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  1. monteeman

    CDI failures

    Any dielectric grease or silicone grease works well on electrics, clean all connections and apply liberally.
  2. if you get some H&D racing linkage plates, it raises the rear making it easier to hop, if that's your thing...
  3. I also had a 2005 4rt when they came out. it was a great bike. i also had an (07 or 08, cant remember) ive got a 300 now, and they are not a huge distance apart in the real world, but what I would say is that the early ones were MUCH easier to start, none of the re-set the throttle / ecu crap, etc, it just used to start- like every time. i changed the plug once, from memory and the one that came out was ok. Very very reliable, no issues at all, good suspension etc If im being picky- it had a fair bit more engine braking than the newer ones and the exhaust was louder, but you would soon get used to it. I would also say the old 05 one was a bit like an off /on switch when you first opened the throttle, it was a little bit jerky. But just learn to ride it off the clutch and you will be fine. I also had a 03, 315 which I loved, and the 4rt was a better bike, more grip, less likely to spin and steered very similar to the 315, but with better suspension. But overall they are great, I would buy another, especially if its in great condition and cheap, id say get it, you wont regret it
  4. There is a lad on the montesa 4rt fb page with one, seems happy enough with it. the one with the sealed bearings inside it. Well the apico one arrived and I have to say, it looks well made. im just waiting for new bushes for it, as the old ones were toast. its pretty unbelievable how some people can neglect brand new bikes. This one is 2 years old and I would wager that its never even seen a bit of grease.. Im guessing my swingarm bearings are the same...… still at least when its done , i'll know its done..
  5. You would get a better answer if you added some information, like what level do you ride, do you ride sections slow and methodical ot fast, do you hop it about etc etc. there are loads of factors which would help others advise, but I just see the answers along the lines of "my trs is great so you're gonna love it", whereas you might hate it. Me, I wouldn't touch any of them, 4rt all the way.
  6. my personal best was fitting a gsx 1100et, in bits, plus a gsx 750 frame and bodywork, into a vw golf. I also used to get my 4rt into a citroen xzara, after removing the forks and front wheel
  7. Hello, im going through my 300rr from front to back, checking everything out, and have discovered that the rear linkage bearings were least greased, just before it left the factory lol. Needless to say the bearings and seals are toast, along with the top hat bushes. great...…. Looking at the linkage its had a hit to the side, a scrape, which would allow water in at the seal , which wouldn't have helped. I spotted the apico linkages , for 60 quid, complete with bearings and seals, and im gonna have to get a linkage anyway, so I suppose i'll just have to buy the bushes if I go down this route. Question is, has anyone used them? are they any good or would I be better bending over for a original equipment linkage? cheers
  8. I am anoher fan of clice. ive got an old pair and just bought some of the clice cero, discounted to 50 sovs from splatshop. they are pretty roomy, even for my fat ass, and have the added advantage of being half the price of the others mentioned. He only has "extra bloater "sizes left, so I was ok lol. Sarcasm alert -ALtho you will have to face the certain humiliation of having last years colours, oh no, if that bothers you- me id rather have 50 quid in my pocket. the colours aren't That bad either imo, much less fleurescant yellow than most, talking of which , didn't fleoro colours go out in the early nineties, we're not going raving after all?
  9. What is it meant to do, that the standard engine doesn't? Mine starts fine without one, but maybe im missing something here?
  10. Behave.....Chuck Norris built the log cabin that he was born in....
  11. blah blah blah blah. please delete this thread/ remove this post mods. cheers
  12. Yes mate, you are right , it has got the slow throttle tube on it, but I like it like this, because I generally ride sections slower than a lot of riders. I will try it in some sections and see how it goes, but im sure it will be fine. I like it. its also on the soft map, but ive only been riding around the garden annoying the neighbours so far. I noticed the tube colour when I changed out the crappy old grips for my preffered renthal ones last night. Im going to take it to bits and give it a good once over first, it also needs a proper clean. the swingarm spindle and linkages are gonna get a strip down and grease, and im gonna have to adjust the shock and forks to "extra sausages" setting lol. What oils are you all using on these. I used to use silkolene pro SRG75 or elf 740 HTX gear oil before, and the repsol 4t 10/30 engine oil , but things might have progressed a bit in the past 15 years. Any alternative recommendations or just stick with what ive got.
  13. Well, its arrived, and I have to say, its in better nick than I thought it would be (for the price I paid) . I don't think its seen much action in rocky sections, the underside of the pegs are like new and the bash plate too, as is the underside of the swingarm and the linkage.. it has seen some use tho - for trail riding or possibly just for dicking about with. Faults- Im maybe being a bit fussy but; The bottom of the radiator will need a bit of paint, looks like its been blasted by track debri, but ive got a mud flap to rivet on. The LHS fork bottom has a couple of scrapes, but ive put my old Kevlar guards on it to prevent further damage. The LHS fork stanction has a scratch on it, about 2/3rds of the way up, sseal is intact tho, so just cosmetic. Engine sounds good and the power feels a bit softer than my brothers 300rr for some bizarre reason (both 2017 models). its definitely not as snatchy off the bottom as my old 250 4rts, 2005 &2008 models. Alll in all I think im gonna like it.
  14. monteeman


    From what you have said, I wouldn't be buying another one either. How old is the bike, 2 years? Its clearly no developed properly before you are having these kind of problems. it shouldn't be corroding in that time, that's poor, and the fact they wouldn't replace the cdi item is also pretty poor, because its clearly not fit for purpose. I would speak to the importer and see if they will help, or failing that, speak to a solicitor and see if you have a case for making them take it back as its not fit for purpose.
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