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  1. We have exactly the same problem, crank seals replaced cable free and same fault with two different carbs one sonically cleaned with new seals the other off a working bike. New reeds & as yourself tested for leaks.
  2. I'm building a Banvill 197 with a 9e engine that ran fine 20 years ago, currently waiting for bottom end to return from alloy welding. But looking at the top end & comparing it to photo's of the Greeves it was previously fitted in I'm concerned about the length of the carb inlet, it's 3 inch long plus a 3/8" fibre spacer see photo. with the air filter I've bought I don't think it will all fit in the frame loop. I have no problem shortening the inlet but just wondered if anyone had seen one as long as this as previously I had Villier's carbs on other engines.
  3. No keeping standard just fitting modern plates, it worked when last used I just expected a ball after I took the pushrod out. The pushrod protrudes out the shaft by 1mm (0.040 thou)
  4. Should there be a ball bearing behind the clutch pushrod & when arm is pulled in how far should pushrod protrude from end of shaft see photo. Not ready for re-build but making a shopping list of parts ready for Villiers Services order, thanks.
  5. Teamferret thanks should be OK then to ride to sections when observing & do the odd dead easy trial I can leave a bit more air in, thanks.
  6. Teamferret thanks it is a wide swing arm & now you've said the s/h sprocket I have bought is counter bored, but is a 4 inch tyre OK on this rim?
  7. I'm recreating the bike my Dad built for me in the 60's I have a standard bantam 18 incch rear wheel currently fitted with a 3 inch road tyre my question is will this rim accept a 4 inch wide tyre or do I go for a 3.5 tyre. Swing Arm is a Triumph factory trials wide.
  8. No I bought a NOS Cub wide Trials Swing arm locally but can't source a frame at a reasonable price so I have bought a Bantam frame instead hoping I hadn't wasted my money, but if it fits that's brilliant thanks for the fast reply.
  9. Will a factory supplied Triumph Tiger Cub swing arm fit into a BSA Bantam frame please, after a quick answer as can't find a Cub frame at right price but have found a Bantam one, thanks.
  10. Aqua blasting not over expensive & people setting up all over doing it.
  11. Drill the rim & use security bolts they are not overly expensive to buy.
  12. Today at 12.30 FREESPORTS channel 553 Virgin Media Reunion Island Round.
  13. Senior riders seem to like a rest in latter stages?
  14. I agree, in my response I did specify stop permitted. Observing is a thankless task but many just don't understand the rules, but got to be better than marking yourself that definitely doesn't work.
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