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  1. We have exactly the same problem, crank seals replaced cable free and same fault with two different carbs one sonically cleaned with new seals the other off a working bike. New reeds & as yourself tested for leaks.
  2. I'm building a Banvill 197 with a 9e engine that ran fine 20 years ago, currently waiting for bottom end to return from alloy welding. But looking at the top end & comparing it to photo's of the Greeves it was previously fitted in I'm concerned about the length of the carb inlet, it's 3 inch long plus a 3/8" fibre spacer see photo. with the air filter I've bought I don't think it will all fit in the frame loop. I have no problem shortening the inlet but just wondered if anyone had seen one as long as this as previously I had Villier's carbs on other engines.
  3. No keeping standard just fitting modern plates, it worked when last used I just expected a ball after I took the pushrod out. The pushrod protrudes out the shaft by 1mm (0.040 thou)
  4. Should there be a ball bearing behind the clutch pushrod & when arm is pulled in how far should pushrod protrude from end of shaft see photo. Not ready for re-build but making a shopping list of parts ready for Villiers Services order, thanks.
  5. Teamferret thanks should be OK then to ride to sections when observing & do the odd dead easy trial I can leave a bit more air in, thanks.
  6. Teamferret thanks it is a wide swing arm & now you've said the s/h sprocket I have bought is counter bored, but is a 4 inch tyre OK on this rim?
  7. I'm recreating the bike my Dad built for me in the 60's I have a standard bantam 18 incch rear wheel currently fitted with a 3 inch road tyre my question is will this rim accept a 4 inch wide tyre or do I go for a 3.5 tyre. Swing Arm is a Triumph factory trials wide.
  8. No I bought a NOS Cub wide Trials Swing arm locally but can't source a frame at a reasonable price so I have bought a Bantam frame instead hoping I hadn't wasted my money, but if it fits that's brilliant thanks for the fast reply.
  9. Will a factory supplied Triumph Tiger Cub swing arm fit into a BSA Bantam frame please, after a quick answer as can't find a Cub frame at right price but have found a Bantam one, thanks.
  10. Aqua blasting not over expensive & people setting up all over doing it.
  11. Drill the rim & use security bolts they are not overly expensive to buy.
  12. Today at 12.30 FREESPORTS channel 553 Virgin Media Reunion Island Round.
  13. Senior riders seem to like a rest in latter stages?
  14. I agree, in my response I did specify stop permitted. Observing is a thankless task but many just don't understand the rules, but got to be better than marking yourself that definitely doesn't work.
  15. It's only a fail if the rider doesn't have both hands on the handlebars or the engine has stalled, so any observer giving a 5 in a stop permitted event are affecting the results. ACU reg TSR 22
  16. I agree Intotrials it is percieved as being boring but so are snooker & darts and many others but they seem to get plenty of TV time, in my area we have had two new groups of riders take up trials one from Enduro & one from MX the MX riders can't believe what the experts can get over and the Enduro group say they wasted 10 years of their lives before trials so we must doing something right.
  17. In my day it was stainless steel trays, goblets etc my son has some lovely awards from the 90's when local dealer now sadly retired was organising club prizes, Crystal glass and usefull bike goodies.
  18. I'm not on about sponsors for events more the awards you win, clubs now days don't do the Premier, first & second class awards the majority run club championships and only the winner of that receives an award ( there are exceptions obviously)
  19. On a recent holiday to Scarborough I spotted an advertisement for a Sea Angling competition entry fee £5 prizes of from £200 down to £40 & £50 for largest fish. Trials & most other motorcycle sports pay a minimum of £15 entry and much more for speed events yet give out very few awards. I know we have insurance costs to take into account, some years ago I attended a local car rally regional status & drivers could sign on when using certain products tyres, oil etc and be in line for a bonus for a good result I'm talking modified road cars not WRC. You would think at National level trials the suppliers could give a little back to unsupported riders.
  20. Just make it safe to ride ie footpegs etc then ride it as it is it looks a Great little bike. As for front forks if they are too soft try thicker oil & some pre loaders on top of springs just a simple bit of tubing of the correct size will suffice.
  21. Quick update son has swopped bike I am going to record dates I replace wheel bearings. Thanks Basil for the images of pair of quality bearings with dust covers removed showing 1 was packed with grease the other bone dry. My conclusion crap manufacture.
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