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  1. yep, it was basically a couple of zip ties and the hoses holding it in place. the joys of buying 2nd hand, im going right through thisb bike, so far ive found missing suspension bushings, missing bolts, bolts seized into the top of the airbox (bike is only 2 years old FFS). Once i get this fixed , and supension linkages rebuilt with new bearings etc (never sniffed grease since new by looks of it......) i will move on to engine. got to say, compared to my 4rt the build quality on this thing is shocking
  2. Ahh ok, thanks for clearing that up. The lower silent block rubbers, I take it they should have some sort of insert for the lower mounting bolt?. Mine don't have that, and I'm not sure how I'm gonna get these off, as the thread from the rubber side, which goes thru the downtube is sticking thru about 10mm, and it's all rusted. I'd presume they just unscrew through downtube, but there's nothing to grip other than the rubber, which would surely just shear ? Confused.com
  3. Hi, now I believe that these are held in place at the top with a grommet into the frame. Mine was held by a couple of zip ties I've taken the rad out to find this , see pic. I presume something has snapped off , anyone know.? Also the lower mounts, how are they attached to the rubber mounts??. Anyone got a clear photo showing this please. Thanks for your help, I hope. Also, just to add, why do they insist on using cap head bolts with a consistency of cheese?
  4. ok, well i had a look at it anyway wasnt that great, opened filter cover, it was filthy, when did you last change the oil got quizzical looks.....oh well, bye. im off to see a factory 125 tomorrow, its a bit newer and same price, so fingers crossed. its over 100 miles away.......
  5. im going to see a beta evo 200 (2018 model) for my son and was just wondering if there is anything to look out for on them. i havent owned a beta so a heads up on any common issues would be a great help. cheers
  6. the dealer telling you that it takes 10hrs to run in a crankshaft is garbage. it should have been rebuilt with assembly lube. i would be taking it back and getting them to check all crank bearings etc.
  7. hello, im making some of those webbing strap things for pulling bikes out of sections, as i can see myself doing a fair bit of this haha. Anyway ive got the webbing, and im pretty sure its just a case of heating up an old screwdriver and melting a hole through for the bolts to go through and attach at back mudguard, but....im a bit concerned that it wont last very long and ive seen some with what looks like a penny washer, that actiually goes through the webbing, to prevent the hole from elongating etc. Any idea what these are called, so that i can buy some? only pic i could find, and yes i know its crap, but its the fixing points at the back muddy im on about thanks
  8. new boots are an expensive option for dry feet, im gonna try some goretex socks I think
  9. I wont be using plastic bags, f*ck that, your feet would sweat like nothing on earth in them I also wont be investing in sealskinz either by the sound of it. looks like its goretex socks for the win, or goretex boot liners. thanks for the replies - well, the sensible ones.....
  10. if you start it up and leave it for 5 minutes, the fan should come on, it is switched by the thermostat in the engine, so it will come on when the temperature of the engine is reached to activate it.
  11. pvc sox, yeah I had them back in the day, there was more water inside them from sweat than anything ha ha
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