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  1. new boots are an expensive option for dry feet, im gonna try some goretex socks I think
  2. I wont be using plastic bags, f*ck that, your feet would sweat like nothing on earth in them I also wont be investing in sealskinz either by the sound of it. looks like its goretex socks for the win, or goretex boot liners. thanks for the replies - well, the sensible ones.....
  3. if you start it up and leave it for 5 minutes, the fan should come on, it is switched by the thermostat in the engine, so it will come on when the temperature of the engine is reached to activate it.
  4. pvc sox, yeah I had them back in the day, there was more water inside them from sweat than anything ha ha
  5. do the sealskinz ones work then or not? like if I as srtanding in a stream ankle deep in water would my feet get wet?
  6. hello again, when I lat did trials, about 15 years ago, I used some alpinestars gore tex socks, which worked great in keeping my feet dry, even after trudging my way thru streams . my boots would be soaked thru, but the goretex socks would keep my feet dry. they were great, but would eventually leak when the membrane got damaged, or just through use. mine lasted a couple of years tho, so I cant complain (but I will) Im struggling to find them now, they must have stopped making them. I see sealskinz socks are still about bit havnt used them. they are meant to be water proof. Anyone use them, and are they actually completely waterproof? If I was wearing them and standing in a river say above my ankles, would they keep my feet dry? In other words are they as good as the goretex numbers? Cheers
  7. if I remember correct, they changed the carb round about 2002. I know the 2003 carb was different to the 1999- 2001 models, but not sure if it changed in 2002 or 2003. Anyway, you need to use high octane fuel with these engines, they pink if you don't-knock. the spring in the top of the carb maybe needs replaced or checked if it is revving when you start it. Also check for air leaks between carb and cylinder, this can also cause it.
  8. I would trust feeler guage more than guitar strings. they are cheap to buy so just bend the one you need...simple....
  9. looking for an hour meter for my new bike. Ive never had one before, but fancy the ones with the tacho read out. As with most electronics, im sure there is good and bad out there.....so whats good? Any recommendations on which make to go for please?
  10. no.....no.....no..... you seem to have mistaken me for someone with money...…... i couldt afford, or justify a 301. to be honest I only bought the 300 because I got a great deal on it, because I was initially looking for a base 260. I like going fast on the roads, slow in the setions , its a ying and yang thing...
  11. Well, you only live once...and its only money...….cant take it with you etc......….the pin has been pulled. The 300rr is gone and I am waiting for my brand noo 2020 260 to arrive. Ive ordered some uprated springs for the front and back, cos im no skinny racing snake, im fat, and proud I will let you know how it compares, altho to be fair - I didn't have a lot of time on the 300, I found it was a bit much, and am hoping the 260 will be a bit softer/ slower, and will suit my slower riding style. I hope I don't regret getting rid of the 300....time will tell.... Ive only ever had two other brand new bikes in my 35 years of riding, and one of them was a 05 4rt, the other a hayabusa its like waiting for Christmas, 5 more sleeps woo hoo….
  12. monteeman


    You wont regret it. Mitani stuff is quality. ive only had a few parts from them, an exhaust, and some carbon bits, but its allways fitted perfectly and is built to "Japanese" standards. id sooner have Japanese quality than Italian, personally....
  13. er, i'll just leave this here...…… looks miles lighter with the gold rims, imho, I know its not, but hey its all in the mind....
  14. I thought the maps on the 300 couldn't be changed?
  15. I would be replacing the shaft , lets face it, the seal hasn't just gone has it, something has made it leak, probably the shaft, no?
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