years.
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